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Photo: Courtesy of dish magazine

Welcome Truffle for breakfast, lunch and dinner in Umbria and meeting Signor Domenico Dolce (of Dolce & Gabbana fame) in Milan, are a couple of memorable highlights from this year. For us though, not everything is measured by what is happening this year. Being married for 35 years now and in our business for 27 years – we think we can speak to the values around tradition. What we have always attempted to do with Sabato is to bring to you truly authentic, finest quality versions of products created using traditional methods. Yes, these can now be produced with more industrial processes however they are markedly different to the products made by the artisan makers, that we have always championed. It is not always easy taking this path however over the years we are all so gratified to see that there is a global movement of people who really appreciate how important these families and their products are in terms of their contribution to culture, sustainability and cuisine. So, when we discovered the amazing Añana salt from the Basque country – we were smitten. For those of you who have travelled the Basque country, and like us, eaten your way around the region, you will know only too well how seriously they take their food. For this reason alone, it is no surprise that such a great salt is produced here. At Valle Salado the salt brine emerges naturally from underground springs, as it has been for more than 8,000 years. Evaporation is left to the sun and wind. So simple when nature is allowed to take its course, in the traditional way. 2

However, in the culinary world there are always new directions and emerging trends. Certainly one that has been around for a while now, but has grown exponentially, is veganism. A large part of our Sabato range is suitable for vegans and always has been, in this instance tradition also just happens to be on trend. Although we wouldn’t label gluten intolerance a trend, it certainly is more common now than 10 or 20 years ago. A great traditional food for the gluten challenged is polenta. We have been cooking at home a lot more with polenta lately and have enjoyed experimenting with this versatile ingredient. This year we visited our new traditional polenta supplier – La Grande Ruota in Dello. And yes, we promise there is a real difference between traditionally produced premium polenta and the more industrial versions. We have also introduced new confectionery products to our current range from our longstanding suppliers and we are working with a new confectioner – Confetti Antonio Maria Arbues, from Puglia. Think exquisite pralines and confetti, both chocolate and fruit flavoured. We are really excited about this latest addition, and we anticipate that you will be too. We wish you all a very happy Christmas, and all the best for the coming year.

1. Cartwheel Creamery Opiki Ma, Pedrazzoli prosciutto and Falwasser crackers. 2. Nieuwenhuis Harvest Moon, Pons sweet garlic and Cherchi Sardinian black parchment crackers. 3. Nieuwenhuis Te Aute, J. Friend & Co. chunky honey and Sabato crostini. 4. Brie aux truffles, Escuminac extra rare amber maple syrup and Wild Wheat sourdough baguette. 5. Cartwheel Creamery DoeReiMi, Sabarot red pepper drops and Sabato crostini. 6. Comté 36-month, Julie Le Clerc Arabian date chutney and Cherchi Sardinian onion parchment crackers. 7. Mt Eliza Blue Monkey, black fig vincotto and Ines Rosales sweet olive oil tortas. 8. Kaikoura Love and Fury, Stams tart apple syrup and Lines rye and fennel knaekbrod crackers. 9. Evansdale Tania, Tabletop muscatels and Cherchi Sardinian parchment crackers.


Cooking with cheese We stock an extensive selection of New Zealand farmhouse cheese alongside your European favourites - many of these are ideal for cooking with. Pecorino Romano and Parmigiano Reggiano make a welcome addition to any dish or

up the flavour intensity with a creamy blue such as Mount Eliza Blue Monkey. Comté, fontina or raclette are also fantastic in cooked dishes where their rich ‘melty’ characteristics and taste can be appreciated.

Truffle maccheroni and cheese

Twice-baked blue cheese soufflés The soufflés can be made up to 2 days in advance and then baked for the second time just before serving. 60g Lewis Road Creamery salted butter, plus extra for greasing ramekins ¹/³ cup Girolomoni ‘00’ flour 350ml full cream milk, warmed 125g blue cheese, such as Mt Eliza Blue Monkey or Cartwheel Creamery Blue Rhapsody Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper 4 eggs, separated For serving: 200ml Lewis Road Creamery cream 50g finely grated Parmigiano Reggiano Preheat the oven to 180°C. Thickly butter 4 x 300ml capacity ramekins (or use coffee cups, if necessary) and place in the refrigerator while preparing the soufflé mixture. Melt the butter in a saucepan over medium heat, add the flour and stir until smooth. Pour in the milk while stirring continuously until smooth and then cook gently for 3-4 minutes until thick. Next, stir in the cheese to melt and season to taste. 4

Cool for 5 minutes, then beat in the egg yolks, one at a time. In a clean bowl, whisk egg whites until soft peaks hold their shape. Stir one-third of the egg whites into the cheese mixture before gently folding in remaining egg whites. Spoon mixture into prepared ramekins; smooth the surface of each. Place ramekins in a baking pan; then half-fill the pan with hot water. Bake for 20 minutes or until golden and risen. Once cooked, remove to cool for 10 minutes. Run a small knife around the inside edge of each; invert and turn out onto a tray lined with baking paper. Cover and refrigerate until required. Soufflés will keep refrigerated for up to 2 days but bring to room temperature before second baking. To serve, heat the oven to 190°C. Transfer soufflés to 4 individual, shallow oven dishes. Pour 50mls of cream over each soufflé and sprinkle each with 2 Tbsp of grated Parmigiano. Bake for 15-20 minutes or until puffed and golden brown. Serve immediately. Serves 4

Recipe by Julie Le Clerc

Ingredients in italics available from Sabato.

200g (1½ cups) Rustichella maccheroni 100g sliced Pedrazzoli coppa stagionata, roughly chopped 80g Lewis Road Creamery salted butter ¹/³ cup Girolomoni ‘00’ flour 3 cups milk, warmed Pinch grated nutmeg 100g Pecorino Romano, finely grated 1 heaped Tbsp Giuliani Tartufi tartufata (truffle paste) 3 Tbsp chopped fresh parsley Salt and freshly ground black pepper Serves 4-6

Preheat oven to 180˚C. Cook the pasta in a large pot filled with plenty of boiling, salted water until al dente. Drain well. Tip cooked pasta back into the pot and fold the coppa through. In another pot, melt the butter; stir in the flour and cook for 1 minute, stirring continuously. Pour in the milk while whisking continuously. Cook gently for 5 minutes or until the sauce thickens, stirring regularly. Stir in nutmeg, half the grated Pecorino, tartufata and parsley. Fold through the pasta and coppa and season with salt and pepper to taste. Pour into an ovenproof dish and sprinkle with remaining grated Pecorino. Bake for 20 minutes or until golden brown.

Bikini sandwich, using parchment crackers 4 sheets Cherchi Sardinian parchment crackers Sabato pesto alla Genovese, all’arrabbiata, Pronto Rosso or sweet pepper pesto Fontina cheese, creamy goats’ cheese or mozzarella Salsa Tartufata Preheat oven to 180°C. Line an oven tray with baking paper. Lay a parchment cracker onto the prepared oven tray. Lightly spread with chosen paste and top with thinly sliced cheese (the surface does not need to be fully covered with cheese). Place a second cracker on top. Bake for 10-15 minutes or until the cheese has melted. Slice into portions and serve while hot. Serves 4, as a snack or finger food 5

Grape mostarda 2 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil (EVO) 1 small red onion, chopped finely 2 cloves garlic, crushed 3 cups seedless red or green grapes 2 Tbsp brown sugar 3 Tbsp Giusti balsamic vinegar 2 tsp yellow mustard seeds ¼ tsp La Chinata paprika flakes or Piment d’Espelette pepper 1 tsp rosemary, chopped finely 1 orange, finely grated zest and juice ¼ cup water Sea salt

Heat EVO in a medium saucepan and cook the onion and garlic with a good pinch of salt until tender. Add all remaining ingredients and bring to the boil. Reduce the heat and simmer gently for 40-50 minutes until well reduced and the juices are rich and thick. Stir frequently to prevent it catching on the base of the pan. Cool and keep refrigerated but return to room temperature for serving. Serving suggestions: Tinui Blue and Mahi cheese alongside sliced prosciutto.

Cocktail sandwiches Everyone loves a delicious cocktail sandwich. Use a nice quality loaf of fresh, sliced sandwich bread. Depending on the filling you may need to spread each slice with soft butter before adding your filling. Spread the filling evenly across the bread, making sure you take it generously towards all the edges. Cut the sandwiches one at a time with either a sharp bread knife or better still, an electric carving knife. Remove the crusts then diagonally slice so you create four small triangular sandwiches.

Chicken, walnut and truffle mayo Makes about 1½ cups

Recipe by Claire Aldous

Shredded roast chicken, toasted, chopped Kernelz walnuts and Sabato truffle mayonnaise make an indulgent combination. Add fresh baby spinach leaves for additional colour and texture.

Egg, spring onion and smoked paprika To give a twist to a classic filling, we’ve added La Chinata smoked paprika flakes and chopped spring onion to mashed hard-boiled eggs and Sabato egg mayonnaise. Cos lettuce adds crunch.

