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h at W essential would you never be without?

“Two things (I can never settle on just one!): 1. Botox – mainly for preventing lines but also for the clear, refreshed feeling I get from having strong frown muscles relax. 2. My Clarisonic PRO for daily massage and exfoliation. This incredible massaging brush for face and body gently sloughs away dull cells to help skin care products penetrate to the best of their abilities and leave skin feeling clean and soft. Plus, it has been a hero for my blemishes!” – Tara Carere, Cosmedica

“From Fabulous to Fetish”

beautiful you

By Jennifer Blyth When we start using make-up as teens, it’s a learning process, influenced by our peers and the styles of the time. As we mature, it’s an opportunity try new things and learn how to both accentuate our best features and create special looks for special occasions. “For day to day makeup, the goal should be to enhance the already ‘beautiful you,’” says accredited makeup artist Kelly Tisdale, a specialist with Pure Day Spa in Cordova Bay. “Everyone is unique and different in their own special, beautiful way, therefore makeup should be applied to bring out the uniqueness

and beautiful features we already have; it shouldn’t be to ‘hide’ who we are.” For those who like to wear minimal makeup, creating an even palette with foundation and concealer is a great start. From there, “adding in a touch of blush to the apples of the cheek to ‘get your glow on,’ some mascara to ‘open the eyes’ and a nice gloss for ‘kissable’ lips would be a nice, easy start to applying makeup,” Tisdale suggests. Makeup is meant to be played with so have fun with it, too, she adds. Try different looks and colours and practice, practice, practice! And don’t be afraid to try colours out of your comfort zone; after all, it washes off.


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1. Start with proper skin care – a terrific make-up look starts with a good base and Tisdale stresses the importance of following a proper regimen of cleansing, toning, moisturizing, exfoliating and sunscreening as the first step to that flawless finish. “You can’t mask dry skin with makeup!� she says. “If you are unsure of what skin care routine is best for you, make an appointment for a facial to have a skin care analysis done on your skin. A qualified aesthetician will be able to guide you in the right direction.� 2. Foundation should be the same colour as your current skin tone, and not used to give the illusion of a darker skin tone, Tisdale says. “With fall on the way and our summer skin tone fading, it’s important to change your foundation to reflect your changing skin colour. Remember, too, to blend the foundation down the neck to avoid the “foundation line� at the jawline. 3. To help create a seemless appearance, blending is crucial and applies to so much of makeup application, including foundation, concealer, blush and shadows – “all need good blending to avoid harsh lines.� 4. With the eyes, one our most noticeable features, it’s important to pay attention to eyebrows, avoiding overdone eyebrow pencils that make eyebrows too dark or too “pencil� thin, or those eyebrows that have never seen a tweezer! Unsure of what to do? “Seeing a trained aesthetician is a great idea to achieve great looking brows!� Tisdale says.

5. Choosing the right colours for your look depends on many factors, including eye colour, skin tone – even face shape and lip size, Tisdale notes. As a general guideline for the eyes, however: Blue Eyes AVOID: blue-green colours – this will reduce the intensity of your eye colour. USE: A good contrast colour to bring out your pupils – black, dark grey... PALETTE: Coral, golden bronze, beige, brown, dark grey Green Eyes: AVOID: Blue – it’s too plain. USE: Powdery pinks, plums, dark green eye liner. PALETTE: Plum, mauve, purple, pink, copper Hazel Eyes: AVOID: Half-tone colours – too plain. USE: Browns or khakis, or colours that appeal to you, as this eye colour can be quite versatile. Try a gold-brown or black liner on the lash line with mascara. This look makes the eyes ‘pop!’ PALETTE: Brown, orange, grey-green, khaki, blue-grey Brown-Black Eyes: AVOID: Pastels, it will wash out your eyes USE: Metallics that will, copper, bronze, silver-grey PALETTE: Navy blue, dark grey, plum, copper, bronze


Makeup Wondering what fave looks will be featured this fall? Pure Day Spa’s Kelly Tisdale offers a few top picks: • Nude makeup – fast, easy, fresh. “All you need is a perfectly suited foundation tone for your skin, neutral eyeshadow, mascara, a bit of blush to the apples of your cheeks and a nude lipstick or gloss and voila! – a beautiful nude look! • Vampy – this fall/winter seems to be bringing a few opposites and contradictions to the plate, Tisdale says. Contrasting the nude makeup is vampy lips, with bright, bold lip colour in shades ranging from orange and bright reds to burgundy and dark purple. • Thick eyebrows – say goodbye to the thin, overplucked eyebrow! A thick, natural and even boyish brow is ‘in’ this season! • Varicoloured smokey eye – the smokey eye continues as one of the season’s hottest trends, but what’s new is the shadow shade. Step away from the traditional black and try a dark purple, navy or deep brown. The smokey eye is quite a different technique to apply properly, so taking a lesson may be a good idea!

