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Making a World of Difference

Touching and Transforming Lives

Congratulations on 10 years of Service Locally, Nationally and Globally

Making a World of Difference Touching and Transforming Lives

Congratulations!!! FOUNDER Dr. Sabrina D. Black EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Pamela J. Hudson CHAIRPERSON Rev. Theresa Dear TREASURER Mother Adell Dickinson SECRETARY Open COMMUNITY LIAISON Vanessa Farris BOARD MEMBERS Charmane Coleman Pastor Emem Esenam Sherrylon Miree 

Congratulations Dr. Sabrina Black and the Global Projects Staff and Volunteers on your consistent growth, progress and success over the past 10 years. You have made a world of difference in your global reach and response. You have accomplished that which many hope and dream of accomplishing. I am very proud to be associated with such an outstanding operation and a very fine leadership team. Keep up the good work. The world needs your optimism, commitment and contributions. May God continue to bless your endeavors. Many thanks and blessings for all you do. Rev. Theresa A. Dear Chairman, Board of Directors Global Projects

Head Office 17136 Wildemere Detroit, Michigan 48221 USA (313) 205-7300

Making a World of Difference!


Congratulations on your 10th Anniversary Celebration. Throughout the years Global Projects has done a magnificent job generously supporting the local and global community. Your willingness to go ―beyond where the road ends‖ has taken you on many amazing journeys. May our children and grandchildren be blessed by your legacy of service and sacrifice. Praying that God will continue to shower you and your staff with bountiful blessings and joy. Love Always Jose’


Dr. Sabrina D. Black and Pamela J. Hudson, We salute you on this anniversary of ten years of service to people around the world!

Pamela J. Hudson CHAIRPERSON Rev. Theresa Dear TREASURER Mother Adell Dickinson SECRETARY

We believe that you were called by God and appointed as a Missionary to the Nations. We the members of the Board are privileged to be involved in the work of this ministry, as we are positioned to make a dynamic impact and help make positive changes in the lives of others both locally and globally.


We stand with you, our Founder and Executive Director, to help

Charmane Coleman

develop strategic plans and secure needed resources

Pastor Emem Esenam Vanessa Farris

to fulfill the vision the Lord has given you to touch and transform lives in Detroit and around the world.

Sherrylon Miree

Yours in Service The GPH3, Board of Directors Head Office 17136 Wildemere Detroit, Michigan 48221 USA (313) 205-7300

Making a World of Difference!

Global Projects Board of Directors

Rev. Theresa Dear

Sherrylon Miree

Mother Adell Dickinson

Elder Vanessa Farris-Harris

Charmane Coleman

Va Pastor Emem Esenam

The History of Global Projects Global Projects for Hope, Help and Healing was birthed in the heart of our founder when she took her very first mission trip to Davyton, Jamaica in 1985 and worked in that small village with a people who praised God for rain. To see a people who seemed to have so little rejoice so greatly over missionaries who brought the Gospel of Good news changed her life. God revealed the abundance in the lives of Americans and called her to a life of sacrifice. We have living rooms in which no one live while whole families lived in rooms that were smaller. Under the leadership of Rev. Haman Cross the passion to serve the less fortunate and the lost flourished in her heart. She was Commissioned as a Full Time Religious Worker. After years of co-laboring in missions with Rosedale Park, Dr. Sabrina Black served with Bishop Ned Adams at True Faith International where she was also Ordained. It was there that she was introduced to Bishop Margaret Benson Idahosa of Church of God Mission, International. Bishop Benson Idahosa’s work in mission’s ministry spread from Africa throughout Europe, this meeting increased Sabrina’s desire to serve globally. Sabrina attended the Holy Convocation of the New Pentecostal church in July of 2000 and her life was changed forever. As she was sharing her heart and her passionate desire to take Hope, Help and Healing to hurting people at home and abroad, Bishop Washington listened attentively. He was inspired as she shared about her mission work around the world, and he challenged Sabrina to document her vision for missions. Sabrina had only planned to attend that one service but returned for the next three nights. That next night after service, Bishop Washington not only asked about the work but told her to write the revelation down to outline it and provide a name for the ministry. This meeting was a divine appointment; Sabrina was not able to sleep that night. She arose and began to list all the things she wanted to do to help people all over the world. As she pondered over a name for the mission work, it kept resonating in her spirit that she wanted to do projects; locally and globally. As she prayed the Lord confirmed the name ―Global Projects‖, for Hope, Help and Healing. Although reluctant at first, Dr. Black followed up by submitting the paperwork to Bishop Washington. Then he hired someone to help complete the necessary forms and made the arrangements to secure GPH3 as a nonprofit in Michigan. Dr. Black was coached and encouraged through the process of becoming a 501c3 non-profit agency by Bishop Washington, whose pastor was Bishop John L. Jones, Jr., of St. John Tabernacle New Pentecostal church. Dr. Black Continues to thank God, for Bishop Washington, and for Bishop Jones, who has collaborated with and supported Global Projects from its inception. The vision for Global Projects for Hope, Help and Healing was documented in August 2000 and we received the official letter of determination as a 501c3 non-profit agency licensed in the state of Michigan in January 2001. GPH3 was launched at the prompting of Bishop Washington, who witnessed the call of God upon the life of our founder and challenged her to trust God to do even greater works. Sabrina was not aware of the fact that several people had been blessed by hearing about the work she was doing in Africa and the many places she had been and they were sharing the stories with others, until they started call and offering to volunteer their service. Her level of commitment to the work was supernatural. Here was a woman of great faith, who motivated others to trust God more, and to become involved in mission work. Sabrina often took on projects and task that others would not even consider. Over the years Dr. Black has been willing to fund the work of the ministry through personal sacrifices, because for this she was called. Another key individual who was very instrumental in establishing Global Projects was LaVern Harlin Kimbrough. As the first Executive Director she poured heart and soul into connecting us with the church community and promoting programs that transformed lives. LaVern and Sabrina co-hosted a weekly broadcast that spanned 2-3 years on several stations (WMKM, WHPR, WGPR and WLQV) called, “Girlfriends Who Know,” know God, know the Word and know how to Counsel. This

