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XXI Century Teacher and 2.0 Classroom Sabri Liazid Abdelkader 4th Grade Primary Education on Foreign Language.

21st Century Teacher and 2.0 Classroom Introduction Before starting describing how should be a teacher of the 21 st century, we need to know how important is the initial training that every teacher should have in order to be a good teacher in this knowledge society. The development of ICTs, and all the information and communication that we have in our social environment and that we’re continually receiving contribute to new necessities and values in the educational atmosphere. There is no doubt there are so many changes in all aspects of life, thus, new technologies are transforming the classroom and the teaching functions, and these changes are allowing a new way of teaching and learning. Here comes the role of the teacher, in which, as an active element of the education system, needs to have some skills to satisfy the demands that our students need nowadays. Consequently, this brings a new type of teaching. How should we be? Teachers must be able to accommodate to all the different and continuous changes both the content and the way of teaching. This is to say, that ICTs and technology development is carrying a new way of teaching and new teaching roles. Consequently, how should be this type of teacher compared with a traditional one? I found this table which I think is quite interesting. Traditional or classical model Teacher as an instructor The emphasis is on teaching Isolated teacher

Technological model Teacher as a mediator The emphasis is on learning The teacher collaborates with the teaching team Used to apply the resources without Designs and manages his own resources designing them Didactics based on the exposition with Didactic based in investigation with unidirectional character. bidirectional character Only the truth and confidence provide Use of error as a source of learning learning Restrict the autonomy of the student Promote the autonomy of the student The use of new technologies is outside The use of new technologies is integrated the syllabus in the curriculum. The teacher has competence on ICTs. So as we can see, there are great differences between the traditional teacher –as an instructor that use a unidirectional model to teach- and a technological teacher – as a mediator using all the resources in his/her hands and a bidirectional model to teach. In my opinion, the task of the teacher is to make students learn from themselves and reach the purposes and objectives established. We shouldn’t give only knowledge as a mere transmitter thereof. The thing is to provide students with all the resources that are going to help them to reach learning, and as teachers, our job is to make this learning meaningful for them. We have to recognize that technologies have a powerful place in instruction and in the classroom; with them, we can make strong lessons and learning objectives can be achieved. Sabri Liazid Abdelkader 4th Grade Primary Education on Foreign Language.

21st Century Teacher and 2.0 Classroom

Furthermore, teachers should be enthusiastic about new tools, resources, etc. I mean, all these technologies should be there for making us better professionals and getting engaged with the student’s world. We cannot create students that can deal with this society if we don’t use ICTs. Perhaps some years ago it wasn’t so necessary to use them, but now is the time, and we shouldn’t be scared of them. I also think that are certain keywords that can lead us to success if we want to be teachers of this century, here I present some of them: Besides all this, teachers should know basic things as for example, create and edit digital audio, use blogs and wikis to create online platforms for students, exploit digital images for classroom use, use videos and graphics to visually stimulate students, social networking sites to connect with colleagues and grow professionally, etc. As an educator is essential to have knowledge about online security; this is very important because of all the threats we have nowadays on the internet. So according to all this, 21st century educators must use a sort of resources and have a variety of characteristics. Teachers must be: • • • • • • • •

The adaptor The communicator The learner The visionary The leader The model The collaborator The risk taker

What do our students need? In my opinion, I think that students need and deserve motivating, supportive and instructional environments, they need to have the opportunity to learn in a context that support collaboration with other students, teachers, the use of new tools, etc. Taking into account that students nowadays live digitally. The fluidly use of text messaging, social networking, internet, and multimedia outside the classroom is something that forms part of their day to day, but why not inside the classroom?. As teachers we should know that there is a great disconnection between what students have outside the school in contrast with the things that are inside it. Our job is to link what they have outside with what we have inside. Students need to see teachers as someone close to them, who is not scare about technologies and love the use of new tools; as someone who use collaborative groups and let their students use a computer in classroom. That’s what students really need to see from us. They don’t want to have someone that’s not satisfying with his job, and he doesn’t take care about the learning of his students and what’s more, as a simple transmitter of information because certainly every person can do that. How should be a 2.0 classroom? A 2.0 classroom should be updated with an interactive white board, electromagnetic pencils, get online tutorials, learn with a web-quest, etc. All this things aren’t things of Sabri Liazid Abdelkader 4th Grade Primary Education on Foreign Language.

21st Century Teacher and 2.0 Classroom the future but things that every class should have nowadays. Classroom should combine its own spaces with the working spaces. Furthermore, students should work in group with equal conditions, where all the students can expose their ideas, without a leader and participating all at the same level of organization and what’s more important, having a fluid communication among members. “I need to feel that I’m constantly learning and growing,” says the 29 year old Andrew, a software engineer. Our class should be a place where the student’s opinion is a reflection to knowledge. A healthy environment, cooperative learning, beneficial, and the use of all possible means leading to knowledge.

This is the type of class that we should develop on a few years. I know that there are some classrooms that are full equipped with all this tools, but there are so many other that aren’t. So the thing is, educators need to be trained with all this technological tools in order to have a better teaching.

Sabri Liazid Abdelkader 4th Grade Primary Education on Foreign Language.

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