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Discovering the gardens of Antigua Guatemala, enjoying their cultures, learning about the Mayan philosophy and tasting the Guatemalan Cuisine, which has much to show the world. Antigua Guatemala 6a Ave. Sur # 7 Te. 78 32 06 48

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pá picar Guatemalan street food Corn toast 29.-

Cheese stuffed potobello mushrooms 120.- new

Done at home to the comal (3 units) It includes the three options: - * Homemade tomato sauce * Guacamole * Strained beans Finished with parsley, onion and dried Zacapa cheese.

4 portobello mushrooms with parmesan cheese and vegetables

The Guacamoles65.-

Includes guacamole with pico de gallo, guacamole with oregano, guacamole with mint.

Tacos Chapines 69.-

In Guatemala, our tacos are corn tortillas stuffed and fried. (3 units) *Chicken     * Beef      * Vegetarian

Hummus de Bean & Garbanzo 50.Includes white bean hummus with pepper, red bean hummus, pepitoria, chiles and chickpea hummus

Includes: seasoned cabbage, homemade tomato sauce, dried cheese, parsley and guacamole. (Note: These are not Mexican tacos)

Enchiladas Chapinas 55.-

Choose one of our accompaniments

Corn tortillas made at home on the comal, covered with a bed of organic lettuce, chopped vegetables with meat, seasoned cabbage, beetroot, homemade tomato sauce, boiled egg, hard cheese from Zacapa and parsley. (Note: They are not Mexican enchiladas)

tortilla chips pita bread vegetable chips (yucca, malanga, banana, sweet potato)

Option Vegetarian 50.-

Tacos Chapines

Tortilla Soup

Pizza - veggie



Grated carrot, pepitoria seed apple vinegar and spinach.

Pesto, mozzarella cheese, portobello mushrooms, dehydrated tomato and pecorino cheese. 89.-

Green rice with Kale 45.- new

Additional features fungal tanning 10.-

Soups and broths

Creole chicken soup 65.-

Mix of vegetables, coriander, onion, garlic, tomato, Creole chicken. Accompanied with rice with seasonal vegetables and avocado.


The argentina Mozzarella cheese, roasted pepper chile, Argentine chorizo, tomato sauce and pesto. 89.The Italian Tapenade of green olives, mozzarella cheese, feta cheese in pieces and fresh tomatoes. 89.-

The tortilla soup with chicken 45.-

Toasted black omelet with vegetables.

The super soup 55.-

Mix of nutritious herbs, chickpeas and kale.

Pizza base without gluten or Pizza base with herbs

Our soups are accompanied by chipilín tamalitos or black tortillas.


pá picar Comfort Food Iceberg salad new


Enchilada salad new

Mix of organic lettuce with chopped vegetables, cabbage, hard-boiled egg, dry Zacapa cheese, parsley and criollo corn toast made at home 55.-

Pasta salad new

Bed of lettuce and spinach with avocado, cabbage, baked vegetables, parsley and pasta 50-

Spring Salad new

Organic lettuce bed, potatoes cooked and marinated with olive oil and balsamic, mixed with portobello mushrooms, avocado, pepper, red onion and tomato 50.-

Iceberg lettuce with sautéed trout and green beans 89.We recommend you combine your salad with the yogurt vinaigrette and pecorino cheese with herbs Choose one of our dressings or homemade vinaigrettes: - Catalina (tomato and guaque chili) - Dijón (balsamic and moztaza dijon) - Chile passes and guaque - Mustard and honey - Yogurt and pecorino cheese with herbs

Additional features

Grilled chicken 15.- - Feta cheese 15.Serrano ham 30.- - Nuts 15.Dehydrated fruit 10.-

Quinoa salad new

Quinoa with vegetables on kale and lettuce with steamed vegetables 89.

Enchilada salad

Accompaniments Purosol Crackers - Tortillas chips

Spring Salad

Cuban Sandwich

Sandwiches Cuban Sandwich

Pork leg marinated in beer and herbs, mojo dressing, melted mozarella cheese, fresh coriander, grilled pepper, avocado, purple onion, accompanied by homemade sauce to dip the sandwich 75.-

SabeRico Open Sandwich

Stuffed beef stew, traditional Guatemalan cuisine, mozarrella cheese, avocado and cabbage, accompanied by homemade sauce to dip the sandwich 75.-

Fish sandwich

Fresh Tilapia cooked in white wine, cilantro, stuffed with mozarella cheese, alfalfa, tomato, avocado and mojo dressing 75.-

Baked chicken sandwich

Baked chicken with rosemary and lemon, white wine, melted mozarella cheese with herbs of Provence, tomato, avocado, lettuce and alfalfa, with mustard and honey dressing 75.-

Roast beef sandwich

Bread options: -Ciabatta     - Pita     - Integral      - Pretzel 

Vegetarian open sandwich

Accompaniments: - Grilled potatoes with chimichurri - Kale chips - Lettuce salad with fresh vegetables - Banana, yucca, malanga and sweet potato chips

Homemade stew with red wine and herbs from the garden, caramelized onions, three mustard dressing, mozarella cheese, tomato, avocado, lettuce and grilled peppers, accompanied by homemade sauce to dip the sandwich 75.-

Portobello mushrooms with a white wine and kale sauce, aubergine babaganush, grilled red onion with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, Swiss cheese, dehydrated tomato, hummus and black olives dressing 75.-

Additional features: Cucumber tanning Tanning of mushrooms 10.-


pá picar Comfort Food


The Curry Burger

Tortilla mix of pork and beef, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, sprouts and the new yellow curry dressing. 75.

