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annual report

This year’s annual report is about the years to come. B y D R . I R E N E C A R N E Y, E X E C U T I V E D I R E C T O R

Sabot at Stony Point has always been a small school with big ideas and audacious goals. And now more than ever, these ideas and goals are growing. The current generation of Sabot teachers, parents, and leaders has worked tirelessly and accomplished much. In the past six years, we’ve witnessed the creation of Sabot at Stony Point, the preschool’s move to this permanent home, the development of our curriculum and faculty, accreditation by the Virginia Association of Independent Schools (VAIS), construction of Founders Hall, and the launch of what will be an ongoing program of outreach and dissemination. This year, our enrollment at Sabot is at a record high. So, too, is the enthusiasm of our teachers and our community. Our work now turns to securing and growing the school for our current students and for the next generation of Sabot children and families. But this will be possible only if we receive both continued and new support from generous donors. With proper funding, we can construct a new classroom building that is already designed. After we move the (1)

education program into permanent spaces, we will have the opportunity to restore the main house — the historic Larus mansion — and the Gillette Garden — one of the most significant walled gardens in Virginia — to their past state of grandeur. Additional scholarship funds for our ongoing financial aid program will help us grow our enrollment and keep our school economically accessible. Improved fields and playgrounds will enrich the extensive experience that our students enjoy outdoors. Additional technological equipment and expertise are critical to our ability to document and communicate about teaching and learning at Sabot as well as to provide our students with additional tools for their research and representations. Everyone receiving this report has played a part in our story. I ask you to stay tuned and stay involved, as our story continues. With your help, a new generation of children can find the world of ideas waiting for them at Sabot at Stony Point.

O U R M I S S I O N . O U R PA S S I O N . Sabot at Stony Point is a school designed to sustain children’s quest for meaning and understanding, harness the power of their theories and ideas, and guide their inquiry and research. In an environment that supports collaboration and respectful exchange, we challenge our students to become effective communicators and disciplined thinkers, capable of solving problems in our increasingly complex world.


7–8 THE SABOT INSTITUTE A model for teaching

5–6 EDUCATION REVOLUTION On the front lines

9 LEARNING Professional development


10 FOUNDERS HALL A dedication

11–21 HONOR ROLL 2012-13 donors

BACK PAGE GROW TH And staying the course

10 PAT ASCH A memorial


From T O M S H I E L D S , P R E S I D E N T, B OA R D O F D I R E C T O R S

I am delighted to write to you on behalf of the Sabot at Stony Point Board of Directors and present the annual report. A great deal happened in the 2012–2013 academic year, and we are looking forward to an incredible 2013–2014.

“you will ...see small changes across campus that will enhance the Sabot experience.”

This past year saw the beginning of the implementation of our three-year strategic plan, Our True North. This plan is based on our mission and values as a school community and focuses on three key areas: people, program, and place. Each of these areas is at the center of who we are: • Our people are our core strength. • Our program has become a national model in how to deepen the inquisitiveness and knowledge of children. • Our place provides the context where our children experience the joy of learning and the understanding of society. The goals outlined in the strategic plan are thoughtful but ambitious. During the first year, the Board of Directors assisted the staff, faculty, and administration in implementation. One important area of support is in fundraising and development. This past academic year we surpassed our Annual Fund goal, more than doubling total dollars donated in 2011–12. We must continue this momentum in giving if we are to realize the full potential of the plan. Yes, we have had huge successes, but every organization has growing pains. Through a branding and marketing study completed recently, we recognized the need to better communicate who we are and what we do. Over the course of the next academic year, we will be working with staff, faculty, and administration to determine how best to communicate our mission and vision to our various constituencies. We truly believe that Sabot at Stony Point is leading the way in creating an educational experience that is on the cutting edge. Since we are a process-driven school, our faculty and curriculum are at the heart of our community. To be the best at this requires maintenance and establishment of first-rate facilities, along with technology, professional development, and staff support. In the coming year, you will begin to see small changes across the campus that will enhance the Sabot experience.



Because we all believe in the possibilities Sabot creates in the lives of our children, our families, and our community, the past academic year was a great success. We have all chosen to be part of this school because we believe that a child’s education should be filled with joy, discovery, and understanding. We look forward to continued success as we implement our vision.

