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How do you effect a reconciliation with an ex? If you still love your ex what do you have to do get him or her back? Most times even though you may consider your affai r over he or she may suddenly want to resume the u sual lines of communication that existed prior to the break up.In case you are still in love and wan t a reconciliation with an ex, dont immediately ju mp up for joy when there is an attempt at a comeba ck. ask your self what has really changed to warra nt him/her wanting a reconciliation? Don’t roll out the welcome mat yet and make things too easy. Throw up a challenge and find out wheth er he/she is really thinking deeply about the reco nciliation. You can allow some level of contact to take place . Dont jump in head long and end up sleeping toget her as this could be seen a sign of weakness and i nsecurity on your part.It will surely hurt the att empted reconciliation with an ex. Let he/she show sincerity first both in words and in action. Pay attention and see if the problemati c points in your previous relationship are being a ddressed. Watch for follow through on promises mad e, are they being kept? To adequately guage his/her level of sincerity tow ards reconciliation with an ex follow these 10 tip s 1.You are now hearing all the things you have alwa ys wanted to hear about the greatness of your rela tionship 2. Attention and devotion is being shown to you 3. No defensiveness in altitude but mostly apologie s about any wrong done you 4. Interest in making it up to you 5. A sudden out pouring of emotions in unique roma

ntic ways( waxing lyrical,setimental gifts,surpris e and romantic dates etc) 6. Having open and sincere talks and what the futur e holds for you both 7. Cutting off all contacts with the other person i f there was any 8. Let’s e

you know how important you are to his lif

9. Encourages you to move in and live together 10.Proposes marriage If you are getting the above mentioned signs, don’ t hesitate to bring up questions you have about yo ur future together to the front burner. Reconcilia tion with an ex is an opportunity to the take the relationship to the next higher level than that fr om from which the break up occured You can find more about reconciliation with your e x in

reconciliation with an ex  
reconciliation with an ex  

how to reconciliation with an ex