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EDITORS NOTE Congratulations to the Sabona Team and all who have supported us over the last 12 months, advertisers, contributors, family and friends. This is our 1 year anniversary and sixth issue of Sabona Magazine!! The issue is packed full of informative, fun and wonderful stories of success. With Easter just past, the middle of 2008 is fast approaching, which means End of Financial Year is upon us again. We thought it only fitting to ask our helpful taxation experts to give us some tax and accounting tips. See Patricia Bakker’s article on End of Financial Year Tips. Viewed by many with suspicion and others with awe as something untouchable, Multi Level Marketing is gaining increased attention, especially amongst the Southern African community. The business opportunities are insurmountable and many Southern Africans have that fantastic gift of the gab, big picture vision and not to mention we are great at building lasting and beneficial relationships! All of which are identified by some real life, everyday experts in the industry as tools of the trade. See our feature on some of the MLM organisations that have stood the test of time. And if you are still not convinced, we have provided some facts about MLM as a home based business. There are some exciting African themed events happening downunder in 2008, one of which is the Soweto Gospel Choir. Their new show “African Spirit” is touring in all major centres across Australia. Also in this issue, part two of Annamarie DeVilliers’ Planning for a Happy Landing tips, Rugby Report and a quiz to test your knowledge from Huguenot Hottentot as well as our business regulars, fishing, pet care and two young SAussies bouncing their way into international stardom. Also, check out this month’s DVD review by Loren Nel and your chance to win the first in the series of the wild and wonderful Go Wild, Africa Wildlife Series. This issue, our cover photo was taken in the Kruger National Park by Marius Fourie (Vereeniging). Marius does all kinds of photography including weddings, sport, model portfolios, wildlife, private functions and many more. For more details visit This picture and others are available for purchase from our website, as well as past issue covers. Thanks to everyone who is visiting Sabona online and commenting on your favourite articles or issues of interest. We love to hear from you. To subscribe to Sabona Magazine and have each issue delivered to your door, visit


Until next time…

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King’s Christian College is a non-denominational Christian school catering for Childcare and Preschool through to Year 12. We are one of the most affordable schools on Queensland’s Gold Coast and provide a well-rounded education for young people who desire the opportunity to lay the foundation for a successful life. Come for a visit and see the King’s difference. 68 Gemvale Rd Reedy Creek Qld 4227 07 5593 4600

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Issue 05 AUS $3.95


Well done on a great idea for a magazine. In doing research about immigration one doesn’t get real info from actual South Africans on what the whole deal is really like. Dreams are not reality and imagining a new life is not the same as stories from people actually doing it. Thank you for a great source of informative reading. Toni Lee Stephan

Ed. It is great to hear such positive feedback - it makes us feel like we are all able to contribute and help others through this journey that we have all made.


Doesn’t anybody care about their aged, helpless parents they are leaving behind? We all know there is a great unrest coming were thousands of whites will die, but yet you’d leave your “loved” ones to fend for themselves. Could have pulled the shot yourself. Anonymous

Ed. It is not always such a straight forward choice for some of us, but I know there are a lot of people with loved ones still in Africa and majority of whom I am sure would have preferred not to have had to face the decision.

Australian Lingo - Issue 1

I love the Aussie lingo. In my 11 months in Sydney this is what I have learnt: They call everyone mate, male or female. G’day is the standard greeting for hello. Swimmers are baggies or costumes. Runners are takkies. Slab is a case of

beer. Snag on a barbie - is putting a sausage on the barbeque. Sausage sizzle is the Aussie version of a boerewors roll sausage in a slice of bread. Schooner - is a large glass of beer. They call university uni whereas we called it varsity. Very amusing! Kerry Jones

Planning for a Happy Landing Part 1 - Issue 3

Hi Annemarie, Thanks for this. We are looking to immigrate, my hubbie is an engineer and myself an optometrist. We would like to get our parents in once we have become citizens. Please let me know if this is possible or is it a pipe dream. Janine

Ed. Any Migration agents who would like to provide input on this very widely asked question, please let us have your feedback to pass on to Janine and other readers.

South Africans Down Under - Expect the unexpected! - Issue 1

Also lived in Auckland for almost 4 yrs before moving to Perth. Been in Perth 11 yrs now and while it is definitely home it took so much longer to settle into than Auckland did. We found NZ to be a healing experience after the turmoil of SA. Sometimes I too struggle with the culture difference but it gets better and better as the years go by and you learn to develop a bit of a “split personality” to cope. Be SA with your SA friends but also fit in with the Aussies and accept the culture of the

place you have chosen to live in. Shelley

SAussie Kids having a go! - Issue 2

As a possible immigrant to Perth I was wondering if there is a school like yours in the area? My youngest son is at The Kings School which is also a Christian school in Joburg South Africa and it will be so hard to replace unless we can find a school with the same basic values. Thanks for the great articles. George

Ed. If any of our Perth readers are able to assist with information about good schools in the area, please contact me directly and we will update our online directory.

Gooi Daai pot Phil! – Issue 2

Baie dankie vir die goeie stuk in Afrikaans. Dit is grate en ek stem saam dat ons meer Afrikaans kan sien op die web. Is daar nie n moontlikheid vir n chatroom ook nie? Melani van Zyl

Ed: Ons sal baie graag meer Afrikaanse artikels in Sabona plaas. Miskien wil van ons Afrikaans sprekende lesers ons kontak om vir ons artikels te skryf? Red.

Rugby Report - Issue 5

Agree with everything in your article... particularly liked the prediction of the Sharks winning the Super 14 after giving it away in 2007!!! Kirstin Morley

Ed: Enjoy more informative instalments this issue, from all your favourite contributors.

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SETTING UP BUSINESS IN A NEW MARKET? Creating a successful business takes more than hard work. It takes a good deal of planning as well. A NAB Business Banker is equipped with the experience, expertise and business acumen to help you plan for your business success. Talk to Morne Rheeder at our Acacia Ridge Business Banking Centre about opportunities to help your business grow. Telephone: 07 3274 8523 Mobile: 0414 416 943 Email: ©2008 National Australia Bank Limited ABN 12 004 044 937


sabona culture

Aussie Culture Trivia Anyone? by Cezanne Laidlow

As I sat dumbfounded during the “Australian” round of trivia at the pub, getting scowled at by my teammates for not contributing, I realised that there really is an awful lot I don’t know about this country. What struck me most was the situation that unfolded around question three.

MC: Which two native Australian animals are unable to walk backwards? Every person on my team, bar me: The Emu and the Kangaroo. Me: The Platypus! Apparently not. How was I supposed to know? I was all too soon given a lecture by the ‘occa’ Australian next to me who had far too many beers and really didn’t care too much about the game of trivia unfolding around us. Turns out old mate next to me, despite his thirst for XXXX Gold, had quite an interesting story to tell. The kangaroo and emu actually form an interesting part of Australian culture, from their natural quirkiness to their important national symbolism. You cannot deny a country’s culture, history and influence provides you with an insight into the way of life and, well, helps you avoid embarrassing situations at trivia. Anyway, between sips of beer and peanuts, Bazza, my newly acquired mate explained the Australian coat of arms to me. A coat of arms represents aspects of the country that contain the most influence and meaning. The Aussie coat of arms is an interesting combination: we have our furry friends the emu and the kangaroo, accompanied by some golden wattle, a

seven-pointed star and six badges neatly placed together. Although Bazza was a little hazy on the details, some research led me to the following information. As a focal point, the shield in the middle represents the badge of each of the Australian states. Top left, New South Wales; top middle, Victoria; top right, Queensland; bottom left, South Australia; bottom middle, Western Australia; and bottom right, Tasmania. Sorry Northern Terroritorians, apparently you were not included because the territory only became self administered in 1978. As a sweetener to the obviously ripped off NT-ers, the star above the shield represents the original six states and allowed a seventh point representing the combined territories and any future states of Australia. The kangaroo and emu support the shield. Their inability to walk backwards signifies Australia’s moving forward and an unwillingness to back down. How’s that for positive thinking; some might argue a little overconfident. The wattle represents the official national floral emblem, as proclaimed in 1988. As I sat down at dinner with the same group of friends (minus Bazza, whom I later learnt no one actually knew) a few days later, relaying my newly acquired Aussie knowledge, I was greeted with some surprised grins. I say ‘good on ya’ Australia for designing a brilliant coat of arms; and ‘good on ya’ Bazza for informing (and entertaining) me.


More Aussie Trivia: SORRY DAY The 13th of February was a historic day for Australia. A day for reflecting on the past and saying sorry. Visit Youtube: CITIZENSHIP TEST The Australian citizenship test commenced on 1 October 2007. The Australian citizenship test has been designed to assist people who want to become Australian citizens gain an understanding of Australia’s values, traditions, history and national symbols! Questions on the test include the nation’s history, its political institutions, economic, cultural and indigenous history. In order to become a citizen, migrants will need to correctly answer at least 12 out of 20 questions, such as how members of parliament are chosen and the year in which European settlement of Australia began.

To comment on or rate this article visit Sabona: Issue Six

sabona immigration Be clear on the negatives

Don’t be fooled by all of the beautiful pictures of beaches, sunsets, poolside parties and BBQ gatherings you will no doubt find plenty of when researching Australia. Yes, all of this is a part of living Down Under, but there are also plenty of downsides. Be sure to familiarise yourself with the negative aspects!! Speak to as many people as you can find, and get all sides of the story. It is not always as easy as it sounds! Many of the top information sites are sponsored by organizations that will benefit greatly from having you here. Australia is a massive place and cities are very far apart. Don’t think research on one city will cover the general disadvantages of all places, try to research as city specific as you possibly can.