Executive Committee



President: Dr. Tom Shields Director, Center for Leadership in Education, University of Richmond Vice President: Kathryn Gammino Freelance Art Director Secretary: Katherine Brakman Senior Producer, The Martin Agency

Treasurer: Mark Stevens Director – Regulation, Dominion Resources

Board Members Pam S. Belleman Partner, Troutman Sanders

Committees Strategic Planning & Finance Facilities & Operations Governance Development Technology

Jason Forsyth Moseley Architects

Ex-Officio Members

Caroline Hoover Parent

Executive Director Dr. Irene Carney

Hunter H. McGuire III Manager, James River Mitigation Landbank Jane Myers Land Conservation Manager, Capital Region Land Conservancy R. Gaillard Owen Vice President, Investments, Davenport & Company

Director of Administration Dr. Elizabeth Hanson Director of Development & Alumni Relations Erin O’Regan President, Parents Association Page Bethke

Mac Purrington Owner, Apple Spice Junction Matt Rho New Richmond Ventures Adam Rose Director of Americas Operations and Consulting, Deloitte Richard Stovall IT Manager, Research Data, Inc. (4)

WE’RE ON THE FRONT LINES OF THE EDUCATION REVOLUTION. And the world is hearing about it.

In an appropriate kickoff to the Peg Spangenthal Memorial Lecture series, author Paul Tough spoke on his best-selling book at Sabot on June 13.


hile many people in our country are saying that our education system must change, Sabot at Stony Point is doing something about it. This year, we truly solidified our standing as a leading force in the Education Revolution. Tom Shields, the president of our Board of Directors and director of UR’s Center for Leadership in Education, traveled to Finland with Virginia educators and policy makers interested in the “Finland Phenomenon” and how Finland has overhauled its education system. Tom shared his experience and hopes for reform in his Style Weekly article “When Tests Fail: Why Our Public Education System Needs To Rethink High-Stakes Standardized Testing.” The following is an excerpt from this piece. “One of the most innovative schools in the region is Sabot at Stony Point … a program that allows students to exert considerable influence on the choice of questions and ideas that they study. “The program combines questioning and critical thinking, with extensive use of documentation to make learning visible. Visitors to Sabot school often are amazed at the creativity, spontaneity and critical thinking in classrooms and art studios, the forests surrounding the campus, and on field trips. Through something called investigative research, children at Sabot experience the joys of asking questions, learning to fail, and pursuing and committing to an interesting topic or design process.” Studio teacher Anna Golden was interviewed by Orla Kelly of, the website of the first professional network in Ireland for artists working with children and young people. The site was developed by Kids’ Own Publishing Partnership in 2008.


Mary Driebe, Dr. Irene Carney, and Andrea Pieriotti presented Redefining the Teachable Moment — Learning with Children About Critical Thinking, Creativity, and Constructing Understanding at the 16th Annual SURN Leadership Academy at the College of William & Mary. Published in 2013, Nature Education with Young Children: Integrating Inquiry and Practice featured a forward by Lella Gandini and chapters from Marty Gravett and Anna Golden. Anna wrote “Preschool Children Explore the Forest: The Power of Wild Spaces in Childhood” and Marty wrote “Putting the Forest on the Map — Using Documentation to Further Natural Inquiry.” Dr. Irene Carney presented at The Woman’s Club of Richmond, where speakers throughout the years have included Robert Frost, Amelia Earhart, John F. Kennedy, George H. W. Bush, Tom Wolfe, and Frank Lloyd Wright, to name just a few. Sharing observations from her decades as an educator, and channeling the thinking of others whose voices have figured prominently in the national conversation about education, Dr. Carney addressed both that the American systems of education, public and private, must evolve, and that the goal of high standards has morphed into high-stakes testing, crippling our schools. She discussed some of what each of us can do — in the face of what sometimes feels like a monolithic challenge — to support and make way for changes that are, many argue, critical to our future success as a nation. We also introduced the Peg Spangenthal Memorial Lecture series this year, designed as a tribute to Peg Spangenthal (1927–2011), Sabot School’s founding director. Peg was an outstanding early childhood educator, with a long career distinguished by wise leadership and advocacy for children and their parents. Through this series, we aim to highlight voices and views like Peg’s and keep them at the forefront of our work. Best-selling author Paul Tough was the inaugural speaker of the series, discussing his book How Children Succeed: Grit, Curiosity, and the Hidden Power of Character. The audience for the evening included civic and corporate leaders and members of public and private agencies — particularly those serving children and families who face the challenges of living in poverty. We were pleased to host school board representatives of Henrico and Richmond,

City Council representatives, independent school heads, senators, delegates, Foundation directors, child welfare advocates, nonprofit directors, and educators from the Richmond region. In July, 31 Richmond- and Charlottesvillearea students played the World Peace Game under John Hunter’s masterful facilitation. If you have seen the documentary about John and the game — World Peace and Other Fourth Grade Achievements — you can imagine the energy and intensity generated by 4th through 8th graders striving to solve the real and complex problems that threaten world peace. The camp was paired with a Master Class including 12 teachers from Sabot; other area and regional VAIS and public schools; and public and private schools in Minnesota, Tennessee, Colorado, Pennsylvania, and Vermont. A student in the documentary is quoted as saying, “Mr. Hunter’s class makes my brain explode!” We dare say all the teachers and students assembled for that week in Founders Hall would agree.

