BC Focus fall 2021

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VEIL HOUSE Design based on circular economy and indoor/outdoor living By Measured Architecture Our client, a family of four, wanted to root themselves in an established charismatic neighbourhood on Vancouver’s east side. They asked for a single-family residence that, while modern, would conform with the pitched roof silhouettes of neighbouring houses. They also envisioned the house to be built using sustainable practices as much as possible. In addressing the needs of the clients, a circular economy approach became an important part of the design. The build began with the original house being ‘unbuilt’ or disassembled, with a 93.67% recycling rate achieved. In total, almost 74,000 kg of material was recycled while over 9,000 kg were salvaged and donated to

1 1. The street view of the stained cedar-clad house.

2 2. 95% of the building lies within 7m of an opening. Combined with an operable skylight, light and air permeates every habitable room in the house. 26