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GLOBAL PROJECTS Hope, Help, and Healing VOLUME 4, ISSUE 4



Italy THANKSGIVING: “Testimonies of God’s Power” “God is good all the time . . And all the time God is good” It is because of God’s goodness that we have been chosen, blessed and favored to make a difference in the lives of people in the USA, Africa and Europe. It is to the glory of God that Global Projects was able to take it’s fifth mission trip to Torino, Italy to address the issue of Human Trafficking. With a team of anointed and gifted women of God from different backgrounds, we touched the heart and soul of many. Like the Apostle Paul and the New Testament church we longed to see the brothers and sisters that we have met on our missionary journey; to see how God has continued to transform them; how they have grown in the faith and to impart more revelation, wisdom and love. Everyone had a testimony of God’s power in their life and their household. Pastor Jude Imarghibe has much for which to be thankful. His church and the people are growing spiritually and numerically. God is doing an awesome work in the Center of Liberty. God is showing himself powerful as their savior, deliver and redeemer. The people danced and celebrated as they brought their offerings to God. Beyond the finances they presented their bodies as living sacrifices unto God. The church was filled with those who experienced signs and wonders of physical healing, transformation from death to life, restoration, reconciliation, emotional healing, political asylum, families reunited as well as an over abundance of thanksgiving for salvation. The work in Italy is growing and expanding as God is taking the church to another level of faith in His manifest goodness, mercy and grace. Photos: 1) Pastor Jude Imarghibe and Dr. Sabrina D. Black, Founder of Global Projects during the Thanksgiving Day celebration at CGMI, Torino Italy, the Center of Liberty. ♦ 2) Elder Paula Ratchford and Dr. Sabrina Black praying for Pastor Jude Imarghibe after he was presented a prayer shawl and cap by Pastor Donna and the Dec. 07 GPH3 Mission Team. ♦ 3) Pastor Jude and Dr. Black with Momma Miracle and new baby PRAISE being dedicated to the Lord. ♦ 4) “Miracle” and “Anointed” the brothers of new baby “Praise.” The children’s names are a testimony of God’s power. ♦ 5) Pastor Donna Stallings preaching Friday night revival service at CGMI Torino, Italy challenging the people to take back their KEYS to the Kingdom. ♦ 6) Elder Vanessa Farris singing praise to the Lord of Lords and King of Kings. ♦ 7) Pastor Donna with the daughter of Deaconess Doris (a pillar in the church). ♦ 8) The new Assistant Pastor, Mama Osaro with her husband who is a testimony of God’s power.



Thanksgiving in London—An Effectual Open Door

Pastors Obasohan and Emenem with Dr. Black together again since 2004

Pastor Donna Stalling with Dr Sabrina Black rejoicing & greeting the church .

Elder Paula Ratchford, a woman was God’s man of the hour on Sunday.

Psalmist Elder Vanessa Farris giving glory to God in worship.

God has provided an effectual Open Door for His people. The Pastors of CGMI—Europe Headquarters returned from the Leadership Conference in Nigeria full of fire. The missionaries from the USA came as angels from the Lord filled with passion, power, praise, prayer, preaching and a word of prophecy. As people gathered to celebrate the goodness of God and give testimonies of His power the church was filled with the presence of the Lord. (L) Singing praises to the Lord. (Ctr) Pastor Emem with Deaconesses celebrating the manifest power of God. (R) Pastor Donna and Elder Paula enjoying fellowship and tea after service on Saturday.

Jesus the Light of the World—Evangelism in London JESUS SAVES SETS FREE DELIVERS HEALS TRANSFORMS Above: The team with a new convert Gary (who owns the store we entered to purchase batteries) and his family.—Below: “Oh Come Let Us Adore Him” singing Christmas carols about Jesus Christ on the bus, tram, train, and streets of London.




Above: A gracious welcome by Pastor Eunice owner of Eaglets Nursery center a multicultural facility where children from different nations are learning to honor, reverence and love God and all people. Pastor Donna along with GPH3 Missions Team praying for Pastor Eunice.—Below: Members of the Evangelism team that canvassed the neighborhood with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Bro. Osaro and Elder Vanessa (our Psalmist) enjoying fellowship after the Saturday night Thanksgiving service.



