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Madrasah Shares Cupcakes and poems for Milad un Nabi This month is the month of our Holy Prophet’s birth in the year 570. Prophet Muhammed was and continues to be an inspiration to Muslims everywhere. He was known for his overall wonderful personality; we have heard many stories on the Prophet’s kindness, piety, and sincerity. At the age of

20th Rabi-ul Awwal January 22, 2014

Jan 26/ 24 Rabi-ul Awwal: Second Semester begins Feb 2/ 2 Rabi-ul Akhar: Semester day two Feb 9/ 9 Rabi-ul Akhar: Madrasah closed. Second teachers training Feb 16/16 Rabi-ul Akhar Madrasah reopens. Semester 2 Day 3 Feb 23/ 23 Rabi-ul Akhar Semester 2 Day 4

40, he announced his Prophethood and began preaching about Islam. Enmity grew among the disbelievers and Prophet Muhammed and is companions were forced to leave Mecca and travel to Medina. Even after all the brutalities, he still forgave those who went against him. Prophet Muhammed is the epitome of what we all strive to be. While we can never replicate his perfection, we all aspire to follow in his footsteps and go on the right path. January 2013 - Newsletter Template


Quote of the Month Prophet Muhammad (saw)

“Whoever follows a path in the pursuit of knowledge, Allah will make a path to paradise easy for him. ” said:


TA class spreads message of “Who is Hussain?” From planning venues, to picking shirt designs, to water bottle assembling events, alhamdulillah our Who Is Hussain? water bottle distribution event was quite a success! We left the Madrassah to make it in time for those making morning strolls at Crane’s Roost Park. At first, getting into the ‘moment’ for many of us wasn’t simple however by the end of our 3 hour shift we’d gotten a word with nearly half of those walking around. Some wished us luck with our endeavors; others gave us scowls taking this as propagation, and quite a few made conversations yearning for more about Imam Hussain and his mission. Being the birthdate of Our Holy Prophet, starting off with him as the basic foundation of our conversation was a route many of us took. Overall, everyone’s efforts truly paid off. On behalf of Madrassah TA Class, we’re definitely looking out to organising & taking part in such events more often, after all the Holy Prophet has said “Islam will spread in all places that have day and night” it’s upon us individuals to act upon this. Special thanks to the Who Is Hussain? Orlando team for their help.

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WANT TO BE IN THE NEXT NEWSLETTER? We are always looking for interesting lesson plans, stories, ideas and pictures to include. Contact either Chandni Ladhu, Sabira Mawji or Suman Ali newsletter@iecacademy. org


January 2013 - Newsletter Template IEC NEWSLETTER

Kindergarten wins Imam Hussain fundraiser The “Walking in the Footsteps of Imam Husain (AS)� Good Deeds fundraiser ended on a positive note with all of the Madrasah classes raising over $700. The Kindergarten class

in the kitchen to sharing with siblings and young children even hand wrote their deeds. We would like to thank the students for working hard to raise the funds and the PTA for

raised the most money and was rewarded with a pizza party organized by the PTA. The deeds varied from helping

providing a great opportunity for us and for treating the winners.

January - Newsletter Template IEC2013 NEWSLETTER

Parents Corner The first semester of Madrasah has gone by quickly and is now coming to a close. As final grades are submitted and report cards sent home, we want to give a few tips on how to approach grades with your kids. Rather than thinking negatively about the low grades your kids may have received, try and encourage them to work harder to improve those grades. If the students put in effort and received such grades, try to be optimistic and see how you can help them improve their learning and studying techniques. Also, think about scheduling an appointment with the teacher to better understand the grade and discuss ideas on how to raise your child’s grade. Provide the motivation that your child may need to become a great student!


Looking back to the 2013 semester

Poets Wanted We are looking for poems written by students to share in our newsletter. If you know a student who would like to share, please email the submission to


January 2013 - Newsletter Template IEC NEWSLETTER

Pages of Poetry This issue features poet brother Shabbir Kermani. His poem was recited at Hussain Day and is called “ Who is Hussain?” Who is the reason that still descends to the ground today rain... the reason the dwellers of the earth feel ashamed to say “I feel pain”... the reason that blood continues to flow through the main vein... the reason that evil thinks before rising again and again... who is Hussain? You ask me to explain? do not ask who is Hussain... do not ask who is Hussain… perpetual pools of pure passion, become so very difficult to contain…. do not ask who is Hussain… For the sky of tribulation fell upon both, body & brain…. yet not a single complain…. the mountains of calamities rose yet still stability did maintain… death dug deep ditches of devastation in the terrain… yet not a single complain…. through such scenarios how does one remain sane? in fact, he blew prayer towards those who redefined inhumane… and Yet the thrones of the tyrants quiver till this day just by the thought of his name... From the Great Mosque of Spain... to the land of two seas, that is Bahrain… from every mount and hill to every plateau and plain... who’s state’s territorial boundaries know no restraint? that the far edges of heaven have condensed themselves between the haramain... I ask you….to whom belongs all of this domain? none other than Hussain, none other than Hussain... for it is over the hearts that is his reign... So, Tell me who is the reason that the day & night Remain... Tell me who is the reason that the day & night Remain... And then and only then shall I tell you who is…… --January - Newsletter Template IEC2013 NEWSLETTER


7 Best Surah Fil drawings selected

Class 4’s Quran Tafseer lesson was to draw their perception of the Event of the Elephant as explained to them (Sura Fil). The 7 best drawings were judged by Sr. Tanveer Pirmohamed and Sr. Safiya Jusab.


January 2013 - Newsletter Template

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Rabi-ul Awwal Issue Designed by Sabira Mawji

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