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Airspace Flow Manager Flight operations departments increasingly value aircraft situation display tools for the maintenance of operational control. However, they have been missing a valuable tool that provides a single source of information that shows what is happening in the National Airspace System. And more importantly, what the impact will be on their operations so they can preplan for the event. With this information, operators could proactively manage their flights to reduce delays they might otherwise receive. A great many opportunities made possible by collaborative decision making go unused

because of the multitude of Web sites and tools that have to be consulted to get all the information. More likely than not, you need this information when you don’t have time to look for it and then analyze it.

Sophisticated Solutions While an aircraft situation display primarily focuses on graphical weather and the present position of aircraft, SabreŽ AirCentre™ Airspace Flow Manager provides operators with a unique solution, enabling them to proactively manage the current and potential Air Traffic System disruptions. With Airspace Flow Manager, dispatchers, operations controllers and air-traffic-control coordinators are more operationally aware and can provide more definitive answers.

Figure 2 Graphical presentation of information from the Route Analyzer tool.

Figure 1 The Route Analyzer tool


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Replace delay costs with bottom-line revenue and satisfied customers With Airspace Flow Manager, you can reduce workloads and increase management oversight of the operation. The planning horizon increases so you make better cost-saving decisions during constrained operations. The key is reducing the impact of the volatile NAS and the trafficmanagement programs. The latest industry-accepted analysis is that each minute of delay costs an airline US$74.10, so every minute counts toward improving the bottom line. Plus, a higher percentage of on-time flights results in more satisfied customers. Route flights around constrained areas The Route Analyzer tool graphically displays multiple routes between a city pair. You will appreciate the effectiveness of this tool when ATC constraints are present. Airspace Flow Manager shows the routes that bypass the constrained area and then, using sophisticated compression algorithms, shows the delay-reduction benefits realized by routing flights around the constrained area. Visit our Web site at Worldwide Headquarters Sabre Airline Solutions 3150 Sabre Drive Southlake, Texas 76092 USA

Proactively manage your operation Now, you will be able to view future flights in the display. This is possible due to the Sabre® AirCentre™ Flight Explorer graphical components leveraged by Airspace Flow Manager. The same detailed information available for active flights is now also available for those that are in your schedule as well as the ones with an associated filed flight plan. With the ability to view the impact of any traffic-management initiative for future flights, you can proactively manage your operation. Greater productivity of dispatchers and ATC coordinators With one tool that replaces many, tasks are completed more efficiently and decisions are made more effectively. Airspace Flow Manager combines the data of seven tools in use by airlines today for ATC information. The data is filtered so only the information that will impact your operations is presented.

Our Unique Experience The Sabre Airline Solutions® business, a Sabre Holdings® company, helps airlines go further by lowering costs and generating more revenue with a comprehensive portfolio that leading carriers use to market their experience, sell their product, serve their customers and operate efficiently.

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