Yuzu mayo, tuna and capers Combine our zesty Sabato yuzu mayonnaise with drained Callipo tuna and Pons capers to make a tasty sandwich filling. Pair with crisp lettuce to finish.

Sabato baking Cheese Towers What better way to celebrate your special day – whether it be a wedding, anniversary, corporate event, birthday or just a fabulous party – than with a glorious stack of artisan cheese?

To create a delicious morning or afternoon tea add fresh baking from the Sabato Our Kitchen range of fabulous slices and biscuits.

A tasty tower is a great centrepiece to any celebration and with so many cheese varieties, sizes and styles available at Sabato, it is a versatile option that will feed a crowd. To discuss your requirements or to arrange a consultation and tasting, contact our knowledgeable Sabato staff by calling (09) 630 8751, or come in and visit us in-store. 6


Dips & spreads The exceptional quality of Sabato ingredients makes it easy to create flavoursome dips that are sure to impress on an antipasto platter.

Chickpea and pimiento dip 1 clove garlic, coarsely chopped 325g jar El Navarrico chickpeas, rinsed and drained 225g jar El Navarrico whole pimientos, drained of liquid 2 tsp Forvm Chardonnay vinegar ¼ cup extra virgin olive oil (EVO), plus extra to serve Salt and freshly ground black pepper La Chinata sweet paprika flakes, to garnish Place the garlic, chickpeas, pimientos and vinegar into the bowl of a food processor. Process until smooth. With the motor running, add EVO in a thin stream until amalgamated. Adjust seasoning with salt and pepper.

Extra virgin olive oil dip

Creamy blue cheese dip

2 Tbsp Pons capers in brine, rinsed and drained 2 cloves garlic, crushed 1 Tbsp fresh parsley, chopped 1 tsp each fresh thyme and oregano, chopped 50g finely grated Parmigiano Reggiano Pinch La Chinata hot smoked paprika flakes Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper ½ cup extra virgin olive oil (EVO), plus more as needed Ciabatta bread, to serve

125g creamy blue cheese, such as Mt Eliza Blue Monkey or Cartwheel Creamery Blue Rhapsody, roughly chopped 200g Zany Zeus mascarpone 2 tsp Forvm Chardonnay vinegar 1 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil (EVO) 1 clove garlic, crushed 1 Tbsp finely chopped flat leaf parsley Pinch of finely ground black pepper 2 Tbsp chopped chives, to garnish

Finely chop the capers and place in a small bowl along with the garlic, herbs and Parmigiano Reggiano. Season with paprika flakes and a little salt and pepper. Mix well to combine.

In a large bowl, beat blue cheese and mascarpone together until smooth. Add the remaining ingredients and mix well to combine.

Make a mound of this mixture in the centre of a rimmed plate. Drizzle in olive oil to form a pool. Serve with ciabatta, to dip. Makes approx. 1 cup

To serve as a dip, spoon into a bowl, drizzle with EVO and dust with paprika flakes. Or use as a spread on Sabato crostini or crackers. Makes approx. 2 cups 8

All dip and spread recipes by Julie Le Clerc

Store in the refrigerator until ready to use. Pile into a deep bowl and scatter with chives to serve as a dip for vegetables or with bread or parchment crackers. Makes approx. 1½ cups

Roast beetroot and white bean dip 2 small beetroot, scrubbed Extra virgin olive oil (EVO) 1 clove garlic, crushed 1½ cups El Navarrico large white beans, rinsed and drained 2 tsp Forvm Cabernet Sauvignon vinegar Salt and freshly ground black pepper 3 Tbsp toasted Pinoli pine nuts, to serve 1 Tbsp flat leaf parsley leaves, to serve Toss beetroot in a small amount of EVO and wrap in foil. Roast in a preheated oven at 190°C for 4050 minutes. Remove from oven and set aside until cool enough to handle then remove the skins. Roughly chop the beetroot and add to the bowl of a food processor. Pulse to chop. Now add the garlic, white beans, vinegar and 2 Tbsp EVO and process until smooth. Adjust seasoning with salt and pepper. Store in the refrigerator until ready to use. Spoon into a shallow bowl and serve garnished with pine nuts and parsley. Makes approx. 2 cups 9

Duck confit with Puy lentil salad Duck confit is such a fabulous French classic and so convenient to have on hand. The duck legs are tender, moist and extremely flavoursome. The other bonus is the excess duck fat – wickedly wonderful, especially when used to roast potatoes. Duck confit: 6 legs Sabato duck confit La Chinata sweet paprika flakes, to serve Preheat oven to 200˚C. Remove duck legs from the bag, scrape off excess fat (this can be saved for roast potatoes) and place duck legs in an oven pan. Cook for 20-30 minutes or until skin is crispy. Dust with paprika flakes and serve with Puy lentil salad.

Salmon escabeche This salmon dish showcases the finest quality salmon from the deep waters of Akaroa Harbour, Canterbury. A great dish for a lunch or dinner party, with so much of the preparation being completed in advance, you can relax and enjoy the occasion too. Salmon: 2 x twin portion packs of fresh Akaroa salmon Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper Season the fish on both sides with salt and pepper. Heat a frying pan with a little oil, add the salmon and cook for 2-3 minutes on each side for medium rare; cook a little longer if your preference is for well done. Place salmon portions into a deep dish, to fit snugly. While the fish is still warm, pour over the marinade (recipe follows).

Serves 6

Recipe by Julie Le Clerc

Puy lentil salad: 1 cup Sabarot Puy lentils 325g jar El Navarrico chickpeas, rinsed and drained 250g green beans, blanched and cut into thirds ¼ cup Sabarot red pepper drops, drained 3 Tbsp each chopped fresh mint and parsley 1 Tbsp finely chopped Sabato Julie Le Clerc preserved lemon, plus 1 Tbsp salty liquid from the jar ¹/³ cup Sabato smoky Spanish dressing Cook the lentils in a saucepan filled with plenty of gently boiling water for 20 minutes or until al dente. Drain the lentils and set aside to cool. In a large serving bowl, combine the lentils, chickpeas, beans, pepper drops, herbs, preserved lemon and liquid. Drizzle dressing over the salad and toss well to combine.

Marinade: 4 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil (EVO) 1/3 cup Forvm Cabernet Sauvignon vinegar 2 Tbsp cold water 2 cloves garlic, peeled and finely sliced ½ tsp La Chinata hot smoked paprika flakes 3 Tbsp Pons capers in brine, drained 3 whole El Navarrico piquillo pimientos, finely sliced A few sprigs fresh thyme Place all ingredients into the pan in which salmon was seared. Bring to the boil, stirring to deglaze the pan. Simmer for 30 seconds then pour immediately over the salmon. Cover and leave to marinate in the refrigerator for at least 24 hours for flavours to infuse. To serve: 250g green beans, trimmed and blanched 3-4 Tbsp Sabato pesto alla Genovese

Serves 4


Recipe by Julie Le Clerc

Bring escabeche to room temperature, serve with blanched green beans drizzled with pesto.


Fennel, radicchio, cabbage, walnut and Parmigiano slaw 1 large fennel bulb, fronds removed and reserved 1 radicchio, finely shredded ¼ small green cabbage, finely shredded ¼ cup shredded flat-leaf parsley 1 cup Kernelz toasted walnuts, coarsely chopped 50g Parmigiano Reggiano, shaved 1 Tbsp Sabato Julie Le Clerc balsamic honey mustard ¹/³ cup Sabato Italian balsamic dressing Salt and freshly ground black pepper

Place fennel, radicchio, cabbage, parsley, walnuts and Parmigiano Reggiano in a large bowl. Finely chop fennel fronds and add to the bowl. Stir mustard into dressing. Pour dressing over the slaw and toss well to combine. Adjust seasoning with salt and pepper, to taste.

Serves 6

Recipe by Julie Le Clerc

White bean, pea, olive and preserved lemon pasta 200g Rustichella short pasta shapes, such as creste di gallo or casareccia 3 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil (EVO) 2 cloves garlic, crushed 2 pieces Sabato Julie Le Clerc preserved lemon, rind finely chopped 200g frozen green peas, thawed 1½ cups El Navarrico large white beans, rinsed and drained ¹/³ cup Losada cracked marinated verdial olives or Salvagno pitted olives Salt and freshly ground black pepper ¹/³ cup Sabato classic French dressing ¼ cup each fresh parsley and coriander, chopped 12

Cook the pasta in a large saucepan filled with plenty of boiling, salted water according to packet instructions, until al dente (just tender to the bite). Heat EVO in a large saucepan over a medium heat. Add the garlic and preserved lemon and cook for a minute until the oil is fragrant. Drain the cooked pasta and add to the pan along with ¼ cup of the pasta cooking water. Add the peas and white beans and cook for 2-3 minutes to heat through, tossing regularly. Stir in olives; taste and adjust the seasoning with pepper and salt, if necessary. Drizzle with dressing and scatter with herbs and toss well. Serve hot as a main dish, or cold, as a salad. Serves 6

Recipe by Julie Le Clerc 13

Beef rib roast with seed mustard crust and porcini jus 20g Gigante porcini, soaked in ½ cup boiling water for 20 minutes ¹/³ cup chopped fresh parsley
 1 Tbsp each finely chopped fresh oregano, thyme and rosemary Extra virgin olive oil (EVO)
 Salt and freshly ground black pepper
 2kg beef standing rib roast, tied with string, at room temperature ½ cup Sabato Julie Le Clerc balsamic honey mustard Porcini jus (recipe follows)

Serves 8-10 14

STEP 1. Heat oven to 230°C. Drain the porcini and coarsely chop. Combine porcini, herbs, and a tablespoon of EVO in a small bowl. Season with salt and pepper.

