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Collect Crewmember Bids For Vacancies By Base, Equipment And Position And Process Awards Using Airline Rules

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Vacancy Bid Manager Staffing Changes While Minimizing Costs

Complex Vacancy Award Rules Can Be A Daunting Task

If you are like most airlines, your crewrelated expenses are second only to fuel costs. By utilizing the right crewmanagement technology you can help control these costs while also improving the working experience for your teams.

Awarding vacancies, surplus positions and base assignments is one of the most complicated tasks a crew planning and resources department can face. One mistake ripples through the entire award. The result is a loss of manpower expense due to pay protection for miss-awards and grievance litigation.

When considering the posting of vacancies and/or surpluses, the training costs can be staggering and the loss of manpower disruptive to your operation. You need the systems to accurately forecast the training resources required to balance your manpower requirements.

Crew Member Bids Freezes


Manning Ceilings & Floors

Figure 1 Sabre AirCentre Vacancy Bid Manager provides the tools to accurately solve the most complex bid awards in a single pass.


Training Slots


Vacancy Bid Manager

Awards, Training Requirements Actual Staffing Levels



Reduce Costs

• Simultaneous handling of vacancies and surpluses,

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Airlines that utilize Sabre ® AirCentre TM Vacancy Bid Manager can expect the following cost reduction benefits:

• Enforces position and base freezes, • Considers training slot availability,

Forecast Training Requirements Using standing vacancy bids, Vacancy Bid Manager can accurately predict training requirements before the bid is posted.

• Allows contingent bids based on desired category seniority,

Eliminate Costly Errors Precise and accurate awards eliminate errors, potential loss of productivity and pay protection issues.

• Airline configurable award rules.

Increased Crew Satisfaction Exclusive “what if” processing reduces the possibility of surprise awards.

At Sabre Airline Solutions ®, our team of experts is ready to help power your progress by lowering your costs and generating more revenue for your airline. And with our comprehensive portfolio, you can market your experience, sell your product, serve your customers and operate efficiently across your entire airline.

Honor all Award Rules Whether awarding vacancies or surpluses, Vacancy Bid Manager can be customized to handle your unique award rules.

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• Exclusive “what if” award simulation aids crewmember bidding,

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