Planning for a happy landing This is the second installment of a three-part series by Annemarie de Villiers giving practical advice on steps to take before emigrating to Australia. She speaks from experience as an expat born and raised in Johannesburg. She left South Africa nine years ago for the Netherlands, but after six years decided to go on a fabulous adventure and moved to Seoul, South Korea. A year ago they relocated to Sydney, where she lives in the Hills District. Annemarie is also the editor of a blog called Austrangelia:” To read the first part of this series visit

Go on an LSD trip: It is a good idea to go and see the city you are planning to move to. Familiarize yourself with the different areas and if possible meet more in next installment

Premier Travel

& Tours Pty Ltd Phone: (07) 3831 5866 Fax: (07) 3831 5877 For prompt reliable travel services to all destinations around the world.

Specialising in travel to South Africa and other African destinations. Great special offers on now for flights to South Africa Call us for more info

Research cost of living

One of the biggest traps you can fall into is to organize your immigration based on the figures/budget given by one individual! Unless you know for certain that your budget and standard of living are exactly the same, be very careful not to base your decisions on their advice. Best thing to do when setting up your budget is to research exact numbers in Australian Dollars. Start with the big monthly expenses, for example housing, tax and car payments.

A good tip when comparing the Aus budget to your current situation is to work in percentages. If you are currently paying 30% of your salary towards housing, you should stick to a similar model in Aus to keep your cost of living on the same track. Also keep in mind things like third party insurance for you and your kids, which you wouldn’t have needed in South Africa. Cars and white goods are generally cheaper than back home and administration costs are generally high. Because it is such a redtaped jungle you should count on administration costs on almost everything, for example your car will need yearly registration. My car is worth $44 000, insurance is $70 per month (a tank of unleaded petrol is around $80). Yearly admin costs to keep her on the road are $340 for rego and $320 for the green slip (NSW).

Research work conditions

This could be a deal breaker. Some industries in Australia deviate quite a bit from the norms you may be used to. Investigate this properly before signing on the dotted line. Look at what your Union determines minimum pay, work conditions, work hours, overtime, overtime wages, required medical tests, etc. Pre-school teachers in NSW for instance are all expected to have an up-todate First Aid certificate, current qualifications and a police check done within the last six months. Some industries expect regular medical check-ups, others will demand continued studies or membership with professional specific associations. It is good to know what your industry will expect of you.

Get rid of all of your current support (temporarily)

Nothing is a bigger shock to women when they immigrate, than losing their support structure! Some miss the helping hand of a nanny, a cleaner, a gardener, while others miss having family and in-laws to help with watching the kids or just having some support and an extra pair of hands to help. Best thing to do is to test yourself. Ask all of your friends, family and all of your domestic staff to not help or come round or contact you for two weeks, while maintaining your normal weekly schedule. This trial run should give you some indication of how you will cope without the support network you are used to. Domestic help in Australia is extremely expensive. Our gardener charges $45 per visit, (for only mowing the lawn) ironing costs an average of $1 per item of clothing (it is the cheapest service in the neighborhood); pool cleaning costs $45 per visit and house-cleaners $70 per visit. As you can see services don’t come cheap!! To comment on or rate this article visit


Mulit Level Marketing

sabona feature

Myths, Misconceptions, Options, taxation and more... See pages 10 & 11 for examples of MLM businesses that have stood the test of time!

Taxation Issues to consider.

WHAT IS IT ALL ABOUT? Multi Level Marketing (MLM) or as it is sometimes called, Network Marketing is one of the greatest innovations of our time. Why wouldn’t it be; it fits into our natural desire to meet people, and more importantly the challenge to make money. The baby boomers are largely responsible for this phenomenon, being the generation who wants to live longer and fuller lives, look and feel great, and it is the generation that can afford to do so. Any one can have a MLM business; you can make it a part time addition to your income or you can work at it full time. Bill Gates said…if he were to choose any other business to be in that would make him wealthy, it would be network marketing.

MLM is not a pyramid scheme. In fact Pyramid selling is illegal in Australia. Sometimes the differences might not be obvious to the average consumer. The ACCC helps consumers to identify the difference with two questions: 1. Are the rewards for participants in the scheme purely based on product sales (by either themselves or others they introduce to the scheme)? 2. Are the products genuine products of real value, and of a type that normally will be used and purchased time and time again by a consumer, and not at a grossly inflated price? If you answer yes to both questions, it is likely that the scheme is a legitimate multi-level marketing scheme. Pyramid selling schemes rarely include the legitimate and regular retailing of products. Instead, they provide rewards for introducing new participants. Saturation point is very quickly reached and later recruits have little chance of recovering their money. Legitimate marketing schemes only provide rewards based on genuine product sales.

Business opportunity scams: There are a range of scams marketed as business opportunities. They promise success but usually only the promoter makes any money. Guaranteed employment / income scams: ‘Guarantee’ you a job or certain level of income, tricking you into paying an up-front fee for a ‘business plan’ or materials.

You will not be considered by the tax office to be running a business and your activities will be viewed as a hobby if you: • Purchase goods predominantly for your own consumption. • Are not actively introducing ‘downline’ members or otherwise building your MLM activities. • Have minimal retail sales and insignificant commission from ‘downline’ members activity.

Do you need to register for GST?

How to tell it is legitimate

Investment seminars and real estate scams: High pressure sales in high-risk investment strategies. Profits are through attendance fees and by selling property and investments at inflated prices.

Are you carrying on a business?

If your activities constitute a hobby rather than a business: • You don’t include income earned from these activities in your assessable income. • You can’t claim a deduction for any expenses associated with the activities. • You are not eligible to apply for an ABN.

Best selling author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, Robert T Kiyosaki, said “Network marketing is one of the most cost effective business systems for the average person to be in. Beginning your own business and learning how to become highly successful without the large outlays of a traditional business, is a tremendous advantage.

Options that pose as MLM include:

The following information is general and therefore you should consult your accountant for more specific advice.

If you are running a business you are eligible for an ABN and to be registered for GST. From 1 July 2007, the threshold for those required to be registered for GST has been raised to $75,000 for business. If your turnover is less than this you can register for GST on a voluntary basis.

Do Non Commercial Loss Rules apply?

If you make a loss from your activities you may not be able to off set these losses against other income earned unless you pass one of four tests. These apply to your business turnover. If your turnover is over $20,000 for the financial year, non commercial loss rules will not apply. Consult your accountant if you consider your turnover will be less than $20,000 and you will incur a taxable loss in your business.

Apportion expenses between business and private

Any purchases of product that are for personal use are not deductible for tax purposes. If some of the expenses incurred in your business are attributed partly to your private purchases of product (eg. freight on goods received) these expenses must be apportioned between business and private. ~ Lorraine Harman, Acumen Accounting, Toowoomba Phone: (07) 4633 9800 To comment on or rate this article visit Bell Potter is one of Australia’s leading providers of stockbroking, investment and financial advisory services.

Servicing the needs of Sabona readers

Work from home scams: Employment opportunities that promise huge incomes with little work, usually by asking you to transfer money for someone else or recruit new victims. ~ Tracey Purdon

We offer Sabona readers a comprehensive and personalised service aimed at assisting them in meeting their investment objectives. ■ ■ ■ ■

Personalised equities and derivatives advice Access to highly regarded research Investment and retirement solutions Portfolio administration service

Contact Hilton Pohl on 07 5554 4317 or 0405 157 678 to arrange a no-obligation meeting to discuss the investment opportunities available to you. ABN 25 006 390 772 AFS Licence No. 243480

Sabona: Issue Six

sabona feature

Multi Level Marketing (MLM) Organisations Rodney and Cheryl Gilchrist MANNATECH Years involved: 9 years Level achieved: Platinum Presidential (Rod) Silver presidential (Cheryl)

About Rod and Cheryl

I was very sceptical about the whole network marketing concept and when I was first approached about it, like many people, I almost let the opportunity pass me by. My background in science and pharmaceuticals added to my complete phobia of network marketing. A friend flew out from America just prior to the company launching into Australia and coerced me into going along to one of the meetings. I stood at the back of the room and as it happened, all of my objections were answered. I can remember driving home in silence, feeling quite undone. Being a pastor, I felt God say that Mannatech would be huge with me or without me, so I decided that night to go for it. Over the last few years I’ve achieved virtually every award possible, including being awarded as international business builder of the year from a field of over 200,000 associates globally. I was the first person outside the USA to achieve the highest recognised position within the company. I’m currently the top Australasian income earner of the year, and in the top 10 Australasian business builders of the year. I am my own boss and able to fulfil the dreams that were in my heart for so many years. And might I add that I’m now ‘ruined for life’ since I couldn’t possibly go back to another career.

Thoughts about MLM as a home based business

Network marketing is a great equaliser. It puts everyone on a level playing field. Whether you’re educated or not, rich or poor, no matter who you are, no matter where you came from, anyone can make this business work. It’s the only industry where other people are actually trying to help you to succeed and are willing to invest their time, skills and talents to help you to achieve success.

Advice for those just starting out in MLM

Well done! Now grow and develop yourself, believe in yourself, believe in the people around you (including those that introduced you and those that have joined your team) and work hard.