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fab diva fashion advice for the

in you

Recent statistics have suggested that more than 50 per cent of Canadian women are a size 14 or above and more than ever, women are refusing to accept baggy, unstylish clothes that make them look even larger. Today, recognizing that these women represent a huge share of the fashion market, designers such as Linda LundstrĂśm are offering more clothing for plussized women, says Jennifer Hill, owner of the Oak Bay Fashion Exchange and the Sidney Fashion Exchange. The key for plus-size women – or all women for that matter – is “to make good fashion choices that emphasize their assets and de-emphasize their problem areas,â€? Hill says. “Clothes shouldn’t hide one’s figure; rather they should accentuate and enhance it.â€? Hill advises women to follow three cardinal rules when choosing an outfit:

1. Wear the right size – If you are a size 20, you are a size 20 – not a 16 or an 18 but a 20! “If you wear something that is too small, you’ll look like you’ve been stuffed into your clothing and people will assume you have gained weight – not the image that most women want to portray,� Hill notes. Conversely, if you wear something too big and baggy, you’ll only look big and baggy. “Don’t worry about a number. If you are a size 20 and a pair of size 22 pants fits you better, buy the 22. Who cares about the number – you can always rip out the label!� The key is fit and structure. If clothes fit well, you’ll feel more comfortable and will look great. Remember, too, to wear good foundation garments when trying on clothes.

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3. Keep Everything in Proportion – Colour isn’t the only factor that helps create a “shapely� silhouette. Length is also key. Long jackets, long skirts and long tops all can work wonders as they add height but not width, Hill says. In terms of proportion, it’s also critical to consider the size of the accessories that accompany outfit. Large, clunky boots can ruin a fitted skirt, while carrying a too-small purse will look out of place and detract from a “put together� look.

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2. Keep it Simple – Too many patterns and/or colours can ruin an outfit. “That doesn’t mean you should not wear patterned clothes, just be cautious of patterns and especially mixing different ones together,� Hill says. Similarly, an outfit that is monochromatic tends to be more flattering than one in which the top is one colour and the bottom another. Generally speaking, smaller prints or patterns are better than bigger; however, a large pattern can work if the pattern and the background colour are similar in hue. With fabrics, some work better than others. Tightfitting “slinky� fabrics are usually not very forgiving as they cling to problem spots. Similarly, shiny fabrics will often reflect light off those areas you’d rather not highlight.

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Additionally, Hill advises women to look critically at their body shape when choosing an outfit. “Shape, remember, has nothing to do with size – it has to do with proportion – the proportion of the bust to the waist and to the hips. Knowing your body type will guide you in making choices that are going to flatter you (and your shape) best!” Plus-size women fall into one of six body shapes: the hourglass (with a clearly defined waist); the triangle or pear (clearly defined waist, but hips, thighs and rear are larger in proportion to the bust); oval or apple (no clearly defined waist; bust, waist and hips are similar in size); inverted triangle (a full bust, waist and upper back, smaller hips and rear); diamond (most of the weight in the middle and noticeably smaller on top and bottom); and rectangle (hips and bust similar size, no clearly defined waist). To determine your shape, stand in front of full-length mirror in your skivvies, and take a critical look at your body, Hill says.

A good sales associate should be able to help you “dress to your shape.” A “triangle,” for example, will want to broaden the upper body while minimizing the bottom. Try lighter coloured tops with have wider, square necklines that broaden the upper body. Try this with darker pants, a little wider in the leg to balance the wider hips. An “inverted triangle,” however, will want to choose clothes that do the opposite. In this case, dress to slenderize shoulders and bust while accentuating thighs, hips and legs. Try clothes that are darker on top and lighter on the bottom to balance the proportions, such as a navy wrap top with boot cut washeddenim jeans or a flared skirt. One last essential piece of essential would you never be without? advice, regardless of shape or size: “Stand straight and My one-piece body-shaper that I wear everyday...after all, be aware of your posture,” don’t most plus-size women (for that matter, don’t most reguHill says. And if you can lar-size women) want to “suck it in” without any effort! wear a shoe with a bit of – Jennifer Hill, owner of the Oak Bay a heel, you can automatiand Sidney Fashion Exchange cally create a longer look.