John Hunter helped children focus on major global issues during July’s World Peace Game camp.




he year was 1995. Sabot became the first Richmond-area preschool, and among the first in the country, to adopt the Reggio Emilia Approach (REA), a model in which children and teachers together explore the questions and ideas through which young children build their budding understanding of the world. Fast forward to the fall of 2005, when a group of Sabot preschool parents, working with the school’s administration and board, began to envision an elementary education that would build on some of the Reggio-inspired practices of the preschool, and thereby sustain their children’s curiosity, engagement, initiative, critical thinking, and capacity for collective, creative problem solving. Sabot School’s kindergarten program began in the fall of 2006 and served as the foundation on which the curriculum and pedagogy of Sabot at Stony Point have been developed over the last several years. In spring of 2011, Sabot’s work was featured at a conference in Calgary, Alberta — the first meeting of its kind for educators working with or contemplating the Reggio Emilia Approach with elementary school-aged children. In April 2013, we launched our first Sabot Institute — Personal Pathways and Paradigms — to further disseminate this model and the



David Kelly and Lella Gandini reflect on their Institute experience.


Institute participants refresh their energy, as our students do, with a walk in the woods.


The focus of our first Institute.


Participants worked in groups to represent their own “paradigm paths.”


Susan Barstow gives her presentation, “The Image of the Child.”


Handmade gifts for participants, a Reggioinspired tradition.

lessons we have learned about its implementation. The Institute was offered in partnership with University of Richmond’s Center for Leadership in Education and it attracted more than 130 educators from Canada (our colleagues from Toronto) and all parts of the United States. We hosted early childhood educators, independent school teachers, administrators, and public school personnel. Over the course of three days, participants toured our campus and classrooms; heard from Sabot faculty about their own paradigm shifts and pathways; and learned from featured speakers Lella Gandini of Reggio Children and David Kelly from the Blue School in New York City. Institute attendees joined for one evening with Richmondarea educators to discuss the larger issues of the Education Revolution — a conversation that we hope to keep alive through an array of presentations and forums each year. The response to the Institute was overwhelming. After eight years of developing and refining our own educational program, we were given the gift of seeing our work through the eyes of colleagues, drawn to Sabot by shared beliefs about and interests in children, teaching, and learning. It was, and continues to be, tremendously rewarding to connect with a larger network of engaged, committed, and talented educators, pursuing a common, transformative vision of what childhood and education can hold. This first Institute will serve as the threshold to an ongoing outreach effort as we continue to extend the impact of our work beyond our campus gates.


2 4










n the spring of 2013, we celebrated several student victories at the Virginia Junior Academy of Science Annual Symposium. Nine of our 7th and 8th grade students were selected to present at the symposium, and three of the nine were awarded prizes. The VJAS process is a nearly yearlong effort by our 7th and 8th grade students. Working with our science specialist Dan Daglish, students identify a “problem to be studied” and design a research project. Complying with the designated regulations, the students conduct the research and record their findings, including all collected data, observations, and experimental notes. Once the research project is complete, students write a comprehensive paper describing each aspect of their project from hypothesis to conclusion. Papers are then submitted to a Sabot faculty panel for review and may be selected to submit to the VJAS. Once submitted to VJAS, judges read the papers, score them, and choose the winners. Winners of the written papers are invited to present their papers at the annual research symposium.



John Blue (8th grade)

1st prize, Animal & Human Sciences The Effect of Sepiapterin on Beta-Catenin and Stem Cell Radio-resistance Alex Daglish (7th grade)

2nd prize, Physical Science, Engineering & Math The Effect of Internal Air Pressure on the Elasticity of a Soccer Ball Max Frankel (8th grade)

Honorable mention, Physical Science, Engineering & Math The Effect of the Gyroscopic Principle on a Bicycle Wheel DOROTHY KNOWLTON AWARD FOR LIFE SCIENCES

John Blue’s paper was selected as one of the two best papers overall, and he is invited to attend the American Junior Academy of Science 2014 annual meeting in Chicago.