How to succeed in MLM

Flexibility. It’s the old saying, “blessed are the flexible for they shall not be broken”. Be prepared to change, learn, and dream. Then strap yourself in for the ride of your life!

Myths about MLM - proven wrong!

That only the rich get richer and that it takes money to make money. Also a big myth in network marketing – the one that says that network marketing is not a real job. No, it’s actually better than a job because it provides real results.


Guy and Tania Wilson NETWORK 21/AMWAY Years involved: 17 Level achieved: Executive Diamond

About Guy and Tania

My brother and I co-founded a software company (Emphasys) which grew to become one of the largest in our industry in Australia. We eventually sold this business to a subsidiary of Telstra in 1999. My wife (at the time a corporate lawyer and director of a large financial organisation in Sydney) joined the Amway business in 1991 because we were sick of having money but no time to spend with our young family. We reached the Emerald level in 3 years and that allowed us to move to the Gold Coast in 1997 financially free. We have since been building our Network 21 business in Australia and in many countries overseas. We love the ever-growing passive income. Just as importantly we value the friends we have made and the people we have been able to help along the way. We have always seen it as a people business more than a product business. The business has allowed us to be full-time parents to our children for more than 10 years. We now enjoy 3 first class overseas trips paid by Amway every year. We are also regularly offered speaking assignments in overseas locations. We also enjoy being able to give to several charities. Mostly it gives us huge satisfaction to help people with a dream and be a positive influence in their lives.

Thoughts about MLM as a home based business

Pick one that isn’t going to go broke (a lot do). Pick one that has the best independent education program. The team you join is critical as to the help and encouragement you will get.

Advice for those just starting out in MLM

Believe you can, trust the people you are working with, educate yourself and know you can’t fail, even though you can give up like so many do. Often it doesn’t seem to be working but if you keep going and developing personally, you will succeed.

How to succeed in MLM

Stickability, determination, willingness to work, teachability (willingness to personally develop)

Myths about MLM - proven wrong!

Just about all of them. MLM is a tool, it is a good or bad tool depending on whose hands it’s in. That’s why it is so important to choose the right team to join, what are their motives, how genuine they are about helping other people. Most of the myths are probably true! They just usually relate to people doing things badly, unprofessionally. Like any industry, there are good and bad operators but it doesn’t make the whole industry bad.

sabona feature

With so many Southern Africans being exposed to and involved in network marketing, we thought we would feature some of the MLM organisations that have stood the test of time and some people who have taken an opportunity and run with it! To comment on or rate these profiles visit

Graham Park NU SKIN ENTERPRISES Years involved: 15 Level achieved: Team Elite plus Million $ circle member

About Graham

I was working for Elders, a rural services business in Toowoomba QLD, and was unhappy with the direction the company was taking, so my wife Lynn and I began looking for a business of our own. After more than 9 months of actively looking all over Southern Queensland for a business we could get excited about, I gave up in frustration and decided to focus on my corporate job at Elders. About that time I received a phone call from a family friend in Canada, he spoke to me about the potential for Nu Skin in Australia. Once I learned it was a Network Marketing business I told him I was not interested. Fortunately he asked if he could send me some material and I reluctantly agreed just to be polite. It took me about 6 months to build our business to where it replaced my income from Elders and I was able to focus full time on Nu Skin. Currently I am very focussed on opening our business in South Africa. Thanks to this business my wife has been able to stay at home and raise our 4 daughters and we have been able to realize our dream of buying a cattle property only an hour and a half from our home in Brisbane. Combined with the travel and the amazing people we have been able to work and partner with this business has allowed our children to mix and learn from others in many countries as well as learn the benefits of giving something back, which we do though “Nourish The Children” an amazing initiative that has donated over 100 million meals into southern Africa over the past 5 years.

Thoughts about MLM as a home based business

MLM can be the ideal home based business, because you can literally develop a global business from that home office. My wife and I have developed approximately 50,000 distributors in more than 35 countries from our home base in Brisbane. We could never have afforded an office and staff in the beginning. And the fact that we were able to start part time and from home is what interested us initially as we were unsure of our possible

success and naturally reluctant to spend large amounts on office space etc. However, be aware that as your business grows you can sometimes have conflict between home life and business as it can be hard to switch off when working from home.

Advice for those just starting out in MLM

Find a company whose products you love and which have wide appeal, and one who has a track record of treating both clients and distributors fairly. Keep your expectations real, treat it as a business and even though you are likely to be doing this on a part time basis at first, be professional and expect to work hard to get lasting results.

How to succeed in MLM

All the successful people I have met in our industry are very different personalities but they do share certain characteristics, those of persistence and determination combined with a genuine liking for working with people and developing teams. Many of the most successful people have small business or professional backgrounds rather than sales backgrounds, but the biggest thing is a simple desire to succeed combined with finding an ethical and successful MLM company to partner with

Myths about MLM - proven wrong!

The 2 greatest myths I encounter regarding Network marketing are that it is not a “real” business and no one makes much money and that it is really “easy” and you don’t have to work at it. Both of these myths come from the lack of understanding that this is a business, and that like any business you need to work at it and develop it over time. Network marketing turns over $100 billion + globally. It is simply a different distribution system to traditional retailing or franchising, and like franchising offers a systemised approach to moving goods and services.

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Soweto Gospel Choir This jubilant Gospel choir, formed less than 5 years ago in the ‘Rainbow Nation’, is a cultural embodiment of post-apartheid South Africa. The magnificent 52 strong, choir, styled with a contemporary feel is the culmination of voices from various churches and community centres in and around Soweto. In their five year existence the Soweto Gospel Choir has found a surprisingly large international audience that is exponentially swelling and winning hearts and souls through their deeply connected faith and their excellent professional presentation. It is small wonder that they are charting a meteoric rise to international fame. Their performances embody earthy rhythms, rich harmonies and acapella numbers. Add to this, energetic dancing and vibrant, colourful costumes and the mix is awe-inspiring, leaving all who hear them stunned with emotion. This young dynamic choir performs both traditional and contemporary music, adding its own unique feel and interpretation to both and not to mention in six of South Africa’s eleven official languages. And yet the Soweto Gospel Choir has cast its net still wider, incorporating not only US gospel numbers but rock and pop material. Among many other awards and international stardom, their hard work, professionalism and uniquely entertaining soulful music won them perhaps their greatest accolade, their 2006 Grammy Award for their album “Blessed”, in the category “Best Traditional World Music”. And in 2008 the group has picked up another Grammy Award for Best Traditional World Music Album. But no amount of glittering international recognition and praise has diverted Soweto Gospel Choir from the mission it holds close at heart. In 2003 the choir founded its own aids orphans foundation, Nkosi’s Haven Vukani. With the plight of South Africa’s sick and impoverished top of mind, their foundation supports families and organisations that receive little or no government support. These destitute families and children rely on Soweto Gospel Choir to sing all over the world for very much more than their supper. To date, the choir has collected over R3million for their 12 foundation.

Sabona Magazine was lucky enough to chat with the Soweto Choir’s founding musical director/co-founder David Mulovhedzi:

SM: What is the importance of the namesake Soweto to the Soweto Gospel Choir? DM: Soweto is the birthplace of the majority of our members and for those who don’t live there, it is synonymous with our history, so to represent the talent of this area and to be able to showcase our gospel music throughout the world, is very special to the choir. International audiences are fascinated with Soweto and what it stands for so they are extremely receptive to people who come from a place which has survived so much.

SM: What response do you receive when you are touring to nations that are not as deeply entrenched in the gospel culture? DM: It is the joy of singing, the energy, and the beautiful harmonies and voices that appeal to our audiences, no matter what country we’re in. Everyone can interpret the music as they wish to but we know that however you do, you will come out of our concerts feeling uplifted, and that is what we aim for. Some people laugh and some people cry during our concerts – both reactions show that our music is touching peoples’ souls.

SM: What can audiences expect from your new show ‘African Spirit” - Touring Australia 2008? DM: ‘African spirit’ is a wonderful show. People can expect almost 2 hours of energy, beautiful voices, exciting dancing and even a bit of comedy. We’ve included African gospel and traditional music as well as some well loved international gospel. This show takes things slightly further than our previous shows as we explore various avenues of spiritual awareness through our songs. The show is called ‘African Spirit’ as the repertoire includes a variety of spiritual areas in our lives. People will be surprised with the variety of music in this show and some of our unique renditions of traditional as well as modern songs.

sabona music

We take the audience on a spiritual musical journey, sung with Soweto Gospel Choir’s unique African spirit. Soweto Gospel Choir does have its own unique way of performing. Quite a few songs might be recognisable, such as Amazing Grace, but the choir interprets these songs in our special, African way. Our harmonies are very different to what you would hear with other gospel choirs, we have a different movement accompanying each song and we hardly stop moving for the entire show. It is the pure energy and joy in what they’re doing, that makes this choir so special. Audiences cannot come out of our shows without feeling totally uplifted.

SM: What did you enjoy most about touring Australia? DM: One of our most precious memories has always been our performance at the Sydney opera house. What a dream come true! I know that Australia is the choir’s favourite country when it comes to touring. They are always made to feel so at home and they find Australians not only appreciate their concerts, but appreciate them as a people. Australians are warm, friendly and enjoy the cultures of other countries. And they speak English!!

