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Spring 2013


“Original and thoughtful pieces on every page�

The quality, beauty and originality found in Chi Chic pieces are the premier factors you consider when searching for jewelry. Quality that makes your jewelry last longer and in better shape, while beauty and originality allows you to positively render you personality to others and yourself. You select Chi Chic when you are conscious of the huge impact, the traditional jewelry industry, has had in developing countries. Thousands are left resource-less due to the extraction of precious materials such as gold and diamonds. Our compromise to avoid the use of metal in your jewelry, and our trusted providers, allows you to have a clean conscious. State of the art techniques and experience are responsible for the creation of your jewelry here at Chi Chic. Guaranteed to last, your jewelry has been throughly tested to withstand normal wear and stress.

E01 Tiny Little Roses

Rose Bouquet N01 Necklace

“Simple and Chic... Just like nature intended�

E02 SeaStar Studs

N02 SeaStar Tie Adjustable

“Tha fact that the Star moves to make it short or long makes it so easy to wear with almost any Outfit”

Maia Bracelets “Authentic and Chic”

Maia Bracelet By ChiChíc The four versions you see here are just a few of the endless possibilities you get with this bracelet. This custom made piece comes in your favorite color too and is perfect for this special time of the year: yet, fresh enough for everyday use.

Whats YOUR color? Did you know, you can always ask you ChiChíc Consultant to Custom Order that piece you like so much in your favorite colors? It sure takes a little bit more time, but trust us is worth the wait.

SeaStar Studs E02

Hawaiian Star STA01 Charm

CUWL01 Custom Letter Necklace

Mermaid Dream (Green) NG03 Necklace

BRA04 Turquoise Skull Bracelet








CSKU Crow Skull Handmade Necklace

TRAV 01 Twisted Shamballa Style Double Tone

SILV01 Volcan Bracelet

Skull and Medallion KUME Necklace

Pirate Chest Necklace NPIR

BRA05 Red Skull Bracelet

Pirate Star STA02

Lucky Buddha LBHA

Christmas colors SHA01 Shambhala Style

Spread the word And make

money while at it!

Selling Chichic is as easy as spreading the word or wearing your favorite Chic Jewels. Once your friends see them, they’ll want one! Contact us and start making money today. Talk to your Chichic representative or write to:


Your Tommorow Start Today!

Matthew Sabin 939-279-5054

Catalog March 2013  

The highlighted pieces of our spring-summer collection. for all available pieces please see a Chic Consultant.

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