Economic Empowerment The four major objectives of our community outreach were evangelism, prayer, networking, and economic empowerment. As we distributed literature to the various business establishments God opened doors for us to discuss employment opportunities for the girls as well as a chance to determine how we can network with and disciple the business owners to help them develop their businesses. Some of the many thriving businesses in the Nigerian community include hair salons, barber shops, printing, computer technology, fabric/textiles and tailoring, retail handbags, shoes and clothing. Information was collected on twelve businesses and will be part of a directory for follow-up. The shop owners were very gracious and humble. They welcomed our visit and some even fell to their knees in the middle of the shop to receive prayer. GPH3 continues to serve as a liaison between the haves and the have nots; a bridge to close the gap between available community resources and those in need. The 12 shop owners are in a position to be a blessing. There is a great need for education, skills acquisition, literacy and trades. It is not enough to take a girl from the streets . . . We must (need to) help to provide/ create /generate forms of legal economy. Others have found a way to become financially stable with the ability to send money home and to help support family members who travel to Europe. Our prayer for those who have been freed from trafficking is that they too would be able to improve the quality of their lives and be a blessing to others..

Setting the Captives Free: Salvation for Street Workers Global Projects partnership with local churches and governmental agencies in Turin, Italy offers an opportunity to directly impact the travesty of human trafficking, the new slavery of the 21st Century. It is a brutal, degrading and demeaning act against humanity. We are putting a stop to this atrocity by speaking for those who have no voice and helping them proclaim the name of our God their hope, help and deliverer. GPH3 has been privileged to continue developing relationships with local Italian agencies that provide education, prevention, restorative care and political asylum for those who wish to leave the street work and denounce their madam or sponsor. Two such agencies TAMPEP and Gruppo Belle, have also been instrumental In working with Pastor Jude and Church of God Mission. Many of the young women in his congregation have received information and services provided by these agencies. When the Word is proclaimed, Jesus Saves, He is our Redeemer; it is faith in God (not the government) to move mightily and do the supernatural on behalf of the girls. Consider this scenario: What do you say to a young woman who wants to leave the street work and has gone through the necessary steps to fulfill the obligations of the programs but is not able to denounce her sponsor, because it is a family member? There are cultural norms against trading your freedom for their imprisonment and deportation. There is also the risk of great danger to the girl and her family members back home. It takes God to give her back her life and the agencies to support the transition.. Dr. Black and Pastor Jude interviewing director of Gruppo Belle for documentary.

GPH3 Mission Team meeting with USA intern at TAMPEP.

Dr. Black and Pastor Jude gathering resource information for distribution.



Dr. Sabrina D. Black declaring testimonies of God’s goodness, mercy, grace, power and favor! 2007 has been a year of double increase and completion. We have been walking in the manifestation and fulfillment of God’s promises in our lives. God is allowing us to have a greater impact in the earth; even though the enemy has come against us we have overcome. God is causing the fruit of our labor to be multiplied through the works that we have rendered unto Him in love. As we prepare to carry on the work we invite you to pray and partner with us as we are looking to see more men in leadership, more souls saved, lives transformed, bondages broken, women delivered, and families restored.

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Members of the GPH3 Dec 07 team: Pastor Donna Stallings-Body of Christ Church, Elder Paula Ratchford-Firm Foundation Ministries, Elder Vanessa Farris-Great Faith Ministries.

Dr. Sabrina, Elder Paula, and Pastor Donna in London enjoying “High Tea” at Harrods. The manifest glory of God was evident in our midst as we prayed, preached and prophesied in the power of God.

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Please join with us from your home for a time of tea and prayer on Sunday, February 17, 2008. Please pray for families around the world; evangelism, salvation, discipleship and leadership. The Katrina Project Documentary on the emotional, spiritual and mental health needs of survivors. Mentoring for inner city “Girls with Great Potential” age 12-20. Children of War and AIDS in Africa. Human Trafficking of Nigerian girls to Prostitution in Italy. Training local churches and developing a local and global outreach missions ministry. Pray for our new board of directors for GPH3, the volunteer staff and how you can be involved in the Great Commandment to LOVE . . . and the Great Commission to GO . . . We need your prayers and financial support.

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Global Projects in Italy  

Sabrina Black founder of Global Projects leads a team which provides hope, help and healing in Torino, Italy in partnership with Church of G...

Global Projects in Italy  

Sabrina Black founder of Global Projects leads a team which provides hope, help and healing in Torino, Italy in partnership with Church of G...