SM: What words of advice could you give to other Southern African performers who are hoping to launch an international touring career? DM: I’d tell them to follow their dreams, with the hope that these dreams can be achieved. We have achieved our dream through hard work, professionalism and the will to persevere, even when we didn’t know what the future held. Success does not just ‘happen’, you have to believe in what you do and believe in your talent. You have to be prepared for both the good times and the bad times, and not give up. Hopefully then, you will be rewarded and blessed as Soweto Gospel Choir has been. ~ Liesel Rennie

Vibrant costumes and radiant smiles come free of charge with this terrific ensemble and it’s their delight even in their songs of pain and struggle that makes their concerts so memorable. ~ Australian Review 2007

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If you are totally satisfied with the hours you work and the income you earn then DON’T READ THIS! Hi, my name is Leonie Thomsen. If you are thinking that surely there is more to life than endless bills and long working hours, then I would like to tell you a little story about a young couple I know. This young couple fell in love and a couple of years later they got married and had two beautiful children, a boy and a girl. Everything was going well for them and they were very happy together despite the fact that the husband was an apprentice cabinetmaker on a low income and the wife was a full-time stay at home mother. There was not very much money to go around, but at least they had a lovely family and hope for the future. As the children grew older, things became harder and harder for the family. Their dire financial situation meant they had to drive around in a beat-up old car that would stall every time they stopped at an intersection. The car also had no door seals so in winter time the cold air would blow in onto the wife and she would shiver violently. Being a kind and caring man and wanting to be a good provider for the household, the husband did the right thing and provided a blanket for his wife. There was no money for this family to go on a holiday, no money to buy school cardigans for the kids, no money to even go to the movies. This wasn’t the lifestyle of their dreams, it wasn’t at all what they had hoped their life was going to be like. Inside the couple knew that they had the potential to become so much more but they were stuck in a tight spot and they desperately needed a breakthrough. One day the husband decided to do something about it. He started reading books about wealth creation and going to seminars. He became like a ravenous beast that devoured financial reading material and haunted bookstores looking for more and more. In the summer of 2002 he set a goal to develop a replacement passive income by June of that year. With no capital to invest in property or the share market the husband had no idea how it would come to pass, yet he was determined. He stuck pictures of his goal up on the fridge, in the bathroom and would walk around singing a little tune about his passive income. At first the wife thought he was a crazy dreamer and that it would all amount to nothing, but eventually down in her heart she began to believe that it was possible too. Then a couple months later something happened. A respected friend approached them with an opportunity. The opportunity was a chance to launch into a new country with a network marketing company. The couple had been involved in network marketing before without success, but somehow this seemed to fit the picture of the breakthrough they were looking for. The husband saw it as a ground floor opportunity and he had always wanted to be an international business owner, so the couple said yes and within a few weeks they found themselves in the beautiful country of New Zealand. They travelled around the countryside making new friends and business partners, feeling way out of their comfort zone but always believing that they would somehow make it to their goal. In fact, in their minds they had already made it. In Australia call us on 07 5657 7092 or 1300 851 336 Or from outside of Australia call + 61 7 5657 7092 We have representatives in Australia and South Africa to assist you. 14

Soon enough the month of June came around and the couple didn’t make the replacement passive income as the husband had expected. Instead they nearly doubled their goal income and this spurred them on greatly to continue building their business in both New Zealand and Australia. Within eight months the husband was able to retire from his traditional job and within 12 months the couple reached the top level in the company with a sixfigure passive income. How life had changed for the young couple.

Today this couple live very well. Together with their family they have travelled to many wonderful and exotic places and they go on holidays all the time. The wife still gets cold in the car and shivers violently but now it’s because the husband likes the air-conditioning turned right down. Being a kind man and a good provider he has been good enough to buy her a luxury 4-wheel drive with heated seats. Today this couple still remember where they came from and they are fortunate enough to get to spend their time helping others to bring abundance into their lives and to create the lifestyle of their dreams. And I’m pleased to say that the couple lived happily, healthily, and wealthily ever after. If you haven’t already guessed, the couple in the story was actually my husband and I. Our business has recently launched in South Africa, and just like the launch in New Zealand, this is a ground floor opportunity for any South Africans, whether you are in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada or the UK. The opportunity will always be there, but the sooner you act and request an obligation free introduction to our business, the better your chances! So pick up the phone now and call us in Australia on 07 5657 7092 , or simply visit our website (www.itwillbehuge. com/leonie) and complete the form to request information and we’ll send it straight out to you. Whether you are just looking for a bit of extra income to pay the school fees or the mortgage, or whether you wish to become totally financially independent, you won’t know if our business can do this for you unless you talk to us! We will nurture and educate you, and give you the best possible opportunity to duplicate exactly what we’ve done … possibly even better!


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Lyall Adonis

“South Africans are talented musicians. It’s not uncommon for us to be able to sing and dance. Music is in our blood.” Lyall Adonis is one soulful South African singer/ songwriter! And, since the release of his debut EP ‘Free’ at Sydney’s Vanguard Theatre in 2007 he’s been singing his way to success! Born in vibrant Cape Town, Lyall and his family moved to Sydney when he was eight years old. Twenty years later, he still considers Cape Town home, commenting:

“there’s a feeling that I can’t describe, that comes over me when I arrive in South Africa. I want to kiss the ground.” As a child singing came naturally to Lyall. He never made a conscious decision to become a musician; it was simply in his blood. He recalls that, “it just happened quite easily. I made a demo then I went on a two month holiday. When I got back I was offered a deal and a management contract”. And, three years ago his band House of Kings formed. Lyall says “we were three school mates who wanted to live a more interesting life. We succeeded.” Lyall has played at several charity events and describes them as being energising. He says “they remind me why I wanted to do this in the first place. They are my proudest moments. They make the music feel pure again”. Lyall has shared the stage with musical icons such as David Bridie, Pete Murray, Bic Runga and the late Paul Hester. He has even joined the realms of Dean Geyer and Tarasai Vushe on the popular Australian Idol! Lyall feels the more he does, the more he can do and has decided to take on more than he should and see which one pays off first.

He lives his life according to the saying, “bite off more than you can chew, then chew it”. Lyall is planning on being in LA in the next few years but for now this talented South African born musican says his big dream is “to one day have a family with whom I can share my music and my love for life”. ~ Julie Purdon To comment on or rate this article visit Sabona: Issue Six


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Gaining a perspective on life with Bosveld Koos

Sorry! 15 Feb 2008

How very big of the little man – Smiley did what JH never could and apologised to the Aboriginal folk in Australia. BK now wonders how long it will be before the knocking on his door starts with the hat in the hand and the other hand held out. Funny how such a “proud” people have no problem asking for money. So if this is the start of an international trend, the Idiot will apologise to the Red Indians, Sexy Helen will apologise to the Beige Brigade (BK is not too sure who will apologise on behalf of the Maori to the Maoriori who was here first – really), T-Bone will apologise to the !Xoi and San people – and maybe leave the apology to the white folks until what is current is history, if you know what I mean. But we know that will never happen – as with the terrible disease (who cannot be named, but it sounds like “Azaleas In Die Skaduwee”), as soon as you admit that it is there, then money has to start changing hands. So South Africa doesn’t have a pandemic, the Bushmen weren’t hard done by, the white folks are being treated fair and just – everything is rose-coloured, or should I say everything is ok, for fear of being classified a racist for mentioning rose-coloured anything…

Put an end to the electricity crisis! 2 Feb 2008

BK had to laugh the other day when an advert stated that you could bring your old bicycle in for a trade-in. The joke was of course that the bicycle shop promised to send your old bike to Africa. A picture of a large container ship sidling up to a beach in Africa (much like the movie Madagascar) and opening up a large hatch, dumping thousands of bicycles on the beach came to mind. But then BK started thinking – ja, I know it is difficult to believe, but it does happen sometimes! BK started thinking about those headlights we used to have on our old “dikwielfietse” – you know the one with the little dynamo running on the back wheel. And the current electricity crisis in South Africa – put two and two together and get full points for a brilliant plan! If all the thousands of second hand bicycles from Kiwiland were fitted with dynamos and lined up on the beach, everyone can take turns to “spin” – not only do you get rid of the “overweight” problem, but you also make a lot of electricity! To motivate people, you can reverse tax it – the more tax you pay (and contribution you make to society) the less you have to spin. The unemployed will be put to work, contributing energy instead of money – and staying off the streets at the same time (because, let’s face it: anything you can buy at the traffic light, you can buy in the store as well). There you have it – two birds with one stone doodgeskietfontein! Bosveldgroete! To comment on or rate these articles visit The Official Rugby Travel Program 2008 download it now at

South Africa



Subiaco Oval 19 July

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Downunder Jan08 - Mar08

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Wild Encounter Jan 08: How I dream of being at

school again as my boys prepared for the New Year after almost two months holiday, I think Bianca can’t wait so her holiday can begin. On their way to school they spotted a cat sized furry animal in the tree. Its distinctive large bushy tail coloured in black and white hoops had them paging through volumes of wildlife books to identify it. Unable to find it anywhere and thinking they were on the brink of an Australian fauna first she returned to find the animal still in exactly the same position. Quietly and carefully they crept nearer to take a photo only to be surprised that it was only a stuffed toy left behind in the tree by some kid.