primetime call-in show provided hope, help and healing for the listening audience as life issues were addressed from a Biblical perspective. Global Projects also launched it’s publishing endeavors under the leadership of LaVern Kimbrough. The release of “Prone To Wander: A Woman’s Struggle with Sexual Sin and Addiction” came at a critical time in the church community. Marketed through JADE Christian books in Southfield (owned by Sabrina and LaVern) they hosted a series of seminars becoming a voice of hope for many. As a board member LaVern also engaged in missions activities and travelled to Africa to help establish many of the programs and partnerships there which are still bearing much fruit. The mission of Global Projects has remained the same to serve the needs of people groups from a holistic approach through their programs. This goal impacts people nationally and globally through establishing strong relationships with global partners, organizations, churches and NGOs. Since 2000 Dr. Black has traveled individually and with mission teams to 5 of the 7 continents delivering services to hurting people. From crisis counseling, crisis training, being an advocate against human trafficking, promoting, planning and preparing women in ministry, leadership development of clergy and lay ministers, building counseling associations in Uganda, educational enrichment for young girls and teens and being a resource for any and all who need help or assistance. Because GPH3 believes in the power of collaboration they have always sought and are still seeking like-minded partnerships with the business community. There have been many but to name a few: The Voice Foundation of MGM Grand, Evangel Ministries, St. John Tabernacle NPC, Oakland Avenue, Christian Tabernacle, New Detroit, TAMPEP, Church of God Mission, Uganda Counsellor Association, Makera University, World Medical Relief. In 2005 Global Projects launched the Passport to a New Life an advocacy program bring hope and healing to young Nigerian Women victimized by human trafficking in Italy, Spain, London and Nigeria. Following the Katrina hurricane, Global Projects initiated C.A.R.E. (Crisis and Relief Education) going down to Dallas to do crisis training at local churches (Dr. Frederick Haynes & Dr. Tony Evans) preparing the care givers to receive and manage the critical needs of the people coming into their state escaping the horrific events of Katrina. The GPH3 team also went into New Orleans beginning a documentary of conditions, speaking with survivors, local businesses, civic leaders, homeland security personnel, churches and hospital workers engaging to find out what the immediate needs of people families and children. The fundamentals of Global Projects is to bring sustainable and viable programs that will offer longterm success as people who are under served and under-represented are given hope in the midst of hopeless situations. We are about making a difference wherever we find ourselves helping people to heal and learn how to live a more abundant life. We thank Raynetta Bradley, Seena Mullins and Paula Ratchford for undergirding us in the work as faithful, tireless, volunteers in the early years. Locally, Global Projects has joined forces with The Summit Group and Convoy of Hope as a local mission initiative where free counseling was offered along with man-hours serving people being a volunteer. We have worked with the homeless shelters and domestic abuse shelters, My Sisters Place, Interim House and LIFT Women’s Resource Center, Genesis House and the Rescue Mission. In 2008 we launched our Girls with Great Potential program offering quarterly events (to provide an outlet for personal growth, leadership development and global citizenship for our young girls. In 2009 Busia Miracle Center in Africa began looking for land to build a Girls With Great Potential Academy. In 2010 we have met with schools and churches regarding implementing the program and 2011 we will launch our monthly meetings which will incorporate our Seven-Point Curriculum as well as events. This is where we have been . . . Join us for where we are going . . . YOU are Global.

Global Projects is a faith based 501C-3 non-profit community service organization formed exclusively for charitable, educational, counseling and religious reasons. Some ministries dig wells and build houses. We build up the people who live in those houses by providing hope, help and healing as we teach, preach and reach the masses for the Kingdom of God.

Vision Our purpose is to empower and assist underserved and impoverished people who experience economical, mental health and social problems. We desire to help individuals become self-sufficient, anchored, stabilized, believers in Christ and well-rounded members of society.

Values At Global Projects we value PEOPLE, THE WORD, and COUNSELING through application of the Word in people’s lives.


Global Projects provides COUNSELING and counseling related programs, services, and resource materials which provide hope, help and healing to minorities, women, and children that are under-served and impoverished. We are an interdisciplinary team which travels locally and abroad meeting the needs of Gods people through five components.

Five Components Counseling This component is designed to provide individual one-on-one, marriage and family, as well as, peer group counseling, implementing a holistic approach that emphasizes personal development, growth, and support to participants in their efforts to reach their full potential.  Spiritual Growth and Personal Development Counseling  Counseling for Community Events and Programs  Eight Essentials of Biblical Counseling  Global Christian Counseling Center

Community Education The purpose of this component is to provide information and resources to individuals and families that will reinforce integrity, values, and self-enrichment for a greater quality of life for the future.  Women’s Ministry (Woman’s Life, Women Who Lead, Phenomenal Woman, Aspire Higher)  Marriage Mentoring and Ministry Mentoring  Leadership Development

Sistah’ Friends This component targets young women age 15-35 through mentoring, modeling and discipleship in order to concentrate and provide insight into ways that can better equip them to address issues of pregnancy, venereal disease, HIV aids, breakdowns in relationships and self-esteem through awareness and prevention  Girls with Great Potential (ages 8-12)  Adeyemi – I Wear My Crown Well (ages 12-15).  Young Girls Conference (ages 12-21)  Aspire Higher (12-35)

Community Resources and Referrals This component serves as a liaison between institutions, social service agencies, etc. in making individuals and families more aware of resources that can assist them with their needs.  Connecting People – Building Bridges  Connecting Churches, Organizations, and Communities  Advocacy, Prevention and Education Awareness

C.A.R.E. Crisis and Relief Education This component is compassionate care and Intervention for crisis, trauma and disaster relief through meeting basic physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological needs while preserving human dignity.  Social Justice (Human Trafficking – Passport to a New Life)  Short Term Missions  Evangelism and Discipleship for Unreached people groups

Executive Director – Pamela J.Hudson Greetings Friends! Welcome to the Celebration of Global Projects' 10th Year Banquet It is wonderful to have you join us as we take a look back on the work we have done in our first ten years. In our journey as an organization, we have had some adventures and we can unequivocally see the hand of God leading, guiding and setting up divine connections and trips that have allowed us to touch lives in a unique way. I am so grateful to those who have been with us on this journey over the last ten years. We give thanks for those who prayed, those you gave and those who went along with us on our national and international trips. To those who saw what we were doing and gave of their resources to help us give books, clothes, shoes, tents, medicine, bibles and etc., to the people on 5 of the 7 continents. Thank you so very much for caring and connecting with us. We have been diligent in representing our Lord and all of you, with a spirit of excellence, maintaining our integrity, and upholding the doctrine of the scriptures that declares, Jesus is Lord. As we reflect and review our past, I am excited, enthusiastic and encouraged about the years ahead. I believe there will be many new opportunities and open doors for ministry. We will experience expansion without limits. There will be an increase in the number of volunteers, an increase in the services provided to and through our Girls with Great Potential program. We are at the forefront of the abolition of human trafficking through our Passport to a New Life program. We have entered into new partnerships, alliances and collaborations that will allow us to touch and transform more lives and continue to make a global impact. Yes, this has been quite a journey and it is fitting to pause and give thanks and then put on our running shoes and get ready for the next season of labor in advancing the Kingdom of God. My heart is full as I recall how the Lord has taken the desires and dreams of an organization and giving us more than we could ask or even think. Drawing us with a steadfast love and granting us a new appreciation for people groups all over the world. So get ready! Because the God we serve is a great God and He is the one orchestrating this organizations footstep and our expectation is from Him. He is our rock, fortress, and our high tower! So until He returns we must do the work of Him that sent us while it is day, because there are more people to reach more young girls to save and more messages of Hope, Help and Healing that must go forth. God Bless You and Thank you for sharing this day with us.

