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Light buildings Relations with the real working life Sports facilities

Business area

media library Campus privacity Pedestrian ways

Masterplan Idea Campus Deutz


Sustainability Kinder garten


Inside Garden Faculties private garden

shared garden

FUTUR1 Courtyards

Connection sport place

Canteen open for the city Faculties private meeting point

Connection between the building

Program faculties regrouped

Roof terraces

Open spaces Faculties private spaces View between levels


Central meeting point Faculties connections

View on the city Extension agora to inside

Notes 1) FUTUR An executive summary is a report, proposal, or portfolio, etc in miniature (usually one page or shorter). That is, the executive summary contains enough information for the readers to become acquainted with the full document without reading it. Usually, it contains a statement of the problem, some background information, a description of any alternatives, and the major conclusions. Someone reading an executive summary should get a good idea of main points of the document without becoming bogged down with details.