STEP 2. Cut a slit through the centre of the meat by tunnelling through it with a carving knife, close to the rib bones. Work from both ends if necessary. Push the porcini mixture into the slit with the end of a wooden spoon to evenly fill the cavity.

STEP 3. Place beef into a roasting pan. Season all over with salt and pepper and drizzle with EVO. Roast for 30 minutes. This will caramelise the outside of the meat and render the fat into the pan. Now reduce oven temperature to 170°C.

STEP 4. Remove from the oven; spread the meat with mustard, to coat. Return to the oven to roast for 30-40 minutes more for medium-rare, or longer to cook to your liking.

STEP 5. Remove beef from the oven, keep warm under a tent of foil and rest for 15 minutes before carving. Remove string and carve the beef into slices. Serve with porcini jus on the side.

Porcini jus

Add the red wine to a saucepan; simmer over moderately high heat for 5 minutes or until reduced by one-third. Add the porcini and soaking liquid, stopping before you reach the grit at the bottom of the bowl. Simmer for 5 minutes.

20g Gigante porcini ½ cup red wine 1 clove garlic, thinly sliced 2 Tbsp cornflour 2 cups Sabato beef stock 1 Tbsp Giusti Riccardo balsamic vinegar 25g Lewis Road Creamery salted butter, cubed Place porcini in a small bowl and cover with 1 cup of boiling water. Set aside for 20 minutes to soften. Remove porcini and coarsely chop; reserve liquid.

Whisk the cornflour into the stock and then add this to the pan; simmer over low heat, stirring continuously, until the sauce thickens. Add balsamic and adjust seasoning with salt and pepper. Whisk in butter just before serving. Makes approx. 600mls

Recipes by Julie Le Clerc 15

Nut bar, jammy pears, chocolate raisins and mascarpone Nut bar:

Chocolate raisins:

Ideally, make the day before needed as it will taste better the following day.

200g Valrhona dark chocolate such as Manjari 1 cup black muscat raisins

125g Lewis Road Creamery butter 1½ tsp vanilla extract 1 cup sugar 1 large egg, beaten 1½ cups Girolomoni ‘00’ flour 100g (¾ cup) Kernelz walnut pieces 100g (¾ cup) raw Marcona almonds 35g (4 Tbsp) Pinoli pine nuts

Line a large tray with baking paper. Melt the chocolate in a heatproof bowl over a small saucepan of barely simmering water. Dip the muscats one by one and place each on the paperlined tray. Allow to set.

Preheat the oven to 190˚C. Line a 35cm x 10cm tin with baking paper. Beat the butter, vanilla and sugar together until pale and creamy. Beat in the egg. Stir in the flour and spoon into the tin. With slightly wet fingertips, quickly spread out the top of the mixture so it fills the tin evenly.

To serve: 200g Zany Zeus mascarpone Serve a 3cm thick slice of nut bar with a pear and some syrup. Add some chocolate raisins and serve with mascarpone. Serves 6

Recipes by Ray McVinnie

Sprinkle all the nuts evenly over the top, lightly press the nuts in with your hands. Place in the oven for 30-35 minutes or until puffed up and a skewer comes out clean when inserted into the middle. Cover with foil if the nuts become too brown before the cake is cooked. Remove from the oven and cool. Store in an airtight container. Jammy pears: 1 cup caster sugar Pinch salt 1½ tsp vanilla extract 1½ cups thevineco Riesling verjuice ½ cup water Zest of 1 lemon 6 small pears, peeled, stalks intact Preheat the oven to 180˚C. Put the sugar, salt, vanilla, verjuice, water and zest in a wide, ovenproof dish. Mix well then add the pears side-by-side. Cover well and place in the oven for 2 hours. Remove from the oven and uncover. The pears will be tender and the liquid syrupy. Cool and reserve.



Quick smart tips: chefs & their iconic ingredients Mark Sycamore, Blanket Bay, Glenorchy You would think the task of naming your three favourite Sabato ingredients would be an easy one. Despite the fact that I have been using their products for over 20 years now I couldn’t get my shortlist any smaller than seven items! Ferron carnaroli rice cannot be beaten for its ‘nuttiness’ and ability to hold its shape. The texture of the larger grain means it is suitable for anything from a simple risotto embellished with fresh NZ truffles through to a very textural version such as my current favourite combination of Milford Sound crayfish, celeriac and Sabato Julie Le Clerc preserved lemon.

Place water and fèves into a saucepan set over medium-low heat. Whisk gently until chocolate is fully melted and mixture is smooth. Transfer mixture to a bowl; set bowl in a larger bowl partly filled with iced water. Whisk by hand for 2-3 minutes until the mixture cools and thickens. 18

Place the aquafaba into another bowl and use an electric mixer to whisk to stiff peaks (as you would for meringue, as it acts like egg whites). Fold half the aquafaba into the inspiration mixture to form a mousse. Pour the mousse into six serving glasses, cover and refrigerate. Add the icing sugar to the remaining aquafaba and continue whisking for at least 5 minutes or until the mixture is very thick and glossy. Add the vanilla paste and whisk for another minute to incorporate. Dollop some aquafaba crema on top of each mousse and serve immediately. Note that aquafaba crema needs to be served straight away, as it will lose volume fairly quickly. Serves 6

I really struggled to decide on my last ingredient, possibly the Giusti balsamic vinegars, or the crunchy Losada Gordal olives but in the end it would have to be the Pons salted

capers. The flavour and texture of these little bursts of goodness are far superior to the brined jars adorning supermarket shelves. Stir them whole through a mayonnaise with some crunchy cornichons, chervil, parsley and tarragon for a great tartare sauce to serve with fish.

Logan Clark, Bracu, Auckland

Strawberry inspiration fèves mousse with aquafaba crema ¾ cup filtered water 250g Valrhona strawberry inspiration fèves ½ cup aquafaba – this is the liquid from a jar of chickpeas (use the chickpeas for another recipe, such as a dip or salad) 1/8 tsp cream of tartar ½ cup gluten free icing sugar, sifted ½ tsp vanilla paste

The very first product I remember using from the Sabato range was El Navarrico piquillo peppers. The depth of flavour simply cannot be replicated and they make a great addition to platters but can also be used in salsas. They are fantastic blended with Forvm vinegar and olive oil for a dressing to serve over salads or fish. I think one of the best ways to appreciate their flavour is some char-grilled sourdough spread with goats cheese and peppers.

Recipe by Julie Le Clerc

In 2011, when working at Clooney, I discovered Sabato’s extensive range of fine olive oils, aged vinegars and a real favourite is their New Zealand-grown nuts. Three of my favourite Sabato products at the moment are: Espelette pepper This French variety of chilli flake has a mild spice and a flavoursome taste. I use it in a number of different ways; as a seasoning in our tomato and fennel sauce, or in a mix with sumac, sprinkled over our signature fish dish. It adds a depth of flavour and colour. It also adds a little extra lift to our buffalo ricotta cheese filling.

KerNelZ walnuts These freshly cracked walnuts (halves & pieces) from Canterbury are a great product. Always with a fresh vibrant taste. We use the pieces in our homemade walnut and raisin bread, along with some of their walnut oil. These walnut halves are a great accompaniment to our cheese board here at Bracu restaurant. Wrights verjuice This natural, non-alcoholic verjuice is made by pressing unripe grapes. Its crisp, fresh flavour is great in desserts and savoury dishes. We use it to

add acidity and flavour to our fruit sorbets and add a zesty freshness to salad dressings and savoury sauces like beurre blanc or blue cheese sauce. 19

Sabato meals to go, from our freezer Beef Cheek & Mushroom Braise Beef cheeks are slow-cooked with fresh herbs and vegetables and topped with roasted portobello mushrooms, to create this hearty and versatile braise. Serve traditionally with mashed potato or polenta and your favourite steamed greens.

Classic Apple Pie Our classic apple pie is gently fragranced with cinnamon and lemon zest and encased in buttery, short sweet pastry. We suggest dusting with icing sugar and serving with custard, cream or ice-cream. For that extra wow-factor, top with a generous drizzle of maple syrup.

Blueberry and Almond Friand Cake

Spanish Cottage Pie We’ve given the classic potato-top pie a Spanish twist! Hearty and delicious, this flavoursome beef mince pie is elevated by the addition of Serrano ham and La Chinata smoked paprika and is topped with fluffy mashed potato. Delicious on its own or served with a green salad or your favourite vegetables.

