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Reliable Controls® Headquarters Annex | Victoria Reliable Controls® Headquarters Annex is a LEED® Platinum certified facility, home to Reliable Controls’ corporate departments, research and development, and technical support. With two storeys of offices above ground and two levels

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of underground parking, the facility is annex to the existing manufacturing facility, and achieved LEED Platinum certification, earning 56 out of 70 possible points. The Reliable Controls headquarters Annex includes rain gardens and an extensive bioswale system at the centre of the structure’s stormwater management and soil erosion strategy. The system yields a 54% reduction in stormwater runoff from the LEED boundary. Before entering the bioswales, rain is first captured in two 7.5 m2 cisterns and stored for flushing toilets and irrigation. No potable water is used for irrigation, and the building consumes

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60% less potable water than a baseline building. This exemplary achievement earned the facility an innovation credit. 99% of all construction waste was diverted from landfill or incinerators. Over 56% of the wood used in constructing the facility was Forest Stewardship Council certified. Lighting for the building consists of modulating interior florescent







harvesting, as well as LED lighting in corridors, lobbies, and exterior lighting. For more information:


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LEED Score Card - Platinum Sustainable Sites Water Efficiency Energy & Atmosphere Materials & Resources Indoor Environmental Quality Innovation & Design Process TOTAL

12/14 5/5 12/17 8/14 14/15 5/5 56/70