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wentysix is a Fashion PR & Advertising Consulting Agency that likes to do things differently.

We are France’s first and only affordable fashion PR and advertising consulting agency dedicated to brands with an edge, a different approach. Our awesome services range from who to follow on social media and clever advertisements, to full PR representation. And the best part? We’ve put our costs out there to the world for see. We believe traditional methods are a thing of the past, monthly retainers are all a little out-dated as well.

With editors and influencers at everyone’s social media fingertips, brands are now able to get their products in front of the right people at a much faster pace. And we are here to support your brand in every step of the way. Founder and CEO Sabrina S, realized that everyone wants to know two things when it come to services: what am I getting & how much does it cost. Our client list includes: Jacquemus (yes, we are responsible for getting his name out there), Sandro, A.P.C, Maison Kitsuné, Études Studio and many more.




Noia’s philosophy is heavily embedded in the Japanese culture, and the idea that something with quality takes time and effort to produce. Women should feel empowered by what they’re wearing, not having to sacrifice comfort over style, which is one of fashion’s main problems. There is something special about the art of the craft that has been lost along the way as well. The owner, is a Kyoto native raised in France who alongside his brother, decided to leave their advertising and architecture careers respectively in order to create their lifestyle denim brand, paying an homage to their beloved country and traditions. They decided to focus on women because they were taught since an early age to cherish and love them.

The brand core is what represents the soul and backbone of the brand. Noia’s core value is “beauty in imperfection”, which is based on the Japanese art of wabi-sabi. It is focused on

celebrating uniqueness. We are living in a fast paced society that doesn’t stop to enjoy the little things in life, Noia celebrates this by creating jean clothing made from high-end unused or damaged denim pieces and turning them into a hand-

made work of art, and ultimately creating unique and eclectic denim clothing . Every season there is a new theme which will highlight embroideries, special tints or dyes, amongst other special features. As a launch for the first collection,

it is a tribute to Japanese culture and will feature the brand’s take on koi fish embroideries, tattoo art and cherry blossoms with a light pink tint undertone.



LN-CC (Late Night Chameleon Café)




La Garçonne Story


Price Range: >600€ Products: apparel: jeans, dresses, overalls, rompers, skirts, shirts, jackets.


moodboard target

gender age

22-35 years old.






social background geographic demographic


fashionistas, bloggers, fashion editors, publicists or high paid pr job, trendy, creative, they like unique products and to be different,enjoy the good life. upper class. the brand is based in paris, so focuses on women living in europe. key demographics are women, 22-35 years old, from cosmopolitan cities.

from this point of view, the noia woman can be described as

independent, confident, sexy & international. she loves fashion and is an active member of the fashion world, she likes to set trends not so much follow them, she is in the in, she likes to

travel to exotic destinations and enjoys a cocktail once in a while. she lives for sunday brunch and fashion week events, she likes to hang out with her friends, party and atteng art gallery openings when she’s not at brand events or working.


the targeted woman doesn’t look at prices, she buys what she likes, if possible the more exclusive the better. if she finds a brand she

likes, she will continue to be loyal to the brand. they shop online as well as offline, but they prefer to visit concept stores and boutiques.

13 moodboard lifestyle

kristina bazan



Kristina is an internationally recognized fashion blogger originally from Switzerland. She has a classic yet trendy taste in fashion and a very keen stylistic approach to her blog.


She is 22 years old, and she started her blog, Kayture, in 2011.

born & raised social class profession



She was born in Minsk, Belarus and was raised in Geneva, Switzerland. upper class

She made her blog into her business in which she plays the part of influencer, model, stylist, and creative director. Kristina has a very particular style. She likes to mix and match high-end brands with high street fashion, and changes styles from day to day. She has a very Parisian and eclectic style, which is why she matches perfectly with the brand. Kristina loves to travel and jet set all around the world, wherever her job opportunities take her next. She is a Fashion Week regular, but she also likes to attend events like the Cannes Film Festival. She likes to go shopping and spend whatever free time she has hanging out with her friends from back home. She is always at the best places, trendy restaurants and bars; and she is also known to attend festivals like Sonar and Coachella.