Sweet almonds, tart blueberries and a hint of vanilla balance perfectly in this light, gluten-free cake. Ideal for afternoon tea, simply defrost, dust with icing sugar and cut into slices. Or serve warm with mascarpone and a drizzle of Vincotto for a delicious dessert that's ready in minutes.

Chocolate and Raspberry Friand Cake

Chickpea Curry Allergen-free and entirely plant-based, our lightly-spiced vegetable curry is a nutritious and comforting choice. Full of flavour and texture, this curry can be enjoyed on its own as a complete vegan meal, or serve with naan bread, yoghurt and a dollop of Julie Le Clerc Moroccan chutney.

Indulgent Valrhona dark chocolate and tangy raspberries are a match made in heaven and make this moist, gluten-free, almond-based cake irresistible. Simply defrost and serve as a tea cake, or for an effortlessly impressive dessert. Serve warm with a dollop of mascarpone on the side.

More from the Sabato Kitchen…

Dulcey Apple & Chocolate Caramel Verrines The chocolate caramel verrine has a base of brandyspiked chocolate brownie pieces, topped with smooth caramel, fluffy Valrhona chocolate mousse and Valrhona dark chocolate pearls. The Dulcey apple verrine has an oaty biscuit base with coconut and ginger, topped with poached apple and an airy Valrhona Dulcey mousse, finished with crunchy Valrhona Caramélia pearls. 20

We are delighted to showcase our premium local and imported products through our gourmet convenience meals. Not only are they an easy meal solution for busy days, they are a great way to introduce your taste buds to some of our favourite Sabato ingredients, before you cook with them yourself. As well as the new additions on these pages, we offer plenty of other frozen meal options. The Sabato freezer is a pie-lovers paradise with a range of flaky butter pastry gourmet pies. These include: Pancetta and Egg; a tasty Italian twist on a traditional Kiwi picnic dish, Tuscan; free-range

chicken, leek and porcini mushrooms and Basque; lamb, espelette pepper and red wine. Rich and full of flavour, our lasagne has gained a loyal following with customers and staff alike! Available in Veal and Porcini or Chicken and Truffle, both are made using our Girolomoni organic durum wheat lasagne sheets. From Moroccan Chicken Tagine and Chicken Marbella, to Meatballs in Tomato Sauce, to Duck Confit and French Onion Soup - there’s something to suit every palate. Visit us in-store to discover the full range.


New Pantry Additions

Jacqui & Phil travel to our fabulous producers Our travels this year seemed to take us both far and wide while embracing a lot of diversity. It will come as no surprise that the common factor throughout was superb food.

Carlo Crivellin vegan pasta; tagliatelle & pappardelle

Rustichella squid ink linguine pasta

Pons extra virgin olive oil with black or white truffle

This Italian family have perfected a vegan recipe free from gluten which also maintains all the flavour, texture and quality of traditional recipes.

This exceptional pasta is made with natural squid ink. Try it with our Sabato puttanesca sauce or in a dish with prawns, garlic and a pinch of Espelette pepper.

The unique flavour of truffles infused in highest quality extra virgin olive oil gives a delicious depth to egg, mushroom, risotto and pasta dishes.

La Grande Ruota polenta

Ortiz sardines

Giuliano truffle range

From the north of Italy, made from the finest white or yellow corn. Delicious with Parmigiano Reggiano. Available in organic, traditional and quick cook.

These delicate, tender and meaty sardines are prepared and packed by hand in olive oil by the Ortiz family on the Cantabrian coast of Spain.

Our selection of Italian truffle products now includes white truffle extra virgin olive oil spray, pecorino cheese & truffle powder and tartufata.

Añana salt range Naturally-evaporated pure Basque mineral salt from veins of solid salt which are over 200 million years old. Available in fine, flakes or combined with Herbes de Provence in a handy grinder. 22

Sabato Classic French, Smoky Spanish and Italian Balsamic dressings Just in time for summer, these sugar-free small batch production dressings are versatile enough to dress salads, drizzle over grilled, roasted or barbequed meat and fish or use as a marinade for chicken, seafood or vegetables. Made onsite in the Sabato kitchen.

Starting in London, in the now trendy suburb of Stoke Newington, where our daughter Helen and quite a few other Kiwi gals have staked their claim in the real estate market, we dined on arrival at the popular eatery Escocesa which describes its ethos as ‘Scottish produce, Spanish sensibilities’, something it pulls off extremely well. Octopus was a benchmark dish throughout this trip and theirs measured up. Off to Madrid, where the rain did not dampen our enthusiasm to explore this interesting city again. We had the pleasure of dining at DSTAgE, one of the many fine dining offers there. The brainchild of Diego Guerrero – who was not only innovative, but also had quite a groove on as we saw him bopping to the soundtrack later that evening. It was a meal of many tasty and delicate courses complete with some diner participation as each table was invited up to the pass to watch the preparation of the amuse-bouche. Other culinary highlights in Madrid were a giant piece of perfectly cooked crumbed veal schnitzel topped with truffled poached egg at Fismuler, and a carpaccio of shrimp with garlic at a local tapas bar called VB.

less arduous. Aside from the ever-popular Pastel de Nata in Sintra, there is a bakery – handily with two outlets on the same steep pathway (in case one is already full of eager tasters), called Piriquita where legend has it the best local pastry specialty ‘travesseiro’ is made. This simple-looking rectangle of puff pastry melts in your mouth as you bite into the almond filling. After a couple of days we drove to the nearby seaside town of Sesimbre, enjoying more modern sculpture and eating at a few of the many familyrun small seafood restaurants called marisqueira the town is renowned for. The pick of them was Modesto, which offered great quality shellfish in a friendly setting. A 10-hour drive took us through driving rain and thunderstorms to the town of Vitoria-Gasteiz. Less frequented than the famous San Sebastian, we enjoyed the generously-sized pintxos in many small places. Although a variety of choices are available, the size of the Basque version of tapas means you need to choose carefully as they are very filling. Some even have a complete breakfast of quail egg, mini sausage, jamon and green pepper. Lots of delicious tomatoes, tortilla, tuna, shrimp, mushrooms, eggplant, peppers and goats' cheese feature.

After that we hit the road and drove a few hours to Sintra in Portugal. Despite the swarms of day-tripping tourists from Lisbon, the charm of the many beautiful palaces and sculpture, more than made up for that – as long as you don’t mind climbing a few steep hills to find them. Handily, and rather surprisingly, there was a line of tuk-tuks complete with eager drivers touting for custom, should you want to make the journey 23

Sardinian Cherchi parchment crackers we import. The restaurateurs had been on holiday there and were so impressed they had loaded up their car with them to bring back a supply! We know the feeling… It was also raining as we headed into Umbria, to visit Giuliano and Elisa and the team at Giuliano Tartufi, supplier of our Italian truffles. This man is a live-wire and truffles are his life. His team start very early, so most mornings he cooks them all breakfast. He has a mate who makes great dough and has a pizza oven in his staff kitchen from which he was dispensing multiple pizzas, shaving generous amounts of truffles over them in our honour. What a way to start the day! Another few hours on the road led us down to the south of France, where we were re-united Helen, Thomas and friends for Easter, during which we enjoyed a day being generously squired around the estate of Chateau Léoube, makers of superb Rosé. Luckily we’d thought to pack some of the Valrhona gull’s eggs for our ‘children’ who seemed to expect that we would, though they are now both fully adult. Certainly there was not an Easter egg in sight locally – just fabulous bread, cheese and vegetables.

pangs, Tony, the chef, offered botifarra, morcilla, pan con tomate, jamon and cake for breakfast in one spot. This was followed by tortilla, fish and dessert for lunch in another venue. No lack of beautiful locations – or ingredients. Then we headed to Tarragona and El Vendrell to catch up with Albert Roca, maker of the stunning Forvm vinegars and Avgvstvs wine. Although 20 or so years on, the production of vinegar has overtaken that of the wines, they are making some very interesting wines, some tiny production, single organic varieties made in clay covered egg-shaped vats. The vinegar and the rooms of barrels remain aging as happily as ever, and an order for Sabato was there wrapped and ready to ship to us. The various rows of grapes are still named after Roman emperors and they have added a very stylish tasting room. This is open to the public should you ever venture there. Amusingly, one enjoyable husband/wife owned restaurant, Degvsta, we dined at was using the

Jacqui, Phil, and Eduard Pons

Another long drive to Lleida and then to the Pons Estate and into the extremely pleasant company of Eduard Pons in Albagés, Catalonia. The estate has developed beautifully and bounteously since our last visit a few years ago and is now five rolling hills and valleys of olives and grapes, complete with a magnificent winery. Very much in keeping with the quality of their wines and olive oils. Not wanting us to have a moment to suffer any hunger 24

Albert Roca, Esther (co-owner Degvsta) & Phil

Giuliano Martinelli and Laica took a distinct shine to Phil, deciding that winning his attention was much more important than the task at hand. It was a very amusing morning – and we did find quite a few little nuggets that we savoured at dinner. It was also not the time of year for nougat or panettone production, but it had been many years since we had visited the Flamigni hub of production and they have very smart new premises so we headed to Forlì to catch up.

