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Become a unique international brand works towards quality functional shoes. 成為一個充滿個性, 實而不華的國際品 牌。


SABATINA is about educating consumers, Be a leading position on proper way of wearing shoes choose the perfect pair to fit their needs. 帶領世人挑選適合自 己的鞋子。

SABATINA: BRAND STORY 1960s, the era of Italian shoes, the designs and hand-craft techniques continue to grow and innovate, monopolize the footwear industry over the world. SIMONE GRANDONI, an Italian shoes designer who inverts the idea of commercial use of footwear, focuses on the well-being of consumers, beneficial to their health and awakes the positive walking attitude through his works. While consumers were into style and price, the idea of wearing quality comfort shoes was no longer a concern for them. SIMONE GRANDONI and his uniqueness idea were exploited, became victims of the century, and decided to move to SABATINA, a desolate small town in Italian at his old age. SIMONE GRANDONI’s design concept towards quality shoes was discovered and the brand “SABATINA” was founded to commemorate this great designer. Famous Italian shoes designer ENRICO MONETTI was inspired by SIMONE and joined the team of SABATINA on product design and development; continuous research and innovate classic craftsmanship with technology, open a new chapter to the brand.

SABATINA品牌故事 在上一個世紀的60年代,正是意大利鞋風靡全球的時代。有位名不 經傳的設計師名字叫 SIMONE GRANDONI。他造詣高超,有獨特理 念。他認為設計皮鞋不應首先考慮容易推銷,而是要確保對人體有 益。他希望通過他設計的產品,來喚醒世人,關注穿皮鞋的真義。 但在那個時代,一般人群要求較低,只注重款式及價格合理,忽視了 皮鞋的品質。由於 SIMONE GRANDONI 不隨波逐流,對市場不妥 協,就成了這個年代的犧牲品。因為沒有資金建立自己的品牌,惟 有替別的品牌設計鞋款過活。最後,他抱著高超的才華、超時代的 理念,隱居於意大利中部一個叫SABATINA的荒僻地方,就此屈屈而 終。 “SABATINA”是為了紀念這位偉大的設計師,為他偉大正確的設計 理念而作出平反。當今意大利名設計師 ENRICO MONETTI,深受 SIMONE GRANDONI 感動,決意為這偉大理念出一分力,全身投入 主理 SABATINA 的產品設計工作,將不斷研發創新,務求將經典工藝 與創新技術融為一體,一切令人期待。

BRAND CONCEPT “We spent 2/3 life time on our feet with a pair of shoes on.” SIMONE GRANDONI introduced the concept; he suggested wearing a pair of quality shoes will be able to improve life quality by 2/3. Quality leather shoes will soon became an inevitable part of human daily live. Complied with the great idea from SIMONE GRANDONI, SABATINA targets customers who care for their feet, represents an idea of intelligent decent shoes with high quality craftsmanship. Continuous innovation in research and involved with high technology, SABATINA will always be a luxurious shoes brand that indicated classics, elegance and comfort. SABATINA shoes are well-designed for smart people, we promised to create pairs of perfect fits to suit our consumers’ needs. Behind each piece of artworks, there is a tempered story which cares your feet.

品牌概念 SIMONE GRANDONI 認為人類生活裡,有三份二的時間是穿著鞋子。換句話 說,一對好鞋子,會改善我的2/3的人生,皮鞋會是我們生活質素的必然部份, 不可缺少的。 SABATINA產品,將遵從 SIMONE GRANDONI 的偉大理念,反對以奢華、浮 誇、虛榮來取得市場信任。相反,SABATINA將代表務實、智慧、體面及品質的 標記。品牌在科研技術上持續創新,但永遠不忘經典,在經典過後再創新經典。 SABATINA 專為明智人群,付出最大的努力,造出世上最完美的作品。每件作品 背後,都有一個千錘百鍊的故事。

THE COMPETITION Currently, we have very little direct competition as there are very less footwear’s brand that has our concept of been exclusive in concentrating on comforts with technology . 目前鞋品市場上,SABATINA暫未有直接競爭對 手,因現存鞋類品牌上僅有極少把品牌價值重心針 對於我們相信的概念上。我們一直獨家專注於鞋品 的舒適度,以及技術上的揉合。


