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Urban Planning studio 3

Done by sarah frihat

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graduation Project o

Jerash the hub for the Metro network Done by sarah frihat supervisor ; Dr. Anne Gharaibeh

Chapter 1: Introduction

project significant AND objectives Join the old jerash with the new jerash . creating a green corridor zone in the outside of the old jerash walls that joins jerash ancient city with the new .

project importance jerash the hub for the Metro network jerash Metro will have around 15 stations for the entire network , including the major station built at jerash. The station also incorporates areas for social, and civic activities , linking with adjacent developments. this Metro will connect jerash with Amman and irbd ,it will be great start toward new jerash.

project problems going to cost about 2 billion dollar or more than that so it's so hard to be implemented .

benefits of the project it's going to serve all the ages and 3 cities will get benefit from it .

clients of the project let's say that project going to serve all ages but it going to focus on 20 to 30 age category


Historical diagram to Jerash

331 B.C In the 331 B.C when Ale xander left Egypt, crossed Syria and then went to M esopotamia. It is sometim es misleadingly referred t o as the "Pompeii of the Middle East or Asia", refe rring to its size, extent of excavation and level of pr eservation (though Jerash was never buried by a vol cano). Jerash is considere d one of the most import ant and best preserved R oman cities in the Near E ast. It was a city of the De capolis.

350 A.D The Romans ensured security and peace in this area, which enabled its people to devote their efforts and time to economic development and encouraged civic building activity

635 A.D

the city continued to flourish during the Umayyad Period

1806A.D Discovered a German tourist to begin excavations of the Archeological area

20th century Jerash grown residential and residential stability because of the large community from BLAD SHAM


Down town Map

The Numbers act main nodes and Land Marks In Arccheological area


Chapter 2 : Existing condition


The modern city share the a city wall with the old one the target area is ig nored for years while the west part is archaeological site which is under pre servation rules


Urban development The shape of the urban growth of the city does not adhere to clear plan or pattern , Where to take the city in a circular shape growth stages First, Where the city take a circular shape growth stages With the development of transportation routes emerged another style of growth, a linear pattern that led to the growth of the city Outward tracking extension roads




main Entrance



land property

Buildings ages

Buildings conditions


Kevin Lynch



Kevin Lynch


Nodes : it’s focal points of activity , junction of paths , meeting places , market squares , places for transport interchange.

Two main edge :City wall Al wadi

Municipal building





Landmarks Mosque Open space


Kevin Lynch





some pictures of region


S.O.W.T Analysis

Strengths Planning: Good share of open and public space. -Variety of public and pedestrian connections with good views towards Archeological area . -There are some potential safety issues concerning pedestrians

Location agricultural land and itis have wadi It is Characterized diversity of topography -its strategic location and at the crossroads between Amman and Irbid,

Historical and cultural values: One of the most important cities of the Roman Decapolis in the world Characterized by the presence of many mosques and churches in various filed with the city center

Economic value :

As Tourism City is the second in Jordan after Petra. Downtown act ahigh importance of economical.


Weaknesses Bad linking between Downtown and the Archeological area Arterial Road blocking pedestrian flow towards the Archeological area and acting as a barrier rather than a connector.

Lack of green areas and open spaces . them, Not good use of spaces linking between Parking demand exceeds supply during much of the day, To relieve pressure on Down town from Vehicles

Visual pollution caused by , inconsistent signage, telecommunication towers, hanging cables and wires Inconsistent building materials with low architectural quality and faรงade treatments


Opportunities historical value exploit the historic buildings in the area to attract tourists through the markets and restaurants popular series reflect the heritage

Local community/Participatory approach: Facilitating residential use in mixed use areas is possible The possibility of increasing green spaces

society Variety of society and mix of tourists


Threats Physical Issues: Lack of a link between land mark in down town Lack of visual accessibility due to constructions and obstructive barriers and fences. Local Separated from the archaeological area in down town Amman Irbid Street

Land use community / Participatory approach: Irregularities people in failure to maintain the effects and public property

Management & Governance: failure to separate vehicle traffic from pedestrian traffic, leading to traffic problems No safety measures or facilities for people with disabilities on public spaces


Objective Economic Objectives -Enhanced attraction for tourism -Centre for economic development and growth -Vibrant urban neighborhoods for retail and commercial activities Social Objectives -Ensuring that the Urban Strip is designed, constructed, managed, maintained in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner that meets or exceeds all specified City and National standards. -Integrated residential neighborhoods, incorporating a blend of housing types and qualities Amman is one of the fastest growing populations in the Design Objectives -Accessibility -Sustainable design -High quality public amenities and spaces -Showcase for sustainable design and development



Alternatives for concept Alternative 1

Alternative 2


Alternatives for concept Both of them almost the same ideas but differ in form Same ideas long bath that link ancient city with my site This bath have different levels and different experience

Pedestrian can move under to take advantage of the land as much as possible


In this location the bath Beginning


Open space beside Asharkas Pedestrian street That I can use it as park in may project I only removed Two residential buildings 111

As I mentioned I wanted to not affect on the open space So the even the buildings roof I'm going to use it as open spaces For the users Open space



graduation Project 2

Concept development