Ontario Focus spring 2021

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80 Atlantic Commercial mass timber delivers high performance By Richard Witt Hullmark and BentallGreenOak on behalf of Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada commissioned BDP Quadrangle to establish a premium office building at 80 Atlantic in the Liberty Village area of Toronto. The objective was to expand on the creative class community and culture that they had already established with the loft-and-beam conversion of 60 Atlantic, leveraging innovative design to attract quality tenants.


1. 80 Atlantic complements Liberty Village’s wealth of converted factory and warehouse buildings while also providing a blueprint for sustainable and economically competitive new developments. 2. and 3. (next page) The transparency of the south-facing elevation enlivens the streetscape. The buff Ceramitex rainscreen and the scale of the punched windows honour the industrial brick vernacular of the area. The thin sintered ceramic slab is manufactured with fiberglassreinforced mesh backing that is adhered to the Elemex Unity® attachment technology.

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