Truffle hunting was next on the agenda – though at that time of the year they are only small. We pulled some gumboots on, let the extremely keen dogs loose and headed into the little nearby forest with Giuliano verbally coaxing the dogs to find some of the black gold. Each dog had its own thoughts on this and there seemed to be varying levels of enthusiasm and talent. One little dog darted around keenly turning up many little prizes, putting another rival very out of sorts, whilst a third

The ‘Family’ of Flamigni 25

Their panettone and nougat have remained consistently stunning over the decades and the children, Renata and Massimo had only recently joined their father, Marco, in the business when we first started Sabato. They are now running it in the same quality-orientated fashion. Large, clean, spotless rooms were empty of any production but were impressive all the same. We then had the pleasure of being taken to the excellent restaurant in nearby Milano Marritima where we had first dined 20 years previously, joining the rest of the family and some of the staff we have known almost that long. Naturally the maître d’/owner was the same as well. He too is regarded as a family member. A charming evening. Last year we met a family of polenta millers who were of interest to us, so headed to their mill to see what they offer. Phil has been polishing his polenta-making skills so perhaps next year we can persuade him to demo his delicious white polenta dish. They traditionally cook it on a Sunday, very plain in just salted water. Paolo Coffinardi Thinking that might be austere for our tastes, Phil has a different take. Watch our e-mailouts next year when he will share some of his secrets. In Milan we attended a trade show, taking the opportunity to catch up with many of our other suppliers, including all the Giusti family who held an evening in the interesting premises where Pavarotti once resided, situated on one side of the main cathedral square. 26

Sabato hampers With an array of options to suit your taste and budget, our gift hampers are beautifully presented and the perfect gift for valued clients, foodie friends and family. Filled with artisan-made products from Italy, Spain, France and local suppliers, they are guaranteed to please.

Jacqui and Luciano Stefano, Giusti We’ve always regarded the famous panettone makers of Sicily, Fiasconaro, as a very forward thinking and innovative family. They are fiercely proud of their quality and traditions. This year we have been able to secure some of their limited edition panettone that they offer in spectacular tins, designed by famous Italian fashion designers Dolce & Gabbana. We had fun attending a cocktail party at the ritzy D&G-owned Bar Martini where I had to do a double take when I realised the man Martino had just introduced me to was the famous Domenico Dolce himself! I could not resist having a photo taken, dressed in one of our own Kiwi designer dresses…I did ask Domenico if he had ever visited New Zealand – and he hasn’t… yet.

Hampers include recipes and serving suggestions to help make the most of our delicious ingredients. Customised touches can be included, to create your own distinctive hamper.

You can include your own special message on a card or we can provide you with a Sabato card. We are always happy to discuss your own specific gift and hamper requirements. We can arrange delivery of gifts throughout New Zealand. Any associated freight costs are in addition to the prices quoted. For larger quantity orders please contact us to discuss our attractive volume pricing options.

Ultimate Indulgence $495 This luxurious hamper is brimming with the finest selection of food and wine. The ultimate gift for when a true expression of your appreciation and thanks is required. Presented in an open wooden box, cellophane wrapped and finished with ribbon.

So that, in a nutshell, was our trip. The bounty we sourced this year is featured further on.

Italian Celebration $300 Celebrate the festive season with this premium Italian selection. From Piedmont to Sardinia, this is a memorable Italian culinary journey.

Jacqui and Domenico Dolce

Presented in a wooden box wrapped with our signature botanical print band and finished with ribbon. 27

Evening Indulgence $100

Gourmet Pantry $150

A fabulous gift to thank clients or staff or to send to someone special – when a generous gesture is required. Includes a bottle of Spanish wine to accompany some delicious sweet and savoury nibbles.

An inviting assortment of Sabato favourites and the perfect introduction to our unique range. This hamper is sure to be well received and to inspire many a memorable meal.

Presented in a wooden box wrapped with our signature botanical print band and finished with ribbon.

Presented in a wooden box wrapped with our signature botanical print band and finished with ribbon.

Christmas Kete $95

Summer Barbeque Box $110

A festive selection of tempting products made right here in New Zealand by some of our top artisan food producers.

A great selection of BBQ favourites for gourmet grilling and sensational salads, perfect for long summer evenings at the beach or bach.

Presented in a woven flax bag tied with ribbon.

Italian Christmas $80


Presented in a wooden box wrapped with our signature botanical print band and finished with ribbon.

Paella Kit $105

Bellini Box $50

A Taste of Italy $75

Celebrate Christmas as the Italians do, with Prosecco and panettone. Buon Natale!

All the essentials for authentic Spanish paella – with recipes and the pan!

This gift contains everything you need to create a fabulous peach Bellini.

Sit, relax and take time to enjoy an authentic taste of Italy.

Beautifully presented in a cardboard gift box.

Cellophane-wrapped in the pan with ribbon.

Beautifully presented in a cardboard gift box.

Beautifully presented in a wooden gift box. 29

Spanish Kitchen $135 Entertain in authentic Spanish style with this assortment of quintessential Spanish ingredients to prepare delicious meals or serve tapas-style. Presented in a wooden box wrapped with our signature botanical print band and finished with ribbon.

Mediterranean Escape $195

Christmas at Sabato

The deep blue waters of the Mediterranean beckon with this alluring selection. From the best panettone to serve alongside peach Bellinis to artisan pasta, crackers and more.

Indulge yourself and others with our fabulous selection of European artisan confectionery. Choose from this world-class selection. Peluso


Presented in a wooden box wrapped with our signature botanical print band and tied with ribbon.

A family-run business, established in 1964, specialising in traditional Sicilian biscuits and confectionery. Peluso are master confectioners championing old, treasured recipes whilst embracing the advances of modern technology.

Bonelli Masoni

Picnic in the Park $150 This ready-to-go basket is filled with delicious treats for a fun day out. Enjoy a bottle of sparkling Rosé accompanied by delightful grazing options, with the attractive Marrakesh market basket to keep and reuse. Presented in the basket tied with ribbon.

Located just outside Siena, in the picturesque town of Colle Val d’Elsa, the Masoni family have been producing wonderful handmade traditional Italian biscuits and panforte since the late nineteenth century. Orange cantuccini 250g bag

Assorted Sicilian almond biscuits 250g gift box



Traditional crunchy twice-baked Tuscan cantuccini flavoured with delicate orange paste and containing diced candied orange.

Ricciarelli 120g 14.90 new

To view the full range of Sabato hampers and the itemised list of each hamper, please visit If demand exceeds supply of a chosen product, a replacement will be made only after consultation. Prices are correct at the time of printing. 30

Soft, diamond-shaped biscuits made from fresh sweet almonds and honey.


Superb, artisan, soft almond-based biscuits fragrant with the traditional flavours of Sicily. Assorted flavours.

Assorted Sicilian citrus almond biscuits 250g gift box


Superb, artisan, soft almond-based biscuits fragrant with the traditional flavours of Sicily. Assorted citrus fruits including lemon, mandarin and orange.

Sicilian almond biscuits 60g 4.50 Superb, artisan, soft almond-based biscuits fragrant with the traditional flavours of Sicily. Choose from lemon, orange or pistachio.


Sicilian almond biscuit trio 60g 4.50 Superb, artisan, soft almond-based biscuits fragrant with the traditional flavours of Sicily. Flavours include lemon, mandarin and pistachio.

Moretti 170g 11.50 Biscuit cases with luscious fillings and chocolate coating. Choose from pistachio cream, hazelnut cream or fig jam.

Bombons Cudié is a family business of craftsmen, devoted to producing delicious varieties of chocolate bonbons. The company has continued its tradition of hand-made production for over fifty years, using secret family recipes to create delectably moreish sweet treats. Catànies

Chocolate and Confectionery Antonio Maria Arbues This fabulous range of confectionery hails from Barletta in Puglia. Antonio Maria Arbues combines over 60 years experience, the highest quality ingredients and great creativity to reinterpret traditional confectionery and produce exceptional confetti and pralines. new



Almond confetti See our website or in-store for sizes and pricing.... Exquisite candy-coated almonds in a range of colours. Choose from metallic gold, metallic silver or violet.

Chocolate confetti See our website or in-store for sizes and pricing.... Exquisite candy-coated dark chocolate drops in a range of colours. Choose from blue, pink or white.

Confetti tasting box 60g 12.50 400g 74.50

35g cube 80g bag 100g cube 250g cube

7.50 13.50 16.50 39.50

new Mediterranean tile chocolates 60g gift box 180g gift box

30g Be Italian box 6.50 15.90 35.50

Gorgeous Spanish chocolates decorated with modernist, Mediterranean-style tiles. Assorted flavours include sea salt, hazelnut, coffee, orange, cinnamon and rose.

