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When I’m a Senior Although I’m in 8th grade, I have big plans for high school. I have some academics, extra curricular activities, and social plans to work on before I’m a senior. I would like to go to Ehove. Academics In academics I hope I get all A’s and B’s for the entire time I’m in high school. My GPA has to be at least 3.6 or better. I hope I learn some good studying skills before I get in to high school. I want to try to study all the time and also try to get some scholarships. Extra Curricular Activities Although my main focus will be on my grades, I want to accomplish many extra curricular goals by my senior year . I hope I get into high school choir, if I do I might try out for Black and Gold. I also hope I get to go on the New York trip for Choir. I hope I get in shape and start to try out for some sports again. Social/Personality Traits I want to try to hang out with the right people and not the wrong. I hope I get over my fear of talking in front of people and worrying about what they think of me. I hope I will be a trustworthy friend. Hopefully I won’t be known for the bad things. I want to be a person that anybody can talk to if their having problems or need someone to talk to. I hope I achieve all my goals before Senior year. I hope to get over all the fears I have and have fun. I also hope I will be known as a person who was there for anyone.

When Im A Senior  

Plans when im a senior

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