Aussie Sports and general culture Feb 08:

A devastating weekend for Australian sport, with the cricketers losing to India, which doesn’t often happen. Surprising that the perception I used to have of Australians which was based mostly on the arrogance of the Wallabies and cricket team when touring SA, has changed dramatically since moving here. They are in fact a very modest, compassionate and generous nation who will chop down anyone who appears to be ‘wind gat’ and full of themselves. Their voluntary support and out of pocket donations for any disaster was and is unbelievable. It is quite normal to volunteer your time, skills and support for those in need. This sense of community is something that was lost behind high walls and the risk of becoming a victim when helping strangers back home. The strange thing is it’s like living in SA in the 70’s when I would cycle to the shop to buy my moms ciggies at the age of 7, the postman would come to the front door to drop off a parcel, you can play cricket in the street and jump over the neighbours picket fence to get your ball back, even the shopping trolleys back wheels spin around resulting in everyone crabbing up and down the aisles. We woke early on Saturday to a perfect summers day and launched the boat and headed south down to the Gold Coast on glassy flat water were we explored the various canals and prestigious marina developments before going up the Coomera river to have tea with some friends. The Reds played a warm up match at Ballymore so we got a parking on ‘B Field’ mid afternoon giving the little guys a chance to kick the ball around while the grown ups fought off dehydration with determination. It only took a few beers for some of the grown ups to take up the temptation to charge down a kick, side step a few kids and pull a hammy after shanking a pathetic drop goal at the group of laughing adults around the braai. Bianca and us boys thoroughly enjoyed the game especially Teal who got to throw the ball back onto the field after a successful kick at posts. Back to the braai after the game to part with more beer induced expertise on the game plan before heading home.

Miss: Black rock mussels. The passionate intensive energy of South Africans.

Don’t miss:

Jumping out of my skin when there is a loud bang nearby. The limping, blind moontoo with a kid on the back begging at the robot. Escom or the lack there of. To comment on or rate this article visit

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with Huguenot Hottentot

Are the Stellenbosch rules working? Doc Craven the rugby genius would have approved. A faster game, more fitness and way better to watch. After a confusing start most teams have adjusted and the Super 14 is dishing out some very attractive rugger with teams possessing skilful, fast and superior backlines dominating. The very future of the great game hinges on making the game into a spectacle that gets the juices going and inspires youngsters. One of the great aspects of rugby is its huge appeal to schoolboys - it has a position for every body shape and size the body type team game - no one is left out. Have you been around a school on the weeks leading up to the rugby season? Well no other game comes close to generating the fenzy, anticipation and excitement of ‘the’ game. Willian Webb Ellis you absolute biscuit! As I predicted in my first article the Sharks are the South African team with the players and skills to reach the top four, whether they can go all the way is another matter as they are a very young team. Their draw is tough, with 5 games on the road, al though they will most probably pick up wins against the Highlanders and Brumbies. The Hurricanes, Crusaders and Waratahs will test this young squad. Players to watch include Rory Kockott, Waylon Murray, Bismark du Plessis, Jannie duPlessis, Ryan Kankowski. Tendai Mtawarira, Frederic Michalak, Ruan Pienaar, JP Pietersen and of course the dynamic Frans Steyn. Oh, to be at Kings Park on a hot Durban day swigging a Windhoek, a Castle or a Klippies. The Sharks have the team to keep the South African rugby presence very much on the pinnacle. As for the rest of the South African teams, last years Super 14 champions the Bulls will struggle to make the top four, they seemed to have slipped back into their old conservative forwards style of play, which with the new rules won’t win championships. The departure of their Australian backline coach is already evident in their play. The surprise team for the Hottentot has been the boytjies from Cape Town - the Stormers. Rassie Erasmas has had an immediate impact and his style of coaching definitely seems to suit the team. I was very impressed with the type of game the Stormers played in the second half against the Reds - a very entertaining type of rugby. The Cheetahs have had a very unlucky start losing a few games by single points which will hurt them as the tournament progresses. The Lions are going to have a long tough road and will do well to stay off bottom spot which will be a fight between them, the Highlanders and the Reds.


Game Breakers:

Game Breakers to watch out for in the 2008 Super 14 and into the international scene 1. Daniel Carter - it will be the battle of the fly halves which decides the champions and Carter is the master. If he hits top form then it is over. He is struggling a little to meet the very high expectations. 2. Freddie Michalak - good to see some French flair in the comp, can the mercurial Frenchman ignite the very talented and fast Sharks backline?

TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE 1. Who was known as the Prince of wings? 2. Who was affectionately called ‘Jouba’ ? 3. Which player holds the distinction of performing the tackle of the century? 4. Which rugby club is the biggest in the world?

3. Nic Evans - very under rated but could be just the player the Blues need. Not far behind Carter. I would definitely play them both in the All Blacks, both natural gifted ball players.

5. Who is the new coach of the Stormers?

4. Pierre Spies - back soon and do the Bulls need him? The most exciting forward we could all wish for - good for Bok rugby.

7. Which team has won the Super 14 the most times?

5. Mat Giteau - the kingpin at the Force, very quick, good skills and leading front the front. 6. Fans Steyn - voted the world’s best young player. He has it all; the big question now is which is his best position? 7. Richie MacCaw - The way all flankers/ breakaways should play. Who is better MacCaw, Burger or Collins. 8. Jerry Collins - very different player to MacCaw but when he plays well the Hurricanes are dangerous and inspirational. 9. Bismarck du Plessis - rated by Eddie Jones as the best hooker in world rugby and has been sensational for the Sharks in 2008. 10. Joe Rokocoko - nothing like a big, fast and elusive winger tearing down the touchline. He seems to be finding his form a few years back. 11. Schlack Burger - almost forgot the man! In Burger, Spies and Smith the Bokkies have a devastating loose forward trio. The new rules are working and the teams who exploit them the best will win and naturally play very entertaining rugby. They provide scope for sides to show their skills, fitness and pace. Rugby when played well, well there is no better game! To comment on or rate this article visit

6. First names of the phenomenal du Plessis brothers?

8. Which player has scored the most tries as a substitute in the Super 14? 9. What position did Dick Muir the Sharks coach play for the Boks? 10. Which player holds the proud distinction of most international tries? 11. Who has racked up the most test caps? 12. Which player from the fifties was nicknamed the ‘Windhond’ ? 13. In which city is the next World Cup final being played? 14. Which rugby league player did the Waratahs sign on for the 2008 season? 15. Australia become the first international team to field 2 match centenarians in the same game, name them?

ANSWERS: 1. Carel du Plessis 2. Andre’ Joubert 3. Joggie Jansen 4. Stellenbosch University 5. Rassie Erasmus 6. Willie, Carel, Michel, Jacques 7. Canterbury Crusaders 8. Bismarck du Plessis 9. Centre 10. David Campese 63 11. Phillipe Sella 111. 12. Hennie Muller 13. Auckland 14. Temanhu Tahu 15. George Gregan and Stephen Larkham

New rules, new faces

sabona rugby

Shane Leite and Fin

n Scott

Bruce and Caleb


John Roe and Finn Scott

Philip Scott and bulls supporter

A bunch of crazy Sharks supporters. Photo by Tarryn van Wijk

Matthew and Wouter Botha

Shane Leite, Marc Nel, John Walker and Colin Hardy

Sabona: Six 19Stone Gideon, MicheleIssue and Martin

sabona fishing

Gone Fishing Winter is once again upon us and with it will finally come the cooler weather. We can dust off our beanies and jackets in preparation for a few early starts on the water. I really enjoy the winter months that bring with them the change of target species. Heading up the river under a shroud of mist in the early hours of the morning is what winter fishing is all about. Bream and blackfish show up in our river systems and are both very popular species for both the fisho’s out for a bit of sports fishing or those chasing a feed of fish. When the blackfish turn up you can see scores of anglers lining the rock walls of the estuaries float fishing with weed baits. I often head down to the river to watch some of these older blokes as they are masters at catching these temperamental feeders. The float needs to be set at the right depth and the right type of weed needs to be used at the right stage of the tide. It’s quite an education if you haven’t done much of this fishing before. Winter time is also one of the preferred times to chase snapper on the inshore reefs as the current slows down making these prized table fish more accessible. Float-lining a variety of baits as well as fishing with soft plastics are the gun techniques to get amongst the snapper. With both techniques you never know what size fish will grab your lure or bait on the next drop. Last season we had one red hot session that sticks in my mind. We headed out in the afternoon for a quick snapper session with lures. Once over the Tweed bar and on the shallow reefs we


started to fish. My mate Simon was into a small squire first cast that would have gone a kilo and was quickly returned. I then hooked a better fish and at just over 4kg went into the esky for dinner. I was trying out a new vibration lure at the time and a few casts later hooked a good fish that was clearly not a snapper. A prolonged fight followed with me being severely under gunned on my light bait casting tackle. The fish showed itself after 40 minutes and without a net big enough on board; we gently lifted a Jewie (Kabeljou) of about 40lb into the boat. We took a few photos and then after reviving it next to the boat watched it swim away. We thought that it really couldn’t get any better than that but we ended up getting a few more quality snapper and getting wiped out by bigger fish on several occasions. What an afternoon session. So to say we will be looking forward to this winter’s snapper fishing will be putting it mildly. I am not sure how much fishing I will be doing in the near future as, by the time this article goes to print, we should have an extra addition to the family. All our regular patrons at the restaurant reckon my fishing days will be over once the little one arrives. Hopefully this is not the case. We can’t wait for the joyous day to arrive and will let you know how it all goes. Catch you on the water (maybe)

Roderick Walmsley To comment on or rate this article visit

 

  


With Dr Kevin Cruickshank BVSc, BSc(Hons), a South African trained (Onderstepoort) and qualified vet living and practising in Australia

         

           

How to Afford the Best Care for Your Pet If I told you the most you’ll ever have to pay at the vet for an accident or illness is $100, would you think that’s a good idea? Well that’s exactly what Pet Insurance can do for you. As we

approach the end of the financial year don’t we all wish we could have a few more dollars left in our pocket? Big vet bills never come at a convenient time. Private health insurance for pets can absorb those costs and make your budgeting so much easier.