Here, learning is also for educators. If we’re going to keep bringing our children new ways of thinking, we must go beyond our four walls to stay at the forefront of advances in education. To that end, we are extremely supportive of professional development opportunities for all faculty and staff. Dan Daglish attended Connected Math Project Training at Michigan State University. Kara Page traveled to Boston for Whole Lives Sexuality Education. Susan Barstow journeyed to Reggio Emilia, Italy, for the Reggio Children’s first conference on elementary education. Melanie Nan went on a study tour of China with the China Institute. Her lesson plan, Investigating the “Forbidden” in the “Forbidden City,” has been published on the China Institute’s website. Andrea Pierotti, Marla Wilson, and Melanie Nan participated in John Hunter’s Master Class. Mauren Campbell and Mary Baxter were trained in the OrtonGillingham method. Erin O’Regan completed the Institute on Philanthropy at University of Richmond. Christine Krawczel attended the National Business Officer Institute in Denver as well as the Virginia School and Campus Safety Training Forum and State D.A.R.E. Conference. Irene Carney visited the Loris Malaguzzi Centre in Reggio Emilia.


Founders Hall

Educational innovation now has its place.


On September 29, 2012, we dedicated Founders Hall to the vision and pioneering work of the founders of Stony Point School, Sabot School, and Sabot at Stony Point.

he 2012–2013 school year was unprecedented in the richness and variety of our initiatives and relationships. We welcomed more than 300 visitors to Sabot at Stony Point. Through our series on the Education Revolution, visitors participated in tours, a film screening, a presentation, or a forum. Throughout the year, hundreds of additional citizens, educators, civic leaders, and policy makers came to our campus to engage in conversation about teaching, learning, and the future of the enterprise of education. Founders Hall has enabled us to assemble our entire school community for defining rituals and traditions including our annual Winter Circle, our observance of the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday, Grandparents’ Day, the 8th Grade Play, and Graduation. It has given us a place to join together as a school, as a community, and as a collective force to further the positive evolution of education.

In memory of Pat Asch. (1924–2013)

Pat Asch was a woman of action. Her career path was one based on a passion to improve the lives of others. We are fortunate that our school was one of her passions.

Pat’s support for our school took so many forms. As a director of the Jackson Foundation, she participated in the Foundation’s decision to grant Sabot at Stony Point our first and most significant capital gift for the construction of Founders Hall and for seeding a Scholarship Fund to which Pat also made a generous, personal contribution. These acts were critical to setting us on a path of growth and stability. But Pat’s unwavering belief in the value of our educational approach was her greatest gift to us. Well beyond the years during which her beloved grandsons were enrolled at Sabot, Pat loved coming to campus for lunches and meetings. She would start to smile the moment she crossed the threshold and commented without fail, “This is just tremendous, Irene. It really is.” Sabot is but one of many, many Richmond-area nonprofits on which Pat had a tremendous impact as a donor, mentor, volunteer, leader, and ambassador of good will. The generosity of Pat and her family has made a permanent, positive impact on our region, particularly in the areas of education, poverty, and social justice. We will miss seeing her bright blue Cruiser coming up the drive and her bright red hat coming through the door. The brightness of her memory, and her lasting gifts to us, however, will never be diminished. ( 10 )

Building Fund Donors

This list of Building Fund donations is a cumulative record of all gifts and pledges made since the Fund’s inception in 2006. Donors to this Fund have made the completion of Founders Hall possible. Their contributions will also go toward achieving the dream of four new classrooms and an art studio. As of June 30, 2013, the Building Fund totals nearly $800,000 in gifts and pledges. We thank these individuals, corporations, and foundations for their commitment and vision.


Jackson Foundation Mary Morton Parsons Foundation

$50,000 – $100,000 Brenda & Dan Daglish Lynn & Mark Stevens

$25,000 – $49,999

Mrs. Elisabeth Reed Carter Mrs. Martha O. Davenport Dominion Genworth Heather & Hunter McGuire Marietta M. & Samuel Tate Morgan, Jr. Foundation

$10,000 – $24,999

Anonymous (2) Mary Gammino Antaya Liz & Bob Blue Beirne Carter Foundation Danielle & William Davis Mary Kay Carstensen & Ken Kriva Mary Ann & Richard Leatherwood Dr. & Mrs. Paul McDermott McGuire Family Fund of the Community Foundation serving Richmond and Central Virginia Jane & Rick Myers F. Scott Reed, III Louise Reed Martha Davenport Reed Foundation Suzanne & Harold J. Williams, III Windsor Foundation Trust ( 11 )

$5,000 – $9,999

Anonymous (2) Pam & Bruce Belleman Zoe & Ben Bunnell Mary & Bob Call Marty Gravett & Mark Campbell Kathryn & David Gammino Dr. Elizabeth Hanson & Commander Douglas Hanson Kim & Jay Hugo The Cecil Martin Family Shannon Kelley & Mike Mendelson Jill & Frank Mountcastle Drs. Irene Carney & Fred Orelove Lindy Pond Dale & Mac Purrington Marianne & Matthew Radcliff