Cubifrutta mixed flavour jellies 200g tin

Mandrile & Melis produce a range of filled chocolate pralines and truffles from the Piedmont region of Italy. Combining old recipes and a respect for tradition, with new ideas and sophisticated technologies to produce the most indulgent chocolates.


Cubifrutta citrus jellies 200g tin


Beautiful individually wrapped Italian jellies made with 20% real fruit pulp. Assorted flavours include lemon, mandarin and orange.

Cubifrutta wild berry jellies 200g tin


Beautiful individually wrapped Italian jellies made with 20% real fruit pulp. Assorted flavours include blueberry, raspberry and strawberry.

Flor Frutta 210g gift box


Beautiful Italian jellies made with 20% real fruit pulp. Assorted flavours including lemon, orange, pear, pineapple, plum and strawberry.

Assorted candy-coated almonds and dark chocolate drops in a range of bright colours.

Liqueur pralines 80g bag new


A chocolate shell containing a liquid liqueur centre. Choose from dark chocolate with Grappa or espresso, coloured white chocolate with Limoncello or cherry or mixed liqueur.

Pralines tasting box 60g 12.50 new

Assorted chocolates containing a liquid liqueur centre.


Mandrile and Melis

Pralines Dark chocolate pralines 200g bag 16.90 Wrapped dark chocolates with creamy fillings. Choose from almond, coconut or pistachio.

Milk chocolate pralines 200g bag 16.90 Wrapped milk chocolates with creamy fillings. Choose from cappuccino or crème caramel.

Dark chocolate liqueur pralines 200g bag


Wrapped dark chocolates with creamy liqueur fillings. Choose from coffee, fruit of the forest, Grand Marnier, Limoncello, mint or strawberry & Champagne.

Limoncello confetti See our website or in-store for sizes and pricing.... Candy-coated dark chocolate containing a liquid Limoncello centre.


Renowned in Italy, Leone are one of the oldest confectionery companies in Europe. With natural flavourings and made using only the highest quality ingredients, Leone sweets will have your taste buds tingling for more.

Coffee chocolate Catànies 35g cube 7.50 80g bag new 13.50

A unique style of Spanish turrón that does not contain egg whites, and has a creamy, vanilla-infused milk base. Full of caramelised Marcona almonds and Cudié’s secret recipe nut praline and dusted with cocoa. Choose from traditional, dark chocolate or coffee.


Select from aniseed or peppermint.

Contains beautiful pastel coloured sugared almonds, designed to look like the pebbles that line the bed of the river Po.

Beautiful individually wrapped Italian jellies made with 20% real fruit pulp. Assorted flavours include apricot, peach and pear.

Turrón de Catànies 200g 32.50

42g tin Sugared almonds 200g cube


Whole caramelised Marcona almonds smothered with Cudié’s secret recipe nut praline and dusted with powdered cocoa.

Whole caramelised Marcona almonds smothered with Cudié’s secret recipe nut praline flavoured with coffee and dusted with powdered cocoa.

Assorted pastilles in gorgeous boxes designed in the style of different Italian cities. Choose from Florence, Milan, Naples, Rome, Turin or Venice

Green lemon Catànies 35g cube 100g cube 250g box

7.50 16.50 39.50

Whole caramelised Marcona almonds smothered in lemon chocolate.

Gaudí hazelnuts 80g bag


Inspired by the architecture of Antoni Gaudí, these hazelnuts are caramelised and coated with Cudié's luscious nut praline and dusted with cocoa.

Milk chocolate liqueur pralines 200g bag

Jellies 190g cube



Milk chocolates with a creamy whisky filling.

Real fruit jellies. Choose from blood orange, lemon, mandarin or strawberry.

Assorted pralines 200g blue box


Wrapped chocolates with creamy fillings. An assortment of pralines including coconut, crème caramel and pistachio.

30g box


Choose from absinthe, aniseed, chocolate cake, coffee, gingerbread, lemon, mandarin, Martini Rosso, mixed flavour, spritz, strawberry, tangerine or NEW Amaro Lucano, Amarena Fabbri cherry or mojito.

Assorted liqueur pralines 200g red box



Wrapped chocolates with creamy liqueur fillings. An assortment of liqueur pralines including Grand Marnier, amaretto and rum.


Assorted chocolate truffles 200g yellow box


A mixture of white, dark chocolate and hazelnut truffles.


This traditional Sicilian chocolate dates back to 1746. It is cold-processed to retain the naturally-occurring antioxidants in the cocoa mass and exhibits a characteristic grainy texture from the undissolved sugar. Choose from plain dark chocolate, citrus, Nero D'Avola red wine or pistachio.

Venchi The Venchi story began in 1878 when Silviano Venchi, having honed his confectionery skills, opened a chocolate shop in Turin. Venchi continues to create irresistible confections using secret recipes and the highest quality ingredients including the celebrated Piedmont hazelnut to create their signature nougatine, cremino and gianduja chocolates. new Chocolate advent calendar 148g 29.50

A delightful Christmas advent calendar containing assorted chocolates.

Chocolate baubles 48g tin bauble new


Festive tin baubles filled with assorted chocolates. Flavours include milk chocolate, dark chocolate and hazelnut.

Chocolate Cigars Assorted fillings encased in a double layer of extra dark chocolate, and individually wrapped to look like real cigars!

100g 100g gift box

14.50 26.90

Choose from three fillings: aromatico (intense dark chocolate), nougatine (dark chocolate and ground caramelised Piedmontese hazelnuts), or Sicilian orange (chocolate with candied Sicilian orange peel).


Chocolate pralines with assorted crème fillings including milk chocolate, dark chocolate and hazelnut.

Peluso Chocolate of Modica 75g bar

Crème chocolate assortment 200g box

new Cuba gin cuneesi 200g bag 200g gift box

29.90 31.50

Rich and indulgent Gin Occitan di Bordiga 1888 cream truffle filling encased in milk chocolate.

Rhum cuneesi 200g bag 200g gift box

29.90 31.50

‘Cuneesi al Rhum’ are typical of the Piedmontese region. These are delicious, rich chocolates with a top-quality Cuban rum truffle filling.

Dubledoni assortment 200g box

Cremino bar 80g 14.90 Alternating layers of milk chocolate gianduja and white chocolate almond paste.

new Gianduiotti gift bag 150g bag

Layers of white and milk gianduja.


new Horizon gift box 124g box

Dark cremino block 170g

This bright gift box, trimmed with ribbon, is filled with an assortment of cremini, triple layered Piedmontese chocolates.


Alternating layers of extra dark 75% gianduja and chocolate almond paste.

Whole Piedmont hazelnuts encased in a thick layer of gianduja and covered with chocolate.

Gianduja nougat bar 200g 28.90

Fruit dragées 100g box

Creamy gianduja layered with brittle nougat and covered with dark chocolate.

Chocolate-coated candied fruit. Choose from candied orange or assorted candied forest berries.


Chocolate-coated premium roasted hazelnuts.

Nougatine 250g box

Gianduja with hazelnut bar 80g 14.90 Creamy milk gianduja studded with whole Piedmontese hazelnuts.

Hazelnut dragées 100g box


Dark chocolates with a finely ground caramelised hazelnut centre.

Nocciolato fondente block 150g


Luscious dark chocolate studded with premium roasted hazelnuts.

Nocciolato latte block 150g




Assorted, individually-wrapped Piedmontese Gianduiotti presented in a cute satchel with ribbon handle.

Alternating layers of extra dark 75% gianduja and chocolate almond paste.



new Chocaviar gift box 124g blue box

Indulgent crème brûlée and crème cacao 'chocaviar' chocolates presented in a blue gift box.

Cremino block 170g 19.90

Dark cremino bar 80g

Gift boxed chocolates

Horizon truffle assortment 125g box




Assorted individually-wrapped chocolate truffles in a beautiful gold presentation box tied with ribbon.

Tiramisu pralines 100g tin


Inspired by Italy's most famous dessert, Venchi's chocolatiers have created this praline with layers of coffee chocolate, mascarpone cream and milk or dark chocolate. Presented in a vintage-style keepsake tin. new Valentine's heart tin 48g pink tin 150g red tin

17.50 39.90

Individually-wrapped milk and dark chocolate hearts presented in a keepsake heart-shaped tin.

Luscious milk chocolate studded with premium roasted hazelnuts.

Valentine's red gift box 130g box

Rhum nougat bar 200g 31.50

This adorable red gift box is filled with assorted Venezuela milk and 75% Montezuma cocoa nib napolitains.

The best of Venchi gianduja - bite-sized! Choose from dark chocolate hazelnut nougatine or white chocolate pistachio.

Dark chocolate covered hazelnut nougat flavoured with real Cuban rum and shot with toffee.

new Winter mini book tin 115g book tin

Chocolate coated cremino bar 200g 26.50

new Unico mini orange bar 25g 3.50

Layers of white and milk gianduja covered in dark chocolate.

