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The masthead like mine is blue but is different because it is in a different position to mine.

The main image is different to mine as it isn’t as fun; it is more serious because of the content of the magazine. Her gaze is subjective; this draws attention to the audience and pulls the reader in. Her body is facing away from the camera but her head is turned. She is also wearing clothes which are the same colour scheme but this is done in a subtle and discreet way.

The house style is the same as mine, it has the same colour schemes, except mine is darker.

The only graphics used on this cover page is the barcode, similarly to mine. It’s simple but effective it doesn’t make the page too complicated and keeps it neat and tidy.

Simple cover lines, some words are bigger than the others and they are not all the same colour but all follow the colour scheme.

Ev pt 2  
Ev pt 2