$1,000 – $4,999

Heidi & Dave Alvarez Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. R. Brian Ball Maureen & Terry Blackwood Karmalita Bawar & Curt Blankenship Katherine & Eric Brakman Virginia & Tom Cochran The Dennis Foundation Silvia Dieguez & Juan Carlos Falcon Erin & Jason Forsyth Simone Frantz Russ Gnoffo Elizabeth W. Gookin Mary & Winston Gravely Terrell & Elliott Harrigan Kim Hawley & Paul J. Hayes Caroline & Kevin Hoover Andreas Huthoefer Laura Chessin & Don Leister Lauren Miller & Ross Mattis LeAnn & Frank Mazzeo Mr. & Mrs. Randolph W. McElroy Sara Wilson McKay & Steven McKay Cliff Miller Family Endowment of the Community Foundation serving Richmond and Central Virginia Stuart Orelove Carol & Gaillard Owen The Parents’ Association, Sabot at Stony Point Ashley & Gavin Raphael Sarah Anne & Charles Reed Mr. & Mrs. James Ryan Barbara Marin & Roger Soto Mary Scott & Bruce Swanson

Gina Romagnoli & Glenn Telfer Wells Fargo Corporation Mr. & Mrs. Harold J. Williams, Jr.

$500 – $999

Joanne & E.G. Allen Bank of America Maggie & Tim Barrett Mary Baxter Kristin & David Beauregard Linda & Herbert L. Chatham Eva & Will Clark Elena Calvillo & Ross Decker Mary & Joe Driebe Mrs. Mary Ross Fisher Mary H. Gravett Sandy & Steve Henderson Lindsay & Don Mears Mr. & Mrs. Frank Mountcastle, Jr. Ann & Walt Page Maria & John Reed Heilbron Rushing-Cooper & Richard Stovall Mary Tate

$100 – $499

Jennifer & Miles Tracy Barbara & Sam Wells Cheri & Joe Wolff Julie Cloninger & Him Yang

Up to $99

Jacqueline & Daniel Aldredge Anonymous Jacqui & Jon Becker Mike Dunavant Constance & Eric Eisele Shannon & Danny Fisher Ali & Scott Friske Michael Recant & Deborah Hood Kathy & James Lagana Linda Laino Emma Barrett, Dominic & Mathilde Gammino, and Cole & Ellie Myers’ Lemonade Stand Andrea Pierotti Jessica & Corey Schroeder Mr. & Mrs. Wayne G. Spitzner Betsy & David Vest Mrs. Jocelyn P. Watts Marla & Craig Wilson Mrs. Wilson’s 2009 – 2010 5th Grade

3North Kerry Mills, Pippin, & Miles Barnett Amy Corning & Ben Broening Tammy Cormier Mary Boodell & Evan Davis Sara Ferguson & Richard Fine Susan Barstow & Nick Frankel Ellen & Andrew Garrabrant Amy Ford & John Hessian Gretchen P. Schoel & Abner L. Holton Stacy Luks & Pierce Homer Dr. & Mrs. William T. Lucas Margaret Mallon Christine & David Mann Jeanine & Mike Maruca Michelle & John Nichols Erin & Dan O’Regan Kara Page & Lee Parker Christine Schragal & Jonathan Pildis Brigitte & Jeremy Pugh Jane Purrington Sabot Preschool Class of 2006 Ruth Sherlip Lawrence Smith Patricia M. Smith Soomie & Casper Sorensen Vicki & Dave Tambellini Thompson, Siegel & Walmsley, LLC ( 12 )

Founders Hall Dedication

( 13 )

Founders Hall honors those forward-thinking men and women who, for over four decades, have believed in the power of children’s thinking and who desire a better educational foundation for children. Founders Hall is part of the school’s master plan to enhance facilities and resources. In September of 2012, we celebrated all founders and benefactors to date and dedicated Founders Hall to their legacy. The gifts below were made in honor of this significant event.

