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SAAPHYRI too. Because that takes you to where He needs you to be, because God needs everybody to be somewhere doing something. ' So for each moment everything is perfect. Even if you think it's the worst, it's still perfect. Because that's the way it needs to be for you to do what God needs you to do. So even when it's at my worst times, I know there's a plan, even though at the time I don't want to be involved in that plan, because I don't like it at that particular time. But God's saying, "No, this is what I need you to do. So I have to break you down in order for you to be where I need you to . be."

Jamie: I've never heard of that. You're schooling me. Saaphyri: (laughter) I've grown up and I'm schooling you. There's a lot of people that suffer from BDD. Body dysmorphic disorder is basically a disorder where you just can't find any beauty-you always find something wrong with yourself physically.

Jamie: WelL how did he break you down? Tell me this: You said you were very smart in school? Saaphyri: Mm-hmm.



Jamie: And then you'd told me earlier that you were caught doing identity theft. How did you get there? Saaphyri: That was something that came about because I was hurt. I was going through a lot of problems with a family member. And it was basically the fact that my father had become ill and there was a lot of money at stake. This one uncle, he had a relationship with my dad-it was like a Cain and Abel type thing. Me and my dad were extremely, extremely close. I'm his only daughter-well, was his only daughter. And this uncle did not like me. And, I was trying to hold on to the material things that I should have let go of, but I was trying to really hold on because I felt it was mine. So I listened to this uncle thinking, "Okay, he's not going to do this to me," or whatever. But he needed me to sign his name to these financial papers so they could go ahead to court. Then he's like, "It's okay. Do you need me to go down and say anything?" Because, really, it wasn't like identity theft where I went and used o credit card. It's basically unauthorized use. He said that he didn't allow me to use his identity when, in fact he did. It's not that I was out on a crime spree or something like that. He paid on my disability because r have BDD. Jamie: What is BDD? Saaphyri: (laughter) It's called morphic disorder.







body dvs-

even though I still have the scar, God still loves me. It doesn't matter. You're still you, with this scar. The scar is not you. Jamie: Okay, so now tell me this, With this BDD, he knew that you had this, so your uncle played on that? How does he play on that? He told you that you can use his credit card for getting some things? Buying things? Saaphyri: No, it wasn't a credit card. It was, like, this financial agreement. He signed it, right? Then he stated that he didn't sign it. But then he came back later on and said yes, he did. But by then I'd already been convicted; I'm already in trouble and nobody's listening to him. Do you understand what I'm saying? And then , by that time; also, the probate and all that stuff had already been done, and they had won. So that money is theirs. So then he was like, alright. whatever with her. Jamie: So was it a lot of money? Saaphyri: Yeah, it was. It's like with the actual money and properties it was worth several million dollars.

Jamie: Okay. Saaphyri: When I was 16, I got hit by a drunk driver. I had a scar that was on the bottom of my chin. And every time I looked in the mirror, aU I could see was this scar, this scar, this scar. Jamie: Do you see it today? Saaphyri: Yeah, I still see it because there.

it's still

Jamie: Can they treat this? BDD? Saaphyri: Yeah, you go to therapy, and you talk about it. I've become a lot better. Because it used to look like this giant scar. It has shrunk, because in my mind now,

Jamie: And you? Or somebody signed for it? I don't understand what happened. Saaphyri: This is what happened: What happened was my dad, he had an accident. And because of the accident he suffered some brain injuries. His properties, his monies, everythingbecause he didn't have a will, which I hope all people do. Now I know I will definitely have a will. Don't just tell your brothers, sisters and your mama, "This is who I want to have this." No, you need a will because people will step in and take everything, even people that you feel are close to you or whatever. And that is what happened with my dad. It was like once he became ill when he had this car accident, this uncle the one I was telling you about that did not like my father-I mean, like, they have the worst history in the world. It was even to the , point that he believed his son was my dad's son. You know how those family rumors are, with the cousin. So they were in the courts. He stole all this 'money. We finally got the courts to see that he was stealing this money.

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Jamie: WelLhow did he break you down? Tellme this: Yousaid you were very smart inschool? Saaphyri: Mm-hmm. Jamie: Okay. Saaphyri: When Iwas...

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