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Delivering End-To-End Crew Training Planning, Management And Control

Sabre AirCentre

Crew Training Solution Managing High Training Costs

Improving Training Quality

Crew Training costs can be significant,

Airlines and the industry are moving from the

regardless of whether you are dealing with

traditional pass / fail process to specific grading

major issues such as fleet changes or your

of each crewmember and each training. This

training is in a recurring steady-state mode.

process allows the grades to flow back to the

Controllable costs typically include fixed assets

training quality process.

such as the airlines’ own simulators and class rd

rooms, trainers and 3 party facilities.

Grading is well supported by crew trainers, crewmembers and regulators. The challenges

Crews that are undergoing training and

grading provides are data collection and data

unavailable to the flying operation are a double

volumes. The collection, storage and reporting

cost in terms of both salary and lost

of this data are the key to transferring closed

productivity. The balancing act is to have the

loop feedback to future trainings.

right crew available at the right time at the

SabreŽ AirCentre™ Crew Training is deployed

lowest possible costs. Airlines are often increasing costs in terms of having crew available early or expensive training slots utilized to get the crew productive at the right time.

at aviation organizations worldwide and delivers end-to-end crew training; from planning and management through day of operations scheduling.

Figure 1: All class information is shown in a user-friendly way including particular requirements and dependencies. Resources and their qualifications, instructors, classrooms, simulator devices, customers and trainees etc. are managed and organized in a transparent tree structure.



Reduce costs Manages the end-to-end training process including asset management to ensure your fixed and variable crew training assets have the right utilization and any wastage is

A high level of automation ensures airlines have the most comprehensive, robust and cost controlled training plan available in significant shorter timelines. The online user-friendly interface enables crew

controlled and kept to a minimum. Automation Provides automated training planning encompassing demand, availability and costs. Using actual data, or with complex ‘What-if’ scenario building even the most

trainers to access all the key data they require to perform their training and grading. All online training forms can be defined by each airline and updated without any customization.

complex training plans can be created and validated for both planning and operational requirements.

Our Unique Experience

Increases Compliance Airlines have

At Sabre Airline Solutions , our team of


successfully shifted to a grading structure of

experts is ready to help power an airline’s

training feedback. The complex data collection

progress by lowering costs and generating

and reporting allow the fundamentals of AQP /

more revenue for your airline. And with our

ATQP to be followed and open up potential

comprehensive portfolio, you can market your

training improvements and cost savings

experience, sell your product, serve your

programs for airlines to focus on.

customers and operate efficiently across your entire airline.

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