Founder – Dr. Sabrina D. Black Glory to God in the highest! Welcome to this time of Celebration! Dear Family, Friends, Prayer Warriors and Partners in the Gospel, I greet you in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, the Anointed One. God is an amazing God. To God be the glory for the great things He has done! Wow! Ten years ago Global Projects for Hope Help and Healing (GPH3), was establish and organized, to manifest the vision God had given me of providing Hope Help and Healing, to hurting people groups on a local, national and global level. I thank the Lord that you have been faithfully praying for Global Projects and covering us in the work of the ministry. The manifest glory of God that we are experiencing is truly an answer to much prayer. Oh magnify the lord with me let us exalt his name together. I am utterly amazed at what has been accomplished over the past ten years on five of seven continents. We praise God that He has used us to help equip others for the work of the ministry and to launch others in ministry providing a platform for them to express the gifts of God within. We praise God that he has used us to counsel and build up the body of Christ. As a missionary called to the Nations, the Kingdom of God is walking in my shoes. I realize that my life is not my own. I am charged to go where He sends me and usher in the love, joy and peace of God so desperately needed around the world. So in obedience to Him I started this journey with GPH3 ten years ago. I have seen God work miracle after miracle, as I stepped out in faith locally and on the foreign mission field. He has been faithful to provide strength, wisdom, safety, finances and help, every day. We have been so busy doing our part for the Kingdom touching and transforming lives that we did not realize how much we have done. The vision God gave has always been bigger than anything I could do alone. It is because of the wonderful, hardworking, dedicated people that God has allowed to leave an imprint in the ministry that we have impacted so many lives. I am thankful for the friendship, partnership in the Gospel, excellent leadership and help provided by Missionary Pamela Hudson, the GPH3 Executive Director, Rev. Theresa A. Dear, Chairman of the Board of Directors, members of the Board, and ministry volunteers. I thank God for my Mom and Dad (Mother and Deacon Dickinson) and all of you, who support this ministry. Most of all I am thankful for my husband Warren Jose’ Black, and our family, without his love and support I would not be able to be as effective in the ministry. To God be the Glory for the great things He has done. It is all the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous in our sight. I am humbled that the Lord has entrusted so much to us and has anointed us for the work. As we prepare for the next 10 years God has yet again opened effective doors of ministry that no man can shut. My soul doth magnify the Lord and my spirit doth rejoice in God my Savior. Lift up the name of Jesus and Celebrate with us in Praise!

Mistress of Ceremony Kathy Young-Welch is the Executive Vice President of the Commercial Driver License Training School of Detroit, which is owned and operated by she and her husband Winston L. Welch. In 2004, Ms. Young-Welch, a local Community Affairs and Communications Professional with strong ties to the community for more than 25 years joined the company to help with its expansion. Their school’s mission is to provide safe premier commercial driver training in a professional caring atmosphere. The vision of the school is to provide the transportation industry with highly qualified safe commercial drivers. Ms. Young-Welch manages admissions, new business, case management and office administration for the CDL Training School in Detroit which has successfully graduated and placed in employment more than one thousand students since its’ inception. She also oversees management of she and her husband’s Detroit Road Testing Center, which provides Third Party Road Skills assessments for the State of Michigan. Over the years, Ms. Young-Welch has served the metropolitan Detroit community in capacities of leadership with the Detroit Public Schools, MichCon, United Way Community Services, Michigan Community Services Commission and as a local professional radio and cable television broadcast journalist, Ms. Young-Welch now focuses most of her attention on making certain her family’s two companies provide quality professional service to their customers. She has served on many community boards and committees during her career and she is the recipient of more than 100 civic and professional awards. Ms. Young-Welch was educated in the Detroit Public Schools and she is a graduate of the University of Detroit and Leadership Michigan. She and her husband reside in Southeast and West Michigan, where her husband serves as pastor of the Historic First Baptist Church of Idlewild, Michigan. They have four children and one grandchild.   

Preeminent journalist and host of City Highlights for 19 years in city of Detroit City Highlights was a public affairs program touching on issues and events that affected the Detroit community. Appointed by Governor Jennifer Graham to the Michigan Community Service Commission (MCSC) in 2003. Where she represented expertise in delivery of human, educational, environmental or public safety service to communities.

Keynote Speaker Pat McCants is CEOat Mobile 2 Mobile USA, LLC, President at Michigan Mobile Power, Inc, Member of Hope Evangelical Ministries in Detroit, Board Member at Detroit Black Chamber of Commerce. Graduate of Wayne State University. Founder of You Can Intl a nonprofit organization connecting the US and Africa and promoting women owned businesses and organizations. She is event coordinator for the Rosa and Raymond Parks Foundation Mrs. McCants has been running Michigan Mobile Power, Inc. since 1983. Michigan Mobile Power is a sandblasting and painting company for heavy equipment. Her experiences of being an entrepreneur for over 35 years has aided in her efforts to create and develop a turn key solutions in heavy equipment, financial and social markets that benefits individuals, businesses and organizations. As CEO of Mobile2Mobile USA (M2M), Pat is currently doing business in Africa and the Dominican Republic. M2M is exploring economic solutions for countries outside of the U.S. These solutions will transform lives and create more financial stain ability for those with financial challenges. She’s also the founder and CEO of a non-profit organization called "You Can Intl.‖ which functions as a bridge and link for communities and businesses to establish international business relationships and opportunities. She has currently accepted a board seat with IFAGEN a Nigerian NGO which promote equality for women. Her integrity, passion, and organizational skills are some of the key attributes to her success. As a keynote speaker she has spoken for groups such as the City of Detroit Mayor’s Targeted Business Development, Detroit Super Bowl XL Host Committee, International Detroit Black Expo, World IGBO Congress Convention and a list of others. She’s a Tier 1 Supplier of Ford Motor Company, served as a board member for the Detroit Black Chamber of Commerce, National Alliance of African American Chambers, and served as President of the African Business Chamber of Commerce. Pat is the recipient of the 2009 National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), International Businesswoman of the year Award. Pat is very active in community development and church. Pat has been married to her husband Willie for over 24 years. She has five children, eleven grand children and one great-grand child. The main key to Pat’s success in life can be summed up in one word – GOD!!!

