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SUMMER IS HERE! With school and all the exams done, it is that time of the year where we all set plans and goals for the summer. Some of you may be traveling, working, taking dreadful summer courses or even simply relaxing over the summer. Whatever it may be, we are sure that it is an intelligent choice of yours and you are happy with it! SABCR certainly hopes that you guys have a wonderful time during the summer!

SABCR IN THE SUMMER SABCR also has its own goals and plans during the summer! 1.

Hold social events


Enter and win a contest


Prepare for next year


Brain cancer survivor talk hosted by Ryan Peters

BRUNCH WITH DR. SHEILA SINGH SABCR is working with Dr. Sheila Singh in order to find the cure and put an end to brain tumour. Dr. Sheila Singh and her research team are currently studying brain tumour cells to learn more about how they work and possibly how to prevent their growth. SABCR is proud to be supporting her and her research team!

LOOKING BACK… Our Casino Night was a big success thanks to all of you who attended, helped, and supported this charity event. We would like to remind you guys that the proceeds of this event were sent to McMaster Children’s Hospital to support brain cancer research. For those of you who do not know what this event was about, it was a charity event full of casino games and awesome prizes with no actual gambling of money. The purpose of the event was to raise awareness of brain cancer and to support Dr. Sheila Singh and her brain cancer research team in McMaster Children’s Hospital.

According to Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada,

What is a Brain Tumour? A brain tumour or brain cancer refers to a mass of abnormal cells within or around the structure of the brain

A brain tumour can be either primary or secondary Primary brain tumours: originated from the brain and stay within it Secondary brain tumours (or Metastatic): Cancer spread to the brain from somewhere else in the body

A brain tumour can be either benign or malignant Benign (or non-malignant): slow growing, does not invade other surrounding tissues Malignant: fast growing, can invade surrounding tissues and structures

Meet Our New President

Andrew Lee

Meet Our New Vice Presidents Daniel Chung Marketing Committee

Chanchal Bhandari Internal Management Committee

Kalaisan Kalaichelvan External Relations Committee

Asfia Soomro Finance Committee

Ryan Peters Events Committee

Brij Karmur Social Outreach Committee

Let’s Fight Together! 27 Canadians are diagnosed with brain tumour EVERYDAY and approximately 55 000 Canadians are currently living their lives with brain cancer! (Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada) This is why Students Advancing Brain Cancer Research (SABCR) – the first of its kind in Canada as an exclusively student-led non-profit organization at McMaster University – EXISTS with the goal to fund cutting-edge brain cancer research. We truly believe that with our determination and passion as well as our connection with McMaster Children’s Hospital and Dr. Sheila Singh, a renowned doctor and brain tumour cell researcher, we can take big steps forward towards finding the cure and putting an end to brain tumour! But, in order for us to take those big steps, we need YOUR help! Why don’t you join us in our fight with brain cancer?

Contact information:

Wayne Park 905) 869-3314


STUDENTS ADVANCING BRAIN CANCER RESEARCH “Leading through Support and Awareness”

SABCR April 2014 Newsletter - Wayne Park  

"Leading through Support and Awareness"

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