Sabaya English July / August 2015 issue 84

Page 82

Last Note


‘Beauty’ as a concept has always been debated upon. While some believe that beauty is skin deep, others feel that it lies in the eyes of the holder. Yet others think that beauty dwells somewhere in the mind and the soul making a person beautiful from what lies within. While beauty of a single lady (Helen of Troy) was the reason for the great Trojan war, it is the love of beauty that often becomes the muse for various artistic creations that foster harmony. Intriguing that ‘beauty’ is, we leave you with your own thoughts and two poems on the subject contributed by poets of the Bahrain Writers’ Circle members.

Images of beauty By Nilanjana Bose

A feather fallen from an unknown bird; the last of skies when the sun’s reeled in; the tall, unfurling white sail of a word billowing with love, bold yet uncertain. A tiny seashell left on windswept stone; the clouds swept up after a sudden squall. The splendid silence of a desert dawn. A rainbow mist trapped near a waterfall.

Your Visions Standing Here By David Hollywood

Mine eyes beheld your beauty, My thoughts remember how, Your loveliness I cherish, Where ever you are now, And in my heart I know you, Always to be near, Because your vision glories, My picture of you clear, And while this life we passage, Your bloom will help me bear, My feelings for you, waiting, Until your standing here. 80

JULY / August 2015

The poem lurking in the turn of page, the season revealed by a single leaf; the calligraphy of oceans, and of age traced on the face of happiness and grief. Beauty is a dewdrop on a flower – coalesced at the coming of the dawn. Dewdrops dry, vanish within the hour, so too the blossoms; but the tree goes on.