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Real-time revenue integrity that adds value to your bottom line


Revenue Integrity ticketed and bookings with fake names) from their inventory and return seats that can be re-sold to paying passengers.

Real-Time Actions It is of the utmost importance that airlines utilize every seat in an aircraft. Improving revenues and reducing costs associated with bad bookings is the key to maintaining profitability.

Sabre Revenue Integrity is the only realtime revenue integrity solution, processing bookings as soon as they are created or changed. In this way, Sabre Revenue Integrity finds more problem bookings, finds them earlier and solves them quicker than any other solution available on the market.

Sabre Ž Revenue Integrity is the highest ROI opportunity airlines have in today’s problematic world. Airlines such as Emirates, British Airways, Austrian Airlines and Cathay Pacific Airways use Sabre Revenue Integrity to identify and remove bad bookings (such as dupe bookings, bookings that are not

This can be seen in Figure 1. Before the airline started using Sabre Revenue Integrity, it had very low availability during the peak sales period, but when using our solution, the bad bookings are cleaned out, and there is full availability during the main sales period.

Every Seat Filled

Figure 1 Information is based on an airline customer’s use of Sabre Revenue Integrity. The green hash area represents the amount of additional seats available when using our solution. 100

Before using our solution Using our real-time solution Demand for seats

Availability %





0 120








Days before departure

Benefits With Sabre Revenue Integrity you can:

would have been from €0.8 to €2.5 (average

• Increase revenue due to more availability through the booking period, higher load factors and fewer and more stable no-shows,

€1.5) for each passenger flown. For a typical airline that serves 10 million passengers annually, this equates to an additional revenue

• Reduce costs resulting from a clean inventory at all times.

No airline can afford to leave this additional revenue on the table, which is gained without increasing operating cost and flows directly to the bottom line.

Figure 2 Results of a comparison of Sabre Revenue Integrity to another revenue integrity solution

Cancellation time before departure 6000 5000 Number of seats

The value of Sabre Revenue Integrity can also clearly be seen in Figure 2. Before Sabre Revenue Integrity, the majority of cancellations took place on the day of departure or the day before. These seats will never be re-sold to passengers. However, Sabre Revenue Integrity cancelled problem bookings four days earlier, on average, than the other solution, resulting in more seats available during the peak demand period 4 to 12 days before departure. Also, noshows and cancellations on the day before departure dropped by 70 percent and 40 percent, respectively. The expected additional revenue ranges

For one customer, the use of Sabre Revenue Integrity translated into an increase in loadfactors on high-demand flights of from 92 percent to between 98 percent – 100 percent. This is similar to adding a complete row of seats to your aircraft — at no extra cost. Sabre Airline Solutions, the Sabre Airline Solutions logo and Sabre are trademarks or service marks of an affiliate of Sabre Holdings Corp. ©2010 Sabre Inc. All rights reserved. Printed in the USA. AS-10-12820 0710

The Clear ROI Champion

of €15 million (US$24 million) per year.

You Are In Control Available as a turn-key, hosted service, Sabre Revenue Integrity is scalable for airlines of all sizes. Our professionals will handle all aspects of integration with your reservation system and initial configuration of the processes, tailoring them to your market requirements. Afterwards, you will manage the processes on your own.


Our Unique Experience


At Sabre Airline Solutions ®, our team of experts is ready to help power your progress by lowering your costs and generating more revenue for your airline. With our comprehensive portfolio, you can market your experience, sell your product, serve your customers and operate efficiently across your entire airline.

2000 1000

30 ... 14 13 12 11 10 9





Days before departure

With other revenue integrity solution




1 0

With Sabre Revenue Integrity

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