Psalms 95:1-6 Oh come, let us sing to the LORD; let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation! 2 Let us come into his presence with thanksgiving; let us make a joyful noise to him with songs of praise! 3 For the LORD is a great God, and a great King above all gods. 4 In his hand are the depths of the earth; the heights of the mountains are his also 5 The sea is his, for he made it, and his hands formed the dry land. 6

Oh come, let us worship and bow down; let us kneel before the LORD, our Maker!

Matthew 28:19-20 19

Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: 20 Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.

Acts 1:8 8

But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you:and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.

Isaiah 61:1-3 “The spirit of the Lord is upon us, because He has anointed us to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent us to heal the broken hearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovery of sight to the blind, to set at liberty those who are oppressed, to teach the acceptable year of the Lord.�

Matthew 25:35-40 “For I was an hungered, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a

stranger, and ye took me in: Naked, and ye clothed me: I was sick, and ye visited me: I was in prison, and ye came unto me. Then shall the righteous answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee an hungered, and fed thee? or thirsty, and gave thee drink? When saw we thee a stranger, and took thee in? or naked, and clothed thee? Or when saw we thee sick, or in prison, and came unto thee? And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.

Mark 16:20 And they went forth and preached everywhere, the Lord working with them, and confirming the word with signs following. Amen.

Luke 1:45 And blessed is she that believed: for there shall be a performance of those things which were told her from the Lord.

Zechariah 8:23b We will go with you; for we have heard that God is with you.

Songs of Worship and Adoration From Nation to Nation From Nation to Nation we sing of your greatness We sing high praises as we call you by name Elohim – God the Creator El Elyon – the Most High God El Shaddai – God the Almighty El Gibbor – the Mighty Great God. (REPEAT 3 times.)

I Love Him Because, Because I love Him because, He’s wonderful I love Him, because He loves me I love Him because He’s the Son of God I love Him because, because I serve Him because of His sacrifice I serve Him, because I love Him I serve Him because He’s the Son of God I serve Him because, because. It’s because, I love Him so. It’s because, He loves me. It’s because, He’s the Son of God I love Him because, because I worship because I adore Him so. I worship with highest praise. I worship, because He’s the Son of God I worship because, because. It’s because, I love Him so. It’s because, He loves me. It’s because, He’s the Son of God I love Him because, because

© SDB 2002

Programme Musical prelude…………………………………………………………… James Sheldon, Kingdom Sound Welcome and Greetings………….. Mrs. Vanessa Harris, GPH3 Board Member, Community Relations Song Nations to Nations………….……………………….…………… Vanessa Harris/ Dr. Sabrina Black Praise and Worship……………………………….………………………………………………. Rita Boston Invocation……………………………………... Mother Adell Dickinson, GPH3 Board Member, Treasurer Acknowledgment of Board Members …………………………………………………………………………. Introduction of Mistress of Ceremonies…………………. by Pamela Hudson, GPH3 Executive Director Introduction of Founder / President and Executive Director………………………….Kathy Young Welch Words of Welcome …………………………………………….Pamela Hudson, GPH3 Executive Director GPH3 Video Slide Presentation………………………………………………………………………………. Statement of Occasion / Why we are Here? ...................Dr. Sabrina Black, GPH3 Founder / President Testimonies / Congratulations (2 minutes) …………………………………………….…………Open Mike Liturgical Dance / Ministry of Music …………………………………………………………………………… DINNER is SERVED – Video slide presentation – Spoken Word Poetry……………..…………………………………………………..…………Vaquita Taylor Flag Presentation………………………………………………….……Southfield Community Youth Group Cultural Dance …………………….…Joy Braggs, Cherish Braggs, Starlit Braggs, and Menuette Gitten Testimonies / Congratulations (2 minutes)………………………………………………………..Open Mike Violin Music…………………………………………………………………………………… Zhelintrice Scott Introduction of Keynote Speaker………………………………………………………..... Dr. Sabrina Black Speaker…………………………………………………………………………………………… Pat McCants Appeal for Great Commission Partners…………………………………......…Pastor Christopher Brooks Award Presentation……………………………………………………………………….Kathy Young Welch ………………………………………………………………………..Dr. Sabrina Black and Pamela Hudson PRAYER of DEDICATION Closing Remarks and Thank You…………………………………………………………Dr. Sabrina Black

Award Recipients Global Projects Award of Honor Bishop John L Jones, St. John Tabernacle NPC (Special Recognition)

Caleb Award Mother Adell Dickinson, Phenomenal Women Conference (Pursuing the Vision and Taking the Land)

Faithfulness Award Charmane Coleman, Girls with Great Potential (10 years of Service on the Board of Directors for GPH3)

Sister in the Spirit Humanitarian Award Evangelist Minetta Hare, Faith at Works Ministry / Lydia Circle (Over 20 years of Missions Ministry to the Masses)

Great Commission Covenant Partner Award Pastor Christopher W. Brooks, Evangel Ministries (Providing ongoing Spiritual and Financial Support for the Work)

Building Bridges Award Pastor Matthew Parker, The SUMMIT Group (Connecting people and organizations for the cause of Christ)

Aspire Higher Pastor Haman Cross, Jr., Rosedale Park Baptist Church (Calling forth greatness in others)

Global Projects Modern Day Abolitionist Against Human Trafficking Passport to a NEW LIFE Global Projects has been involved with combating human trafficking since 2005. We know first- hand the devastation of this bondage. The organization has been on the international front working and educating the public of this modern day slavery of children and women. The plight of those who have been taken, trapped, transported and turned out has expanded its reach into the metro Detroit area and Global Projects has already become a voice for those without a voice and advocates for change at all levels of government local and federal intervention. Dr. Sabrina Black has taken teams on the mission field to Nigeria, England, Spain and Italy to help build bridges with NGO’s, churches, and private sector to get involved in helping those caught in this horrific crime against humanity. Globally: 27 million people are enslaved in various forms of sexual and labor exploitation, more than at the height of the trans-atlantic slave trade. UNICEF reports that across the world, there are more than one million children entering the sex trade every year and that approximately 30 million children have lost their childhood through sexual exploitation over the past 30 years. The U.S. Department of State estimates that approximately 800,000 persons —mostly women and children — are trafficked across national borders annually. Human Trafficking is a world-wide problem. Not only does it impacts girls from Africa, Europe and Asia but right here in the United States. Many of our young girls who are thought to be runaways are often lured away or kidnapped and sold for profit often right in their own neighborhoods. This atrocity must stop. Join Global Projects in the fight against human trafficking as we offer a Passport to a New Life. We welcomes volunteers and other who are ready to move on the front line and stake our claim in restoring human dignity, safety and healing to those hurt and abused. Read the various post on our site, watch the videos, contact us to get involved making a difference.