Algonquin Land LLC Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. Hunter Applewhite Patricia Asch Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Belleman Mr. & Mrs. Scott Belleman Janet Scagnelli & Steve Bricker Mr. & Mrs. Walter S. Broening, Jr. R. Alan Butler, Jr. Mrs. Elizabeth D. Camp Marty Gravett & Mark Campbell Sheila Carney Katherine Ryan & Al Copolillo Charlotte Davenport Mr. & Mrs. James C. Dimitri Dorothy W. Eichner Sara Ferguson & Richard A. Fine Christopher Ford Mr. & Mrs. James L. Ford

Erin & Jason Forsyth Gay G. Fraser Maura & Rick Gaenzie Elizabeth W. Gookin S.H. Gordon Mr. & Mrs. Winston Gravely Dr. Elizabeth Hanson & Commander Douglas Hanson Mr. and Mrs. Elliot Harrigan Drs. Catherine L. Hoke & Harry F. Hoke Kathy & Chip Hoke Dr. & Mrs. Roger M. Loria McGuire Family Fund of the Community Foundation serving Richmond and Central Virginia Ed Morris Dona Parker & Robert Myers Elizabeth O’Ferrall

Drs. Irene Carney & Fred Orelove Joel Orelove Stuart Orelove Ann P. Page Kara Page & Lee Parker Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Parker, Jr. Lindy Pond Dale & Mac Purrington Louise W. Reed Sarah H. Richardson Sisters of Mercy of the Americas Stumpf & Associates A.H. Thompson Charles Valentine, III Mr. & Mrs. C. Southall Wallace Mr. & Mrs. Harold Williams, III

Founders Hall Memorial & Honor Gifts In honor of Benjamin Broening Mr. & Mrs. Walter S. Broening, Jr. In Honor of Irene Carney Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Belleman Mr. & Mrs. James C. Dimitri Sara Ferguson & Richard A. Fine Mr. & Mrs. Elliott Harrigan Dr. & Mrs. Roger M. Loria Ed Morris Dr. Fred P. Orelove Joel Orelove Stuart Orelove Sisters of Mercy of the Americas In Honor of Alice Copolillo Katherine Ryan & Al Copolillo In Honor of Amy Corning Mr. & Mrs. Walter S. Broening, Jr.

In Honor of Elizabeth Gookin Dorothy W. Eichner Christopher Ford Mr. & Mrs. James L. Ford Gay G. Fraser

In Honor of Martha Reed Charlotte Davenport Elizabeth O’Ferrall Louise W. Reed Mr. & Mrs. C. Southwall Wallace

In Honor of Harry Hoke S.H. Gordon

In Honor of Peg Spangenthal Charlotte Davenport

In Honor of Heather & Hunter McGuire Maura & Rick Gaenzie

In Honor of Charles Valentine R. Alan Butler, Jr. Gay G. Fraser Elizabeth O’Ferrall Sarah H. Richardson Charles Valentine, III

In Honor of Kara Page & Lee Parker Ann P. Page Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Parker, Jr. In Honor of Frederick Reed Charlotte Davenport Louise W. Reed

( 14 )

Annual Fund The Annual Fund is a yearly fundraising appeal to bridge the gap between the total cost of running the school and tuition revenue. Tuition alone does not cover the entire cost associated with a private education at Sabot at Stony Point or any other independent school, much less initiatives and priorities beyond the base operating budget. We rely on gifts to sustain our commitment to providing each student with the highest-quality education possible and extend our greatest appreciation to all donors to the Annual Fund.

( 15 )

Founders’ Circle

Grow Circle

Brenda & Dan Daglish Dr. Elizabeth Hanson & Commander Douglas Hanson Mr. & Mrs. Richard Leatherwood Mrs. Sally Meyers & Dr. John F. Meyers Dale & Mac Purrington

Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin C. Ackerly, Jr. Hannah & John Appel Melanie Nan & Cliff Barcliff Maggie & Tim Barrett Liz & Bob Blue Katherine & Eric Brakman Dr. & Mrs. J.P. Bullock, Jr. Marty Gravett & Mark Campbell Steven Castle The Community Foundation Serving Richmond & Central Virginia Mary & Joe Driebe Vanessa & Egidio Del Fabbro Mr. & Mrs. Edward Fischer Susan Barstow & Nick Frankel Leesa & Gordon Gregory Rosemary Sabatino & Duane Keiser Julie & Bill Langan Laura & Eric Meyers Erin & Dan O’Regan Mr. & Mrs. Douglas C. Petty, Jr. Pat Puleo Sarah Anne & Charles Reed Laura Browder & Allan Rosenbaum Jennifer Elsner & Dave Shields Lisa Smith Heilbron Rushing-Cooper & Richard Stovall Mary & Robert Wasik Ann & Ray Woodlief

gifts of $2,500+

Leadership Circle

gifts of $1,000 – $2,499 *These Hour Donors gave $1,425, the amount it costs to run the school for one hour.

