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Canadian Directory of Products and Services for Sustainable, High-Performance Building


LEED categories noted for the products listed in the following pages are intended to show how these products can potentially help a project earn LEED v4 points


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Site | Landscaping | Rainwater harvesting

* companies in bold have a 1/8-page listing

Landscaping products



Advanced Panel Ptoducts Ltd.

Bayview Cycle Centre

Techno Protection

All Weather Insulated Panels

Bike Up


TerraFirm Enterprises

Alumicor Building Excellence

Biogreen Systems Ltd.



Busch Systems Ltd.

Integrated Paving Concepts Inc.



Carmanah Technologies

Invisible Structures Inc.

Wishbone Industries Ltd.

Canadian Brass and Copper Co.

Champagne Edition Inc.

Liveroof Ontario Inc.

Colbond Inc.

Maglin Site Furniture

Contech Construction Products Inc.

Midpoint International Inc.

CRS Electronics

Molok North America Ltd.

Deltalok Inc. – Green Retaining Wall Structures

Mutual Materials

D. Litchfield & Co Ltd.


Envirobond Products Corporation

Waterloo Biofilter Systems Inc.

Performance Bike

ZCL Composites Inc.

Epcor Gator International GE WattStation Green Screen GSE Lining Technology, Inc. Hydrotech Membrane

catec rainwater harvesting systems CATEC Microprocessor controlled disinfection and filtration systems are custom designed to satisfy any requirement. We match and marry each parameter to suit your specific needs. 416-579-3795

LEED BD+C and O+M: SS-Rainwater Management


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Millennium Decking

N.A.T.S. Nursery Ltd.

Rainwater harvesting Bordna Mona Inc. Catec Rainwater Harvesting Systems Jay R. Smith Co.

South Side Air

Dryvit Systems Canda Dupont/Tyvek Engineered Assemblies Flynn Canada Ltd. Insulspan Kawneer Company Inc. Kingspan Insulated Panels KlipTech Composites

Pontarolo Engineering Inc. Smart Ditch

CBR Products


Sto Corp. North America

Aqua-Tex Scientific Consulting Ltd.

Syntal Products Ltd.

The Langley Concrete Group

Tatlors Recyled Plastics Inc.

Royal Liner

McGill Architectural Products Metl-Span Nichiha P.F.B Corporation Stonerox Terramai

The Langley Concrete Group is a supplier of precast concrete products in British Columbia. Product lines include dedicated Stormwater Treatment products such as Oil Interceptors, Stormceptors, and Jellyfish. (604) 533-1656

Molok® deep collection™ system
 The Molok® Deep Collection™ system is an innovative alternative for collecting waste, recyclables and organics. With two-thirds underground, Molok® containers need to be emptied less often, reducing truck traffic and lowering emissions.

LEED V4 – Sustainable Sites Credit

LEED BD+C: MR-Storage and Collection of Recyclables, Building Product Disclosure and Optimization:Sourcing of Raw Materials

Unilock products can help with your LEED certification goals. Our products have been used on many LEED projects in North America. For additional information please contact: COMMERCIAL.UNILOCK.COM | 1-800-UNILOCK LEED BD+C:SS-Rainwater Management, Heat Island Reduction; MR-Building Product Disclosure and Optimization-Sourcing of Raw Materials; LEED O+M:SS-Rainwater Management, Heat Island Reduction

Structure & Exterior envelope

Thames Valley Brick and Tile Triton Logging Company

Envirospec Incorporated


Hycrete, Inc.

Uniboard Canada Linc.

Firestone Building Products

Siplast Lcopal Inc.

Lafarge North America Inc.

United Stages Aluminum

G.E.M. Inc./Euroshield



Green Innovations


Logix Insulated Concrete Forms

Green Over Grey



Green Space Roofing

W.R. Meadows of Canada

BioRoof Systems

Hydrotech Membrane Corporation


Caradoc Green Roofs Ltd.

Jakob Inc.

Carlisle Construction Materials

Johns Manville


Carlisle SynTec

Lexcan Limited

Crowe Building Products Ltd.

Amvic ICF

Liveroof Ontario Inc.

Detec Systems

Bailey Metal Products Ltd.


