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January Races #1 Angel Stadium @ Anaheim, CA #2 Chase Field @ Phoeniz, AZ #3 Dodger Stadium @ Los Angeles, CA #4 Stadium @ Oakland, CA

February Races #5 Angel Stadium @ Anaheim, CA #6 Qualcomm Stadium @ San Diego, CA #7 Cowboys Stadium @ Arlington, TX #8 Georgia Dome @ Altanta, GA

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Issue 1

October 22, 2012

2013 Supercross Season

Mission Statement oosterFish MX is a privateer effort to help promote Privateer Motocross Supercross Freestyle Motocross riders and racers. We hope to provide a home for the privateer and help anyway we can. While there are literally hundreds of web pages for the riders in the top tier teams, privateers are often over looked. With privateers reaching into their own pocket and trying to survive on a few small sponsorships if any, we feel its time for these guys girls to have their own place. We are working on creating a voice, and we can together. Make some changes where we can. Whether it be promoting, finding sponsors and making connections, all the way to pusing to get the pay outs for finishing positions higher. Privateers are the backbone of the sport. Together we have power, and without us they did not have nothing. Lets do this PIN IT


Featured Rider Mike McDade AMA Motocross-Season Finale for Rockstar Energy Suzuki he 2012 AMA Pro Motocross Championship season came to a well-earned, celebratory close for the Rockstar Energy Racing teams at Lake Elsinore in California at the weekend - a city known for helping launch the sport of dirt bike racing. Said Wharton: “The track was good. It was technical and I’m glad to finish the last round healthy. I’m 1. Ryan Dungey already thinking about what I can do 2. Mike Alessi better next year. I’m looking forward 3. Jacob Weimer to a break and then getting back to it. I 4. Andrew Short learned a lot this year, and hopefully I 5. Broc Tickle can build from this. I had some ups and 6. Josh Grant downs this season, but that happens. I 7. Justin Brayton look forward to next year and will try 8. Kyle Chisholm to keep my head up.” 9. Fdavi Millsaps Rockstar Energy Racing team10. Tyla Rattray mate Jason Anderson also had a good weekend, getting a great start in the second 250 moto and running in a podium position for more than half the race before finishing fifth. At the end of the day, Anderson finished 12th overall at Elsinore and eighth overall in the end-of-season championship points. “The weekend ended up pretty good,” said Anderson. “My first moto was rough and I didn’t even finish. But in the second moto, I got


a good start and ended up fifth. That was a good, strong moto to end the season with and I’m happy with it. I’m making progress and I’m looking forward to next year.” Said Davalos: “I couldn’t race this weekend because I broke a rib in a couple of places at Steel City. But I’m excited to be here for the team. It’s my last race with them and I’m just enjoying hanging out and spending time with them. It’s been an up-and-down kind of year and I can’t thank the Rockstar Energy Racing team enough for being supportive during these tough times.” “This year was really tough for me,” said Patterson. “I had a lot of bad luck with injuries. I tried to make it through this weekend, put the pain out of my mind and focus on the championship. The first moto went OK, but in the second moto, I landed off a jump and it tweaked my bad foot and I had so much pain I couldn’t take it. Overall, it was an awesome year and I can’t thank the Rockstar Energy Racing team enough. They’ve been really supportive and I wish I could’ve won the championship for them, but we’ll keep working for it.”

