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To LC‌. love


Hi ma'am! I still remember your classes on Indian drama.  Would love to catch up if you are in Bombay sometime again. Jennifer Thomas

Those were golden days of my life to learn the world of literature respected madam! Sadashiv Kalyan

Congratulation Madame, best regards from your Indonesian students, CIEFL 2006. Toto Hermito 

Congratulations madam.. So happy for u. Kaushila Nirola Mishra

 

What a bitter-sweet moment that must've been. And how hard it must be for you to give up! I will always cherish the freedom you gave us to explore and the encouragement to be as creative as possible with our work. Meghna Gandhi  You were one of the few teachers who made life at EFLU worth the while ma'am. I've immensely enjoyed and looked forward to every single class I've had with you...No teacher in all my years of schooling, college and university, quite handled a class the way you did ma'am and if I ever get the chance to I sincerely hope I'm able to emulate what you did for my students as well...that campus is now lesser a place for your absence. Hope you have a wonderful time ahead ma'am. Wish you the very, very best. Neethi Alexander

Wow. Congrats. But the sharing of knowledge never ends Lakso. Sathya Saran

I will ditto what Sathya wrote. Best wishes, hope to see you soon. Mohan Raj


Gokul Gopalakrishnan

 

Congratulations on a wonderful and inspiring life. Abhishek Majumdar   You are the best. Ever. Congratulations! Satarupa Bhattacharya    I am glad that I was a part of your last class and felt very emotional too. Durvasula Shilpa      Ohh, so sweet. I'm sure they were lucky to have you in their class. Alaa Hedeeb 

Remembering those wonderful and unforgettable drama classes.. Definition of my MA days and my student life after that is incomplete without you, Ma'am. Wish you all the very best!  Standing ovation from me too!  Aparna Prem  

Standing ovation from all of us, Lakshmi for being such an extraordinary teacher and a wonderful colleague.

Hope we will see you more often now in Bangalore! It is lovely to see

Hemalatha Nagarajan

how your students love you. And I know  

how much support Indian drama in English has received from you. Abhijit Sengupta

I would have liked to be there. From Russia, our hearty congratulations. You are unforgettable! Rafael and Elena. Rafael Forteza Fernandez

Congratulations on your retirement and very best wishes to you. I am sure you were treasured in many lifes - standing ovation too. Hope you keep scrabbling xx Barbara Jones 

Congratulations on a long successful inning. Sure you will be fondly remembered by your students forever. Sanjay Rao 

U wil be missed wen i come next year for my pgcte classes....still would love to meet u. Em Jay Pm It was my proud privilege to be taught by you during my PGCTE n PGDTE stay at EFLU. Wish you all the best Ma'am!!! Priti S. Dadhich   Applaud you as a teacher..... you will always remain a teacher....though perhaps not in it as a career. Retirement is great ..Will have time for alll things you have missed out on doing....Like a trip to Delhi !!! ))) Indu Gill   

Clap clap clap....  The standing ovation continues... Anuradha Rao

 

Far from that class of yours but same feelings and same reverence. Happy and long life post-retirement. Enjoy leisure

like never before.

Raka Mukhopadhyay

I wish I had been there!! Asha Sandilya

 

Gr8 mam, it would have been a fulfilling experience. but loss for the coming generations in eflu campus. Meenakshi H Verma Classes with you were such a pleasure. We had the luxury of being ourselves yet were able to challenge our own limits. Wish you a very happy post retirement life.  Shayani Pal Banerjee Great mam, you have lot of experiences about teaching and have shared with us. God may bless you all things........... Hansram Yadav  

 

Loved your classes. Remember them like it was yesterday. Sonali Deuskar Gurpur

 

Standing ovation from hundreds of your students like me who were not fortunate enough to be present in that etched-in-thememory-for-ever class! Can your students ever forget any class of yours? There may be a few scholars like you at EFLU, but can we ever have as affectionate teacher as you are? Salute to this Sachin of EFLU! Shivaji Kushwaha

 

Clap clap clap....  The standing ovation continues....Anuradha Rao

Far from that class of yours but same feelings and same reverence. Happy and long life post-retirement. Enjoy leisure

like never before.

