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Pro Masterplan Amandine

Pro Masterplan Maria

* all food place stuck together * no parking * long way to libary...not able to reach it in break * no real main entrance for underground side

space program dosen`t work no space for additional functions

No real main entrance situation

we have to build a new libray

Con Masterplan Amandine

agora space is too small high building which creates shadow Keep old building difficult to renew and create good learning environment

we have to build a new library Library to far away Really straight circulation and form

Cons Masterplan Maria

Buildings to much "similar" To much buildings and no mains building or high buildings

Keep outside bridge between building which create darkness downstairs

Layout of buildings : many streets inside the campus. => the non-visibility of the campus into the urban fabric

Project Campus Deutz

Difficult to move with a bicycle because of the differents levels of the ground (make slope ramp next to the scales)

the non-visibility of the campus into the urban fabric

Conservation of unused spaces between the buildings

* no parking (REA) * long ways from faculty to workshop * west side: kind of banning the outside (big buildings like wall) No real main entrance situation Keep actual library which is new but ugly and not a good learning environment ;-)

* buildings southwards -> photovoltaik on roofs

Curve buildings create curve spaces difficult to furnish. --> you lose space

* nice agora

Cons Masterplan Robert

central agora with public facilities around Carteen is close to the street so everybody students and the neighborhood people can use it

no different building levels

use the old library it is build 2001 and i see no reason to demolish

Separation of 2 parts The non-readability of the campus int the city and with inside the campus,

space program works space for additional functions Cool round agora! Good function organization All faculties really near Good connection with the city in order to open the campus to everybody agora is cool includes sport spaces Reinterpretation of patterns stemming from shape of the territory shape between the agora and the surrounding buildings to the east

Campus split in two parts.. One with a great round agora and the other with the sport field, which is a kind of small agora too.. Possible to put both of them together perhaps? :-)

Pro Masterplan Robert

isolated entities with non-hierarchical , lack of connections between spaces? Creation of new sport area and not taking into account the old stadium.

recycling the existent ( the old) to make something new and "futuristic". => Time machine

Pro and cons of 3 Vision Masterplan  

Pro and cons of 3 Vision Masterplan