Mark your Calendar Tuesday, January 25, 2011 Town Hall Meeting on Human Trafficking McGregor Conference Center on the Campus of Wayne State University.

Global Projects Entering New Frontiers

Dr. Sabrina Black Appointed Continental Coordinator for MANI North America DETROIT, MI - Global Projects for Hope, Help and Healing (GPH3) is in a season of growth and expansion as Dr. Sabrina D. Black, founder and president of the ten year old nonprofit organization located in Detroit Michigan has been appointed by MANI as Deputy Coordinator for the African Diaspora of North America. From the recommendation letter in February 2010 to her acceptance in November 2010 the Lord has been preparing Sabrina and Global Projects for new platforms of international and local ministry. MANI which is the Movement for African National Initiatives is a network of networks focused on catalyzing African National Initiatives and mobilizing the resources of the Body of Christ in Africa for fulfillment of the Great Commission. The organization has tirelessly worked to build coalitions among the church leaders as well as forge a union of harmony and global friendship with African Americans who are being called to help Africa take its rightful place as a continent filled with the glory of God. Hab 2:14. Dr. Sabrina Black who symbolizes a modern day Joseph has been raised up for such a time as this, positioned to help her African brothers and sisters impact the nation as a voice in their generation. Dr. Black will serve as the Deputy Coordinator of North American from Canada down to Central America. She has been requested to appoint and develop a cabinet of 7 representatives from the region to accompany her as she makes her way to the MANI 2011 Continental Consultation in Abuja, Nigeria on September 11-17, 2011. This invitation only event will bring together all regional, country and continental coordinators. Dr. Black will be in attendance engaging the leadership and addressing how best to reach the North American region as well as how to envision reaching the unreached and least evangelized people in Africa. To call this an honor and a major milestone in the life of this 20+ year missionary would be an understatement. Preparing to celebrate Global Projects' 10 year anniversary on December 3, 2010, Dr. Black has found herself reflecting on how the Lord has been steadily and purposely leading the organization over these years and establishing her footsteps. Pressing her way to hear and obediently do what the Lord has given her hands to do God has faithfully opened international doors of influence. (Reprinted excerpt from the Detroit News November 28, 2010 Tell us Detroit)

Global Projects Building Bridges

ACF is an organization of African Christians in the Diaspora, who through fellowship strive to create better societies both where they reside and in the continent of Africa. ACF seeks to facilitate unity amongst African Christians of all denominations in order to sound the voice of the oppressed and persecuted in Africa, bring physical and spiritual relief and build healing bridges between Africans and the people around the world. We are excited to see the Lord molding together African Christians across ethnicity, countries of origin, language groups, and denominations into a harmonious team and for His glory. Photo taken at the ACF Leadership Conference in Houston, Tx. Nov 2010 Left to Right Dr. Sabrina D. Black Rev. Dr. Sam Oleka Mr. Matthew Parker Mr. Solomon B. Auyerio Dr. Norvella Carter Pamela J. Hudson Joy Akani

ACF and The Summit Group- Partnership History – The Beginning In 2008, Dr. Sabrina Black of Global Projects and The Summit Group (a consortium of over 100 African-American led Christian organizations) and Dr. Anne Sike Mbette of the Afritude Institute and African Christian Fellowship (ACF) met at a counseling conference in Dallas, Texas. They agreed on the need to forge relationships between African Americans and Africans on the continent. The two individuals representing various organizations continued to meet at various faith-based events around the country, and agreed to bring the leaders of the organizations, Matthew Parker and Solomon Babatunde Aiyero together to pursue the following initial joint initiatives: discuss ongoing partnership; Child sponsorship through ACF Missions Inc.; Multiple individual and group book projects 2011-2013; ACF Traveling Youth Retreat on Mental Health Issues for ACF Girls 2011 – 2013; International Forum on Research and Urban Community Leadership to be held in conjunction with Texas A&M at the George Bush Presidential Library and Conference Center – Potential date December 2012

Global Projects a World Leader Delegate to Lausanne III World Congress on Missions & Evangelization - Cape Town, South Africa - 2010 This gathering of the Global Church is reported as the largest ever in modern times as over 4,500 delegates and special guests, plus 1,000 media, and press, and 2,000 volunteer staff were in attendance for the Lausanne Third World Congress in Cape Town. Through a Global link by satellite and the internet people around the world viewed parts of the sessions virtually on over 700 sites. The conference was translated into at least 8 languages on site, and many more beaming into other countries. Positioned to take a leading role, in that number was over 40 AfricanAmerican Delegates (of the 400+ from the USA) who were continuing the historical pioneering influence in missions among African-Americans. Our founder Dr. Sabrina D. Black was among them. Her official letter stated: ―In endorsing your nomination and extending this invitation to you, the International Participant Selection Committee is affirming the fact that God has entrusted you with strategic influence on the evangelization of your country and on training and mobilizing workers for world evangelization.‖ We are committed to the Great Commission from Jerusalem to the Uttermost parts of the Earth. While in South Africa the Lord connected Global Projects with potential ministry partners from countries on six continents. The ―Macedonia Call‖ was loud and clear. A daily blog published by Dr. Black and Dr. Rayman (her room mate) highlighting the numerous plenary sessions and workshops is posted on the website. Amidst the masses of people small communities of six were formed at tables all around the convention center. These cluster gatherings allowed for deeper fellowship and daily sharing from the book of Ephesians regarding unity in the Body of Christ. This unique format gave the leaders a chance to dialogue about the vast information and resources obtained and to exchange insights from the speakers. The diversity at the table provided rich engagement To prepare for Cape Town, The Lausanne Movement hosted the12 cities 12 Conversation Gatherings to hear from this generation on critical world issues. People were invited to join the conversation. WELL, Detroit did. We were added to the list and on Tuesday, September 14th Christopher Brooks, Pastor of Evangel Ministries (who also served as Moderator) opened the doors of the church to host a Lausanne Conversation Gathering. This event coordinated by Dr. Sabrina Black (the Communication Liaison for the African American delegation to Cape Town) was attended by over 300 individuals from the city and suburbs to discuss critical issues such as: Urban-Suburban Partnerships, Forming Leaders, Urban Missions, Generation Next, X & Y, Unreached People Groups, Human Trafficking and Mental Health.

