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GLOBAL PROJECTS Hope, Help, and Healing VOLUME 4, ISSUE 1


MAY 2007

—PASSPORT TO A NEW LIFE—PART III GPH3 in Italy Back to Back—God Face to Face Human Trafficking Data is Alarming Nigerian women and children are trafficked to Europe— primarily to Italy but also to Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, and the United Kingdom. Turin, in northern Italy, is the most common Italian destination for Nigerian trafficking victims. “UN Maps Human Trafficking,” Associated Press, 14 May 2003. The International Organization for Migration (IOM) estimates that trafficking in human beings is a $5 to $7 billion industry worldwide. In 2001, the Nigerian Embassy in Italy reported that about 10,000 Nigerian women working in the commercial sex industry were living in Italy; about 800 were deported between 1999 and 2000. Juliet Ume-Exeoke, “Desk Review for the Programme of Action against Trafficking in Minors and Young Women from Nigeria into Italy for the Purpose of Sexual Exploitation,” United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute, Rome, February 2003.

Global Projects partnership with local churches and governmental agencies in Turin, Italy offers an opportunity to directly impact the travesty of human trafficking, the new slavery of the 21st Century. It is a brutal, degrading and demeaning act against humanity that is rooted in greed. We are putting a stop to this atrocity by speaking for those who have no voice and helping them proclaim the name of our God their hope, help and deliverer. In November 06 we were able to bring the Word of healing to our sisters of Nigeria. We were back again in April 07 to continue turning the tide on this illegal act by supporting local ministries and agencies in education and prevention. L1–April 07 Team, Sis. Alfreda Henley, Elder Paula Ratchford, Dr. Sabrina Black, Sis. April Humphrey L2–April and Pastor Jude celebrating Revival L3–Displaying Gifts received--books, pamphlets, Tshirts L4– The marketplace is a major stronghold for sin R1– Nigerian Women of God with a Passport to a New Life during the November 06 mission trip R2– Fewer women will sit in this empty road side chair where prostitutes daily wait for customers. R3– April and Alfreda with TAMPEP staff preparing to go minister to and provide help for street workers. R4– Men in the marketplace gathered at bars and bus stops looking to buy

GPH3 News Italy Passport to a New Life Pt III  
GPH3 News Italy Passport to a New Life Pt III  

Global Projects joins forces with TAMPEP and Bella Gruppo in Italy in the fight against Human Trafficking of Nigerian Girls into the country...