Duro-Last® Roofing, Inc.

Bone Structure

Metal Roofing Alliance

Elevated Landscape Technologies Inc.

N.A.T.S. Nursery Ltd.

Butler Buildings CanadaCanadian Brass and Copper Co.

ELT Easy Green


Green Roof Systems

ZinCo Canada

McKillican International Inc. Meiser Canada Nordic Engineered Wood Nucor-Yamato Steel Nudura Polycrete Project Frog Roseburg Forest Products Simple Concept Steelcase Structurlam Super Sky Products

Canam / Murox



Walters Inc. Western Archrib

WISHBONE SITE FURNISHINGS A recognized leader in the development and manufacture of “Made in Canada” street furnishings. Using recycled plastics and metals, Wishbone products speak innovation through design that is aesthetically pleasing and functional. 866-626-0476 LEED BD+C, ID+C: Building Product Disclosure and OptimizationSourcing of Raw Materials. LEED Home: Environmentally Preferable Products

Alumicor is a leading supplier of architectural aluminum building products, supporting LEED® and green building projects. Alumicor serves North America through facilities in Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal and Halifax. Winnipeg Toronto Montreal Halifax


1 1 1 1

800 665 3635 877 258 6426 866 586 4267 888 346 5151

At Bailey Metal Products Ltd. we are committed to the advancement of lightweight steel framing as an environmentallyfriendly green building product that reduces energy consumption and waste, improves indoor air quality and conserves water and natural resources for both new and existing commercial and residential buildings. 1-800-668-2154 LEED BD+C:MR-Building Product Disclosure and OptimizationSourcing of Raw Materials LEED Homes: MR-Environmentally Preferable Products

Outsulation® Systems are a trusted choice for architects, building owners and contractors who want a high performance, insulated cladding solution that can provide everything needed from a building code perspective, and a versatile appearance of stucco, limestone, brick or metal.

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Thermal & Windows

G.E.M. Inc. manufactures Euroshield®, environmentally friendly recycled rubber roofing products from a facility located in Calgary, Alberta. It employs in excess of 30 people producing EuroSlate, Heritage Slate, EuroShake, Beaumont Shake and Harvest Shake. LEED BC+C: MR-Construction and Demolition Waste Management, Building Product Disclosure and Optimization-Sourcing of Raw Materials LEED Homes: MR-Environmentally Preferable Products and Construction Waste Management

* companies in bold have a 1/8-page listing

Hydrotech’s Garden Roof (Trademark on Garden Roof) is the most advanced in the industry. It is a completely integrated system from the membrane up to, and including, the plants. Hydrotech’s single source warranty coverage includes watertightness, thermal value of the insulation, wind uplift and plant survival. Contact Hydrotech for complete details. 1-800-361-8924 LEED BD+C and O+M: SS-Rainwater Management, Heat Island Reduction, MR-Building Product Disclosure and Optimization-Sourcing of Raw Materials

Facing the Future LiveRoof is the premier pre-vegetated green roof system available across Canada. Regionally grown modules with vegetation specifically selected and tested for your climate by the horticultural professionals at LiveRoof. Wind uplift tested according to CSA A123.24-15. [800] 875-1392 LEED BD+C: SS- Rainwater Management, Heat Island Reduction; WE-Outdoor Water Use Reduction; Building Product Disclosure and Optimization-Sourcing of Raw Materials; LEED O+M: Rainwater Management, Heat Island Reduction

StoneRox is a Canadian-Made, Lightweight Facing Stone. Production facility located in Stouffville, Ontario. Its recycled content as well as the environmental benefit of transportation proximity, contribute to LEED Points. Manufactured to exceed CSA standards. LEED BD+C:SS-Heat Island Reduction; MR-Building Product Disclosure and OptimizationSourcing of Raw Materials,Enhanced Indoor Air Quality Strategies LEED HOME:SS-Heat Island Reduction

visit the online directory at:

From vegetative roofs to built up and modified bitumen roofs, and other energy-efficient systems, Tremco’s diagnostic evaluations and roofing products provide the solutions to lower the costs of running new or renovated facilities. 800-668-9879 LEED BD+C:SS-Rainwater Management, Heat Island Reduction; WE-Outdoor Water Use Reduction LEED O+M:SS-Rainwater Management, Heat Island Reduction


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High quality fiberglass building products that enable some of the most energy-efficient buildings in the world. LEED categories: Cascadia products drastically improve energy efficiency, allowing the energy-related credits in Energy and Atmosphere to be realized. Additionally, in the new LEED v4, Cascadia products are all Declared LBC Red-List Free, which directly contributes to the building product disclosure and optimization credits within the ‘Material & Resources’ category.