   

            

       

  

While most people insure their car, home and contents, did you know that you are actually three times more likely to claim on a pet insurance policy than a car or home policy? Since there is no Medicare for pets, pet owners have to pick up the full cost of veterinary care. Sadly, all too often I see people having to make agonizing decisions for their pets due to the costs involved. With pet insurance, cost is taken out of the equation. That peace of mind is invaluable, and you can simply say “Do the best, I don’t care what it costs ….. somebody else is paying!!” As we are not licensed financial advisers, vets do not sell pet insurance, nor receive commissions, but are very happy to help inform you of the options. Pet insurance not only covers treatment in general practice, but referral to specialists too, as well as alternative therapies such as acupuncture and chiropractors.

So what should you look for in a Pet Insurance Policy?

 

@^Yh8adi]^c\[dg@^Yh James Street, BURLEIGH HEADS 6jhigVa^VcHidX`^hid[

Many home and contents policies now have an optional extra for pet cover. Frequently it is restricted to accident only and does not cover sickness. A specialised Pet Insurer is far better. Key points to look for are:

1. Is the animal Covered for Life? Many companies will stop cover once the animal becomes elderly. Also some problems are ongoing, eg. Diabetes. Does the company keep paying year after year, or do they only pay out for 12 months and then exclude that problem? 2. Look for a Fixed Excess. That is you pay the first $100 and the insurance company pays the rest. Most companies calculate the excess as a percentage of the total (30% of a $5000 bill is still a lot of money!) but there are policies available with a fixed flat excess. 3. A policy without breed specific, or genetic exclusions, is far preferable. 4. Look out for Sub-limits. It’s far better to have a policy without any restrictive sub-limits. If you don’t already have it, I would really urge you to consider getting private health insurance for your pet. For a small monthly cost it can make a huge difference to their care and your peace of mind. If you consider that every 6 seconds a pet owner is faced with a vet bill of over $1000. Can you afford not to have you pet insured? To comment on or rate this article visit

Special Offer

As a special offer to Sabona readers, Gold Coast Vet Surgery is offering a complimentary, and obligation free, insurance health exam for all dogs and cats. This will enable you to take advantage of Pet Plan’s special offer of 4 weeks free insurance cover. For more details phone Kevin on (07) 5538 5909 or email: Disclaimer: This information is of a general and informative nature only. We recommend that you discuss your personal circumstances with your financial adviser.

BVYZl^i]AdkZ^cHdji]6[g^XV &%%EgZ"H]gjc`8diidc

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Super SAussie Sisters Bounce into Trampolining Glory Uprooting oneself and moving across the world is a daunting challenge for even the toughest of us.

And of course, one of the great concerns of any parent moving countries has to be, “What will life be like for my children in this new land?” Happily, there are more and more stories of ex-South African children not only loving their new home, but achieving above and beyond their dreams in a place that offers so much opportunity to the young. Take for example the Theron family who have in the last four years, seen their daughters jump to the dizzying heights of success in competitive trampolining. Wy and Ca-Marie Theron moved to Australia; Eight Mile Plains (our shop is in Sunnybank Hills), Queensland to be precise, in the early part of 2000 with their two girls, Vinita and Calista. Their third little one, JD Theron, who turned 5 in February was born in Queensland and is the little Aussie of the family. They led the way for other family members and now have Wy’s brother and sister and their families as well has his parents living in Brisbane. Ca-Marie’ brother and his family too made the great trek across the ocean and are also based in Brisbane. Ca-Marie and her family love living in Australia. Despite missing familiar things like magazines (although now they have SABONA!!!) and television programmes, they have settled very well into life in Queensland and are grateful to their new homeland for giving them the chance to live in safety, and for providing their children with the opportunity to do anything they want with their lives. And the Theron girls have certainly grabbed opportunity with both hands (or should I say hands, feet, knees…), with both girls competing at the Trampolining Levels Nationals in Adelaide in September 2007.

Vinita and Calista’s trampolining career actually started when they took up gymnastics at a local gymnastics club that also offered trampolining. Calista kept asking to try the exciting looking sport and so in the last school term of 2004, the sisters bounced into action and haven’t looked back. Their training is rigorous with Calista training three times a week and Vinita training three times a week on the trampoline and twice a week at gymnastics. The girls are fortunate enough to have as their coach, Darren Gillis, a former Australian Trampolininst who has represented Australia all over the world. When both of the girls medalled at their first competition, it was clear that they had talent. This was confirmed when they continued to attain 1st, 2nd or 3rd at every interclub competition from then on. Their achievements could fill a whole page on their own but the highlight for Calista was being chosen for the Queensland Age Team to represent Queensland in Bendigo where she attained 1st at the Nationals for synchro, 9th for trampolining and 14th for the double mini event.

Top Middle: Calista Theron Bendigo 2007 , Top Left: Calista Theron QLD 2007, Top Right: Vinita Theron, Above: Vinita


The sisters’ most recent competition was the Nationals in Adelaide in September 2007. Both girls achieved well in the competition with Vinita, age 12, winning 3rd place for double mini, and 8th place for trampolining, and Calista, age 9, coming 4th for trampolining and 14th for double mini. What is particularly impressive is that for this competition age is not taken into account, and so the girls competed against competitors of varied ages, and of course against each other!

sabona topic



Are you:

▪ Already in Australia ▪ Have a visa and not in Australia yet ▪ Just looking at your options and have not started the process

Sky Recruitment is here to assist you! We offer a FREE service to all candidates that are looking for work in Australia. Having immigrated ourselves we understand most of the challenges that you face. Together with our network of Clients, Personnel Agencies and Immigration Consultants we try to make the transition for you as smooth as possible.

“Where there is passion and desire, there will always be new horizons.”

For more information contact Tracy Pelser (02) 9983 0096 or 0410 881 154

Ca-Marie, who is somewhat of a Super-Mom, although she humbly denies this referring to herself instead as ‘Mum’s Taxi’, handles the issue of competition very wisely. She has encouraged them to focus on competing for the family rather than just for themselves, and so everyone wins no matter who wins. The girls themselves are quite amazing, fitting into their hectic schedule; choir, violin lessons and tennis as well as school and trampolining. The secret to their incredible time management? Learning to prioritise and not watching too much television. They’ve learnt from the best, with Ca-Marie being a master of time management; juggling family, the girls’ busy schedules and working at the family business. Still, the Therons make time for family fun with their favorite activity being a day on the beach. The Therons’ move to Queensland from Louis Trichart in South Africa has certainly opened doors for the girls as they had no trampolining club there and would not have had the opportunities that they have been presented with in Australia. As for the future… Vinita aims to get into the Queensland Age team this year. Calista has her sights set on Olympic glory but will start by trying to make the Australian team by 2009, and hopes to compete at the World Championships. Based on past experience, I have no doubt that we will be hearing about the Trampolining Therons in the future. We at SABONA congratulate them on their efforts and wish them all the best in the future. ~ Loren Nel To comment on or rate this article visit






STAY AWAY FROM THE SABONA BUSINESS BREAKFASTS! by Philip Scott I like stories! I wish I had a really GREAT story to tell you about how someone attended one of our SBN functions and ended up with so much business they couldn’t handle it! Unfortunately I can’t do that. Well, I probably could tell you such a story, but it wouldn’t be truthful. The truth is, attending one breakfast will not cause an avalanche of business coming your way. If it’s an avalanche you’re after, do something really crazy and get yourself featured on A Current Affair, or Today Tonight. Now that will cause an avalanche! I remember recently seeing something about a small business helping people save thousands on tax, and they were doing it for free (they got some sort of rebate or something, so they did get money somehow). By the time the show finished, these “poor” guys had their website complete crash on them because of the huge number of enquiries! No, attending the breakfasts won’t do that. Instead you’ll build long lasting, solid business relationships that benefit your business for many years to come. We often read about the lifetime value of a customer, but what about the lifetime value of a contact? For my “day job” I run a couple of small IT companies ( in conjunction with some amazing partners, and I can say without a doubt that the best clients we have ever had, have come directly from referrals through our network of contacts. No, not just from other clients, but from people who would never have any use for our services! I can count on one hand the number of people I have ever met at any of the hundreds of breakfast functions I’ve attended through the years that needed custom software written, or a custom electronic design done. Yet, we have received the majority of our work through the years directly as a result of referrals from people we’ve met

through these functions. If I had attended just one function, do you think anyone would have remembered who I was and what I did? Definitely not! I think most people don’t really have a clue what I do after even 5 or 6 breakfasts, but eventually they remember me by name and tend to ask me … “so what exactly do you do?” That’s when I know I have another person promoting my business! And I’m talking TARGETED MARKETING! These contacts surely won’t go around telling everyone about you, but the minute they speak to someone who needs anything remotely in line with Registered�Migration�Agents what you do … guess who they will refer Specializing�in�: them to! � Skilled�Visas Now for the next � Business�Visas breakfast you attend, � Family�Migration�and�Spouse�Visas I’d like to encourage � Employer�Nomination�Visas you to “Adopt an � Temporary�Visas Aussie” and bring along an Australia For�further�information�contact�: friend/business Jane�Taljaard BA�LL.B�MIA associate you’ve met. MARN�9581295 After all, the idea is Tel:��(07)�3806-1456 to help South Africans Email�:� integrate with the Tel/Fax�:�(011)�918-4931�South�Africa Australian business community!





