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The titles ‘features’ and ‘regulars’ are red white and blue which fits the house style and they are in capitals so they stand out. They are also placed down the left hand side of the page. The main image fits the house style of the magazine. It is black and white and I have given her red lips and a blue shirt. The black and white creates class.

The smaller image I used also fits the house style; it is black and white with a blue border. And I have edited the picture so each person has either red or blue on them.

The page numbers are white and are in a grey strip down the left hand side of the page so they stand out. I placed them hear so it is easier to read and to keep it simple and tidy.

The issue date and contact information is very small in the left hand side corner of the page on the grey panel in white. So it is there but it is discreet.



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