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Martin J. Gottlieb Day School

Bazooka and Bamba in Israel Created by: 2005-2006 3rd Grade Students Morah Nomy Szoychen Morah Liat Walker June 2006


The third Grade students of the Martin J. Gottlieb Day School waited for the

announcement of their flight over the loudspeaker. Suddenly they heard:

El Al Flight 010 to Atlanta is ready for boarding: Kindly have your boarding passes ready and proceed to gate number 2.

Morah Liat said, “Let’s go everybody. We know you do not want to leave, but we cannot miss our flight.”

Everybody walked with a heavy hearts towards the plane. “I will miss Israel a

lot”, said Paul Thomas.

“That was the best field trip ever!” said Erin Caplan. “When are we coming back to Israel?” asked Michael Appel.

Morah Nomy answered, “Well Michael, I hope we all can come back soon; 3

Until then think of all of the great moments we had during our visit. Now, Kadima, let’s board the plane”. The children, one by one, started boarding the plane. At the top of the stairs they all stopped for one last look at Israel.

“Lehitraot eretz yekara,” said everyone as they waved good-bye. Inside the plane, the kids found their seats while the dayalot (flight attendants) helped them put their packages in the storage compartments.


“Where are Bazooka and Bamba?” asked Gabi Cohen. Bazooka and Bamba are the two adorable class mascots that traveled with the students to Israel.

“They are safe and sound in the luggage compartment,” answered Morah Liat.


In just a few minutes they were high in the sky, and the coast of Israel began to fade away. Sarah Miller sat down and said, “That was so much fun. I am planning to come back soon.”

“Same here!” Shira Ferman exclaimed. “I can’t wait until I go

back to Israel.”

The 12 hour flight passed quickly, and the children were

surprised to hear:

Please buckle your seat belts and straighten up your seats. We will soon be landing at Jacksonville airport.


“I love Israel, but it sure is good to be home,” sighed Scott Goldstein happily. Suddenly, a very familiar song started playing in the background and everybody

on the plane started singing:

“Heveinu shalom aleichem, heveinu shalom aleichem, heveinu shalom aleichem, heveinu shalom shalom, shalom aleichem. ”


Then the captain announced, “Welcome to Jacksonville. The local time is 4:00 p.m. and the temperature is just right. We hope you enjoyed flying with us today. Lehitraot and enjoy your stay in Jacksonville”.

The Martin J. Gottlieb third-graders could not run fast enough. They were so

excited to see their families again after the month-long trip to Israel.

Everyone rushed to pick up their luggage, and before they knew it, the trip to

Israel became just a wonderful memory. The only luggage not picked up were

Bazooka and Bamba. The school mascots were forgotten; left going around and around on the airport’s baggage carrousel.



Next day… Everyone was so excited to be back at school and sharing their memories of the


Jacob Orender loved floating in the Dead Sea. “I want to go back to Israel soon,”

he said. His twin brother, Zach, also wants to go back and visit all his friends. He misses Israel very much.

“I just adored the Chagall Windows in the Hadassah Hospital,” exclaimed Sami



Her friend, Rachel Mizrahi, loved bargaining at the Shook for souvenirs. “I

bought so much stuff!” she cried.

“I did not hear any Beetle’s music, only Middle Eastern music. I liked learning

about the history of Israel and I had a good time. We went to the Carmel National Park and Haifa and loved the beach. It was so beautiful,” shared Ivan Pulley.

Orly Ohayon also loved the beach in Israel. “I also loved visiting the Kotel,” she

said. “I will miss Israel. I hope to go back again.”


“I enjoyed going to the University in Haifa. But, when we were swimming… well, I thought I saw eels and spider webs so I got out,” giggled Jenna Levine.” I made a nice friend whose name is Shalom and I will keep in touch with him.” Sydney Gross enjoyed everything in Israel. “And, the food was so good!” Then, Micah Rubin said, “I am very happy to have come to Israel. I think Israel is a lot of fun and you can do lots of interesting stuff there.” Rachel Walker agreed. “I loved everything about Israel, especially the food.

Pita bread and hummus were my favorites!”


Suddenly, Ari Szoychen interrupted. “Hey, who took Bazooka and Bamba home

from the airport?”

The whole class looked surprised, and one by one they answered, “Not me, I thought you did.” It wasn’t long before they realized that poor Bamba and Bazooka had been left behind.

“Oh, no,” cried Eliza Israel. “Someone has got to get them; they must be so scared

all by themselves.” A phone call was made, only to find out that the two puppies

were lost at the airport nowhere to be found. When Morah Nomy broke the news to the children, everyone was devastated. What was anticipated to be an enjoyable return to school, turned out to be a very sad day, two days, three days, 13


“Enough is enough! You’re not allowed to be sad anymore. Besides, I have a surprise that will cheer you up,” said Mrs. Rogo.

“What is the surprise?” asked Leslie Schemer.

Mrs. Rogo replied, “Well, we just received a letter from our dear Bazooka and Bamba, and it’s postmarked Israel.” Everyone yelled out at the exact same time,

“Hooray! Hooray!” 15

Though Ms. Monte and all the third graders were excited to hear that Bamba and

Bazooka were safe, they were surprised to learn that their mascots were back in Israel.



As promised letters from all around Israel started to arrive‌








After two weeks of traveling Bamba and Bazooka came back home, to their third grade classroom. They were dog tired but glad to see everybody again. The first week home passed quickly. On Friday, Morah Liat came to class with a surprised look on her face. She was holding an envelope from Israel in her hand. Everyone was very intrigued. “It’s probably one of the letters that Bazooka and Bamba sent,” said Morah Nomy. “The letter is from Israel, alright, but it’s not from our two little rascals. It’s addressed to them!” smiled Morah Liat. “Then, who is the letter from?” asked everyone at the same time. “Let’s open the letter and find out,” both teachers said at the same time.




Bazooka and Bamba  

Students from a 3rd grade class return from their trip to Israel, when they realize that the class mascots were left at the airport. Magical...