WANT TO SAVE ENERGY? INSULATE YOUR WINDOWS! Choose from R-9, R-15 or R-20 insulation. Save up to 30% on heating and cooling costs. Insulate your windows like you insulate your walls.

LEED BD+C and ID+C:EA-Optimize Energy Performance LEED Homes:EA-Windows

EuroLine Windows® high performance, high quality windows and doors are custom made in Canada. Our ThermoPlus™ PHC system is ideal for Passive House, LEED, and Net Zero building projects. 1.800.337.8604

Thermal & Windows Insulation Accurate Dorwin Arxx Building Products BASF Canada Benolec Llt. BioBased Insulation Demilec, Heatlok Soya, PolarFoam Soya

Louiseville Specialty Products

McGill Architectural Products

Duxton Windows

MechoShade Systems, Inc.

Eco Insulating Glass

Magwall Inc.

Phantom Manufacturing Int’l Ltd.

Edgetech I.G. Inc. Fibertec Window and Door

Owens Corning

Sun Glow Window Covering Canada

Phil Insul Corp

SunProject Toro Inc.

Plastiques Cellulaires Polyfoam Inc.

Urban Edge Shading Inc.

Monoglass Inc. Nudura Corporation

Euroline Windows Fulton Windows/Oldcastle High Performance Glass Ltd. Hi-Tech Energy Windows

Windows and doors

Inline Fiberglass Ltd.

Roxul Inc.

Advanced Glazing Systems

Jeld-Wen Windows & Doors/ Willmar


All Weather Windows

LiteZone™ Insulating Glass


Allan Window Technologies

Loewen Windows


Marvin Windows and Doors

Good Shepard Wool Insulation

Thermafiber, Inc.

Belisle Ancestral Doors & Windows

Thermo-Cell Industries Ltd.

Cascadia Design Products

Icynene Insulation

Therm-O-Comfort Co Ltd.

Cascadia Windows Ltd


Clearstream Architecturl Glass

Dura Foam/Canadian Industrial Distributors Inc. Dow Building Solutions Durisol Building Systems Inc. Emercor Ltd. Formtech International Corp.

Igloo Cellulose Inc. IntegraSpec


Isolofoam Group

Alcan Composites Inc.

Kingspan Insulated Panels

C/S Construction Specialties

Knauf Insulation

Convenience Group Inc.

Logix Insulated Concrete Forms

Fraser Shading Systems Inc. Hunter Douglas Canada Ltd.

Inline Fiberglass LTD. Inline Fiberglass highperformance windows and doors are environmentally friendly, durable and sustainable. They offer: • Superior energy efficiency • Low maintenance demand • Currently found in LEED designated – Platinum, Gold and Silver Projects. Canada & USA LEED BD+C and ID+C:EA-Optimize Energy Performance LEED Homes:EA-Windows

Cossins Windows Canada Ltd. CWD Windows & Doors Donat Flamand Inc. Duo-Gard Industries Inc.

POLLARD WINDOWS INC. LiteZone™ Insulating Glass • Up to R17 for a window (including glass and frame) • Up to R19.6 centre of glass • 60 year life Award Winner for 2016 “CaGBC Product of the Year” LEED Homes 2009: EAc1, EAc4 LEED BD+C 2009: EAc1 LEED Homes v4: Windows LEED BD+C v4: Optimize energy performance

Pollard has been producing quality windows and doors for nearly 70 years. We design, develop and manufacture using our own R&D facility and 300,000+ sq ft state-of-the-art plant. We provide ENERGY STAR® products that are specified in many LEED® certified homes. 800-263-6616 LEED Homes: EA-Windows