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Colour the eye beautiful Just as different eyeglass frames can make a statement about our personal style, contact lenses can also play a role in how we look. Not only for seeing better, contacts can also change our appearance, and in fact, “some people who don’t even need vision correction wear tinted contact lenses as a way to change their look,” notes the Dr. Stephen Taylor, from Mayfair Optometric Clinic. Today’s tinted lenses allow wearers to enhance their natural eye colour or change it altogether. Three categories of tinted lenses are available: • Cosmetic enhancement tints are translucent lenses designed to enhance natural eye colour and are best for light-

coloured eyes, like blues, greens, hazels and grays. • Opaque, or “cosmetic,” tints change the colour of dark eyes. The pattern on the lens, which is coloured, overlies the iris for a natural look. • Visibility tints are very pale, but are coloured enough to make the contact lens visible during handling without any effect on eye colour.

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The eyes have it! Whether you’re new to vision correction or are looking to make the switch from glasses – at least part time – today’s contact lenses are far different from those a generation ago. In fact, “advances in contact lens technologies have created many options in addition to hard and soft lenses,” notes Dr. Stephen Taylor, from Mayfair Optometric Clinic. But how do you navigate through those various terms and descriptions? • Prescribed wearing period: This is the time the lenses are left in the eyes – Daily Wear (up to 18 hours; removed at night and cleaned and disinfected after each removal) or Extended Wear, (overnight and up to seven days. These generally have a higher water content or thinner centre thickness than other lenses and permit more oxygen to reach the eye, but their use has been linked to a higher incidence of eye problems. These lenses must be cleaned and disinfected or discarded after use.) • Replacement schedule: The time interval for replacing lenses – Planned (frequent replacement: 1 month, 1 to 2 weeks; or daily disposable) or Unplanned/ Conventional Replacement (no specific time schedule before lenses are replaced).

“Almost immediately after they are inserted, contact lenses begin attracting deposits of proteins and lipids. Accumulated deposits, even with routine lens care, begin to erode the performance of your contacts and create a situation that presents a greater risk to your eye health,” Taylor notes. A specific replacement schedule helps prevent problems before they might occur. • By the type of vision correction – Spherical (for near- or farsightedness – myopia or hypermetropia), Toric for astigmatism) or Bifocals (for presbyopia); as an alternative to special bifocal contact lenses, many practitioners use a system called monovision where one eye is fitted with a distance lens and the other with a reading lens. Approximately two-thirds of patients adapt to this type of contact lens wear. • By the type of tint they have: Contact lenses may be described as clear or tinted to make lenses more visible during handling, or for therapeutic or cosmetic reasons. Tints can enhance eye colour, or change it altogether. (See above) • By the basic material – Soft (hydrophilic) or Rigid Gas Permeable

Trust the meticulous artistry of Dr. Stephen Baker.

Accessorize with20•20 style By Jennifer Blyth Gone are the days when glasses reflected a largely utilitarian purpose. While their ultimate goal remains helping wearers see better, if desired, today’s “spectacles” can be pure spectacle. “There certainly is a trend among glasses wearers shifting from ‘glasses for function’ to ‘fashion accessories,’” says Mary Lou Newbold, Practice Administrator at Mayfair Optometric Clinic. Designers such as Coach, Gucci, Dior and Chanel have been involved in the eyeglass frame market for many years, some offering complete lines of frames, but in recent years, more and more celebrities have become involved in the industry as well. “The consumer no longer looks at their glasses purchase as a necessity but as a commodity,” Newbold notes. And “although women are far more likely to make multiple purchases, choosing various colours and styles to suit their lifestyle, men are not immune to the shift in buying patterns,” she adds. Not that it’s all about aesthetics. “Many patients of our office purchase multiple pairs simply to make their dayto-day routines and habits more comfortable. Working at computers, playing golf and watching television are just a few everyday things we do with our eyes that

require different ranges of prescription to maximize the clarity of what we are viewing at any given time,” Newbold says. Buyers can choose from literally thousands of frame styles, so the consumer can easily choose not only what is a current trend, but most definately something that compliments the shape of their face as well as their household budget. And, while fashion is in constant evolution, “eyeglass frames tend to follow a slow path of change. A well-made pair of prescription eyewear may last several years if cared for properly and serviced regularly by skilled optical technicians,” she notes. The key there is care. “Like having your car serviced twice a year, glasses should be adjusted, cleaned professionally and screws checked and tightened on a regular basis.”

