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SAAPHYRI Saaphyri: So, I'mma girly girl. I'm not a manly girl. I'mma keep it 100.

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~amie: right?

You can also earn money in Fire Camp, .

Saaphyri: Yeah. If you can pass it! (laughs) Jamie: Oh, you didn't pass it? Saaphyri: Jamie, I failedwith flying colors! I tried to, like, challenge: You can challenge the training so you can get out of Fire Camp quicker. I tried to challenge it, and these people know I come from the TV. They're all looking, talking 'bout, "Look at the 'Flavor of Love' girL" And I'm running, my heart poppin' out of my chest, looking like Bugs Bunny with my heart sticking out like that. And I'm running and I'm running. I get to the end and they said, "You gotta go again." And I said, "huh?"

was on PCP-and

put her baby in the dryer.

Jamie: What? Saaphyri: Yes. That's the kind of crime some of these people have. There was people in there for stuff like me or other things that are minimum-in with people who killed five people because of whatever reason. Jamie: Did you ever .get into an altercation of them or anyone approach you wrong? Saaphyri: I did get into an altercation.

with any

Saaphyri: No, just one time. That's all it took. It took the one time. Jamie: And you beat them up like you did that girl on "Flavor of Love"? . Saaphyri: I'm going to say it like this: I ain't have no

Jamie:Aww. Saaphyri: So finally the coach, she said, "I know you're trying, but you can't be here." (laughs) Jamie: You know how I know ooout Fire Camp? Because Frankie, Keyshia Cole's mom, she did Fire Camp. Saaphyri: Oh, yeah, they was real familiar with Frankie. She was at CRW, too! Jamie: Oh, she was? Saaphyri: Yeah, that's where the Fire Camp is. The sarge was like, "Yeah, we know Frankie." So, I was so unathletic, I wasn't allowed to stay at CRW, right? And they were like, we are going to send you to this program in Bakersfield. Bakersfield is like-oh my goodness: It felt like being at home. It was nothing. It was like, "Okay, you can watch TV." We were wotching "For The Love of Ray J." It was all good. We're eating a lot of food. We cook it ourselves. But because I had pulled my groin when I was at CRW, it became an issue, so I became ill and they sent me back to Chowchilla. And they call it "chow kill vo."

Jamie: So what was it like there? Saaphyri: Okay, now at CRW you in a two men cell where it's just you and another girl. In Chowchilla it's . eight men-eight women, rother, Well, some of them do look like men. It's eight of v'oll in just one cell with one bathroom. Well, not a bathroom-a toilet and a shower.

Jamie: Oh my god. Saaphyri: There was this girl that took her baby-she







Saaphyri: Um, August 4, 2010. Oh, let me tell you this too, Jamie. They have programs so that you can get out of prison early, right? Like, they have this little program called Fire Camp. Now, if you go to Fire Camp, your, sentence is reduced from 50 percent to 35 percent. So I decided, okay, I can go to Fire Camp, and they were like, "Yes, you can. You can go to fire cornpl" (laughs) Jamie, I am not athletic. And I think it was cruel and unusual punishment to' take anunathletic person-

Jamie: What's a burpy? Saaphyri: It's like this thing that they do in military where they jump down on the ground, stretch out their legs and do a pushup, then come back up and do a jumping jack and then come back LlP and they run. (lal:Jghs)


Jamie: With the eight women that were there? Saaphyri: Well, not eight, but just a couple of them, you know? Because, like, you heard my crimes, but I'm with people in the room that killed they children.

Jamie: When did you get out?

Jamie: (laughter) Saaphyri: -tell me I can get out early if I could run and do all this stuff. 'Cause you know I was killin' myself trying to run. Passin' out! They had us doing burples. Jamie. 'I ain't never did a burpy.

Saaphyri: Because it's a maximum facility. But it's also for people, if you get sick orsometblnq. you have to go there.

Jamie: Did any of them like you or dislike you? Saaphyri: For the most part I got along great with everyone, especially the inmates. At Chowchilla, a couple of the inmates, no, I did not get along with.

Jamie: Really? Saaphyri: I did not like the food! I don't even wanna see another noodle!

Jamie: A lot?

Jamie: (laughs) Saaphyri: I pulled my groin, Jamie. I'm running and alii can think of is, if I don't hurry up, I ain't never gon' get outta here.


Jamie: What do you get then? Saaphyri: You get nasty stuff! (laughs) That's why I lost so much weig'ht!

more problems, thank you Jesus. Jamie: Did any of your costrnotss come and visit you while you were in prison? What about Flavor Flav and MoNque? Did you stay in touch with any of those people? Saaphyri: I didn't, but somebody did give me a message from Mo'Nique and she was saying keep my head up, so I was so happy that she did send a message. Then Deelishis of course, too.

Jamie: Oh, so they were building up your strength? Saaphyri: They're building up their strength because in Fire Camp, ' what they tell you is you gotta hold up these hoses and they're like 100 pounds. Jamie: Right.

Sister 2 Sister interview pg 7  

Jamie: Oh, sothey were building up your strength? Saaphyri: They're build- ing up their strength because inFireCamp, ' what they tell you is...

Sister 2 Sister interview pg 7  

Jamie: Oh, sothey were building up your strength? Saaphyri: They're build- ing up their strength because inFireCamp, ' what they tell you is...