Anonymous (2) Barstow Foundation Trust Page & Robert Bethke* Ruth Camp Campbell Foundation The Marty & Bruce Coffey Family Foundation Kathryn & David Gammino Amy & Bob Halbruner Stacy Luks & Pierce Homer Melanie & Mark Householder Shannon & Matthew Hyatt LeAnn & Frank Mazzeo Heather & Hunter McGuire Cliff Miller Family Endowment of the Community Foundation serving Richmond and Central Virginia Drs. Irene Carney & Fred Orelove Anna & Scott Reed Jen & Matt Rho Mr. & Mrs. James Ryan Kelli & John Sexton Vineeta & Jay Shah* Kristin & Matthew Switzer

Dragon Circle gifts of $500 – $999

Mary Gammino Antaya Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Belleman Zoe & Ben Bunnell Elena Calvillo & Ross Decker Simone Frantz Barbara & Bob Fultz Jill & Michael Gasper Caroline & Kevin Hoover Andy Huthoefer Jennifer & Wes Kaufman Jane & Rick Myers Carol & Gaillard Owen Kristy & Adam Rose Anne & Tom Shields Jennifer & Dave Wasik

gifts of $250 – $499

Gold Circle

gifts of $125 – $249

Joanne & E.G. Allen Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. William B. Armstrong Margaret & Ron Bargatze; Ivey, Ella, & Lydia Shields’ Grandparents Kerry Mills, Pippin, & Miles Barnett Amy Corning & Ben Broening Gina & John Coccagna Kris & Brian Curtis Mr. and Mrs. Richard Daglish Meredith & John DeGuenther Margaret M. Felton Courtney & Wayne Fuller Suzanne Gellner Ann Reavey & Peter Gilbert Jess Lucia & Dan Hardy Houck Family Ali & Scott Friske Maura & Rick Gaenzie Gretchen F. Schoel & Abner L. Holton Sharon Larkins-Pederson

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Lindholm Eric Litwiller Mary & Bevars Mabry Adrienne & Rob Martin Jeanine & Michael Maruca Lindsay & Don Mears Allison & Thomas Mecadon Karla Mossi Colette & Peter Ozarowski Ann P. Page Kara Page & Lee Parker Harriet Schnazer & David L. Raine, Jr. Amy & Bill Rider Sam Kettlewell-Sites and Joe Sites Lynn & Mark Stevens Mrs. Betsy Turner Julie Cloninger & Him Yang Gloria & Frank Zieziula

Gifts up to $124

Mr. & Mrs. Roy Allison Alison & Creighton Anders Anonymous (4) Kim Eubank & Will Armstrong Patricia Asch Mary C. Baxter Kathryn Beaton Pat & Bob Becker Jacqui & Jon Becker Janet Scagnelli & Steve Bricker Mauren Campbell Nancy E. Sowder & Scott Campbell Ms. Suzanne Casey Joyce Chatham Annie & L. Bruce Coffey, Jr. Joanne & Ronald Curtis Michelle & Corey Davis Mr. & Mrs. Paul F. Decker Mr. & Mrs. Alan Entin Jenesse & Chris Evertson Tiffany & Luis Ferreira Sara Ferguson & Richard A. Fine Shannon & Danny Fisher Sarah & David Flowers Erin & Jason Forsyth Anna & Mark Golden Nira & Tim Guare Chris Hackenberg Chris Hathaway Mr. & Mrs. Steve C. Henderson Catherine Henney Ellen Hickson Mr. & Mrs. William Hudgins Julie Vanden-Bosch & Patrick Ind Robyn Johnson Andrea Howard & Mark Korenke ( 16 )

Audrey & Sylvia Kriva Renee Kunnen Rai Anne & John Larkins Laura Chessin & Don Leister Cassandra & Richard Meagher Christine & Jack Mingus Heather & Chris Paoloni Shannon & Brian Parker Mr. & Mrs. Darin Parkison Cathy & Tom Pelnik The Perry-Schwartz Family Elaine & Emil Phillips

Andrea Pierotti Ms. C. Hope Poindexter Mike, Denise, Hannah, Tess, & Emma Powers Dr. & Mrs. Patrick T. Quisenberry Lyndsay & Andrew Rand Mrs. Catherine T. Gill & Mr. Mitchell L. Rand Mr. & Mrs. Gavin Raphael Cheryl & Scott Redmond Aneesa Sen Sarah Allen-Short & Adam Short

Paul L. Stephenson, Jr. Mary Scott & Bruce Swanson Melissa Vaughn Betsy Vest Mr. & Mrs. Harold Williams, III Marla & Craig Wilson Cris Wise Beth P. Witt Cheri & Joe Wolff Mel & Sam Worthington

