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Saturday, November 3, 2012 B R O U G H T T O Y O U B Y A R T Q U O T I E N T, A 5 0 1 ( C ) 3 N O N P R O F I T O R G A N I Z AT I O N


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2012 JUDGES JENNIFER LAYNE PARK Jennifer Layne Park acts, sings, writes and produces. She was named one of the “20 Hottest New Stars” along with Amy Adams and Anne Hathaway by the editors of PENTHOUSE magazine in their movie issue. She says, “I still laugh about the fact that I got in there with my clothes ON!” Miss Park’s first “big break” was acting opposite Richard Gere and Alfred Molina in Academy Award nominated director Lasse Hallstrom’s THE HOAX, released by Miramax. Her work has been appreciated by audiences around the world. She has also acted opposite Seann William Scott. GARY BULKIN Gary Bulkin is an Emmy Award-winning Director with over 20 years of experience producing/directing hundreds of national TV commercials, independent films, documentary films, promotional spots, music videos, and training films. Since founding B&B Communications in 1987, Gary has earned over 20 awards in television and film. His client list includes Apple, Sony, The Lightspan Partnership, Reebok, Union Bank, Legoland, Sharp Healthcare, Qualcomm, CBS Records, and IBM. JAMES KENNEY Jim started in film, creating title sequences and graphics at Imaginary Forces in Hollywood. He then worked with independent documentary filmmakers for a decade, during which time he completed the practical film laboratory at Pixar Animation Studios. Film projects to which Jim has contributed have been honored by prominent international film festivals and organizations, including the Sundance Film Festival and the Academy Of Motion Pictures. He is the founder and director of SF Shorts: The San Francisco International Festival Of Short Films, now in its 7th year. He taught for thirteen years at The California College Of The Arts, where he was an Associate Professor. Jim is a founding board member and the current Vice President of Real Ideas Studio, a nonprofit organization producing films and directing international filmmaking programs, including each year at the Cannes Film Festival.

SPecial guests BRETT STIMELY Along with many films and commercials, Brett can also be seen playing President John F. Kennedy in both, Michael Bay’s “Transformers: Dark of the Moon,” and Zac Snyder’s “Watchmen,” for Paramount Pictures (Steven Spielberg, Exec. Producer) and Warner Bros. Pictures/ Paramount Pictures, respectively. Brett’s next project sends him off to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic to film “Kill the Dictator” along side Amaury Nolasco (Prison Break, 2 Fast 2 Furious). Filming in Montreal and Paris this Spring, Brett has just signed on to produce and star in the supernatural dramatic mystery “A True Illusion” from Windhorse Entertainment to be directed by Dominique Luchart. He is also in development on the action thriller “Lie Detector” (2014 release) currently being written by Brett Martin. Stimely is both acting and producing under his Quixotic Productions banner. ARI COSTA Ari Costa is a Filmmaker living and working in Los Angeles. He graduated from Emerson College with his schools most prestigious award (the EVVY). Ari has worked in comedy development at NBC Universal on shows such as 30 Rock, The Office, and Parks and Recreation, and currently works with Emmy Award winning directors Joe and Anthony Russo of Arrested Development and Community fame. Through this job Ari earned the opportunity to direct 2nd Unit on Community allowing him to work with a professional cast and crew and deliver a product viewed by millions. His most recent short film, Leader of the Pack stars Danny Pudi (Community), Steven Weber (Wings, Studio 60), and Rachael Harris (The Hangover), in a dark comedy that explores the underbelly of a boy scout like organization. Currently Ari is working on a web series for Justin Lin’s company (Fast Five, Fast & Furious) in collaboration with Joe and Anthony Russo and is developing the Pilot version of his short film Leader of the Pack.

NATHAN LARKIN-CONNOLLY Nathan Larkin-Connolly was born and raised in Manchester, New Hampshire and is currently being born and raised again in Los Angeles, California. Larkin-Connolly was an award winning filmmaker at Emerson College where he studied the art of filmmaking. Subsequently he has become an award winning filmmaker outside of Emerson College where he is practicing the art of filmmaking. His 2011 short “A Sense of Humor” (staring Glee’s Heather Morris”) won the award of excellence at the NYLA film festival and his screenplay “Dead Sexy” was a semifinalist at the competitive Scriptapalooza festival in 2010. His latest short film “Born Yesterday” stars Larisa Oleynik and Jonathan Lipnicki and is just hitting the festival circuit as you read this sentence. LARISA OLEYNIK Larisa grew up in San Francisco. Her big break came when she was eight. She had gotten the part of young Cosette in a production of Les Miserables. Her costar was Rider Strong, playing Gavroche. The two would be reunited when Larisa guested on Rider’s sitcom, Boy Meets World (1993). Some of Larisa’s most well-known roles are as Bianca in 10 Things I Hate About You (1999) and Alex in The Secret World of Alex Mack (1994). She has been in many television series including 3rd Rock from the Sun and Babysitters Club. Larisa has also recently starred in series such as Pretty Little Liars, Mad Men, Hawaii Five-0, Mike & Molly and many others.