French brand Noia, is positioned within the luxury market segment. Individuality and freshness have gained importance within the fashion consumer nowadays, and price is becoming irrelevant for high quality niche and specialty designers. For this reason, for offering hand made and unique products, the brand is positioned within this segment, meaning that it’s not exactly Haute Couture since it still appears to the masses, or at least to a larger target than couture. Further explanation will be found further ahead with the positioning map and then competitor information.




The American denim brand EARNEST SEWN founded by Scott Morrison in Los Angeles. The name is central to the brand concept- literally translating as “product sewn in earnest”. The denim label is underpinned by fundamental core values of quality, integrity and authenticity. For these values to have any significant worth or real meaning, they must be utilized by Earnest Sewn and be embedded into the company’s design and manufacturing processes.

Paris-based collective VETEMENTS grew out of a group of young designers’ desire to escape the continual rebranding and reinvention of the fashion cycle. Focusing on singular, impactful pieces with immediate appeal rather than thematic seasonal collections, the group presents refined alternatives to overthought design. Head designer Demna Gvasalia and collective members with previous ties to Maison Margiela, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Céline, and Antwerp’s Royal Academy of Arts bring touches of roughness and deconstruction to elegantly executed womenswear staples: oversized trousers and overcoats, raw hems, convertible dresses, elongated knits, and asymmetrical shapes.


is not a denim company, it is an american company based in Los Angeles. re/done is the first luxury label that was born online and grown as an e-commerce brand, founded by Sean Barron and Jamie Mazur. But more than that, re/done is a movement - a movement to restore individuality to the luxury fashion space, a movement to keep heritage brands relevant, and a movement to create sustainable fashion. RE/DONE is committing to giving their customers the completely unique experience of self-curating their vintage denim purchase.

The london based apparel brand ARIES mixed the love for fashion, beautifully made and cut clothes, and sartorial experimentation with the love for street wear, anti-fashion youth movements and trash culture in general so, encompassing all these elements. It’s a heavily 80’s influenced brand using hand made patterns, hand dying and painting in the studio; with a desire to be less wasteful, they use off cuts of leather to make the jeans labels while reusing leftover fabric and denim to patch jeans.


is an American based denim brand that emerged onto the Los Angeles scene by blowing up the construction of the classic five-pocket jean. Industry-standard sewing machines weren’t adequate for their designs, so they broke them apart and rebuilt them to produce their one-of-a-kind vision. Since it’s beginnings, the brand was instantly recognized for style that was unlike any other denim brand in the world. True Religion’s designs soon caught the attention of the world’s most iconic style leaders, and demand for denim grew rapidly. Everything from there on out was committed to be bigger, better, and bolder than the rest.

benchmark Canadian brand DSQUARED2 created by two brothers, Dean and Dan Caten in 1995. Dsquared2’s philosophy is an edgy mix of Canadian iconography, refined Italian tailoring and playful sensuality. The collections are a seamless melding of contrasts: sporty and glamorous, laidback and extravagant, masculine and feminine, creating a distinctive concept of alternative luxury. Dean and Dan Caten divide their lives between Milan and London, and the Dsquared2 collections are produced in Italy, giving rise to the brand’s motto of “Born in Canada, Living in London, Made in Italy”.

The 3 brands chosen to be benchmarked are: Earnest Sewn, Vetements & Aries. Each one was chosen for a specific reason that makes them relevant for the fashion industry as well as a good example to base and improve the brand on.

s mentioned before, Ariesbrand with street culture and anti-fashion youth movements as well as trash culture as part of their brand cores. The fashion brand is based in London, and is the result of many years in planning and learning about skate culture, punk and street culture.


The L E V I ’ S ® brand epitomizes classic American style and effortless cool. Since the invention and patent of riveted clothing by Jacob Davis and company founder Levi Strauss in 1873, Levi’s® jeans have become the most recognizable and imitated clothing in the world — capturing the imagination and loyalty of people for generations. And while the patent has long since expired, the Levi’s® brand portfolio continues to evolve through a relentless pioneering and innovative spirit that is unparalleled in the apparel industry.