Memorial & Honor Gifts In Honor of Elizabeth Camp Dr. & Mrs. J.P. Bullock, Jr. In Honor of Irene Carney Dr. & Mrs. J.P. Bullock, Jr. In Honor of the 2013 8th Grade Class of Sabot at Stony Point Hannah & John Appel Barstow Foundation Trust Gina & John Coccagna The Marty & Bruce Coffey Family Foundation Brenda & Dan Daglish Mr. & Mrs. Richard Daglish Margaret M. Felton Susan Barstow & Nick Frankel Aimee & Bob Halbruner Houck Family Mr. & Mrs. Douglas C. Petty, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Patrick T. Quisenberry Laura Browder & Allan Rosenbaum Paul L. Stephenson, Jr. Ann & Ray Woodlief In Honor of Sara Ferguson Jill & Michael Gasper

Directed Gifts

Anonymous Brenda & Dan Daglish

In-Kind Gifts

Anonymous Kerry Mills, Pippin, & Miles Barnett Pam Belleman Page & Robert Bethke Mrs. Elizabeth D. Camp Dr. Irene H. Carney Amy Corning ( 17 )

In Honor of Anna Golden Anonymous Elaine & Emil Phillips In Honor of Elizabeth Gookin Drs. Catherine L. Hoke & Harry F. Hoke In Honor of Marty Gravett Mauren Campbell In Honor of Elizabeth Hanson Dr. & Mrs. J.P. Bullock, Jr. In Honor of Catherine Henney Suzanne Casey In Honor of Brenda Higgs Alison & Creighton Anders In Honor of Andrea Howard Jill & Michael Gasper In Honor of Joan Kushnir Lindy Pond In Honor of Christine Mingus Caroline & Kevin Hoover Laura & Eric Meyers

In Honor of Melanie Nan Cliff Barcliff In Honor of Erin O’Regan Dr. Elizabeth & Commander Douglas Hanson In Honor of Elaine Phillips Laura & Eric Meyers In Honor of Andrea Pierotti Jeanine & Michael Maruca In Honor of Aneesa Sen Shannon & Danny Fisher In Memory of Peg Spangenthal Phyllis & Alan Entin In Memory of Charles Valentine Drs. Catherine L. Hoke & Harry F. Hoke In Honor of Marla Wilson Carol & Gaillard Owen Mrs. Wilson’s 2012–13 5th Grade In Honor of Cris Wise Laura & Eric Meyers

Gretchen F. Schoel & Abner L. Holton Sarah Anne & Charles Reed

Jen & Matt Rho

Brenda & Dan Daglish Mary & Joe Driebe EAB Research Barbara Fultz Kathryn Gammino Dr. Elizabeth Camp Hanson Jess Lucia

O’Keefe Brands Dale & Mac Purrington Richmond Aesthetic Surgery Richard Stovall Stumpf & Associates Troutman Sanders Woodfin Graphics

Corporate Donors Health Offerings, Inc. Kroger Martin’s Relay Foods TerraCycle

Corporate Matching Donors

2012–13 Financial Report* Total Income:


Altria Bank of America Capital One Services, LLC Dominion Genworth Google Keefe Bruyette & Woods, Inc. New York Life Foundation Symantec Varian Medical Systems Wells Fargo Zoot Enterprises

We at Sabot at Stony Point have worked diligently to ensure the accuracy of our Honor Roll. If you have any questions or comments, please contact the Development Office at (804)272-1341. Thank you!

Tuition & Fees Contributions Other Sources Student Activities

Total Expenses:

$1,869,772.22 Auxiliary Programs Development/PA Student Activities Mgt & General Support Academic Programs

*Please note that these numbers are unaudited. Sabot at Stony Point performs an annual audit. If you would like more information on our financials, please contact us at (804)272-1341. ( 18 )

SABOT AT STONY POINT 3400 Stony Point Road Richmond, VA 23235

In our six years at Sabot, we have passed a

number of significant milestones. We now have an integrated campus. We’ve received a prestigious accreditation. We have completed our first phase of building, and we continue to expand our community.

In the midst of all this change, our culture

and educational approach have remained At Sabot at Stony Point, our very existence is dedicated to the intellectual growth of children. To accomplish this, we, too, have grown by leaps and bounds.


constant. Our guiding principles are our true north, and each change we make will be based on keeping these principles intact.

Our goals of strengthening our financial

flexibility and independence will allow us to attract and keep top talent; enrich extracurricular programs; expand and refine curriculum; support students’ academic, social, and emotional growth; provide a foundation for the second phase of building; fund financial aid; and so much more. In turn, the possibilities for every child who comes here will keep growing, too.

Learn more and donate by visiting us at

Sabot at Stony Point 2012-13 Annual Report  

Change: Annual Report 2012-13

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