2011 CALENDAR January 15 - Orientation February 19 - Global Citizenship March 19 - Tea April 16 - Cultural Heritage May 21 - Blue Jean Thing (Arts and Crafts) June 18 - Health and Fitness July 16 - Luau August 20 - Entrepreneurship Leadership Development September 17 - Educational Enrichment October 15 - Social Skills and Etiquette Museum November 19 - Self Esteem- Peer Pressure December 17 -Recognition Celebration

Congratulations Global Projects -10 yrs

Now is the best time to redesign, refocus and redefine your goals to develop a roadmap to living a more victorious life. Let me help you by giving you keys for support and a step into a brighter future with confidence Call Today for Change !

Life Coach & Relationship Educator Stress Management Specialist (CISM) Certified Biblical Coach Prepare and Enrich Counselor Offering How to Avoid Dating a Jerk 速, Active Relationships 速 for Adults & Young Adults, PREP 速, Active Military Life Skills, Couplehood as a Spiritual Path

Loss to Love A Ministry of Healing

LaVern A. Harlin-Kimbrough LaVern is a woman who has a heartbeat to help God’s people walk out of bondage and into a life of freedom. A Certified Biblical Counselor with a degree in psychology, teacher, writer and speaker, she brings the Word of God alive through visual illustrations and practical demonstrations. A speaker at home, locally, and globally LaVern ministers healing with compassion and care.


Congratulations Global Projects for 10 Years of Service

Global Projects Counseling on the Radio

Girlfriends Who Know Girlfriends Who Know. What we knew then and still know now is that God had blessed us with something very unique in our friendship and our partnership in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. With like passions the Lord brought us together to impact the city with a sound Word of counsel. In October 2001 the broadcast was launched. Our time on the air spanned 2-3 years on several networks (WMKM, WHPR, WGPR, and WLQV). This weekly call-in show was a voice of hope, help and healing for many in the listening audience. These girlfriends also did several broadcast in Africa.

In 2002 Global Projects released its first publication “Prone To Wander: A Womans Struggle with Sexual Sin and Addiction�. This best selling timeless text has been reprinted several times. It is still a valuable resource and blessing to counselors, pastors and those struggling to be free. A series of interactive workshops were also conducted in churches around the city.

Highlights over the past 10 years 2001  

Officially incorporated as a non-profit 501c3 charitable organization in Michigan. LaVern Harlin Kimbrough and Dr Sabrina Black launched ―Girlfriends Who Know‖ radio broadcast in October as a bi-weekly hour long call in show dealing with daily life issues.

2002 

   

Dr Sabrina Black went to Lagos Nigeria as part of her first missionary trip through Global Projects. This trip was deemed a ministry of presence where over 20,000 people were gathered for each nightly session. She was present at the ordination for Pastors Esenam and Obasohan. Publication of ―Prone to Wander: A Woman’s Struggle with Sexual Sin and Addiction‖ Hosted successful 1st Annual Golf Fundraiser at St. John’s Golf and Conference Center. Funds were donated to several local shelters. Held Family Life Conflict Resolution Conferences at churches around the city. Hosted first Appreciation Dinner

2003     

Global Projects began receiving donations from Mirage Voice Foundation. Adopted first draft of logo using globe and our initials with the words going around the world. This draft was created by board member Hivenna Crockett. LaVern Harlin-Kimbrough and Sabrina D. Black were interviewed on CTN and TCT for their work in the area of sexual addiction. Pamela Hudson introduced resources for Board Training and Development Under the leadership of Charmane Colemen we partnered with local agencies on programs for teen girls.

2004 

  

Dr. Sabrina Black on the road again went to the Iqwahana Village in Nigeria as partners with Helping Hand an economic empowerment project impacting 500-600 people of the community. The goal was to give 25 women micro-mini loan of $100 USD to support them managing their businesses in farming, basket weaving, textile etc. Most of the women represented single women (widowed) with 5-10 children. Dr. Black spoke at to the Angelican Church in Uganda where she ministered to 600, visited Geyhazi Boarding School talking to 1000 middle and high school students. While in Uganda Dr. Black was invited to teach at the Makere University to over 40 counseling psychology students. Going into the community Dr. Black connected with the Wakisia Pregnancy Center which was open for business to 15 young girls who were pregnant and put out by their families. This began a long term relationship which is still in places and part of the stop when in Uganda.

  

Dr. Black was invited to speak to the employees of the Bank Of Uganda to 75 employees during their lunch hour. For two days the Uganda Counsellor Association hosted Dr. Black to do crisis trauma training of their membership. Global Projects along with Eugene Wright facilitated a week long Systematic Theology conference for over 100 pastors in Buwama. Going to London, England, UK by invitation of the Church of God Mission Dr. Black ministered at Church of God Mission making visitations to homes, blessing babies and rendering prayer to over 150 people at individual homes

2005 

  

  

With eight other missionaries Dr. Black took women on a mission to Kampala Uganda.Global Projects supported and hosted a Women's Conference, ministered to local missionaries (Eugene and Angela Wright & Jennifer Leber) visited local orphanage impacting 100-200. The women on a mission brought flip flops shoes to pass out to the masses along with bibles and material for sewing was given to a local seamstress whose sewing skills paid for her three sons to go to school. Missionary Carolyn Miree performed liturgical dance in conjunction with a local choir of 3540 in rehearsal at the marketplace. Mother Dickinson preached in the rural village visiting with families in their huts breaking bread and sharing the love of God. The team went to an all-girls boarding school where Missionary Carolyn again performed a liturgical dance and the team prayed and counseled young girls and encouraged them to further their education, trust God and live a life pleasing to the Father. Over 3000 were packed into the boarding school auditorium. Another Team was sent to the Boys boarding school where 700 young men waited with anticipation to hear from the US missionaries. Five young men gave their lives to Jesus. The Team also seeing a need purchased shirts and ties for 10 boys at the boarding school and presented them the following day. At the Bank of Uganda 75 employees again came to hear the Team with Lady Elect Cynthia Jones introducing a song which is a mainstay for Global Projects, "My Job is Working for Jesus", it was well received by the employees of the bank. Seeing the need at Wakisa Crisis Pregnancy Center, the team went to the local superstore to purchase items to help support the work of the center. Still working the Team was asked to minister to the 40 women of the Christian Women Fellowship at the Angelican Church who had waited to see the US missionary. 200-250 members of the Uganda Counsellor Association listened attentively as Dr. Black shared with them about being a counselor.