A creamy bittersweet dark chocolate filling with candied orange zest encased in a 56% cocoa dark chocolate shell.

Blocks and bars Allegro bars 25g 3.50

Chocolight milk chocolate bar 45g 7.50 Sugar-free milk chocolate bar.

Chocolight dark chocolate bar 45g 7.50 new

Sugar-free dark chocolate bar.

White gianduja & salted nut bar 80g




Crème brûlée and crème cacao chocaviar, presented in a festive keepsake book tin. new Winter mini bag 60g metal case


A delightful mini suitcase-shaped tin filled with milk and dark chocomousse chocolates.


Soft white gianduja studded with salted almonds, hazelnuts and pistachios.

Vicens Caramelised almonds 120g bag


Moreish Spanish almonds coated in caramel.



Chocolate orange discs 100g 23.50 Slices of candied orange dipped in chocolate.

Naranjines 120g 18.50

Brittle nougat with almonds 200g cream wrap 200g silver glitter gift box

Agramunt’s hazelnut nougat 150g gift box 5pcs x 30g 28.90 38.50

Brittle nougat with almonds – Italy's classic nougat.

Tronchetto brittle 100g gift wrap

Candied orange strips covered with rich dark chocolate.


Brittle nougat coated with chocolate.

Soft (morbido) Nougat

Nougat and Turrón

Soft nougat with almonds

Fiasconaro nougat The third generation Fiasconaro Brothers are considered pioneers in the artisan confectionery sector, producing traditional, artisan Sicilian nougat alongside their renowned panettone. Torrone Siciliano 150g

Brittle (friable) Nougat


200g blue wrap 200g gold glitter gift box

28.90 38.50

Soft nougat with almonds, Flamigni have this recipe down to a fine art

Chocolate-coated soft almond nougat 250g gift box


Chocolate-covered soft nougat with almonds in a sparkling bronze gift box.

Traditional soft nougat available in classic, dark chocolatecovered or coated in lemon or orange chocolate.

Torroncini Siciliani 250g bag 250g box 400g box

22.50 28.90 43.50

Assorted chocolate-covered soft nougat bites. Flavours include orange, lemon, coffee, white, milk and dark chocolate.

Croccante Siciliano 180g


Squares of moreish pistachio, almond and sesame brittle.

Founded in 1930, Flamigni has a reputation for producing the best Italian torrone (nougat), using only the best quality ingredients. The nougat is made once a year after the almond season by a group of artisans employed specifically for their nougat making expertise. Flamigni use the same traditional techniques and exacting standards to produce exceptional panettone for Christmas. 36

Traditional hazelnut nougat.

Albert Adria rice pudding nougat 150g 26.50 Inspired by the rice pudding served at Albert Adria's famed restaurant El Bulli. Combining high-level gastronomy and the traditions of Spanish turrón.

Almond and chocolate soufflé nougat 80g bar 150g gift box 5pcs x 30g 200g round

10.50 23.50 26.90

Brittle soufflé nougat with almonds and a chocolate base.

Almond ‘Guirlache’ nougat 150g gift box 5pcs x 30g 200g

23.50 22.50

Panettone and Pandoro Flamigni and Fiasconaro bake panettone and pandoro – the lighter Italian version of cake which is ideally suited to our hot, humid summer Christmas. There is a huge difference between these artisan-made products and the commercial varieties. These versions are more moist and flavoursome with a light, melt-in-themouth texture. Fiasconaro Panettone Dolce & Gabbana panettone 1kg tin


A special edition panettone flavoured with Sicilian candied orange and lemon, Sicilian mandarin purée and saffron. Available in two different tins, exclusively designed by Dolce & Gabbana.

A brittle almond and sweet honey nougat.

Bitter salted chocolate nougat 140g


Brittle bitter chocolate and salted almonds, with an innovative touch of tomato and pepper!

Tronchetto soft 100g gift wrap

new Gold Christmas ornament 18.50

Small gold Christmas hanging decoration with soft small nougats.

Torroncini 180g gift bag 200g glitter gift bag

Supremini 50g gift box

new Dolce & Gabbana traditional panettone with Sicilian Vecchio Samperi perpetual wine 1kg tin 159.90


Soft nougat coated with chocolate.

23.90 34.90

Individually-wrapped, mini soft nougats coated with assorted chocolate including white, milk and dark chocolate.

Flamigni Nougat



Brittle lemon and pistachio nougat 80g


Almonds and pistachios in a delicious brittle lemon nougat.

Crunchy chocolate turrón 250g

Chocolate turrón studded with crunchy puffed rice. Choose from milk or dark chocolate.

Panettone Tradizionale 500g red wrap 1kg red wrap

Sugar-free almond nougat 80g

Traditional panettone with candied orange and sultanas, flavoured with Marsala and Zibibbo (an ancient vine grape). Lovingly hand-wrapped.



A delicious bar of crunchy almonds with a sugar-free coating.

Panettone albicocca e cioccolato 1kg green wrap

Assorted soft nougat coated with dark, milk and white chocolate and dotted with almond, hazelnut and pistachio pieces.

Turrón de Oro 30g round 200g round

Vicens Turrón

Brittle turrón made with whole Spanish almonds and luxuriously coated in edible gold leaf with a chocolate base.

This Catalonian family business has a long tradition of craftsmanship and quality. Their delicious products showcase the best natural ingredients, expertise and innovation.

This very special collaboration between Dolce & Gabbana and Fiasconaro includes a traditional panettone paired with an exquisite atomiser bottle of rare Sicilian Vecchio Samperi perpetual wine to spritz over the panettone. Presented in an exclusively-designed Dolce & Gabbana tin.

5.50 29.50

35.50 58.50


A traditional panettone with candied apricot and chocolate, topped with hazelnut glaze. Lovingly hand-wrapped.

Panettone cioccolato 500g orange wrap 1kg orange wrap

35.50 58.50

A traditional panettone with chocolate drops, topped with a sugar glaze icing. Lovingly hand wrapped.


Panettone Mandorle 1kg mauve wrap

A traditional panettone with almond glaze, hand-wrapped.

Panettone Mediterraneo 1kg yellow wrap


A traditional panettone with candied pineapple and apricot, topped with pistachio nut glaze. Lovingly hand-wrapped.

Flamigni Pandoro & Panettone Pandoro 80g hanging case 1kg red gift box

10.50 67.50

42.90 59.90 75.90 83.50

Traditional glazed panettone. Soft buttery cakes studded with raisins and candied orange.

Traditional glazed panettone with almonds 1kg gold glitter wrap 1kg gold glitter gift bag

78.90 82.90

Traditional glazed panettone with an almond glaze. Soft buttery cakes studded with raisins and candied orange.

Traditional panettoncini 80g hanging case


Traditional, miniature non-glazed panettone. Edible decorations for your tree in gorgeous festive colours.

Contadino panettone 1kg gift box 77.50


A soft dough rich in Ciaculli's candied mandarin. Non-glazed.

Cherry and chocolate panettone 1kg gift box


Non-glazed panettone with candied cherry and chocolate drops.

Glazed fruit and chocolate panettone 1kg gift box Glazed panettone with chocolate and candied fruits. Choose from fig, orange and pear.


new Chocolate panettone 500g blue and white box 1kg brown wrap

42.90 59.90


For the past 27 years, Sabato has sourced a wide range of fine quality foods from Europe, alongside specially selected New Zealand products.

Because our range of carefully selected products is continually evolving please visit for up-to-the minute product information and prices.

Most of our suppliers are small (often family-run) businesses who use traditional methods of production to create truly outstanding artisan products.

A small family run business near Siena who produce wonderful handmade panforte.

Below, you will find a condensed list featuring our key ranges of products.

We would also love to see you at our store. Here you will find tasting samples of a huge range of our products, along with a selection of recipe cards for you to take home. Our team of knowledgeable Sabato staff will only be too happy to assist you during your visit.

Panforte di Siena (Margherita) 100g 13.50 250g 24.50 450g 38.50

Crackers and Snacks

Fish and seafood

Ines Rosales Tortas, Sardinian parchment crackers, Bonnie oat crackers, Falwasser crackers, Line’s Knaekbrod crackers, Rutherford & Meyer rice wafers, Sabato crostini and Torres chips.

Albo sardines and squid products, Callipo tuna and bottarga, Ortiz anchovies and sardines, Nortindal squid ink, Talatta anchovies, white anchovies and colatura.

Condiments, chutneys, pastes and sauces

Grains and pulses

Panforte Bonelli Masoni

Made with an abundance of candied fruit as well as nuts and spices. Serve with coffee or Limoncello.

Panpepato 100g 13.50 250g 24.50 450g 38.50 A darker, spicier version of panforte dusted with freshly ground cinnamon.

Chocolate panforte 250g new 26.90 450g 42.50 A Masoni family secret recipe with sweet almonds, candied fruits, spices and cocoa, smothered in a dark chocolate shell.

Glazed panettone with candied pear, apple, peach and apricot – no raisins.