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As an ex-South African, I can honestly say that I love my new life in Australia. This beautiful country has been very good to me and I have found myself settled and happy in the ‘new land’. Every now and then, however, especially when thumbing through old holiday albums or driving in the hinterland where the landscape is so reminiscent of the South African bush, I find myself nostalgic for open-topped land rovers, excited, albeit hushed, whispers trying to draw attention to some or other marvellous creature just out of sight in the shadowed bushes, and the crackling of a bonfire accompanied by the spine chilling coughs of a nearby lion, the nocturnal rumblings of an elephant or the snickering of a hyena. Even though hopping on a plane for a bushveld holiday is not a possibility, I have discovered a fantastic DVD series that offers a slice of the African landscape to any veld-longing immigrant! The award winning GO-AFRICA Wildlife Series is presented by Get Lost travel magazine and consists of nine volumes, each between 85 and 110 minutes in length. Each documentary is a visual feast of the majesty and fierceness of Africa; her landscape, her inhabitants and her soul, with impressive photography accompanied by eloquent narration and an indigenous musical score. What is noteworthy about this series is the variety of the subject matter. These interesting snapshots of Africa include the life of lions of the Kalahari, a look at all five species of rhinoceros across the globe, the story of the skilful trackers of the red dunes, the many faces of Kruger Park (one of my personal favourites), the standoff between elephants and the helicopters used to monitor and manage them, and a beautiful fusion of the images and music of Africa. The films are by no means a romanticised portrait of Africa but present an honest and at times brutal picture of this vast and rugged land, and the often epic struggle for survival her inhabitants must endure. The tragedy in the films, however, is counterbalanced by the miracle of new life, the clumsy antics of amusing creatures, stunning sound and colour, and spectacular cinematography. From a small dragonfly to the massive elephant, the GO-AFRICA Wildlife Series offers an impressive array of images that are inspiring and informative. Although it cannot replicate the dusty smell of the bush, the tranquillity of a blazing African sunset or the thrill of actually spotting an elusive creature hiding in the wilderness, I have no doubt that this beautifully filmed, diverse and informative series would be greatly appreciated by any savannah loving ex-pat! To comment on or rate this review visit

WIN!!! WIN!!!! WIN!!! Sabona Magazine has 5 complimentary copies of Volume 1 of the GO-AFRICA DVDs to give away!! Be one of the first 5 readers to comment on this DVD review at and win, thanks to

“Our Lady on the Sea’ has been celebrating couples exchange of vows since 1997. You and up to 75 guests can experience the Gold Coast on the beautiful calm Broadwater. The quaint Chapel features ‘locallydesigned’ stained glass windows and authentic timber interior. “Our Lady on the Sea” is non-denominational and you can arrange your own Minister or Celebrant. “Our Lady on the Sea’ is an ideal and unique venue for your Ceremony and Reception. The Chapel can be relocated to any navigable location on the Broadwater for your special day. Contact our event

coordinator to discuss your individual requirements.

Welcome Aboard

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Queensland's�Original Manufacturer�of Quality�Biltong and Supplier�of Imported�Goodies from Aromat to ... Zambuk


Tel. 07 3890�1584 Email:�baie_

John��looks�forward�to�satisfying your�taste�buds�!

Open 9am�to�5pm�Tuesday�to�Saturday Sabona: Issue Five


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End of Year Tax Tips Patricia Bakker I Taxpresso

The end of the financial year in Australia is 30 June and is fast approaching. The due date to lodge a tax return is 31 October 2008 unless it is prepared by a registered tax agent. So what can you do between now and the 30 June to ensure you pay just the right amount of tax?


Increase deductions

Deductions reduce the amount of taxable income and consequently the tax payable.

1. Keep all receipts for any expenses for five years. 2. Accelerate deductions by paying for them before year


3. Employment related expenses include:

• Motor vehicle expenses (remember to keep a log book for 12 weeks in order to maximise any possible deductions) • Travelling expenses (such as airfares, accommodation, parking and tolls) • Laundry and uniform expenditure • Self-education expenses • Subscriptions to professional bodies • Stationery • Tools of trade • Home office expenses (such as electricity) • Depreciation on computers and other home office fixtures and fittings • Mobile and other telephone costs • Internet expenses.

4. Investment including rental properties and negative gearing: • • • •

Obtain a depreciation schedule (generally 2.5% of construction cost and higher rates for fixtures and fittings). The cost of the report is an allowable tax deduction in the year paid. Borrowing expenses are deductible over 5 years or the term of the loan, whichever is the lessor. Borrowing costs include loan establishment fees, mortgage protection insurance, legal fees, mortgage stamp duty, valuation and survey fees. Interest on borrowing depends on the “purpose” of the loan rather than the security. Other costs include agents’ commission, advertising, body corporate expenses, cleaning, council rates gardening/lawn mowing, insurance, land tax, sundry legal costs, pest control, stationery/phone/postage, repairs and maintenance and travel to inspect the property.


5. Maximizing allowable superannuation contributions

prior to year end.

6. Deductions for business: • • • • • • •

Borrowing expenses for working capital or purchase of business assets. Interest on working capital. Contributions to complying funds for employee superannuation. Utilise administration companies/service entities for self-employed professional persons. Write off bad debts before year end. Maximise deprecation of capital items. Value trading stock correctly at year end so as to minimise tax (write off any obsolete stock or value the stock at lower than cost).

7. Take advantage of any incentive deductions which include: • • •

Gifts or donations. Research and development expenditure. Environment-related incentives and landcare operations.

sabona business feature

4 2

Reducing your income

Enter into a salary-sacrifice arrangement with your employer for exempt or beneficial fringe benefits such as cars, superannuation contributions, laptop computers, child care on employer’s business premises, low interest loans for investment purposes and certain components of living away from home allowances. Select the best option to calculate any capital gain. • Maximise the cost base of any asset that you sell to minimise your capital gain. • Utilise current or prior year capital losses when making a capital gain. Remember that the loss must be subtracted from any capital gain before applying the 50% discount. • Exclude any items that are tax exempt (such as certain foreign employment income, and interest or dividends that have been subject to withholding tax). • •


• • •

Methods of diverting income

Investments in shares may be sold or given to a low rate taxpayer (such as a husband or wife). Hold investments in the low rate taxpayers name rather than in joint names. Consider structure and possible recipients of income such as members of the taxpayer’s family, a family company, a discretionary family trust, a loss company or a unit trust.

TOP TEN TAX TIPS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Keep all receipts Keep a log book Pay for expenses prior to year end Salary sacrificing for “exempt benefits” Salary sacrificing into superannuation Write off bad debts Use the STS system for business taxpayers Value trading stock correctly Claim all allowable rental property expenses Claim all tax offsets

To comment on or rate this feature visit

Reducing the rate of tax

Tax offsets directly reduce the amount of tax payable and include: • • • • • •

Franking credits on “franked shares”. Foreign tax credits. Rebates for certain personal superannuation contributions. Medical expenses – 20% of net family medical expenses in excess of $1,500 can be claimed by one taxpayer. Maximise the spouse rebate by using “seperate net income” which is taxable income less any expenses that are not normally tax deductible such as travel to work, food and child care. Private health insurance offset if not already claimed through reduced premiums.

Reducing the rate of tax can also be done by delaying income: • • • •

Certain business taxpayers can choose cash vs accruals which may delay income not yet received to the following year. Account for income received in advance correctly so as to delay receipt to the next year. Retire from employment in July rather than in June. Exchange contracts when selling a property in July rather than in June.

Alec Watson B.Sc. MBA St.George Mortgage Connect Mobile Lender Alec is our St.George Mortgage Connect Mobile Lender on the Gold Coast. He will take the time to understand your needs before recommending a home loan that best works for you. ● Portfolio Home Loan

● Low Doc Home Loan

● Basic Home Loan

● Foreign Currency Home Loans

● No Deposit Home Loan

● Advantage Package

Phone: 1300 555 222 Mobile: 0408 622 549

Sabona: Issue Five

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12/3/07 5:00:06 PM

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finance Q & A

business & finance

Samantha & Nicole

Richard Hill I Tauras Financial

Interested in Interest?