North Star Windows & Doors Pollard Windows Solatube International Inc. SunCental Thermothech Fibreglass Fenestration UNILUX WIndows and Doors Velux View Dynamic Glass Window Film Systems

View is the first to deliver large-scale dynamic glass. Unlike traditional windows, ViewGlass intelligently adjusts each window’s tint to enable comfortable environments with reduced heat and glare, maximizing natural light. LEED BD + C: SS: Light Pollution Reduction [1 point] LEED BD + C, and C & S: E&A: Minimum Energy Performance, Optimize Energy Performance [up to 18 points], EQ: Thermal Comfort [1 point], Interior Lighting [2 points], Daylight [3 points], Quality Views [ point], M&R: Building Product Disclosure and Optimization - Material Ingredients [2 points]

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Interior finishes

* companies in bold have a 1/8-page listing

Flooring Abet Laminati American Biltrite Arclin

Healthiest Home Building Supplies

Tate Access Floors

Bamboo Direct



Bentley Prince Street, Inc.

Interstyle ceramic + glass ltd.

The Tandus Group

Bona US

Jelinek Cork Group


Camino Modular Systems Inc.


Turion Bamboo Traders

Century Wood Inc.


Victor Innovatex

Ceramica Concept


Vintage Prefinished Wood Flooring

Colin Campbell

MirageBoa-Franc Inc

W.R. Meadows

Columbia Forest Products

Mondo Flooring

Wood Anchor

C/S Construction Specialtie

Nadurra Wood Corp.

Country Wood Inc.

Nora Systems, Inc.


Norelco Cabinets Ltd.

Elite Flooring

Olympia Tile International Inc.



Orchid Ceramics

Armstrong World Industries

Flexco Corp

Roppe Corporation USA

Aya Kitchens & Bath

Forbo Linoleum Inc.

Shaw Contract Group

Bailey Metal Products Limited

FreeAxez USA

Sierra Pine Ltd.

Goodfellow Inc.

Solida Cork/Eraco International

Interior products


CBR products

Baillargeon Doors has been specializing in the design, manufacture, and marketing of architectural, institutional, fire, and commercial wood doors and jambs. When your projects require custom solutions, anything is possible with Baillargeon! Toll free: 1-800-804-5666 LEED v4 BD+C and ID+C: Building Product Disclosure and OptimizationEnvironmental Product Declarations


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Columbia manufactures interior decorative and industrial plywood panels and decorative veneer. Columbia offers PureBond® DesignEdge®, MPX®, Radius® and Classic Core® panel lines through “A List” distributors and retailers coast to coast. 888.525.1964 LEED BD+C and ID+C:MR-Building Product Disclosure and OptimizationSourcing of Raw Materials;EQ-LowEmitting Materials LEED Homes:MR-Environmentally Preferable Products

Got a tough low-VOC job to spec? Choose BRODA® oil-based and water-based wood and concrete coatings by CBR Products, with architect-proven LEED-compliant formulas. Custom colours and factory pre-finishing services available. 1-888-311-5339

LEED BD+C and ID+C: EQ-LowEmitting Materials LEED Homes: MR-Environmentally Preferable Products

FORBO FLOORING systems Creating better environments... this statement reflects the mission and values of Forbo Flooring. From the indoor environment to the natural environment, Forbo’s products and services combine design and functionality in world-class flooring solutions. 1-800-268-8108 LEED BD+C and ID+C: MR-Source Reduction:Mercury, Lead, Cadmium. Copper; Building Product Disclosure and Optimization-Sourcing of Raw Materials; Low-Emitting Materials

Interior finishes

Busch Systems Ltd.


C/S Construction Specialtie

Nedlaw Living Walls

Century Wood Inc.

Octopus Products Limited

American Formulating & Manufacturing

CertainTeed AirRenew Essential

Olympia Tile International Inc.

Benjamin Moore

CGC Inc.

Portes Baillargeon Doors Inc.

Boomerang Recycled Paint

Columbia Forest Products

Renovators ReSource

CBR Products


Roseburg Forest Products


Dirtt Environmental Solutions Ltd.

Tectum Acoustical Roof Deck

Eco Stucco

Ecomix Environ Biocomposites

Teknion Limited

Laurentide Resources Inc.