Gala Event /FRIDAY, November 2, 2012 6:30 - Hors d’oeuvres by Black Oak Casino Wine by Hatcher Winery 7:00 - Live entertainment by Emily Kollars of Sacramento > 7:20 - Short Films/47mins • Trailer Fight for Water • Ray Bradbury’s Kaleidoscope • Leader of the Pack • Born Yesterday 8:10 - Special Guest Q&A 9 to11 - Emerging Cinematographer Award Films

2012 Emerging Cinematographer Awards Films Eight short films screened on September 30, 2012 at the Director’s Guild of America Theater in Los Angeles. More information can be found at Daron Keet/1st Assistant Ripple Effect About the unspoken alliance between a young Afghan and a U.S. Special Forces soldier in wartime. L.A.’s Blue Sky Studios stands in for Afghanistan. 1st Assistant Keet, who hails from South Africa, took his aesthetic cues from conflict reportage – press stills. He bluffed his way in as a photographer, “For one year at the army’s expense, I was just taking hundreds of photos and learning the craft.” Soon after, he was assisting Academy-Awardwinning DP Vilmos Zsigmond, ASC on The Ghost and the Darkness and climbing the ranks. Pete Villani/Operator Carjack Carjack is about a car thief who gets more than he bargained for. Camera operator Pete Villani studied at Chapman University where his plan to become a director was altered by his interest in camera and lighting. Eventually he earned his Master’s degree at the American Film Institute. His recent credits include shooting some add’l footage for the film The Babymakers, a Fox digital short he shot, and a Web series. Robert C. Webb/Operator The Girl In The Dark The Girl in the Dark is about a boy who tinkers with a video camera and discovers that he is able to record the ghost of a little girl. Webb grew up in Southern California and became interested in cinematography while working at a video store, so he changed his major from architecture to film production. Webb is currently working in Spain on a feature film called Blue Lips. James Takata/Operator Only Child Only Child is Takata’s first effort as director of photography. The five-minute experimental film is a charming portrait of a Chinese factory worker who, while hand-painting dolls, spins off into flights of cerebral fancy. Takata has a fine arts background and says he was “brought up by the Guild” since joining in 2002 and working his way up through every camera department position. After five seasons on The Ghost Whisperer, with James Chressanthis, ASC, Takata now works on The Client List.

Brian O’Carroll/Operator Angel Angel is a glimpse into the life of a working-class woman who saves lives. But in her personal life, she is at the mercy of others as she struggles for her own survival. O’Carroll is a native of Dublin and worked in the New York documentary, music video and commercial production worlds for two decades. His résumé includes the documentary Heroes of Ground Zero and Conventioneers, which won the IFC John Cassavetes Award. Recent feature credits include Echo Prime and Blue Caprice. John Barr/Operator

The Carrier The Carrier stars Rita Wilson as a woman who becomes both messenger and spectator in the painful unraveling of a family secret. Barr was a gaffer before going to L.A. in the late 90s for a temporary stint on a TV show. He had no intentions of staying but his passion for movies kept him in L.A. He joined the Guild in 2003, working mainly in commercials, and then with Adam Kimmel, ASC on Capote, and Salvatore Totino, ASC on Frost/Nixon. Stewart Whelan/1st Assistant The Money Pet The Money Pet is a modernday fairy tale about a talented dog that eats some loose change and later passes the currency with compounded interest. Whelan’s love for photography began at age 11 in his native Dublin, Ireland, when his brother bought him a camera. He worked as a camera trainee on In the Name of the Father. Later, on the crew of John Seale, ASC, ACS, Whelan says he learned the importance of being true to the story no matter what the medium. Michael Pescasio/Operator Don’t Let your Love Annihilate

Don’t Let Your Love Annihilate is a long-form music video. Pescasio hails from Baltimore, Maryland, where his interest in optics was piqued by a pair of polarized sunglasses. That led to photography, and a summer job at the local cinema. When the feature film Tin Men came to town, he was hooked. He worked as a union grip and electrician during and after his studies at USC. He worked with many top cinematographers and spent 12 years as a gaffer.