2006 

 

Nine missionaries were taken on a mission to Gulu, Uganda with Dr. Black, Mother Dickinson, Pastor Christopher Brooks and six of his leadership team as part of the partnership with Evangel Ministries. The men included Deacon Bobby Ashley, Minister Carlos Johnson, Minister Aaron Richardson, Minister Flynn Smith, Minister Steve Moss, and Minister Ian Watts. In Buwana and Bwerdergere we held a pastor conference for five days addressing systematic theology serving over 200 pastors from the region In Namirembe the team held a Youth Conference with Pastor Carlos Johnson addressing 150 youth on issues around relationship, sex and purity

 

         

The team also visited the Sanyu Baby Home where babies either abandoned, or with HIV/Aids are taken care of having an opportunity to speak to the staff of 15-20 dedicated workers The Team then went to the refuge camp of Gulu where many children displaced by the war have fled. Here the Team encountered over 2,000 people devastated by the combat and children in such great need. The Team also did some street witnessing to about 250 people 175 students were given a training hosted by the Uganda Counsellor Association on The Trauma and Devastation of War Mother Dickinson presented the Phenomenal Women Conference at the Kampala Baptist Church with 400-450 men and women in attendance Pastor training was held with 100 clergy on the topic of Conflict and Church Discipline 100 Christian Women Fellowship members were blessed with the Team coming to share the Word with them The counseling psychology class at Mokono University were given a lecture by Dr. Black which impacted 50 students in training Visit to the Bank of Uganda found 75 bank employees waiting in great anticipation for the team to come share Wakisa Crisis Pregnancy Center opened to the Women bringing a workshop on parenting to 20 girls and their babies Carita Counseling Center provided 150 students with an eagerness to hear from the missionaries from America Katrina Disaster Relief initiative by Global Projects implemented. We launched the Crisis and Relief Education (C.A.R.E) with training in two locations, Dallas Texas in connection with Dr. Tony Evans and Dr. Freddie Haynes ministries where training of workers receiving the survivors of Katrina impacting 350 caregivers. Dr. Black, Pamela Hudson highlighting and Brenda Jenkins were instrumental in getting C.A.R.E. delivered not just in Texas but at WCCCD in Detroit to 75 people with the help of Dr. Simuel. Jackson professor at WCCCD Locally in Detroit partnering up with Convoy of Hope, GPH3 with 3 missionaries and 4 volunteers joined with 210 churches from 9 ethnic groups among 2000 volunteers representing 41 cities on hand handing out gift bags, offering prayer and counseling to over 7000 guests at the Michigan State Fair grounds

2006 

The Katrina Documentary was videographed addressing the mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual conditions of the people one year later. The crew (Andre’ Dickinson, Pamela Hudson, and Dr. Black) conducted interviews with residents of the Ninth ward and met with Homeland Security. Hosted by military personnel Lt. Lolita Lane we had access to government officials, businesses, hospitals, and churches that remained amidst the devastation. Two missionaries were asked by Bishop David Azenabor to go to Torino Italy and offer assistance to Pastor Jude. Global Projects purchased 250 bibles for the church membership and offered their help in street witness particularly to the victims of human trafficking. Dr. Black and executive director, Pamela Hudson went to Torino to help build bridges between the church and local agencies/NGOs such as TAMPEP and Rosanna Paradiso. Both Black and Hudson shared hope and restoration to the church as well as helped to impact 400 in services and trainings held.

2007 

Four missionaries (Dr. Sabrina Black, Elder Paula Ratchford, April Humphry and Alfreda Henley) traveled with Global Projects back to Torino, Italy in April where women ministry

 

services were held along with street ministry again to the victims of human trafficking, dialogue with TAMPEP and Rosanna Paradiso and her staff, Gruppo Belle both NGO in Italy. The theme for the week of ministry with the women was ―Kingdom Daughters.‖ Team also delivered workshops addressing economic empowerment, held evening services and visited local businesses of church members this trip impacted 500 lives Later in the year Dr. Black took yet another team to work in Torino Italy under the Global Projects banner. This group included Elder Paula Ratchford, Elder Vanessa Farris, and Pastor Donna Stallings. The theme was Thanksgiving: Testimonies of God’s Power. These same four missionaries traveled to London, England representing Global Projects where the team visited the Eaglet Nursery School, did some mentoring, presented leadership development training, and did street evangelism at local bus stops and in the Muslim community. Impacted 1000

2008 

Four missionaries (Mother Adell Dickinson, Carolyn Miree, Elder Doretha Otis, and Dr. Sabrina Black) responded to the Macedonia call from Pastor Saul to Busia and beyond. The Global Projects team taught Created in His Image via four workshops and a dance class at Gahaza Boarding school to over 900 girls. They provided a pamper day for 20 abandon teen girls at the Wakisa Pregnancy center. Global Bear travelled with the team and was instrumental in the training on providing comfort for those with HIV/AIDS. Dr. Black guest lectured at Makere; and was keynote speaker on a panel on Crisis Intervention and CISM training for over 200 attendees sponsored by the Uganda Counsellor Association. The team worked at Sanyu Babies home held Family Life seminars and hosted a two day Phenomenal Women’s conference impacting over 1000 attendees in Busia with evangelism, discipleship training. This team also ministered at the Bank of Uganda and with the Christian Women’s Fellowship. Dr. Black was invited to Europe to teach 20 students at the Bulgaria Evangel Theological Institute. The focus was on Marriage and Family counseling. Books were also donated to the school library. Spain Team of four missionaries travelling with GPH3 Pastor Phil Carr, Elder Paula Ratchford, Pastor Emem along with Dr. Black impacted 500 with the message addressing Leadership Development as well as counseling and church leadership, administration and governance. Four missionaries (Dr. Black, Elder Paula Ratchford, Jennifer Worthy, and Monika Miko) brought the message to the Church of God Mission and Pastor Jude to "Occupy Til I Come" to over 250 women in Torino, Italy and also addressed the issue of human trafficking with victims /survivors in the congregation. The women also provided resources to the women on the street via Tampep and Gruppo Bella.