Top 10 Winners

Michael McDade has lived Pennsylvania’s a life that most 24-year-old’s probably

wouldn’t comprehend. As an amateur champion moving through the ranks, McDade caught support from various teams and sponsors along the way and although he proved to be one of the fastest riders on the track at times, something always seemed to be missing. McDade admittedly got caught up in the world of fast living and his physical condition and race results suffered. But after the birth of his son, Keegan, the still-young racer put his life into perspective and made his move back into the racing scene once again. We caught up with McDade after securing his first AMA Arenacross Lites East Championship at Rupp Arena in Lexington, Ky., over the weekend Thanks! I actually did good on the starts all night. I got more holeshots Saturday night than I’ve gotten all year, so that was good. The track was slick, which is something I’m not used to. I haven’t gotten to ride because of the snow and we’ve ridden probably once or twice this whole season. I got a good start in the main event but I slid out twice and it just didn’t end up how I thought it would. I definitely wanted to end with a win but there was no pressure because I knew I had the East Lites Championship wrapped up. Michael Willard has been my competition all year but he actually scored too many points in the AX class, which meant he wasn’t able to race this round. If Willard would have raced—and I had finished where I did—it would have been a one-point difference. So it was good knowing I had a 26-point lead heading into the main event, but I still wanted to get the win. I start riding KTM’s next week, so I kind of wanted to win my last race on the Kawasaki, but I’m pumped with taking the championship for sure. Yeah, I’m actually going to finish the last three Arenacross rounds out west with Reed & Reese Racing as Dave Ginolfi’s teammate. Those guys approached me and wanted to help out so I think we’re going to do the last four East Coast Supercross rounds as well. This week we’re actually driving out to California and I’m going to learn how to ride a KTM (laughs). You know, I’m just happy to be back at it and making this into a job again. The biggest support I’ve had this year is Shane Shipley. I met him at the end of February last year and we talked a little bit, I gave him my number and a week later he went and bought me a bike. We started training together and I then I found out I was having a son, so it kind of became crucial for me to put my head on straight and do well. I didn’t have a good job and didn’t even want to work (laughs). I knew this was my last shot to make something happen. Shane and I trained all year together and I ended up breaking my leg twice in a row but we just kept pushing it. Finally we decided to take time off the bike and just train to get me physically strong. Shane and I work so well together. He’s so mentally good for me and he gave me faith and taught me things that I would have never learned and never wanted to listen to before. I mean, it came with age I guess and definitely after having a son. But I definitely couldn’t have done it without Shane and I hope to bring him with me wherever I go. He’s definitely going to be there, whether it’s to be my friend or whatever else. He’s going to train me still, until I figure out what’s going on and hopefully we can get him a spot on the team doing something, but I don’t know what will happen just yet.

Question & Answer How many years have you been racing? 16

What’s your rider number now? 559

What is your bike type? Kawasaki 250f, 450f

What is your race class? 250a and 450a

What series are you in?

right now just pro ama and big local races. I’m gonna start outdoors are Millville hopefully.

What was your first dirt bike?

What are your favorite conditions to ride in?

I actually like everything. Some reason I like mud. I also like hard packed and deffinelty loamy.

What kind of bikes have you ridden recently?

Recently I switched to Kawasaki and I love it but I’ve adpated on every bike I rode.

What events you’ll be racing this year? Millville and the rest of the outdoors.

Do you still get nervous before a big event?

I do and I don’t. When I get real nervous I think about something else.

What are your thoughts on this year?

pw50 when I was 4

I’ve had an injury that I just had fixed bu so far everything I have raced I was happy with.

How did you get involved in Motocross?

If you could have the prefet day, what would it be?

How did your parents motocross become serious for you?

What would you say is your most memorable race?

they were excited I think that’s what my dad wanted me to do.

Either 2006 mini os when I beat Canard and Stroupe or when I got a title there in ‘08.

When did riding motocross become serious for you?

What was your greatest accomplishment on a motorcycle?

What else do you like to do in your spare time?

What do you think is your most embrassing moment on a dirt bike?

my family all raced. My dad, uncle and grandfather.

probably about 16

Snowboard, go to the gym, play cornhole or horseshoes.

How do you relax when you get the chance? I usually just watch movies

If you could be a sponsered by anyone, who would it be? Probably pro cicuit

Where have you been riding?

I have 4 or 5 practice tracks by my house. We split them up so they don’t get old.

What is your favorite track?

Breman in Georgia and/or Budds Creek.

When riding, what are some of the strong points?

Passing. I’s super aggressive with passing and charging into turns. Plus I’l jump anything.

Probably would be a podium and outdoor or supercross.

Same as above

I don’t really have any I get bucked off sometimes I guess you could say that.

What are some of the challenges you have faced?

Being 16 and moving 9 hours from my family was different. Also being 18 and having money to spend and living on my own. It didin’t turn out so great, but now I’ back and my heads on straight.

Who is your favorite Pro or rider that influences you the most? Trey Canard for sure with everything.

If you could be riding any stock bike, what would it be?

I would say my favorite stock bike so far was my 2011 Kawi 250f

If you could ride any bike including Factory and pro bikes what would it be? Pro Circuit bike for sure.


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