Raka Mukhopadhyay

I wish I had been there!! Asha Sandilya

 

Standing ovation from my side too, ma'am! Mamta Agrawal

When we r with U made us feel free , we never had as affectionate teacher as you are. We will remember u. May god bless u a peaceful n healthy post retirement life. Padma Akarapu  God bless you!! Pradnya Kale Deshmukh


Lovely...that must have been an emotional moment for you Ma' leave us all with indelible memories, both academic and personal that we have shared with you during our days inside and outside the classrooms at ciefl/eflu...from standing outside your room with an apologetic face for not having met the ph.d deadlines to meeting a resilient you taking voluntary English lessons for students around your hospital bed...for most of your students who have known you, this only means an official 'retirement' day...I would proudly say that you have no retirement...only more active and fulfilling days ahead...I know you will go back to things you love doing - theatre, writing, getting to spend time with your loved ones and doing all what you always wanted to do...please involve us in interesting projects that you will be taking up...a lot of people outside ciefl/eflu need you,really!

Wish you funfilled and active days


Sabina Zacharias

Chachi what can I say after reading all the comments posted by  your students That you are awesome incredible God bless you and enjoy your free time write a book am sure you have already written. Jyoti Chandra A standing ovation from me too! I fondly remember the years we spent at CIEFL together and our valuable interaction. Best wishes! Vridhagiri Ganeshan

That's so lovely! Pooja Agarwal Maheshwari  

I am sure it was an emotional moment! Hard to believe you are on the verge of Retirement. Wishing you very happy, healthy and peaceful years. Arthi Karan   Congratulations.... I wish you a happy peaceful life.   Madam........unbelievable.... u r the source of energy to us ........all........ Mallam Naveen

Rapanzel Rose

Dear ma'am, Wishing you innumerable happy and fulfilling moments ahead of you with your family, friends and more students. Will always remember you for being the kind of teacher who strive and inspire to bring in the best in each one of her are our inspiration and kindler of trust in our abilities. Love you always!!! Gita Jangid  I'll miss u ma'am. You are one of a kind. can't forget that lovely meeting with u in your office . You are energy by all means. wish you a long, happy, healthy and satisfied retirement. Geeta Mishra How emotional! Otabek Sabitov  

 

  

Res. Mam u have been a great source of inspiration for many of us ..may Almighty bless u with all u wish.. DrDinesh Kumar OJha

Pl accept my standing ovation also...Hats off to u mam....I feel blessed to have attended ur classes for PGDTE (2008)...You r the best teacher in my life....Wish u a very happy life after retirement ! Dnyaneshwar Digole

Wishing u all d best post retirement... regards..!! Sheila Vijay  

I am least surprised by this gesture by your students... i have been in your class and i would have done the same if i was in the batch.... wish you a happy retirement from teaching..... Jimmy James

EFL-University will always miss a teacher like you. You were the heart of the Distance Education Department. May this new phase of life bring lots of happiness and joy to your life . Stay Blessed :):) Sarwat Un Nisa

 

Have a nice time Ma'am! Biswajit Jena

Madam, you were the first teacher at EFLU I was acquainted with when I approached to work with in my M Phil (back in 2008). I still remember your friendly mannerism to tell me that your area of interest did not include my research interest. But your smiles and assurance to extend help unconditionally obliged me for rest of the academic career. Your first impression created an everlasting reverence in me for you. Once again I was your student at PGCTE distance mode last batch (this summer). I thank you sincerely. My words of prayer for your good health and peace of mind. Bhavesh Kumar  I have found great support in you always- as a teacher and as a woman. Thank you for that. Please know, I am there for you too . Radhika Gholkar  


I am so overwhelmed I don't know were to start.....a big big Thank You to all my friends - my children, my sons, Pavan (who introduced me to the concept of FB without which all this would not be possible!) and Varoon, my daughters-in-law who are more like my daughters; to extended family -nieces-in-law who have wished me well; to my colleagues who have given me tremendous support and extended help willingly whenever required; to friends who have been with me for over 40 years; to friends of my children who are now my friends too; to children of friends who are now also my friends; and, of course, to all my students who are now my friends students not only from India, but from all over the world. One of you called to tell me that a whole new world awaits me. I hope so!

 I have enjoyed teaching and being with all of you and I will certainly miss going into class and making new friends. But I do hope that my relationship with all of you will continue. And can someone help show me how to preserve this page? Is it possible to take a print out or something? All of you have said such beautiful things - I wouldn't want it to get lost in outer space! It's something that I would like to read when I feel low. One of you called me the Sachin of EFLU! Pl notice I am not taking any names - don't want to miss out on anyone! Yes, quite a few of you have invited me to stay with you. God and health permitting I do plan to do that - Kolkata being first on the list! Enough for now. Lots of love to you all.   Lakshmi Chandra

To LC...with love  
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