Sabatina would not be influenced by the seasonal factors that affect our customers. Since the demand for our brand crosses many different consumers, seasonal fluctuations are expected to be limited. Many brands that deal with trendy fashion are affected by seasonal changes, trend colors and styles changes. We will not be affected by these changes because even at that level of projected volume, we are still conservatively below the total risk in fashion. It was because our direction is more towards comfort and wellness. We expect this trend to grow as we establish a larger market share. SABATINA所推出的鞋款並不受到季節性影 響,四季皆為我們鞋款的銷售佳期。我們品 牌跨越許多不同需求的消費層,因此在季節 性上鮮有改動。許多時尚品牌為應付大勢潮 流,會因應季節在鞋品設計、色彩及款式上 作出變化。然而,SABATINA不會受這些變 化影響,因為我們走在舒適健康水平上,對 於只限於針對時尚潮流方面,我們更推崇務 實、有體面的鞋品,並以優良品質取勝。我 們預計鞋品市場上會漸向此趨勢發展。


Lisa Cheng


Award-Winning Athlete


REFLEX-ZONE- BED 正宗足底反射區域鞋墊 國際專利注冊 A stimulation by means of the relex-zone-bed aims: 通過足底反射區域鞋墊的刺激會產生以下功效: Increase blood circulation in the head 改善頭部血液循環 Relax the muscles in the nape of the neck 頸部放鬆 Improve breathing due to the relaxation of the shoulder girdle 通過肩膀放鬆改善呼吸過程 Co-ordinate the autonomic nervous system 平衡植物神經系統 Relax the muscles in the upper part of the abdomen 上腹部放鬆 Improve the functions of the digestive system 平衡消化系統 Improve blood circulation in the pelvic region 改善盆腔血液循環 Prevent foot swelling 改善腳部腫脹 Longitudinal Zones by Dr. Fitzgerald



Longitudinal Zones by Dr. Fitzgerald

AGE GROUP (26 - 35) (36 - 45) (46 - 59) OTHERS

26% 28% 24% 22%

TARGET MARKET There are four main target market groups for Sabatina: SABATINA品牌主要針對四大主要市場為目標: 1. Self-employed professionals 自僱專業人士 2. Professionals 專業人員 3. O.L 辦公室職員 4. People on the move 長期需要使用雙腳步行者 Sabatina target market is made up of consumers with annual income from $250,000 and above. The end-user of Sabatina’s products can be categorized into 3 groups. The first is urban professionals between the ages of 25 and 50, living in the greater HK area with a salary of greater than $300,000 per year. The second is tourist and the third are expatriate living in HK. 目標市場 SABATINA品牌鎖定的目標市場由年收入逾$250,000及以上消費群所組成。消費 群大致可分為以下三個類別:一、年齡層由25至50歲,年薪多達三十萬元的本土 白領儷人;二、旅遊人士以及三、在香港本土居住的外籍人士。

PRICING STRATEGY Due to consumers strong needs, we are able to profitably sell our products at a price comparable lower to imported brands who supply to retails chains’ stores and shops. Our prices are set in such a way that Sabatina’s products are comparable more reasonable. Sabatina shoes will become affordable high quality shoes. 跟據市場上消費者的需求,我們在價格調整上有很大空間,可以比一般進口品牌 定價較低出售我們的品質貨品。我們相信亦重視我們的客戶,因此以這種形式作 SABATINA定價指標是絕對合理的。SABATINA絕對會成為大眾認同價廉物美的高 質鞋品品牌。


$1000-$1600 $1600-$3800 $1200-$1800

*prices subject to change #The above is for references only and are based on initial estimation only.

40% 30% 30%

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY ‘Stay Healthy’ is one of the main principles of our brand, SABATINA. We reduce the use of chemicals within our production processes, to minimize the hazards and harms caused to human body and the environment. As a socially-responsible shoe brand, we do pay attention to environmental protection; we have launched a repair service to our consumers, extend the service life of our products as well to prevent pollution and reduce waste. Furthermore, we have special and seasonal promotions contribute to our society, support professionals in Education and Medical sectors to pay tribute on their devotion to the community. 健康,是SABATINA其中之一大原則。在制作過程中,SABATINA一直以盡量減少 使用化學物質為宗旨,從而減低對人體帶來之傷害。 環保,是SABATINA所重視的一環,故此,SABATINA推出維修保養服務,希望籍 此可延長每對產品的壽命,減少浪費。 SABATINA亦推出各樣優惠給予對社會有無比貢獻的教育人士及醫療團隊,籍此支 持他們教育英才,懸壺濟世。

HONG KONG SHOP ADDRESS 香港店舖地址 16 Cochrane Street, Central 中環閣麟街16號 Shop 26, MTR Floor, ISquare, 63 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui 彌敦道63號國際廣場地鐵層26舖 Shop 1146, Level 1, Metro City Phase II, Tseung Kwan O 將軍澳新都城中心二期商場 1/F 1146號舖

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