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Optimizing Your Schedule To Maximize Customer Connectivity And Total Schedule Revenue

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Network Manager Maximizing Your Network The ability to maximize the revenue generated by your network through optimal customer connections can mean increased revenue with minimal increases in operating costs. However, identifying the optimal departure times for your flights can be a challenging process. This is especially true when considering competitor effects, as well as gate, slot, and other operational restrictions.

Driving Total Schedule Revenue Sabre Ž AirVision™ Network Manager can help remove this complexity while maximizing the revenue generated by your network. Network Manager is a global schedule optimization system. It determines the most optimal flight departure times by maximizing network customer connectivity. It combines operational information as well as passenger behavior to create solutions that are robust, feasible and profitable.

Figure 1 Network Manager is a global schedule optimization system that can help you analyze complex customer and operational data to drive customer connectivity and network revenue.

Features Network Manager offers several advanced capabilities for optimizing the schedule on a typical week basis. The global capabilities of the solution explicitly incorporates the network effects associated with passenger flows throughout the schedule. Two run modes are available:

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• Retiming mode: Selects the most optimal flight times to ensure maximum connectivity through the hubs while honoring all the operational constraints. The solution supports over 20 different constraint options. • Reduction mode: Optimally selects flights and times from an overbuilt schedule and cancels flight segments based on either schedule profitability considerations or operational constraints.

Benefits Increases Revenue Maximize revenue by identifying optimal departure times for seasonal schedules based on passenger behavior in the network as well as considering the operational restrictions for the airline. Improve aircraft utilization by simultaneously adding a combination of operational and timing changes to the schedule. Enhance strategic planning by performing a variety of strategic analysis to evaluate different times for flights. With the reduction mode in Network Manager, the system can also determine the mix of flights operating to several spoke stations based on the feasibility with the current aircraft inventory.

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Schedule re-timing allows you to adjust the schedule automatically through flight re-timings and ground time shaving (enabling sub-minimal aircraft turn times) to attain schedule feasibility and/or improve schedule profitability. User interface features four main editing modes that enable you to setup, update and view results of their analysis using Analysis Editor, Constraint Editor and Report Viewer.

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