This brand identity stands for rebellion to Fashion and their similarity, it embraces the ugly and uncommon and makes something very interesting out of it. Probably the most interesting thing about the brand is what it does to its jeans. Every collection is different from the previous one, but they esentially use patching and taping techniques to revamp vintage looking jeans. It’s very retro chic and kind of unexpected. These values from ARIES are an example of what NOIA wishes to accomplish but in a more refined, subtle and high fashion way. The concept of standing out and doing things differently is one of both these brand’s values. Morevoer, ARIES and NOIA began with a concept and the idea that fashion doesn’t have to stand still.



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EARNEST SEWN handmakes each of their items and makes sure every part of the process is quality approved and fits with the brands standard, for authenticity purposes, every person involved in the production process signs their name in the pocket. They also have a super premium luxury service, where starting at 1.000€ there’s the option to tailor make a pair of jeans to fit your individual figure. These value of art in the craft is something very important and that NOIA would like to adopt, since quality and individuality is one of their strongest beliefs, so taking into account this brand hand making their jeans, proves that it is quite possible for a brand to do this.




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label as a distinctive rebellion against the fashion system and in an attempt to push the boundaries, kind of like a satirical critique. What fits NOIA the most, is the approach they have towards their jeans. Their basic concept is that they sew two pairs of jeans together, and their distinctive mark is the difference in the seams and hem of the denim pants. It’s a pretty nice idea since it is not something you see commonly, NOIA could use this idea and embrace it by changing it and making it their own.



ETEMENTS is a very interesting brand, they could even be called the anti-fashion brand. The designer began the


COMMUNICATION PLAN Firstly, since the brand did not have a logo yet, they stuck with the simple text version of the name, so we decided to create a minimalistic logo to go with the brand identity and inspiration.


he communication plan is for the sole purpose of raising awareness for the brand and creating a lifestyle and community for like minded people. The brand is new and will be launching this year in Paris, they have chosen this city as their base and where their first boutique will open in SaintGermain-des-Près. The target of the brand is European women aged 22-35 living in cosmopolitan cities. According to numerous research studies, millennials do not like or trust traditional advertising, they find it too manipulative. The consumer has to be the first thought of the brand, modern consumers want to develop a relationship with the brand and fall in love with the lifestyle it brings as well. This is why we analyzed the brand values, and have concluded that for Noia, it would be a good idea to position themselves as niche brand

since it is directed to a very specific target. We have to be present where consumers are, speak to them on their terms and in turn create a lasting relationship and the promotion of the brand will follow. The main channels that we will focus on in terms of media strategy, will be print media and online, more specifically: instagram, printed advertisements in magazines, and the development of a “promotional� video and seasonal magazine. We believe Noia represents more than just a brand or a product, it represents a state of mind and a lifestyle.




Paris based lifestyle ready-to-wear brand. Boutique in Saint-Germain.


NOIA will release a seasonal magazine, for every collection, starting with 2 a year—> one for SS + and one for AW. For the launch of the brand, the first

edition will feature amongst other carefully curated news: the brand identity, the idea and inspirations for the specific collection. An interview with the brothers: CEO

and designer, a collaboration with Mert and Markus and senior parisian stylist Aleksandra Olenska for the collection. And lastly an article featuring Jolanda Van Meringen’s work, creative outtake on

the advertising collaboration she did for NOIA, and an insight to her life.


Secondly, we believe the brand should focus on creating an instagram presence, more specifically to turn it into a curated visual blog including different aspects of the NOIA state of mind, this will be the first step to their online presence at the moment. The specific concept we developed for NOIA, since it has such strong brand roots and potential image, we created the following ideas:

VIDEO OIA will collaborate with up-coming photographers each season to create a short video (no more than 2 minutes) featuring the collection’s inspiration and other aspects (example of launch video in annex) which will be released in fragments on their instagram account, and simultaneously in the boutique in Saint-Germain. For the first video, it features a short look on the day in the life of a NOIA woman, followed by floral inspirational collage by Jolanda and brand logo.



And lastly, for advertising purposes, owner has teamed up with longtime friend and artist Jolanda Van Meringen in order to create the first short series of ads for NOIA which will be published in magazines like Self Servie, Paper, Dazed & Confused, CR Book.


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Noia- Fashion Advertising 2nd Year Proyect  
Noia- Fashion Advertising 2nd Year Proyect