The Lamb Burger

Tortilla mix of lamb and beef, with its special dressing of mascarpone cheese with herbs from the garden, dehydrated tomato, lettuce, and caramelized onions. 75.-

The Trout Burger

Trout fillet with its special cream cheese yogurt dressing, with dill and tanned cabbage. 75.-

The Portobello Burger

Portobello grilled mushroom, gruyere cheese, caramelized onions, lettuce, baked pepper, avocado, 3 mustard dressing. 75.Bread Options: Beet bread & garlic - spinach bread with herbs Whole wheat bread with seeds - chocolate bread & cumin Accompaniments: - Grilled potatoes with chimichurri - Kale chips - Lettuce salad with fresh vegetables - Banana, yucca, malanga and sweet potato chips

Additional features Cucumber tanning Tanning of mushrooms 10.-

Marinated Chicken

Marinated chicken meat, gruyere cheese, caramelized onions, tomato, dehydrated, homemade barbecue sauce, cilantro and cabbage. 75.-


Guatemalan cuisine Chicken and Creole hen pepian

The sauce is a mixture of ingredients: pepitoria, guaque, pasa and zambo chiles, miltomate, tomato, spices and condiments are: garlic, sesame, onion, cinnamon, coriander and wheat flour, we add green beans 75.

Chiles rellenos

With vegetables and a mixture of beef and pork, wrapped in egg and covered with homemade tomato sauce. 70.Vegetarian Option 70.-

Hen in chicha

Recipes of Antigüeños Friends: Hen in Chicha, a recipe prepared with fresh artichokes, tomato sauce, herbs and nuts. 95.-

Enlarge your hamburger with an extra -Tortita de carne - Chicken - Fungus for 15-

Curry burger

Hen in chicha

Three meat subanik Bolovique of beef, meat of marrano, chicken, cooked in a delicious snack of tomatoes and variety of Guatemalan chiles. 85.-

Chicken Jocon The name JOCÓN originates from the quiché jok om and means green or five green, our jocón de pollo has a fine miltomate sauce, onion stems, onion head, green chilies and cilantro. 75.-

Choose one of the accompaniments: Chipilin tamalitos Rice with seasonal vegetables Black corn tortillas


pá picar Comfort Food

Globetrotters Comfort Food

Waiting time, approximately 30 minutes

La pasta

The lamb casserole

Made at home with the options of the day or meatballs: handmade egg pasta that come out of our kitchens. Made with herbs from the garden. 69.-

Stew of organic lamb marinated in red wine with herbs from the garden on a bed of grilled potatoes, accompanied with salad of fresh lettuce with seasonal vegetables 125.-

Glutten Free option. 69.-

Accompanied with lettuce salad with fresh seasonal vegetables and homemade vinaigrette.

Chicken breast to the provenzal

Chicken breast to the Provencal

Pasta of the day

Grilled chicken breast with pepper chili sauce, green olives, orange, caramelized onions and white wine. 99.-

Trout fillet

Trout fillet Marinated in oranges from our garden, fine herbs, baked with dill and white wine 115.-

Chicken breast with cream and saffron

Trout breaded with jack fruit

Cooked with onion, garlic, bacon, covered with cream cheese sauce, white wine and basil from the garden 99.-

Trout fillet breaded with marzipan flour and fried with coconut oil, stuffed with leek and serrano ham 115.-

Choose two accompaniments: Mashed potatoes, cilantro Grilled tomatoes with herbs. Rice with seasonal vegetables Seasonal vegetables, grilled or steamed.


pá picar Comfort Food

Chocolates truffles Cóban 10.-

Zunil 10.Stuffed with cream and covered with:

Stuffed with cream and covered with: Cardamom Cocoa and coffee Walnuts

dehydrated coconut Orange from the dehydrated garden Cranberries

Almend Macadamia Pepitoria and chile cobanero

Truffles de cardamom

Dehydrated Strawberry



Bombones Todos los santos 5.-

Chajul  5.-

Raspberry Mango (season) Banana Strawberry jam Almend

70% cocoa Coffee cream Candy Chai tea Chile guaque Brandy Liquor cream Cocoa

Stuffed with:

Stuffed with:

Panajachel 5.Stuffed with:

Mint Amaranth Ginger


pá picar Comfort Food

Desserts From our oven 45.-

Pies 45.Lemon Apple fig with walnuts

Almond cheesecake Lemon and coconut cheesecake Chocolate cake and homemade custard Carrot cake with pepitoria and spices Chocolate and almond cake Yogurt and lemon cake, covered with caramelized macadamia nut.

Pastel slow death 45.-

Tart 45.-

A dessert that no chocolate lover who respects, will stop trying. Chocolate cake, chocolate ganache and cocoa cover.

Chocolate mousse

Pecan Gluten-free almond cake

Chocolate cake

Homemade ice cream

Traditional sweet bread 15.Banana bread from the house Zucchini bread with pepitoria Semolina bread with poppy seeds and lemon.

Delicacies saberico  Strudel filled with dulce de leche 25.Alfajor, filled with dulce de leche covered with chocolate or covered with grated coconut 15.Alfajor chocolate gluten free 20.-

Chocolate mousse 45.-

Homemade ice cream 40.Two ice cream balls of your choice, accompanied by our cookies. Seasonal (ask our waiter) Strawberry Lemon tea Blackberry Mango Pure vanilla Cocoa flower Chocolate 45.-

Our creamy recipe is a classic delight.

The cakes, pies, tarts, are accompanied by homemade ice cream at your choice according to the season or with chocolate truffle.


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saberico english menu  

Fifiteen years ago Michael and Juan Carlos decided to abandon their respective professions and seek new opportunities in gastronomy. The see...

saberico english menu  

Fifiteen years ago Michael and Juan Carlos decided to abandon their respective professions and seek new opportunities in gastronomy. The see...

Profile for saberico