Opera Hall/SATURDAY, November 3, 2012 Animations 10am-10:45am 2m - Biscuit Cake by Alan Travers (Ireland) 5m - Bahvri by Sonia Gaud Tiwari Mask by Ami Lomas (student) 3m - Childhood of a Circle* by François Grumelin-Sohn (Australia) All the Right Parts by Kenzie Smith (student)* 2m - Create* by Dan MacKenzie Out of the Freezer and Into the Fire - Renee Molin (student) 2m - No Noodles by Tyler Nicolson (Canada) 7m - The Maker* by Christopher & Christine Kezelos Workshop 1 11am-Noon FILM NOIR: FROM MURDER TO MAINSTREAM - Alexander Chow-Stuart (AT OPERA HALL) Screenwriter and novelist Alexander Chow-Stuart talks about the influence of his favorite genre, film noir, on movies as varied as The Maltese Falcon and Casablanca to Blade Runner, Mulholland Drive and the Dark Knight trilogy.

Workshop 2 11am-Noon MakING a Documentary - Kevin Fox (AT SONORA INN BANQUET ROOM) Aimed at first time student filmmakers, This workshop is NOT a Lecture. An open discussion on filmmaking intended to dispel some myths about filmmaking and set you out on a path for a successful first documentary film. It’s a Fast & Furious, Down and Dirty, One Hour Crash Course of REAL LIFE Experience to encourage you to make your movie!

Segment 1 12:15pm-1:20pm A Potion Called Love dir. by Jordan Norvell (student) 7m - Your Move dir. by Christina Parisi 

11m - The 82 Peddler dir. by Derek Presley (sci fi)* 9m - A Broken Tear dir. by Krystle Houiess (Lebanon) (drama)* Guitar Blues dir. by Sam St. John (student) 17m - Ray Bradbury’s Kaleidoscope dir. by Eric Tozzi (sci fi)* 14m - Bottle Caps dir. by Heather Donnell (drama)* Workshop 3 1:40pm-3:30pm Fight for Water (documentary) - Juan Carlos Oceguera (AT OPERA HALL) On April 14, 2009, the filmmaker, who also came from a migrant farm working background, sets out to film a historical water march that takes farmers and farm workers, along with a coalition of Latinos (lead by Hollywood comedian turned activist Paul Rodriguez), across the heart of the California Central Valley, to demand that these environmental rulings, as imposed by the Endangered Species act of 1973, be overturned and that their water supply be turned back on…. because to them and their farm working community, water is not only their means of survival, it is a chance of a better future, for them and their families. Watch the full-length documentary and discuss afterwards.

Workshop 4 1:20pm-2:10pm Landing the Role - Carollyn Devore (AT SONORA INN BANQUET ROOM) Director of DeVore Talent & Casting (DeVore Studios), with offices in Hollywood and Fresno. She is famous for being a Top Hollywood Agent and a well-known actress, with more than 200 television credits, 20 feature films, 60 national TV commercials and she was a USO entertainer with Bob Hope and Johnny Grant in Vietnam (1968-1970). Carollyn has served as Press/Media Chairperson for the Youth in Film Awards Show (the Academy Award for children).

Opera Hall/SATURDAY, November 3, 2012 Workshop 5 2:20pm-3:30pm SHORTS TO FEATURES - Faith vs. Fate Productions (AT SONORA INN BANQUET ROOM) • Building a base of material to test skills • Not sacrificing quality for quantity • Team Work: The true art of collaboration • Crowdfunding, not as easy as it seems • Knowing when it’s time to move outside the box

Segment 2 3:40pm-4:55pm 12m - A Date with an Angel dir. by Mark Millicent Outside of the Fence dir. by Alisa Jacobs (student)* 14m - Frigid dir. by Jack Meggers 3m - The First Time dir. by Vincent Castellini 23m - Reclamation dir. by Dave Lehleitner (sci fi)* 13m - Feast of the Foolish dir. by Meg Pinsonneault 14m - Born Yesterday dir. by Nathan Larkin-Connelly (drama)*

Segment 1 8:30pm-10pm 9m - The Can-Cannibals Double Feature (Grindhouse Trailers) dir. by Matthew Ragsdale 122m - Preston Castle dir. by Martin Rosenberg Segment 2 10:30pm-11:30pm 5m - Dark Times* dir. by Jared Marshall and Peter Horn 7m - Sybling Rivalry dir. by Tara-Nicole Azarian

Segment 3 5:25pm-6:35pm 8m - Din dir. by Taryn Lahey 15m - Loopholes dir. by Erin Granat 12m - Found dir. by Heather Donnell (drama)* 3m - Distance dir. by Sang Joon Kim (comedy)* 14m - Haulers dir. by Kevin Fox The Wheel of Life dir. by Reed Holland (student)* 13m - Leader of the Pack dir. by Ari Costa (comedy)* Segment 4 6:50pm-8pm 19m - Transient dir. by Brent Turman 15m - The Weight dir. by Trevor Marcotte 7m - In Those We Trust dir. by Lindy Boustedt, Kris Boustedt (drama)* 14m - To the East of Town dir. by Nathan Crenshaw 14m - Tramonto dir. by Roberto Urbani (Italy) *Nominated Films

