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Mobile Shelving

Mobile Shelving from Saar Lagertechnik offers versatile storage space for any environments Ideal for offices, medical practices, libraries, archives, schools, museums and many more. Mobile shelving maximises the use of floor space, improves organisation and that be extended at any time in the future.

Clad frames

Pierced shelves

Range: Heights Depths Widths


Shelf dividers in 10 different heights and depths, 300, 400, 450 mm

Sliding door units

Plain shelves

Pull out filing cradles

in 150mm increments up to 3600 mm 200, 250, 300, 400, 500, 600 mm 600, 800, 1000, 1200 mm

Static filing cradles

Plinths for a clean finish

Rear cladding

Plain shelves adjustable every 25mm

Lockable filing cabinets

Hinge doors with lock


Frames available in:

saar lagertechnik

light grey

graphite grey


Burgundy red


Shelves supplied in:

light grey


With mobile shelving from Saar Lagertechnik you are using state-of-the-art storage



Mobile shelving from Saar Lagertechnik provides maximum storage in a minimum area, allowing floor space to be freed up for other uses.

saar lagertechnik

There are many benefits: - Better storage - create space - clearer, more accessible filing - improved organisation

Save space with mobile shelving:

Surface profile track

Static shelving wastes space Static shelving needs separate aisles to make access possible. Floor space is lost.

Create space for other uses Mobile shelving saves 37.5% of the total room volume – valuable space could be freed up for other aplications.

Save space for additional storage Mobile shelving increased storage capacity in this store by 75%.


Low profile track, located directly onto level floors. A quick and easy-to-install system for light loads which can be laid directly onto concrete, wood and computer floors.

Heavy duty surface profile track Can also be set on level floors as above, but intended for heavier applications.

Surface mounted track Grouted underneath to provide a level track with solid foundation for mobile bases. Used with an infill floor.

A wide range, versatile and flexible in use

Static or pull-out filing cradles, for different sizes of suspended files and adjustable in the height.

Hinge or sliding doors that can also be retrofitted.

Shelving can also be supplied with open backs, stability being ensured by back bracing.



Pull-out shelves mounted on telescope rails provide a useful working surface.

Part-height dividers make filing tidier and access easier.

With book ends, files and books can be kept upright for easier classification.


Side and rear cladding allowing the free flow of air, mesh and various means of suspension.

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Mobile Shelving  
Mobile Shelving  

Mobile Shelving from Saar Lagertechnik offers versatile storage space for any environments.