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Shape : Structure : posts and beams, functions as a metal structure.

Down load diagram :

1 2 1

5 1

4 3

3 1


2 1

6 1


Possible extensions ? Same posts at the bottom and at the top Oversized structure  possible to add for example a roof terrace, 2 or 3 floors (but is that it really would be judicious ?) Currently we don’t know very well how many loads we can add because we lack informations (for example the reinforcement plan).

Removal ? We can destroy everything with explosives if we want. To destroy some parts, we can use a shovel and be careful to not destroy the bearing elements without those they are beared over, because they could fall (for example, don’t destroy a post whithout the beams and the floor above)

Demolition tasks :

New buildings ? Comparison between different kinds of structures :


Advantages  

  

Maintains its strength indefinately Does not deteriorate with age like timber and concrete, provided its surface is protected from rust. Very strong and flexible Can be recycled Structures can be prefabricated (welded) in large sections, and lifted into place with cranes and bolted together Buildings can be made quickly. Many section types are made (square, tube, H-section, etc)

Disadvantages  

Heavy and thus expensive to transport Susceptible to corrosion- steel structures must be painted continuously Has a high expansion rate in changing temperatures, and this must be allowed for in the engineering. In conditions of repeated stress and changing temperatures, can suffer from fatigue and cracks, and more corrosion.



- Construction times are reduced by as much as one third.


- Traditional procurement process - Additional design and engineering time

- Earlier introduction of following trades - Low embodied energy if constructed in local timber

- Modification of general arrangement drawings if based on masonry construction - Lack of experience of building crews

Recyclable - Lack of experience of following trades - Reduced construction waste through efficient controlled manufacturing

- Transportation and carriage access

- Low volume of waste on site requiring removal

- Exposure to weather before enclosed

- Can be built to exceed 60-year design life

- Deficiency of site quality control

- Energy efficient when constructed to current standards

- Combustibility of timber requires vigilant quality control to achieve required fire rating of separating and compartment walls

- Fast heating due to low thermal mass Reduced time on site reduce - Efficient use of material due to controlled engineering and fabrication s environmental nuisance and disruption to local residents - Factory controlled quality assurance in fabrication

- Susceptibility to decay of timber when exposed to excessive moisture



- Strong structure

- Heavy

- Hyperstatic: some columns can be removed

- Demolition will be complicated during the use of the building

- Symetric structure (composed of slaps and columns): Can be transformable easily (to be more fluid) - Additional loads can be supported

Structure ideas for imagination :

- The parts of hoistway are composed of loadbearing interior walls.

Structure and Comparison  

Structure and Comparison

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