10m - Undetected dir. by Kristen Anderson 7m - Shades of Grey With a Tint of Desperation* dir. by Colton Rhodes-Baskett 5m - Braineater dir. by Mitch Urban Caminando Muerto dir. by Kierin Harrison & Joe (Student) 5m - He Dies At The End* dir. by Damian McCarthy (Ireland) *Nominated Films 

Opera Hall/Sunday, November 4, 2012 Segment 1 11am-Noon 17m - A Warriors Story dir. by William Chamberlain 4m - Electroman Fears Nothing dir. by Jacob Beyer 12m - Tale of 2 Tables dir. by Nic Wilson (Australia) Banana Dreams dir. by Gordon Loyd (student) 3m - Healing Artist dir. by Kaela Waldstein Slenderman dir. by Natasha Mayo (student) 7m - Chess4Life dir. by Brendan Cherry (Australia) 10m - Peter Goes to Hell dir. by Danny Dunlop (Canada) Segment 2 12:30pm-1:30pm 12m - On Second Thought dir. by Matthew Carr (comedy)* 17m - Shuffle dir. by Garrett Bennett (drama)* 3m - Drunken Batman dir. by Ryan Dunigan 18m - Ragman dir. by Dale Ward Broken Glass dir. by Brad Nash (student)* 9m - The Black Hearts

dir. by Casey de Fremery Music Videos Segment 3 2pm-2:50pm 3m - Girl Interrupted/LaZae dir. by Bethany Wilkinson 4m - A.D.I.D.A.S./Mahtie Bush dir. by Greg Iron 3m - Big Black Train dir. by Michael Goodell and Jeanne Jachetta Verplanck 3m - Asylum* dir. by Andrew Geraci 3m - Proud/Oscar Goldman dir. by Jasper Boyd 4m - Awkward*/Saucy Monkys dir. by David Codeglia 3m - LaZae 3m - Albury* dir. by Derek Wallace 4m - Lumerence* dir. by Miwa Matreyek

Awards 3pm-3:45pm






(subject to changes)

1. LaZae


2. Mahtie Bush


3. Oscar Goldman


4. Minor Birds


You’ll be able to purchase your favorite music and goodies after each performance.

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Educational Outreach Art Quotient, as the major sponsor of ITSA Film Festival, works diligently to make sure youth are relevant in the arts and have a significant and positive impact in their communities and schools. This is why we have supported the Connections Visual & Performing Arts Academy’s film program for many years. The school is located on the campus of Summerville High School in Tuolumne County. In 2007 the Connections Visual & Performing Arts Academy was named a “California Distinguished School.” Then in 2008 the school received a Bronze Medal rank from U.S. News & World Report, which annually releases a listing of the top 100 U.S. colleges and high schools.

The Team:

David & Christina Wilkinson - Founders Kimberly Francis - Public Relations Coordinator Whitney Boyd - Assistant Event Organizer Zac Calbert - Reel Scary Program Director Stephanie Prier - Ticketing/Box Office Matthew Prier - Workshops Coordinator Cord Rawlinson - Film Teacher Liaison Cory Stone - Projectionist Sabre Design - Marketing/PR/Graphic Design UTLTN Design - Graphic Design Richard Call - Website Consultant - Ticketing

Hellcats Roller Derby Team Volunteers: Whitney “Hipsterectomy” Boyd Diana “Sheeda Bomb” Boyd Mindy “Gypsy Road Rash” Marlowe

Jill “Pinkie Lee” Richards Ricki Lee “Tiny Turbo” Korba (Jr Derby) Richard “Bad Call” Call (referee)

Volunteer Film Festival Crew: Jen Fletcher - REVAMP Recyclery Jasper Boyd Bethany Wilkinson - Disenchanted Productions Beada Wilkie

Special Thanks to:

Leonard Morpurgo - VP of Murray Weissman & Associates Emerging Cinematographer Awards (ECA) Jerry Day - Tuolumne County Film Commission Entertainers LaZae • Emily Kollars • Mahtie Bush • Minor Birds • Oscar Goldman • • Twitter: /ITSAFF

Without the above individuals, ITSA could not have happened. So we’d like to thank everyone for all the hard work they’ve done for ITSA Film Festival 2012. 10

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“Think you can out scam Johnny? She’d like to see you try.” Watch the short film, Loop Holes on Saturday, November 3 during Segment 3 from 5:25pm-6:35pm 14

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2012 ITSA Film Festival Program  
2012 ITSA Film Festival Program  

The 3rd Annual ITSA Film Festival Official Program. Takes place in Sonora CA on November 2-4, 2012.