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APPLE INC. The apple TNC has 377 retail stores around the world, in 13 different countries. There are 250 in the USA, 33 in the UK, 25 in Canada, 15 in Australia, 11 in France, 10 in Italy, 8 in Germany, 8 in Spain, 7 in Japan, 5 in China, 3 in Switzerland, 1 in Hong Kong, and 1 in the Netherlands.

Apple Incorporated By Sabina Aunedi and TJ Touma

The Apple Company Store is found on the Apple Campus (the headquarters of apple inc.) located in Cupertino, California. This store is the original Apple Employee store, and is open to the public. However they do not sell apple products, it is more like a gift shop because it sells t-shirts, hats and such other products. iPhone Primary Contractors - a partial list Software and design




Foxconn?, Quanta, Unknown


TFT-LCD Screen

Sanyo Epson, Sharp, Japan TMD

Display Driver chip National Semi, Novatek

Video processor chip



Case, Mechanical parts

Catcher, Foxconn Tech Taiwan

Touch screen overlay



Camera lens

Largan Precision


Bluetooth chip

Cambridge Silicon Radio


Camera module

Altus-Tech, Primax, Lite On



Battery Charger

Delta Electronics




Chip manufacture TSMC, UMC

CMOS chip



Baseband IC

Infineon Technology Germany

Timing Crystal




Passive components Cyntec


Touch screen control chip



Connector and cables


Cheng Uei, Entery

Above is a table of the sweatshops and their locations which make the iPhone. Foxconn is apple’s major manufacturer, and sweatshop conditions are so atrocious there have been 16 reports of suicide. PRODUCTS; The Apple product range is quite widespread. They produce computers, phones, mp3 players, tablet computers, app enabled accessories, apple care, armbands and cases, car accessories, cable and docks, charging devices, headphones, health and fitness, stands, and speakers

The picture above is a graph of apple’s total sales last year. As you can see, their most profitable product was the iPhone, followed by the Mac (etc.)



Apple has created a great deal of advertisements over the years, tracing back to it’s most famous commercial in 1984 at the super bowl. This ad launched the Macintosh personal computer in the U.S. The concluding screen showed the message and voice over "On January 24th, Apple Computer will introduce Macintosh. And you'll see why 1984 won't be like “1984." At the end, the Apple "rainbow bitten apple" logo is shown. After that, apple have produced many advertisements including “think different” which was used in a famous television commercial and several print advertisements. Also, Silhouette commercials; used both in print and on TV, promoting the iPod(s). A very popular one was the “get a mac” campaign, with the "I'm a Mac, I'm a PC" commercials. Thus, apple have used a variety of methods to promote their product line and campaigns. This includes information & communications technology such as commercials (televisions), radio transmit, their website and iTunes (internet) (etc.). However they have also used articles/headlines in newspapers, posters, banners (etc.).

Adaption to local markets.

Successful companies, like Apple, need a sound localization strategy to succeed in the global economy. Apple has changed its products in many different ways to suit the needs of local communities. It is such a necessary practice apple has many teams assigned to it all around the world. I believe the main part of this localization process is creating different languages on it’s websites, iTunes, keyboards, products (etc.) to enable people globally to access their fine mechanisms. Both OS X and iOS support localized content in a variety of ways. They allow the user to specify a set of preferred languages. They also provide a mechanism for storing multiple language-versions of resources within an application. Apple also has to change their prices to flatter the particular country’s economic status. Furthermore, Apple needs to change obvious things like the charger plug, (because each country has a different plug shape), and have compatible software for the country’s Internet and electric system. Therefore, apple has taken various precautions so that their products work to their full potential in local communities.

Countries with apple online websites/stores

Countries with iTunes

Countries with Apple Retail stores


s Not only does it reduce the packaging, but also reduces the transportation because you can fit more. Moreover, apple have reduced their CO2 emissions. To the left is a table comparing apple’s products to light bulbs co2 emissions. As you can see the 60-watt light bulb and iPhone 4s are separated to quite an extent (47.2g!) NEGATIVES OF APPLE INC. Tax evasion Apple headquarters are based in Cupertino, California, which has the corporate tax rate of 8.84%. According to the New York Times, apple set up a small office in Reno, Nevada, where apple collects and capitalizes it’s profits. This is because the tax rate in Nevada is 0. In fact apple has shifted overseas 70% of it’s profits to states with lower tax rates than the U.S. I don’t believe that this is POSITIVES OF APPLE INC. completely fair to other companies, whom pay the As you can see in the picture above, applecorporate tax according to where they are based. But at is financially sound, which provides for the end of the day, apple is just doing business. What people all around the world. Statitians they did was completely legal, they just found a loophole somewhere, they’re smart… you can't judge the have worked out, from the last fiscal quarter of 2012 that apple makes 5000 company because they had a good idea. Had Apple not used this relocation trick, it would have had to pay $2.4 US$ per second! billion more. Apple also creates many jobs worldwide. As mentioned on page 1, Apple has sweatshops, predominantly in china and Taiwan, where people Just in the U.S. apple caters 514,000 actually try to commit suicide. There have also been 5 jobs. 304, 000 in cases of child labour, but that information is not engineering/manufacturing/ transportation and 210, 000 in app, iOS completely guaranteed. Evaluating this situation, I economy. think it is completely unethical. When workers go to the extent of committing suicide because of the horrible Furthermore, apple is very conditions and pressure they are under. It sickens me environmentally safe. The top left image that this happens in our society today, and yet no one is is a diagram stating their reduction of taking evasive action to fix the situation. packaging of the iPhone.



Apple By TJ and Sabina  
Apple By TJ and Sabina  

This is a four page spread on the positives and negatives of apple, and explores their ways of working