Lessons for Australian investors From the subprime mortgage crisis in the US: With investment markets still shaken by the credit meltdown in the sub-prime mortgage sector in the United States, now is a good time to spend some time looking at exactly where your money is invested. Owning a portfolio of investments that are diversified and managed by experts is fundamental to investment success. Decisions about buying, selling and holding are challenging enough in the best of times, let alone when a subprime crisis in the US is starting to ripple through Australia’s markets changing the way we look at risk. Above all else it is important to keep things in context. Australia does not have the sub-prime mortgage problem the US does, this type of lending, which to date has been very common in the US, is rare in Australia. In broad terms, the sub-prime mortgage crisis came about after vast numbers of mortgages were granted to people unable to afford them. The only way people could afford these loans was through discounted introductory rates (or honeymoon rates) where the interest rate doubles two to three years into the term of the loan. It is at the end of the honeymoon period that people run into trouble and can’t fund the increasing repayments. This then forces the lender to sell the property and recover the amount owing plus any unpaid interest. Adding more fuel to the fire, a large percentage of these sub-prime loans were packaged into investments and sold by banks and other financial institutions as “structured” or “securitised” lending products. These are the products that have caused Merrill Lynch and Citigroup to write off tens of billions of dollars after it came to light that the properties used as security were dropping in value and worth less than the loans written over them. These events have rightly changed people’s attitude to risk and this is now playing out on a global scale as consumers and businesses take stock, exercise greater caution and reduce their spending. These issues serve as a timely reminder that risk comes with a price. Share markets rise and fall and after a prolonged period of steady economic growth we are entering a period of greater uncertainty. For investors it is not time to panic. However, the recent issues in the US emphasizes the importance in the value of good financial advice. A good financial adviser will regularly review your portfolio’s diversification and check the value of your holdings in the main investment classes: Australian shares, international shares, property, fixed interest and cash. He or she will also check that the percentage you have in each investment class, is appropriate to your age, personal circumstances and when you need to access your investment. To comment on or rate this article visit

As the end of the financial year fast approaches, many investors become focused on tax effective borrowing. This is where an Interest in Advance Loan becomes extremely popular. Interest in Advance Loans are comparable to most Fixed Rate and Interest only investment loans. The main and most important point of difference is that borrowers can pay the next year’s interest on the loan in advance, and in some circumstances claim it as a tax deduction for that current year.

This means that come the end of the financial year, eligible investors can get part of their interest back in the form of a tax deduction. Interest only loans suit investors who are eligible for tax deductions and wish to bring their tax deduction to an earlier financial year. Interest in Advance loans are suitable for investors who have a large tax liability the one year, and not the next year. If you prepay your next year’s interest and claim it in this financial year, you will legally maximize the tax benefits of investing. Another benefit of an Interest In Advance Loan is some lenders may offer a discounted interest rate because the interest is being paid upfront. However, investors need to do their research and plan their strategy well. You need to have on-going cash flows and a savings plan in place to pay the fixed interest at a set time whether it is monthly, quarterly, or annually. If you would like any further information on Interest in Advance Loans, please contact Samcol Finance on (07)5594 2724 or email Samantha on To comment on or rate this article visit

 Let us take the stress out of your  Accounting & Tax problems


We will look after all your Tax and Accounting  affairs so you can focus on what you do best - running your business.  Call us today and relax!

Patricia Bakker Chartered Accountant B.Com., M.Bus., CA



Taxpresso Pty Ltd  1/492 Christine Avenue, Robina


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business development Catherine Palin Brinkworth

Getting Richer Thank You!

WARNING: The following information is highly sensitive and restricted to people who are seriously committed to living full and successful lives. It is not for cowards, victims, or the faint-hearted. A former

friend (!) asked me some time back “If you’re so smart, why aren’t you rich?” Hmm. Heaps of feedback in that question, don’t you think? Apart from the slightly obvious hint of conflict in our relationship, and the clear dig at my own communication style, it gave me cause for thought. My answer at the time was the retort “I am extremely rich, thank you very much, in the ways that really matter!” And that was true. However you have fared this financial year - please be sure to celebrate it. Our tendency is usually to beat up on ourselves, for what we have not done. Please make sure you take someone you treasure out to dinner or somewhere special, to celebrate having survived another 12 months, to celebrate having them in your life, to celebrate the riches that you can truly lay claim to. Whether your business made a profit or a loss, your life has gained immeasurably from the experiences you have had and the lessons you have learned. Whether you get a tax refund or a nasty notice, your only real debt is one of gratitude to yourself and those who have supported you, for encouragement, guidance and persistence. I am no financial guru, although the financial services industry was my corporate training ground, and I have some credentials. But I have actually learned through some hard times and good advice that the way to make more money is simple:

1.6 litre DOHC engine, Air Conditioning, Driver and front passenger airbags


HoldenBarina FR




100 quality used cars in stock Competitive finance available FR


• Work harder to impress my bank manager than my peers • Don’t spend a cent until it is earned, received AND banked - and then think twice • Never borrow to buy non-income producing items • Leverage my skills and services through systems and replication • Take time out to think, learn, and dare new possibilities



2.0 litre petrol engine, Air Conditioning, Driver and front passenger airbags, ABS

Doing all of that of course is not quite so simple, particularly when old habits kick in. I’m living every day with old belief systems, too, which hold me back. You too? Stay awake and watchful. We have a new year to face, financially, which gives us unlimited new chances to choose differently and act with awareness. We can choose differently, if we have noticed any past actions that have inhibited our wealth creation. We can create massive financial success this year; we have all the tools at our disposal, an environment of opportunity, and a heap of smart stuff amongst us, which when we share it can save us all a lot of pain and anguish. So here are the riches we start the year with: • Life experience - the knowledge and wisdom that has come with it. • Friends, family, colleagues, peers and networks who support us and want us to succeed. • Energy, commitment, drive and enthusiasm • Proof from our past that we can and do survive challenges and move forward no matter what turns up • And perhaps the greatest, the capacity to learn, change, modify, adapt and grow. To comment on or rate this article visit


Hyundai i30





‘We have an extensive range of Holden, Hyundai and Certified Used vehicles and our team will ensure that you select the most suitable vehicle to meet your needs. There’s no pressure, just friendly advice.’ Contact PHILIP LORETZ ON 0423 954 904 or

9483 3333

343-355 Pennant Hills Rd. Pennant Hill s Pictures for illustrative purposes only. DL11658McK13005

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 

    

        

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Business Consultant


Jennifer D. Maree Coaching, Facilitation and Training Phone: (02) 9939 5092 Mobile: 0418 488 308

Management Rights – A Home with an Income

Car Sales North City Holden 345 Scarborough Beach Rd Osborne Park , Perth Phone: (08) 9273 2222 Ask for our South African Salesman Mark Robertson

Travel    

 

  

Cathy Robinson Travel Arrangements Worldwide Phone: (07) 5444 8834 Mobile: 0411 867 256

A stable, well established industry where the purchase price includes a residence and you have a guaranteed income with long term stability. Prices range between $300,000 to $5,000,000 determined by a location, unit size, length of contract etc - incomes vary between $30,00 and $400,000. Many ex-pats have already purchased. An information package is available regarding this exciting industry. Include your family requirements & I will send appropriate property information plus photos where possible. Penny Lawson Mobile: 0427 781 802

Health Health Link Nursing Agency Phone: (07) 5530 3707 Email :

Holiday Accommodation Elsie Botha Phone: (07) 5559 1138 Mobile: 0418 740 695

Events Organiser Gold Coast Events Birthdays, 21St Birthdays, All Special Ocassions. Chocolate, Wine and Cheese Fondues for rent. Mobile: 0413 913 630

Interior Design


Red Door Interiors Phone: (07) 5533 9393 Mobile: 0400 590 045

FINANCE Capitalcorp works for the clients not the banks so we source the most competitive finance solution to suit your needs. We specialise in Commercial and Business Finance, Equipment Finance, Car Loans, Personal Loans & Home Loans. Please call 1300 766 996 or email


BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY Multinational Company focused on the Anti-ageing and Wellness industry preparing to launch into ZA Seeking an entrepreneurial person to partner with us to assist in developing marketing teams there. No large investment needed. Needs a quality contact base in South Africa. Must be able to work as part of a team and be willing to travel. You would be running your own business but operate within a proven support structure. For further details please contact or Mobile: 0423 833 443 Phone: +61 7 32114943

HOLIDAY ACCOMMODATION Pacific Palms Beautiful Accommodation Savour the moment in some of Pacific Palms most exclusive self-contained accommodation perfectly positioned to take advantage of stunning Boomerang, Blueys or Elizabeth beaches, the fabulous lake systems of the Myall, Wallis and Smiths, and some of the regions best seafood and relaxed coastal flavour all only 3 hours from Sydney. or phone Dominique on 0417 651 695

Santa Cruz Hair Design Clear Island Waters 07 5572 0277 Ex-East London RSA Award Winning Hairstylist

Have your hair styled to suit your hair type, flatter your features and compliment your lifestyle, with meaningful consultation, courtesy, comfort and hygiene. 10% Discount on Presenting this Advert

Dean Purtell

Oxenford Realty Pty Ltd Mobile: 0416 104 771

Phone: (07) 5573 6222 Fax: (07) 5573 6224

Dean has over 25 years in the Real Estate Industry having owned and operated “Realty 1 Southbroom” in South Africa. Now working with Oxenford Realty on the Gold Coast and specialising in the northern corridor.

If you are looking for some advice about the property market on the Gold Coast, thinking of listing or selling?

Please feel free to call me on 0416 104 771

Shop 6 Leatherline Centre Old Pacific Highway Oxenford Qld 4210 ▪ PO Box 484 Oxenford QLD 4210


Contact�:�Dennis�&�Denise Tel: 07 5528 0077��Email: The�Brickworks�Annex,�6/19�Warehouse�Rd,�Southport�QLD�4215

THE COMPLETE FINANCIAL SOLUTION * Insurance * Tax Planning * Home Loans^ * Investments * Superannuation Contact:

Richard M Hill (CA)SA Taurus Financial Services

Phone: +61-(0)7 5569 2499 Mobile: +61-(0)414 886 966 Email: All financial planning services are provided by Richard M Hill, Authorised Representative of

Professional Investment Services Pty Ltd AFSL : 234951. ABN 11 074 608 558 Head Office: Level 16, Corporate Centre One, Cnr Bundall Road & Slatyer Avenue, Bundall QLD 4217 ^Home loans are provided through an associated entity.

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