Beauty at

h W essential would you never be without?

Obviously “the eyes” – Beauty is in the EYE of the beholder! – Dr. Stephen Taylor, Mayfair Optometric Clinic

“Ecstatic about the results! Dr. Baker’s expert technical skills restored my appearance to how I looked twenty years ago. A heartfelt thanks to Dr. Baker for putting the smile back on my face!” — Nina


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day this fall

By Jennifer Blyth As the last days of summer are upon us, it’s time to think about preparing our skin for winter. With wet, windy, cold weather, people may start to notice their skin reacting to environmental stress such as dryness, wind chaffing, dehydration, dullness in skin tone, decreased circulation and colour, says Jennifer Spencer, spa director at the Sante Spa at Bear Mountain Resort. Take preventive measures by using a rich moisturizer to protect skin from the elements, especially when spending extended periods outdoors, Spencer says. For example, “use a heavier moisturizer when out for a hike in the wind than you would wear on a day at the office.” As we age, neither the skin’s elastin and collagen nor the skin cells reproduce as quickly as

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when we were younger, so the repair, glow and the skin’s youthful elasticity decreases. “Women tend to need more nourishing creams as they age, with products and treatments that encourage collagen production and exfoliation,” Spencer says. As with most areas of wellness, it’s important to “consider both internal and external factors,” Spencer adds. Drinking plenty of water will help relieve dehydration in the skin, for example, and supplements with oils, such as flax seed oil, can aid the hair, skin and nails. In addition, “avoid smoking and excessive consumption of caffeine as it will dehydrate and dull the skin.” Conversely, regular exercise – particularly cardio – will give the skin a vital glow with increased circulation to the skin. Moving beyond prevention, today’s spas offer

Dr. Azaria Marthyman is part of the professional team at ADORA SKIN LASER CLINIC. He has a background in Family Medicine as well as over 8 years performing cosmetic injections. An experienced physician guarantees flawless, professional and painless Botox and Juvederm injections. Botox is used to treat many age related symptoms such as frown lines, crow’s feet (around the eyes) and bunny lines (around the nose). Juvederm filler replenishes volume to help smooth wrinkles. Common areas for Juverderm are cheeks, nasalabial folds, lip lines etc. Dr. Marthyman also provides Sclerotherapy treatments for unsightly spider veins. Call today to book your consultation with Dr. Azaria Marthyman.

Dr. Azaria Marthyman, M.D.

105-1638 McKenzie Avenue Tuscany Village • 250-386-2030

Trending at the Spa What are people looking for at the spa today? “I would say indigenous and unique signature treatments are on the rise,” suggests Spencer. “There has also been a big upswing in medical aesthetic treatments.” And while women have always loved the spa setting, there’s been a big increase in men and children enjoying spa treatments in the last five years or so, Spencer adds. Preventive treatments or a relaxing escape? “I would actually say relaxation equals prevention,” she says. “In a time when many conditions and diseases are brought on by stress and unhealthy lifestyles, relaxation, health and wellness go hand in hand with prevention. Today’s generation is finally realizing that medication is not the answer for everything. They want holistic and preventive measures before they get to that stage.” Accordingly, today’s spas are becoming more like community wellness centres, Spencer suggests. It’s here “people go to mend from stress, grieve and recover from inju-

ries and health problems. As well as unwinding, people come to celebrate their health and special occasions.

Man Talk While more men are participating in spa life, men’s needs can certainly differ from women’s. Depending on their skin type, shaving practices and facial hair, they can need anything from more nourishment or something soothing for shaving irritation to products or treatments to soften and exfoliate thickened skin.


a variety of treatments specifically designed to address these issues. “Many types of facials and medical aesthetic treatments specifically target dehydration, regenerating skin elastin, cells, tone and dullness,” Spencer says, adding that “it’s best to speak to an aesthetician to identify what will be the best course of action for your skin type.”


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essential would you ever be without?