Mandarin panettone 1kg gift box

2020 Selection


Panettone with chocolate and forest berries, coated with white chocolate and dried berries. Choose from strawberry, raspberry or cranberry.

Handwrapped glazed panettone containing chocolate drops.

A soft yeast celebration cake rich in butter. No candied fruit. Toast and serve with vanilla crème fraîche.

Traditional glazed panettone 500g Christmas gift bag 1kg red and white wrap 1kg red wrap 1kg lace glitter wrap

Berry and chocolate panettone 1kg pink box new


Fig and walnut panforte 100g 14.90 250g 26.90 450g 42.90

Julie Le Clerc condiments, chutneys, harissa and sauces, Sabato aioli and mayonnaise, Sabato bruschetta toppings, Sabato pasta sauce and passata, Sabato pastes, pestos and sauces, Alicos salsa pronta di pomodoro.

El Navarrico white beans and chickpeas, Girolomoni grains, La Grande Ruota polenta, Kiwi quinoa, Sabarot beans and lentils.

A unique and delicious panforte made with sweet figs and creamy walnuts. Fantastic paired with blue cheese.

Apricot and pear panforte 100g 14.90 250g 26.90 450g 42.90 A recent addition to the Masoni range, this delicious panforte is made with apricots, pears and hazelnuts.




Michel Design tableware, Rachel Carley ceramics, Laguiole cutlery, paella pans, traditional Spanish terracotta, Zuperzozial eco tableware, Mud tableware, Marioluca Giusti tableware and Jancis Robinson glassware. (See our full range in store).

Girolomoni organic, farro, wholegrain and spinach pasta, Carlo Crivellin gluten free and vegan pasta, Rustichella artisan pasta, La Genuina pasta, Quisardegna fregola and Sabato gluten free gnocchi.

Olives, tapas and antipasto ingredients

Fruits, nectars, jams and preserves

Accoceberry cornichons, El Navarrico pimientos, Pons sweet garlic, Pons caper berries, Salvagno olives, Serpis guindillas and stuffed olives, Losada olives and Sabarot pepper drops.

Alain Milliat nectars, Can Bech preserves, Mrs Darlington’s curds, Fresh As freeze-dried fruits and powders, Gusto apple syrup, J. Friend and Co honey, Lebanon Gardens pomegranate molasses, Julie Le Clerc preserved lemons, Sabato Sicilian marmalade, Tabletop muscatels, Lebanon Gardens date molasses, Escuminac maple syrup, Pons apple condiment and Fiasconaro jams.

Mushroom products Giganti dried porcini and powder, Sabarot cèpes and mixed forest mushrooms, Sabato porcini crema and Tutto Gusto truffle paste, Giuliano Tartufi truffles, truffle infused oils, butter, truffle paste, powder and salt and Pons truffle oils.

Wine & mixers Rice Bomba and calasparra paella rice and Ferron carnaroli and vialone nano risotto rice.

Andreola Prosecco, Clos Pons wines, Rocca Giovanni wines, Tezza wines, Avgvstvs wines and Fevertree non-alcoholic mixers.

Leone confectionery, Arbues confetti, Menozzi liquorice, Sabato biscuits, brownie and meringues and Valrhona chocolate bars.

Nuts Hazelz hazelnuts, Kernelz walnuts, Pinoli pine nuts, Spanish Marcona almonds, Torres pistachios and Naiciña chestnuts.

Spices and herbs Accoceberry espelette pepper, Fresh As freeze-dried herbs, Iranian saffron, La Chinata smoked paprika, Spice Trader spices and Sal de Añana salt.

Verjuice, vincotto and vinegar Baking ingredients

Vegetables Olive oils and infused oils Colonna, Pons, Salvagno, Giuliano Tartufi, Number 29 oils, Hazelz hazelnut oil and Kernelz walnut oil. 40

Sweet treats

Tutto Gusto artichokes, El Navaricco piquillo pimientos and white asparagus, Pons capers, Mrs Darlington’s and Tutto Gusto balsamic onions.

Girolomoni ‘00’ flour, Heilala organic vanilla, ‘silver grade’ gelatine leaves, Pariya pashmak, Lebanon Gardens rose water and orange blossom water, Tabletop dried fruits, Valrhona chocolate fèves and inspiration fèves, pearls, cocoa and cocoa nibs.

Forvm wine vinegar, Pons wine vinegar, Giusti balsamic vinegar, Martin Pouret fruit and wine vinegar, Emiliani vinegars, Capirete and Pons sherry vinegar, Wrights and thevineco verjuice and Vincotto.


Roast Turkey Roll with Chestnut Stuffing Recipe Kit – $145.00

How to order Shop online: By phone: 09 630 8751 or toll free 0800 SABATO (0800 722286). Hours for phone orders are 8.30am – 4.30pm Monday to Friday By email: Send your order to

Take the stress out of preparing your Christmas turkey with our easy to follow roast turkey roll with chestnut stuffing recipe and kit. The kit includes all the hard to source ingredients and step-by step recipe instructions. The turkey serves eight and is delicious eaten hot or cold.

Standard Freight Parcel Charges Metropolitan Auckland $7.50 (overnight per address for orders received by 12pm*)

Kit contains the following items:

Rest of North Island $12.50 (overnight per address for orders received by 12pm**)

• Crozier’s free-range boneless rolled turkey roast 2kg (frozen)

We do love to keep in touch with you. So, if you are not receiving our regular emails about new products and exciting in-store events, please contact one of our friendly team on 09 630 8751 or at to ensure that we have your correct email address on file.

• L’Authentique pork and fennel sausages 280g (frozen) • Naiciña pre-cooked chestnuts 200g • Pedrazzoli sliced prosciutto 200g • Darlington’s cranberry sauce 200g • Recipe and step-by-step instructions Pre-order your kit online at or in-store.

Sabato Brandy Butter – $8.90

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Chilled Parcel Freight Charges Metropolitan Auckland $13.00 (overnight per address for orders received by 12pm*)

We regularly host evening cooking classes with well-known chefs and food writers. Sign up to our newsletter or follow us on social media to hear about upcoming events.

Rest of North Island $18.00 (overnight per address for orders received by 12pm**)

Gift Vouchers

From Monday 2 December 2019 our hours are:

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Culinary Experiences

Every Saturday around 11:30am we cook a delicious, simple dish using our ingredients and you get to taste the results. We also provide you with the recipe so you can create this dish at home. Keep an eye on Facebook & Instagram for weekly updates and recipes.

Our Sabato brandy butter is whipped with a generous helping of brandy to make it light and creamy. It is a wonderful accompaniment to Kitchen Six Christmas steamed puddings.

South Island and Great Barrier Island $17.50 (economy 3-5 days**)

Our gift vouchers are an ideal way to share your enthusiasm for food! Attractively presented in a gift folder. Vouchers are available in denominations of $10, $25, $50 and $100. To order your gift voucher, simply provide us with the recipient's name and address and we will do the rest.

Rewards Programme We welcome you to join our customer rewards programme. For every dollar you spend with us, either in-store or online, you will earn one reward point.

South Island and Great Barrier Island $31.50 (overnight per address**) * Please contact us for a quote if you are in Auckland and would like same day delivery. **Please note: We are unable to send chilled orders to Rural Delivery addresses, PO Boxes or Private Bags. We cannot send our delicatessen meats or frozen goods, however you can view the range of hams, chorizo, salami and prosciutto as well as delicious preprepared frozen foods online and purchase in-store. Product Availability As we deal mainly with small artisan suppliers stock can be limited and not immediately replenished. We recommend you order early to avoid disappointment. Quality Commitment Your satisfaction is very important to us. If you have any queries about a product, please call us. If a product you have ordered is not available, we will contact you prior to dispatching the order. If, for some reason, there is a fault with a product we will replace it at our own cost.


Once you have reached 200 points you will receive a $10 reward voucher to spend with us, which you will find extremely useful when you have run out of your favourite Sabato product.

Recipes (with the exception of pages 4 and 15), food presentation and styling: Julie Le Clerc Photography: Aaron McLean Art direction, styling and catalogue design: Donna Hoyle Design Limited

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I always make large bowls of salad dressing in the summer using Forvm Chardonnay vinegar. My favourite combination uses a heaped tablespoon of Dijon mustard, a chopped large garlic clove, a sprinkle of chilli flakes and a ratio of half Forvm Chardonnay vinegar to half fruity extra virgin olive oil such as Colonna or Salvagno. For a fabulous citrus flavour, I use the Colonna lemon-infused extra virgin olive oil – fabulous with seafood. Another favourite are the Ortiz anchovies - one for the pasta sauce, and two for me! To prepare a quick and tasty sauce for pasta I combine Sabato tomato passata with chopped Ortiz anchovies, cooked pancetta or sausage, Salvagno pitted olives and some Pons capers. I finish the dish with some fresh parsley from my garden and top with the best Parmigiano Reggiano from Sabato.

Judith Tabron Restaurant Legend and co-host of television series, My Restaurant Rules.

VISIT 57 Normanby Rd, Mt Eden, Auckland. Open 7 days





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