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EPSA TEAM Monthly Updates – May 2012 PRESIDENT – Pedro Barroca


Handover with Guilherme Monteiro Ferreira;

Handover to Deniz Öner, Cental IMP Coordinator;

Held all the online Executive Meetings;

Introduced herself to partners and companies;

Scheduled the first Team Meeting;

Attended the Online Executive Meetings;

Discussed the internship in EAHP with multiple Team Members;

Attended the Online IMP Board Meeting;

Arranged two IMP placements: ASPHALION & MSD;

Liaised with EAHP about the hospital pharmacy internship network that is to be established, with inputs from many Team Members;

Prepared IMP Package for National IMP Coordinators and for the companies;

Sent out the call for vacant positions and managed the applications.

Prepared TWINNET Package with the aid of AnaMaria Oltean, Grant coordinator;

Got in touch with Universal Medica;

Discussed with Iva Angelova about the IMP Board Training in Bulgaria.


Handover with Pedro Barroca;

Attended and minuted the Online Executive Meetings;

Contacted with 8 Individual Member (IM) applicants and accepted 2 new IMs;

Verified IM applicants for the SU;

Introduced himself to all the external partners;

Scheduled the first LS Meeting;

Liaised with EAHP due to the EPSA-EAHP Internship;

Started reorganising the files in Dropbox.

Liaised with IFISO members to collect data and examples from the different Alumni networks of these associations (As EPSA CP in IFISO);

Attended the Online Executive Meetings;

Liaised with PGEU concerning the PGEU Annual Symposium;

Reviewed the EPSA Partnership Package with Gabriela Valentová, Partnership Coordinator.


Updated Wikipedia page and EPSA website;

Coordinated the promotion of EPSA-GSK survey;

Started with formation of Newsletter (NWL) Editorial Board;

Promoted EPSA Summer University (SU) and ŠSSFD Summer Camp;

Had an interview with LS of NAPSer regarding the best member competition.


IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT – Guilherme Monteiro Ferreira 

Supervised the handover between the two teams;

Drafted the programme for the Alumni Weekend 2013;

Permanent counseling to the EPSA President, Pedro Barroca;

Liaised with an Association from Estonia interested in applying as EPSA Member;

Liaised with the EPSA Alumni concerning the re-definition of the Alumni concept and network .

th 2012 EPSA TEAM Monthly May Executive Update 15th Updates August to– 14 September


Social Services and Public Health Coordinator Monica Luca started working on PH&SS campaign calendar and updates for present campaigns, liaised with EMSA for future&present joint projects, investigated the development of Social Services. She also attended Online Education Board Meetings. Educational Affairs Coordinator David Preece had informal discussion with a number of interested parties about setting up a working group for the Life Long Certificate (LLC), volunteered for the EAHP internship, and liaised with Pedro&Guilherme regarding this, contributed to the SU program and AA program with Sandra&Tiia and attended Online Education Board Meetings. Proffesional Affairs Coordinator Katrine Schuster Hansen discussed about the tasks of the position together with Inkatuuli, Tiia and David, read documents from previous mandates and attended Online Education Board Meetings. Training Coordinator Sandra Hočevar liaised with ESTIEM and EMSA, prepared the educational program for SU in collaboration with Tiia&David and RC, liaised with some LSes regarding local trainings. She also attended Online Education Board Meetings and have a meeting with Irina, SU Educational Coordinator for RC.

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Parliamentary Council

The Parliamentary Council contacted with the President, Pedro Barroca, about opening the call for Alumni Coordinator position, the responsibility for compiling the important documents database, the progress of the minutes from the 43rd GA and list of Working Statements, role of new Professional Affairs Coordinator. The Parliamentary Council held the first Online PC Meeting and proofread the TORSO, Istanbul.

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Mobility Board

Central IMP Coordinator Deniz Öner, created ASPHALION and MSD promotion materials with Stefan, started promoting those placements through NIMPs and posters, website. She also held the 1st Online IMP Board Meeting, contacted with the LSes of France, The Netherlands and United Kingdom to promote the IMP placement in ASPHALION.

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External Affairs Board

Grant Coordinator Ana-Maria Oltean sent information about the DIA grant to the team, read previous documents related to grants, Partnership Coordinator Gabriela Valentová started restructuring and updating new “partnership package”, helped about communication with IPSF regarding WHSS 2013, attended 1st External Department meeting.

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Public Relations Board

Publications Officer Tuong Vy prepared Flash News for the website, prepared the Information Letter for May, and made an interview with the new EPSA members. Design Officer Stefan Rack investigated the publication handbook and possible updates and changes, created a "support package" containing all important files and information for the team members, started working on Social Media guidelines. Events Officer Daniela Kolberg created 5 different feedback surveys about the 35th AC Istanbul, started analyzing outcomes, contacted with Universal Medica for investigating the possibility for collaboration on events.

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Educational Board

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee read EPSA documents.

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