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438 University Avenue 2014

438 University Avenue is a 20-storey, 322,912 square foot commercial office building located in downtown Toronto, Ontario. The building is owned and managed by Dream Office REIT, and was originally constructed in 1990-1991.

Dream Office REIT began the process to achieve LEED EB:O+M Gold in 2011. The road to certification began with extensive building retrofits that impacted HVAC, lighting, controls, and modified operations and maintenance practices. Tenant engagement was a large part of the process, ensuring that the goals surrounding waste reduction, sustainable purchasing, and environmental guidelines for suite renovations were adopted throughout the building. With all parties working together towards one common goal, 438 University Avenue received LEED EB:O+M Gold Certification in 2014 with a total of 71 points achieved. This achievement demonstrates Dream Office REIT’s ongoing commitment towards improving the performance and sustainability of the properties they manage. Building off of this success, Dream Office REIT is dedicated to expanding the number of LEED EB:O+M certified buildings within their portfolio.

LEED SCORE CARD - GOLD Sustainable Sites Water Efficiency Energy & Atmosphere Materials & Resources Indoor Environmental Quality Innovation in Design Regional Priority Total

19/26 8/14 17/35 6/ 10 12/15 6/6 3/4 71/110

PROJECT PERFORMANCE Energy Savings Water use reduction Alternative Transportation Materials Selection Other Metrics

Energy Star Score of 84 31.74% 56.7% 00% lamps contain low-mercury High Performance Green Cleaning, Green Education Program, and Integrated Pest Management Program

The CRCHUM, a Gold LEED certified building Striving for excellence in health, in a healthy environment! - Opened in October 2013, the Centre de recherche du Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal [CRCHUM] is one of the largest French-speaking research centres in North America. The mission of the CRCHUM is to improve health in adults by promoting excellence through a research continuum that covers basic sciences, clinical research and population health research.


The CRCHUM offers high-technology platforms, as well as bright spaces where people come together, to nearly 2,000 researchers, students, professionals and employees. “The Gold LEED certification is in line with the approach we have at the CRCHUM, namely trying to exceed expectations through innovation and striving toward criteria of excellence in health and environment,” said Jacques Turgeon, the CHUM’s Chief Executive Officer. Environmental performance of the CRCHUM: - Access to public and active transportation - Effective water management - Energy efficiency - Healthy and local materials

Numerous prizes, including: - Prize for the best commercial type real estate project, Urban Development Institute of Quebec - Prize for the best project, Project Management Institute of Montreal

The CRCHUM, daring to research further!


sabMag - SPRING 2015

Digital leed review  


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