GenYDoors Inc

The Global Group

Peintures Laurentide

Georgia-Pacific Canada Inc.

Timber Products Company

PPG Industries, Architectural Coatings

Herman Miller Canada Inc.

TMI Direct

Pratt & Lambert

Homasote Company

Treasured Timbers Inc.

Premium Products Inc.

Ice Stone


Sansin Corp.


Upper Canada Forest Products Ltd.

Schwartz Chemical Corporation



Knoll, Inc. Lambton Doors Lynden Doors

nora systems, inc. Interface World Woven™ collection, inspired by some of the world’s most beloved textiles and made with 100% recycled content nylon brings a distinctive, handcrafted feel to a broad array of interior projects. 866-398-3191

Create a space that delivers the sustainability and energy conservation you are seeking. Provide visitors a healthy environment that possesses good indoor air quality. Save time and money with chemicalfree maintenance that requires only water. Contribute to the achievement of earning LEED points with nora® flooring. 800-332-NORA LEED 2009 MR c-2, 4, 5, 6 / EQ c-4.1, 4.3 LEED v4 MR Building Product Disclosure & Optimization-Environmental Product Declarations, Building Product Disclosure & Optimization-Sourcing of Raw Materials, Construction & Demolition Waste Management / EQ Low-Emitting Materials

TECTUM ACOUSTICAL ROOF DECK, WALL AND CEILING PANELS At Shaw Contract, we believe in the impact of design. We value purpose and authenticity, in our practice and in our products. The result is high performing, Cradle to Cradle Silver™ Certified carpet, designed to improve how people work, learn, heal and live. MR Credits: Building Product Disclosure and Optimisation: - Material Ingredients - Options 1 & 2 - Environmental Product Declarations - Option 1 - Sourcing of Raw Materials - Option 1 EQ Credit: - Low Emitting Materials - Option 1 MR Credit: - Interiors Life-Cycle Impact Reduction - Option 3

• • • •

Environmentally friendly for over 60 years Tectum Composite Panel System includes insulation NRC’s up to 1.00 Contributes to the LEED certification program, 888-977-9691, 800-667-2776 LEED BD+C and ID+C:EA-Optimize Energy Performance; MR-Building Product Disclosure and OptimizationSourcing of Raw Materials; EQ-Acoustic Performance LEED Homes: EA-Optimize Energy Performance; MR-Environmentally Preferable Materials

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Electrical | Plumbing | HVAC | Renewables

* companies in bold have a 1/8-page listing





Automated Logic

Air Quality Engineering Inc.

Acuity Brands

Bosch Water Heating

CorporationDelta Controls Inc.

Air Quality Solutions Ltd.

Artemide Canada Ltd.

Caroma Inc.

Airia Brands Inc.

Axis Lighting

Distech Controls Inc.

De Dietrich Boilers

Bluebeam Software, Inc.

Douglas Lighting Control

Aqua-Tech Sales and Marketing Inc.

Eco Innovation


Cristal Controls

Big Ass Fans

GROHE Canada Inc.

Cooper Lighting

Echoflex Solutions Inc.

Broan-NuTone Canada Inc.

Cree Lighting Canada

HeatLink group Inc. – N Moen Canada


Encelium Technologies Inc.

Marathon International/Baxi

Energex Inc.

Busch Systems International Inc.


Carver Climate System

Eureka Lighting

Marathon International/ Eternal

Honeywell Building Solutions

CGC Group

Eurofase Inc.


Conematic Heating Systems Inc.

Eurolite Inc.

Integrated Lighting Systems

Fifth Light Technology Ltd.

RenewABILITY Energy Inc.

GE Lighting

ReTherm Energy Systems Inc.

Lutron Optimum Energy Products Ltd.

Continental Fan/Aeroflow Enershield Air Barrier

Reliable Controls Corporation

Engineered Air

Texmar Control Systems



Isolation Algon 2000 Inc.

Zero Footprint

Jaga Canada Climate Systems Inc.

Electrical Dyson Canada VÄNEE Deco-Touch™

JAS Filtration Inc. Kerr Controls L2B Environmental Systems Inc.

Gotham Lighting GVA Lighting H.E. Williams, Inc. Hubbell Canada LP Illumineer Ltd. Insight Lighting Ledalite Architectural Products Inc. Leviton

Rheem Canada Ltd. Taco Takagi Canada, Inc. Uponor Ltd. Watercycles Energy Recovery Inc.

Plumbing fixtures

Litemor Distributors Ltd.


Magic Lite

American Standard Canada

Mammoth-WEBCO Inc.

Osram Sylvania Ltd.

Blanco Canada Inc.

Maritime Geothermal/Nordic

Philips Color Kinetics

Clivus Multrum Inc.

Mitsubishi Electric Sales Canada Inc.

Philips Lighting

Crane Plumbing Corporation

Prescolite, Inc.


CGC Group

Nu-Air Ventilation Systems Inc.

Rebelle Architectural Lighting

Kohler C anada

Delta Geothermaique

RadiantLink Infloor Heating


Ecologix Heating Technologies

Novanni Stainless Inc.

Runtal North America, Inc.


Sancor Industries Ltd.


SLS Lighting Inc.

Sloan Valve / Dobbin Sales

Step Warmfloor Ontario Ltd.

Solera Corp.

Sun-Mar Corp.

Tate Access Floors

Solera Sustainable Energies

Tapmaster Incorporated


Standard Lighting

Water Matrix Inc.

TermoDeck Canada

Tambient Lighting

Waterless Co.

Therma-Ray Inc.

Tech Lighting

Uponor Ltd.

Ushio Canada Inc.

Venmar Ventilation Inc.

Westinghouse Lighting Corporation

Ground source Airtechni Boreal Geothermal Inc.

Enertran Technology Inc. FHP Manufacturing GeoSmart Energy Inc. Geothermal Utilities Inc. Geothermix Groundheat Systems HeatLink Group Inc. Ice Kube systems Ltd. NextEnergy Inc. WaterFurnace Int’l Inc.

Ventacity’s Smart Ventilation Viessmann Manufacturing Company Inc. Zehnder America Incorporated


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Masco Canada

Solar AIR Conserval Engineering Inc. Matrix Energy, Inc. Your Solar Home Inc.

Electrical | Plumbing | HVAC | Renewables Solar - PV Bullfrog Power Inc. BP Solar CARMA Industries Inc. Carmanah Technologies Corp. GE Industrial Generation PV Menova Energy Inc. Morgan Solar Inc. Nysan Solar Control Sanyo Canada Inc. Acuity Brands is a leading provider of innovative lighting systems. Our comprehensive portfolio of luminaires, controls and daylighting, delivers intelligent lighting solutions to our customers in key market segments.

Siemens Building Technologies Ltd. Xantrex Technology Inc.

Solar thermal

NY Thermal Inc. Roth Canada Solar Heating Canada

LEED BD+C and ID+C: Optimize Energy Performance

Solar-Max Heating

Aqua-Tech Sales and Marketing Inc. provides the Canadian marketplace with high efficiency, condensing boiler and water heater products manufactured by Lochinvar LLC. More info available at LEED v4 Category potential contributions for New Construction and major Renovations plus Homes for energy performance.

Good design is not just about looks but equally about practicality and sustainability. Who wants design that comes with an expiration date? This is why Duravit develops timelessly modern forms for all of its products. 770-931-3575 LEED BD+C:Water Use Reduction LEED O+M:Indoor Water Use Reduction

Systems Inc. Simple Solar SunPump Solar Inc. Viessmann Manufacturing Company Inc.

Water treatment Canplas Bord na Mona Inc. Bradford White Canada Judo water Treatment Inc. RH20 North America Inc.

sloan valve

Waterloo Biofilter Systems Inc.

Wind Bullfrog Power Inc. Cleanfield Energy Corp. Distribution Jean-Pierre Paquette Energy Wind Systems Inc. Hybridyne Power Systems Canada Nova Sun Power

Our patented Freedom WonTM technology provides the best solar heating available for your LEED or off-grid project. • • • •

Solar Thermal Photo-voltaic Energy monitoring Design & Consulting - Efficient Domestic Hot Water Equipment - 2 or 3 points available for solar thermal systems. - Renewable Energy - up to 4 points available for solar PV systems. - We have done several projects with both solar PV and thermal that can provide 7 LEED points.

Sloan’s High-Efficiency Toilet and Urinal fixtures are engineered for water efficiency. Pair vitreous china fixtures with Sloan’s electronic or manual Flushometers, including dualflush toilet valves and 0.13 gpf urinal valves. Sloan toilets and urinals carry the Water Sense certification.

The VFD’s SelfSensing technology reduces balancing, contractor costs, expensive wiring, and additional sensors. Apply to all your pumping needs: both constant flow chiller/boiler pumps and secondary variable flow pumps.

Dobbin Sales: 1-800-565-8515

LEED BD+C, ID+C:WE-Water Use Reduction LEED O+M: Indoor Water Use Reduction

LEED BD+C:EA-Optimize Energy Performance, ID-Innovation

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Electrical | Plumbing | HVAC | Renewables

Architects, your clients need realistic Net Zero solutions. Here is your sourcebook on how to do more with less.




TM | | 416.993.5225

* companies in bold have a 1/8-page listing

tate access floors With Tate’s underfloor service distribution systems [UFSD], it’s the things you don’t see that makes the difference. A combination of modular wiring, cabling and air delivery systems offers savings in materials and energy efficiency, while also improving air quality.

Uponor is a leading international provider of PEX plumbing, indoor climate and infrastructure systems for the residential and commercial building markets in more than 100 countries worldwide.

905-847-0138 LEED BD+C and ID+C: EA-Optimize Energy Performance, Building Product Disclosure and Optimization-Sourcing of Raw Materials; EQ-Enhanced Indoor Air Quality Strategies, Low-Emitting Materials, Thermal Comfort LEED BD+C:EA-Optimize Energy Performance, Thermal Comfort LEED Homes:Space Heating and Cooling Equipment

visit the online directory at:


green design support + professionals Diamond Schmidtt Architects, Toronto 416 862-8800

VIESSMANN MANUFACTURING COMPANY INC. Ventacity’s Smart Ventilation Management Systems intelligently and efficiently maintain healthy indoor environments in smaller commercial buildings. Ventacity offers a family of HRV’s along with Remote Monitoring and Management Services.

Solar made simple and affordable with the Vitosol DHW SolarPack. Complete package designed for high-performance, simplicity, fast installation and low cost. Features two Vitosol-FM panels, solar tank with pre-mounted pump-control station. 800-387-7373

LEED BD+C and O+M: Optimize Energy Performance


sabMag - winter 2016/17

LEED ED+B:EA-Optimize Energy Performance, Renewable Energy Production.ID-Innovation LEED O+M: EA-Optimize Energy Performance, Renewable Energy and Carbon Offsets

Design Professionals Zehnder America Inc. Zehnder America provides high quality heating and ventilation solutions to promote comfortable, healthy and energy-efficient indoor living. Zehnder’s high-efficiency HRV and ERV systems ensure fresh air for the home year-round.

[603] 422-6700

LEED BD+C and LEED O+M: EA-Optimize Energy Performance LEED Homes: EA-Space Heating and Cooling Equipment

List your services in our 2017 web directory

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green design support + professionals

CPCI members are certified precast professionals; capable and willing to help you complete your next project. By choosing CPCI certified manufacturers, you get quality assurance and experienced manufacturers at no additional cost to you. Involve a CPCI Certified member at the early stages of project planning. Don’t choose imitations! Choose CPCI Certified Plants! Visit for more information.

FABRIQ architecture is a Montreal based firm that delivers innovative and sustainable design solutions for clients in the public and private sectors. They currently have 8 major LEED projects certified or underway. 514.934.1500 x224 Curtis Dining Hall, CFB Borden, in JV with ZAS. Photo: © Uwe Spätling.

Building Solutions for highly efficient and healthy building envelopes. Prefabrication of shells and material supplies [Agepan woodfibre board, Ampack tapes and membranes, Tilt&Turn windows]. 1-844-655-6489 LEED BD+C and ID+C: EA-Optimize Energy Performance;EQ-Thermal Comfort LEED Homes: EA: Envelope Insulation, Windows; MR-Environmentally Preferable Products

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800-520-6281 ext. 304

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