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Evaluation question 3: What Kind of Media Institution Might Distribute Your Media Product and Why? I think for my magazine it would benefit by being produced and distributed by a big company such as Conde’ Nast or IPC Media. I chose Conde’ Nast as they produce all the highend magazines, such as Vogue magazine and Glamour. As my magazine is aimed at a large target audience and is the same social group (consumer culture) as most of the magazines which Conde’ Nast produce. I think Conde’ Nast would also benefit from having my magazine because they have never done anything to do with music and considering mine is more about fashion they would benefit from it because it’s new and fresh but slightly risky. Trying to produce my magazine as an independent publication could be very risky as only one in four magazines survive their first four years. Advantages of my magazine being run by a company (Conde’ Nast), is that they can also develop it to its full potential and hopefully make more money from it. However, if my magazine was published by a big company (Conde’ Nast) it will lose it’s individuality and may turn into a completely different magazine. If my magazine was with Conde’ Nast I think it could be distributed by the UK’s big distributors as it’s different, but I don’t think it would get distributed to all the main outlets as it’s for cool, aspirational types so I will have to be very careful where it is available. I quite like the idea of ‘LOVE’ magazine, it is bi-annual (autumn/winter and spring/summer) and is only sold in WHSmith, you won’t see it sold in ASDA or TESCOS as it is not very common. It is very successful though it is an independent magazine by Katie Grand it is £6.00. Even though it is independent it uses big names and models and is very thick. So is worth the money. I would also be interested in trying to get distribution into urban newsagents and stores such as American Apparel, Urban Outfitters and Starbucks. If this was possible it would mean it wouldn’t have to compete with other titles. There is a big need for synergy so if my magazine was produced by a big company it would probably be online, which would be good but could also trigger companies to make sister magazines like Kerrang and NME.

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