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Sabrina Bertona Junior Architect and Civil Engineer Viale Piemonte,11 Collegno (Italy) +356 77395640 / +39 392 3029979

ABOUT ME I am a determined person, competitive, with a great desire to learn and discover. I am very interested in architectural design, plant design and site management, I have a long experience using CAD software and BIM (Revit).





GRADUATE ARCHITECT (December 2016 – August 2017)

COURSE GENERAL ENGLISH (October - November 2016)


CURRICULAR INTERNSHIP (October 2015 - 2016)

CURRICULAR INTERNSHIP (November 2012 - January 2013)

Engineering construction at the Polytechnic of Turin (Italy) Thesis: “Use Virtual Reality to Augmented of the Juventus Stadium” The 3D model of the stadium has been created with Autodesk Revit 2016 (Building Information Modeling, BIM, software for architects). Final grade: 104/110 Engineering construction at the Polytechnic of Turin (Italy) Thesis: “Survey and restoration of a historic building in Turin”. Istitute Elio Vittorini, Grugliasco (Italy) Diploma in surveyor.

Collaboration at iAS Ltd(Malta) Architectural modeling of residential buildings (Revit – BIM), structural modeling (Revit – BIM), metal structure antenna of Melita (Revit). Collaboration at Eng. Muscat – The Doric Studio, (Malta) Certificate Fire Prevention, Intervention Regeneration of the interior spaces for elderly St. Vincent de Paul (Malta). AELS - English Language School (Malta) Course weekly hours : 15. Collaboration at Eng. Garzino’s, (Italy) Building Information Modeling (BIM), photorealistic renderings, Virtual Reality, Augment Reality, design of housing complexs. Collaboration at Eng. Spagnolo, (Italy) Fire Prevention Certificate, certification of energy, building papers editing. Collaboration at Eng. Multari, (Italy) Design of a restoration project of an historic building in Turin, management of the building construction process, Mock-up model design.











Juventus Stadium Turin, Italy

Description: Building Information Modeling (BIM) arises from the need to manage the integrity of the building process by employing architectural, structural and plant modeling software environments that describe and structure entire building organisms with 3D rendering technologies. BIM eliminates redundant information, improves communication and focuses all work forces on the data in the drawings, optimizing both the design and implementation and management stages. VR and AR With the QR CODE, you can navigate 360 degrees inside the model using, for example, Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift or Sony Project Morpheus and a smartphone. Augmented Reality is a particular extension of Virtual Reality that consists of superimposing the reality perceived by the user as a virtual real-time generated by the computer. In the future you will be able to navigate 360 degrees inside the stadium.

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Other project - Residence

Primary School, Elderly


Malta Location: Turin, Italy Description: The building consists of five storey above ground floor and basement. It represents, for its constructive features, a good example of sustainable building. It can be defined in this way because of the material used. The invention fits in on area for rapid upgrading that will see the northern part of the city. The structure consists of three distincts and autonomous real estate blocks.

Location: Marsa, Malta Project Footprint: 3,000 sq m Description: Primary School Minimum Standards National Class Base (6-12 n° children) = 50 sqm Beds (6-8 n° children) = 65 sqm Food room = 25 sqm Art room = 25 sqm Music = 60 sqm Store = 10 sqm Library = 20 sqm Dining ( 56-112 n° children) = 80-135 sqm

Location: Gozo, Malta Project Footprint: 1,000 sq m

First Floor Plan as existing: Scale1:100

Second Floor Plan as existing: Scale1:100

First Floor Plan as proposed: Scale1:100

Second Floor Plan as proposed: Scale1:100

Description: Elderly The National Minimum Standards for Care Homes for Older Persons represents a key turning point in the government’s commitment towards ensuring an excellent quality of life for older persons residing in care homes. Minimum Standards National Corridors and passageways shall have a clear width of 1500 mm. Typical minimum internal dimensions of the shaft required to acommodate their lifts are1.7 m deep and 1.6 m wide and 2.2 m deep 1.8 m wide. Doors shall have an effective clear width of 900 mm. WC have minimum internal dimensions of 2200 mm long by 1500 mm wide. Shower cubicles that incorporate a shower tray and a toilet (wc) shall have a minimum internal width of 2400 mm and internal length of 2500.

Structural projects: Melita Antenna & Residential Building (Qawra) Malta

Masonry Plan - Typical Floor 3D - Pole Mounted


3D - Freestanding

Structural Plan - Typical Floor

Section - Pole Mounted

Plan - Free Standing

Example of details - Melita Antenna

Example Detail Beam

Location: Around all Malta and Gozo Description: Melita is a diversified telecommunications operator in Malta offering internet, television, telephony and mobile services. Two different types of antenna have been projected: Free Standing and Pole Mounted. The declaration of performance and the type of antenna are issued under the sole responsibility of the manufacturer. It determines the essential characteristics of the antenna, among them: - Characteristic resistance for tension; - Characteristic resistance for shear; - Minimum spacing and minimum edge distance; - Displacement for serveceability limit state; - Reaction and resistance to fire; - Anchor distances and dimensions of members. For each project has been evaluated the wind action. The focus is on the calculation of overall lateral wind forces acting on steel framed on the antenna. (Eurocode/ British Standard BS EN 2005-1-4) / (EN-Calculator software). Moreover, the structural analysis has been done with Robot Structural Analysis. Robot is used for modeling, analyzing and designing various types of structures. The program allows users to create structures, to carry out structural analysis and to verify obtained results.

Location: Qawra Description: The building consists of 7 floors above ground floor and basement. It represents a good example of building structural calculations. The components used to create reinforcement for beams, columns and slabs have been analyzed in this project. Among these there are : - Masonry walls: for example 230mm limestone, 230mm SD+infill+H20 per Hole, etc; - Mesh bars creating reinforcement for concrete slabs: for example 1B503 and 1C503; - Slabs reinforcement: for example1B503(T1) and H16-150mm; - Size and thickness of the beams; - Size and shape of the rebars used inside the beams and columns: for example 2H10@150mm-51, 4H20-00, etc.

From the idea to the project: Office (Qormi), Medical school (Gozo) Malta Location: Qormi (Malta) Description: From the idea to the project. Pinto Business Centre, a new, purposely-built commercial development offering 3,400 square metres of office space for top-notch letting. Three different areas of this building have been designed: central atrium, lift lobby and reception. Glazing is the main material inside the proposed design. Natural light is a dynamic and ephemeral tool for expressing the quality of space. The aim of this project is: organization of the spaces, study of the materials and study of the lights. Leveraging real-time rendering and motion tracking, designers and architects can perform the physical and other aspects of a home or building. Furthermore, with VR architects and designers it’ s possible to design spaces with 3D spatial awareness, which can not be experimented with a simple 2D rendering, plans and elevations. Through real-world scenarios, the client will be able to understand the architectural choices proposed by the designers. From Sketch

Lift Lobby

To Project

Central Atrium

False Ceiling-Reception


Location: Gozo (Malta) Description: The intended use of this project is for a Medical School. Several studies have been done: verified views, traffic impact statement, utility report, fire safety report, ventilation and lighting report, waste management plan. Building information modeling (BIM) in facilities management (FM) applications is an emerging area of research based on the theoretical proposition that can improve its management. Using this proposition as a starting point, the purpose of this paper is to investigate the value of BIM and the challenges affecting its adoption in the FM applications. Design/methodology/approach - Two inter-related research methods are used. The literature is used to identify the application areas, values and challenges of BIM in FM. The results demonstrated that BIM value in FM stems from improvement to current manual processes of information handover.

Ground Floor

First floor