My Jane Iredale Tourmaline lip gloss and Golden Glow Pressed Mineral Powder with SPF 15 – look made up and ready to go in two minutes plus sun protection. What more could a girl ask for, really? – Jen Spencer, Spa Director, Sante Spa at Westin Bear Mountain

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Make time for you in this post-summer ‘new year.’ By Jennifer Blyth Ahhh...September. For most families, it’s the true New Year. So, if you’ve spent the summer on the beach and indulging in one too many ice cream breaks with the kids, the back-to-school season may well be the best time to start a new fitness routine. Whether September allows time for a morning walk or to squeeze a workout in during hockey practice, start by making time for you. If you haven’t been active for some time, it’s important to approach your workout safely (start by consulting with your doctor) and to be realistic about your expected results. For example, don’t aim to lose 20 pounds in a month – when it doesn’t happen, you risk feeling discouraged. Do set realistic goals for safe, steady fitness improvements. To stay on-plan, think carefully about what you enjoy doing. If you dislike running, training for a 10K may not keep you motivated. Perhaps, though, you’ve always enjoyed swimming or dance – good fitness options that can “trick” you into exercise. And then there’s the workout buddy, which some fitness buffs find essential in their stick-to-it routine. Finding a friend to join you in your workouts can help keep you

motivated, maintain your schedule and keep it fun. Joining a class can also help, offering both an instructor’s expertise and the possibility of meeting others with similar interests, and whether at the gym or your local rec centre, rest assured you can find the right class for just about any interest and fitness level. A class can also be a good opportunity to try something new, such as yoga or pilates, or even a dance class, which can encourage strength, flexibility, stamina and weight loss. Can’t find 30 or 60 minutes at a time to commit to a fitness routine? Try 10-minute sessions spread throughout the day – perhaps a little yoga in the morning, a brisk 10-minute walk at lunch, followed in the afternoon by walking to the store and carrying your groceries. It all adds up. And if you think a little more guidance will help you chart a new course to fitness this fall, consider a personal trainer, either through a private fitness club or your community centre. Not only are fitness experts trained in various techniques and practices, but also innumerable ways to keep you motivated!

Dress right for an active lifestyle In addition to finding the right activities and a work-out partner to keep you inspired, getting active is easier when you have the right clothing. For example, whether jogging, doing pilates or power-walking with friends, a supportive sports bra is a must. Women should try on several styles and sizes to get the right fit and support. Aerobic exercises, such as jogging, gym classes and cycling are easier in form-fitting clothing, which keeps the clothing from getting in the way of a workout. Be sure the items fit close to the skin but are not so tight

that they restrict movement or are uncomfortable to wear. Conversely, yoga or other stretching exercises may feel better in clothing designed specifically for this activity. Free-flowing pants, for example, can make achieving poses and stretches easier. Speciality activewear is also available that comes with moisture-wicking capabilities or SPF protection built right into the fabric. Explore these options for staying cool and protected. For many activities, what you wear on your feet will set the tone for your workout.


t a h W

Today’s athletic shoes come in many varieties and you’ll want to find the shoe best suited for the activity. Those participating in tennis or basketball may want a higherprofile sneaker to protect against ankle injuries, for example. Runners may need a lightweight, supportive shoe. Individuals enjoying a variety of activities may opt for a cross-trainer. Some activities, such as field sports, may require cleats. Those spending time outdoors should invest in sports sunglasses with, if needed, an athletic band to stay in place during high levels of activity.

essential would you never be without?

“As a dentist I have to say that a good toothbrush, floss and fluoride toothpaste are the beauty essentials to never be without. An attractive, healthy smile is essential to a positive, friendly first impression. Fresh breath allows close connection with others and healthy gums and teeth contribute to overall health which allows one’s natural beauty to radiate from within.” – Dr. Michael Bennett, Pacific Coast Dental 10 •  BEAUTIFUL YOU • AUGUST 2011


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Is your teen daughter interested in natural beauty and help them learn how current beauty trends, makeup tips and to make the most of their assets, beginning with proper skin care. techniques? The session, which welcomes about 20 Thirteen to 18-year-olds can visit the Esquimalt branch of the Greater Victoria participants, has filled up both previous Public Library next month to learn how times, so interested teens are encouraged to embrace and enhance their natural to register online at after Sept. 1 or call the Esquimalt branch at beauty. Positively Beautiful runs from 3:30 to 250-414-7198 for more information. 4:30 p.m. Wednesday, Sept 28. Under the guidance of program facilitators, participants will explore the library’s style and beauty books and magazines and enjoy a fall makeover beauty workshop with visitors from MAC Cosmetics, says Joy Huebert, