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September 2022 The Community Tide

A note from the editor

I am Sabaitide and I would like to use my writing and website developing skills to bring my community together. TheCommunityTide makes it easy to find local and online resources in both English and Spanish, and now, it offers a creative space to participate in monthly art and poetry round ups. This month’s theme is “Welcome to the Tide,” where participants around the community submitted creative pieces that pertained to the theme of water.

Thank you so much for checking the Tideand I hope that you will consider participating in an upcoming round up! TheCommunityTidehas been awkwardly silent on social media, so I would greatly appreciate it if you can tell your friends and family about the Tide.Thank you!

Thanks for checking The Tide

The Community Tide

Consider the Tideto be like one big online community board, but with a small town vibe.

This website was created to curate a comprehensive list of community resources for Ventura, Carpinteria, and Santa Barbara to make all of this helpful local information easier to find, especially for those who are not connected to the world of social media.

I created TheCommunityTideto first and foremost organize and share all of these helpful resources. I kind of binged and purged on local and online news in search for more community resources because I feel like it's important for this list to be available online somewhere to direct people to the help they may need.

One problem that I've observed in the current state of online news and media is that real help and information is hard to find through the overwhelming amount of media content and ads. Most of the media outlets are either already well established, outdated, unrelatable, or are covered with ads. Even as a writer myself, I struggled to find an existing publication that I could contribute to.

The vision for this art and poetry round up is to also find and organize local creative work, not just community resources. I feel like helpful resources will always be somewhere on the internet, but art and poetry is what's always current, changing, and constantly being created—and that’s what I really want to find and organize for my community. Please visit for more info.

The water it calls my name

It roars it through the tide

She calls, calls in vain

I walked away, not knowing I hide

Walked and walked no water in sight

But the rages rise, and the anger rose

For long days kept up this fight

In hopes that soon peace flows

Many moon faces inspired paths

Found new state, current place

Waves on land, control my wraths

Humbly surrendering to your craze

My tide inside flashes flood

Her shrieks vibrate my inner side

The ocean body, salt and blood

No longer hidden, we’ve deep dived

Rafaela G.Oxnard
Ocean 1

Love Me Well

Rafaela G. - Oxnard

Waves crash;

I am seen but unseen, As my layered self Comes unravelling. Wind’s embrace, And water’s edge, Touch the places that bruise, Tender heart, gentle soul.

My broken self is soothed

As I seek healing, Seated upon sand granules In happy solitude.

J.D. Stephans - Oxnard

“Ihavealwaysfeltdrawntothewater. Thesoundofitcalmsme,thesightofitinspiresme,andbeingnearitenergizes me. AfterlosingmyfatheronNewYear’sEve2016,Iwenttotheoceanalmosteverydayandjustsatandcried. Igave hermytears,myhealing,mypain. InturnIfoundsolaceandhealing. AfriendwhoalwaysreceivedmeasIwasand withoutjudgement.” Healing Waters
Watercolor Submissions Justin F. - Ventura

“Iaminspiredby theconstant washingawayof footprints,paths, etc.bytheocean waves.Youcansee thattheblackline (representing someone’spath)is erasedbythe waves.Iused Procreatetomake thisartwork,butI wanttorecreate thisusing multi-mediaona canvastocapture thetextureofthe waterandsand.”

S. - Oxnard
Fisherman Catching Fishes Dwain W. - Ventura “Iaminspiredwithimages thatcomeupinmymind. Ilikerichcolorsthatare displayedinoils.”

“IlikeplantsandIliketopaint,so whenIstartedtopaintmyownpots, thingsstartedtomakemoresensefor me.Thiscollectioniscalled‘LetThere BeLight’becausewhenGodcreated theworld,Heseparatedthewaters abovefromthewatersbelowandHe calledtheexpanseHeaven.Thestory ofcreationhasinspiredmycreative worksandIthinkit’sbeautifulto makethebestofthings.That’show youseelight.”

Let There Be Light

Sabaitide - Carpinteria
Painted Pots

Thanks For Checking The Tide

WelcometotheTide—This first edition was short and sweet. I’d like to give a special thank you to all of the contributors and I’d like to encourage you to participate in the next art and poetry round up!

Next month’s theme for October 2022 is “Climate Change is Scary.” For more information about our monthly art and poetry round up, please visit us at to learn how you can share your creative work. Please tell your friends and family about it and thanks for checking the Tide.

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