2009 

The GPH3 Team of Mother Dickinson, Dr. Black, Pamela Hudson and Dorreen (from Uganda) did ministry throughout the country visiting Busia, Kampala, Mbale, Jinja, Mbara, Entebbe and Mokono in Uganda. Black and Hudson shared two days of devotions on The Complete Leader model with the staff of World Vision. The team minister liberty in Christ at the Prison where they also delivered 100 sleeping mats, provided a fellowship meal with the Busia Miracle center outreach workers and provided paint for the women’s prison ward and the offices of the administration. Mother Dickinson lead a powerful Phenomenal Women’s conference and witnessed the transformation of the ladies and the development of the Dorcas ministry economic empowerment projects. GPH3 also met with the honorable mayor of Busia about his strategic plans for the area and his need for partners in the work.

 

The Team presented a two day Symposium on Sexual Deviancy to the Uganda Counsellor Association; speaking on such issues as Homosexuality, Rape, Incest and Pornography Five missionaries (Dr. Sabrina D. Black, Elder Paula Ratchford, Dr. Lisa Fuller, Minister Renee Welch and Missy Parker) went to Spain and presented women’s ministry, leadership development training, counseling and children’s ministry with Annie the Clown and puppets at three churches to over 500 people with their families. The London Missions Team of nine women (Dr. Sabrina Black, Pamela Hudson, Mother Adell Dickinson, Elder Doretha Otis, Carla Yarbrough, Elder Paula Ratchford, Elect Lady Cynthia Jones, Miss’y Carolyn Miree and Lady Rita Youngblood-Boston) were from six different churches. They did street evangelism with over 2000 tracts, held a Phenomenal Women’s conference and had an audience with Rev. Bishop Margret Idahosa who blessed the team with prayer and words of encouragement.

2010 

Following the horrific earthquake in Haiti, Dr. Black and Pamela Hudson visited the country doing a reconnaissance to understand how best to serve the crisis needs of the people. Black and Hudson provided counseling to those in the community and meet with a group of Girls with Great Potential. Returning in June with a team of 9 missionaries (Pamela Hudson, Dr. Lisa Fuller, Dr. Ruby Bowen, Dr. Chlorine Wimberly, Pastor Diane Perryman, Kristian Waterman, Larry Crockett, Jonathan Huff and Dr. Black) the Global Projects Team delivered a Train the Trainer series in Port au Prince, Mole St. Nicolas and Creve addressing loss and grief, crisis counseling, crisis trauma training to professional, clergy and lay persons to equip them to meet the demanding needs of the hurting people. Dr. Chlorine delivered a powerful therapy on PTSD for children in three locations as the children had been traumatized by the effects of the earthquake. Panama Team of Dr. Black, Pamela Hudson and Dr. Lisa Haston Fuller brought the first Women’s Conference to 200-250 women which brought about reconciliation and conflict resolution among the women. Dr. Fuller’s presentation with Annie the Christian clown helped the women to leave at the altar all the cares and worries that distract them from fully serving God. Dr. Black gave impartations to six women launching them in ministry. Gifts were presented to two groups of women to Aspire Higher and as Global Projects representatives. Dr. Lisa Fuller represented Global Projects in Bulgaria at the Evangelical School of Theology. She taught an intensive extended weekend course on Counseling Psychology with a practicum. Dr. Sabrina Black was invited to Cape Town, South Africa for the Lausanne World Congress representing Global Projects, Evangel Ministries and the city of Detroit in the discussion on evangelization and missions.

These pages provide a very brief overview of some of the many highlights over the years. There are trips not mentioned and projects not listed. There may also be names of individuals omitted not intentionally. As we seek to capture the moment in print, audio, video and still photography we have so much more to tell. God has been good to us. Everything we have accomplished is the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous in our sight. We rejoice and magnify Him. We sing unto the Lord. We bless His holy name. Join with us in a spirit of continued celebration. . . . .

Board Members of the Past 10 Years Verneda Blair Jennie Boyd Luther Brown Charmane Coleman Hivenna Crockett Theresa Dear Adell Dickinson Emem Esenam Rana Faraj Vanessa Farris- Harris Gabriel Francios Charlene Green LaVern Harlin-Kimbrough Karolyn Hart Salathia Holley Pamela Hudson Sherrylon Miree Debby Mitchell Joseph Obi Carol Ollet-Ranger Patti Radzik Karen Streeter Martina Wade

Special Thanks Our Consultants: Warren Jose’ Black Elder Paula Ratchford Minister Brenda Jenkins

Our Current Staff of Volunteers: Charlene Green Dr. Lisa Fuller Kimberly Davis Lethia Phillips Dr. Chlorine Wimberly Tamara Miller Jan Newby

Anniversary Support Team: Latitia Watkins Nicoela Terrell

New Detroit: Orphelia Henry LaDonne Young

Thank You for joining the Celebration of our 10 year Anniversary At Global Projects we partner with other NGO’s, Non-profits, ministries, organizations and individuals locally and abroad to help build capacity and sustainability of those we serve. You are Global is our theme and You can make a world of difference by helping us touch and transform lives. Join us on the local and global mission field, become a volunteer, give regularly as a Great Commission partner, become a corporate donor, and/or adopt our agency as your missionary. We want to be your charity of choice. When you give to Global Projects your support helps get the work done. We believe that together we can change the world, eradicate human trafficking, equip the next generation of leaders, empower women, restore families, provide relief in disaster areas, disciple believers and go beyond where the road ends to share the good news with unreached people groups. We believe that everyone has something to offer. Ephesians 4:16 states that ―From him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work.‖ We are praying for you the Word in II Corinthians 9:11 ―and Lord will make you rich in every way that you may be generous on every occasion, and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God.‖

Global Projects for Hope, Help and Healing Head Office 17136 Wildemere Detroit, Michigan 48221 USA 313-205-7300

St. John’s Tabernacle, NPC Bishop John L. Jones, Jr. Elect Lady Cynthia S. Jones

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Global Projects10 Year Anniversary Celebration and History Book  

Detroit area non-profit founded by Dr. Sabrina D. Black celebrated 10 years of making a world of difference locally and globally. Under the...

Global Projects10 Year Anniversary Celebration and History Book  

Detroit area non-profit founded by Dr. Sabrina D. Black celebrated 10 years of making a world of difference locally and globally. Under the...