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A Unified, Accurate View Of Commercial Performance From Overall Network To Individual Flight

Sabre AirVision

Commercial Intelligence Better Decisions With Unified Information

A Single View Across Commercial Planning

Today’s competitive airline environment requires constant monitoring and adjustments. Commercial departments are challenged with making financially sound decisions at an ever increasing rate in order to stay competitive. Their ability to respond quickly with the appropriate strategic and tactical decisions to market changes is critical for their success.

Your airline will be able to better track new markets, identify and respond to competitor actions, improve problem markets, plan for major events and identify incremental revenue opportunities with a single source of intelligence.

However, making these decisions can often be challenging due to the limited coordination between critical areas of the airline. Departments such as network planning, scheduling, pricing, revenue management and sales often do not share data, making it difficult to have a single view of relevant performance information across the airline.

The new Sabre ® AirVision ™ Commercial Intelligence solution is designed to bring together data from your critical commercial planning departments to create a single view of airline performance. Commercial Intelligence provides an easy-to-read, graphical view of historical and forecasted performance from across all commercial departments — available when you need it.

Figure 1 Commercial Intelligence seamlessly integrates airline marketing and planning functions to provide a real-time view of commercial performance.


Key Features

Increase Revenue

The Commercial Intelligence solution is not just a dashboard. It is an interactive decision-support solution your entire commercial team can utilize each and every day. Key features include:

Identify additional passenger and cargo revenue improvement opportunities by using a more complete view of airline performance. You will be able to integrate key metrics from various commercial areas to create a single view of current and planned performance at any time to improve your decision making. Reduce reaction time to market changes with an innovative active alerting system that continuously informs your commercial teams of changes in your markets.

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Better target your market share and sales strategy by incorporating advanced booking trends, planned additional capacity, passenger booking mix and segment passenger share trends into a user-friendly graphical view.

Reduce Costs Focus more time on strategy and tactics that drive value and spend less time pulling data, validating its accuracy, running reports and compiling email spreadsheets.

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• Reporting that provides a complete view of commercial planning performance in easy-to-analyze graphical form so you can quickly evaluate markets, • Real-time, active alerts regarding poor performing markets or relevant competitor actions, enabling your analysts to take immediate action. • Tracking that calculates the net benefit, or loss, of new tactics and strategies, • An online analytical processing cube that functions like a pivot table to enable analysis of up to 24 months historical flight performance information without having to export into spreadsheets.

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