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Real-time Revenue Integrity That Adds Value To Your Bottom Line

Sabre AirVision

Revenue Integrity Every Seat Filled

Real-Time Actions

Your airline can drive additional revenue directly to the bottom line by limiting problem bookings and increasing aircraft seat utilization. This makes it possible to increase revenues with minimal increases in operating costs.

With real-time processing your airline can find more problem bookings, find them earlier and as a result release them while demand is at its peak.

Revenue integrity technology eliminates bad bookings (such as duplicate bookings, bookings that are not ticketed and bookings with fake names) so they can be rebooked by paying customers. It is one of the easiest ways to utilize existing seats on your aircraft in order to increase revenue without increasing operational costs. The resulting revenue gained can flow directly to the bottom line.

Sabre Ž AirVision™ Revenue Integrity is the only real-time revenue integrity solution in the market today. It processes bookings as soon as they are created or changed for immediate action. Problem analysis is handled separately from problem identification and resolution. This makes it possible to easily tailor the resolution processes to your individual markets, classes and customer types. Resolution can also be handled in an automated way, automatically challenging or canceling bad bookings to release them for immediate resale to paying customers.

Figure 1 Information is based on an airline customer’s use of Sabre AirVision Revenue Integrity. The green shaded area represents the amount of additional seats available when using our solution. 100

Before using our solution Using our real-time solution Demand for seats

Availability %


Real-time processing ensures that bad bookings are identified and released as soon as possible with the real-time processing capability of Revenue Integrity.




0 120








Days before departure

Unrivaled control ensures that problem analysis is handled separately from problem identification and resolution. This enables your airline to tailor the resolution processes to individual markets, classes and customer types to better optimize your revenue integrity strategy.

Clear Return On Investment

Benefits Increases Revenue Create maximum availability by identifying problem bookings earlier and releasing seats back to sell while there is still demand for them. This delivers higher load factors and fewer and more stable no-shows.

Reduces Costs Ensure your revenue is as clean as possible through real-time analysis. This can result in a reduction in GDS booking fees, denied boarding compensation (re-routing, hotels and meals) meal wastage and overstaffing. Figure 2 Results of a comparison of Sabre AirVision Revenue Integrity to another revenue integrity solution

Cancellation time before departure 6000 5000 Number of seats

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The value of Revenue Integrity can be seen in Figure 2. Before Revenue Integrity was introduced, the majority of cancellations took place on the day of departure or the day before. It is likely that these seats will never be re-sold. With Revenue Integrity problem bookings are identified on average four days earlier, resulting in more seat availability during the peak of demand 4 to 12 days before departure. Also, noshows and cancellations on the day before departure can drop by as much as 70 percent to 40 percent respectively. The expected additional revenue ranges would have been from €0.80 to €2.50 (average €1.50) for each passenger flown. For a typical airline that serves 10 million passengers annually, this equates to additional revenue of €15 million (US$24 million) per year.

Our Unique Experience

4000 3000 2000 1000

30 ... 14 13 12 11 10 9





Days before departure

With other revenue integrity solution




1 0

With Sabre AirVision Revenue Integrity

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