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The Panic Room Advertising Training Sabrina Albrecht

Session 1 – Exercise 1 layout • Double paged advertisement for magazines • 4 different layouts

Lay out 1

Lay out 2

Lay out 3

Lay out 4

Session 3 – Exercise 5 copy

You want it more fresh than this? Not with us.

Don‘t let it fly away!

Knorr, or are you allergic to vegetables?

Session 5 – Exercise 3 storyboard •

- rain, cave, noise of carving, drak, grey, wide angle, no music – 3 sec.

- caveman carving pictures in the rock, entrance of cave visible, outside the stom is continuing, hollow sounds of the rain, medium angle – 2 sec.

- cavenman‘s hand with gouge, carving sth. That looks similar to a bike. Loud carving noises, close up – 2,5 sec.

- sweaty concentrated face, sound of heavy breathing, extreme close up -1,5 sec.

(-Don‘t understand the picture)

- you can easily identify the shape of a bike wheels are still missing, shaking hand with gouge, caveman suddenly stops carving, rain noise stops, close up -2 sec.

- caveman exhausted but not satisfied yet, he doesn‘t know how to continue. standing desperately in front of his incomplete image. Medium close up – 1,5 sec.

- angry caveman in fron of wall, noise of incomprehensible angry cries, wide angle – 1 sec.

- loud noise of big rock shaped like a wheel rolling in the cave, sunlight shines into the cave, sound of singin birds, wide angle – 3sec.

- other caveman looks very astonished, drawing caveman found the solution and finishes his carved picture very quickly and happily, medium angle – 2 sec.

• - camera zoom in to extreme close up of finished ‚bike‘ – 1 sec. • - shouting caveman, proud posture, medium angle – 2 sec. Triumphal musik starts playing (drums, piano, violins...) picture freezes. • - picture in rock slowly transforms in a picture of a modern Batavus bike, male voice over: „The invention of Batavus. Oerdegelijk. “ music stops, picture fades.

Session 7 – Exercise 4 creative brief •

Who are the ads talking to? To people who enjoy butter on their food; orderly people; maybe gastronomes.

What do they want the audience to think or do? To use butter in any kind of dish; to not forget butter in your meal; Post-it substitutes piece of butter.

proposition: A little piece of butter that enriches your food.

Objectives: Brand recognition; activating

tone of voice: advicing; reminding

Ariel Essential

Who are the ads talking to? To mothers or housewives.

What do they want the audience to think or do? That it does not matter what you put on your shirt, use Ariel and it will be clean again. Making a big mess with your food, is suddenly okay.

proposition: A washing product that is very strong and doesn’t care what you pu on your shirt.

Objectives: Brand recognition; confirming

tone of voice: funny; ironic

Heinz Big Soup

• Who are the ads talking to? To people that like strong and tasty soup; are fond of fast food.

• What do they want the audience to think or do? That Big Soup has a very strong taste; that you gain power, strenghth and energy from it. • proposition: A strong and tasty soup • Objectives: introduction; activating • tone of voice: loud, powerful, ironic

Hellmanns Mayonnaise extra light

Who are the ads talking to? Most likely to women or persons that don’t want to gain weight, maybe even want to loose weight.

What do they want the audience to think or do? That this mayonnaise does not make you fat, you may even loose weight and your cloth get too big for you ( like the lable on the glass). Don’t worry about eating it.

proposition: Light mayonnaise does not make you fat.

Objectives: informing; introduction; promotion

tone of voice: informative; pursuaying

Session 9 – Exercise 5 •

possible joint promotion partners / products plus a central promotional idea 1. Cup a Soup - IKEA >>> Free Cup A Soup stands in kitchen and living room departments in IKEA. Everyone can enjoy their Cup a Soup on an IKEA kitchen table or sofa and feel relaxed and at home. Timing: winter, to warm up. Advent season, because it’s the ‘giving’ month. 2. Cup a Soup – NS >>> Free Coup a Soup cups on the stations, before you enter the train. For a long journey passengers will be very happy about that promotion. Timing: late autumn, when the temperatures slowely go down. People should get used to a warm, strengthening snack while travelling to prepare for the winter. 3. Cup a Soup – Douwe Egberts >>> Onpack Promotion on DE-packages in the souper market. You will get a code that you can enter on the CaS-website and win nice prices. So now DE-consumers consider Cup a Soup as potential product – most likely business men. Timing: Can be during the whole year.

Session 11 – Exercise 6 typography

Sketch 1 – Rotterdam durft

New typography: Rotterdam durft


Sketch 2 – Inholland brengt je op ideeen

Sketch 3 – ABN Amro maakt meer mojelijk

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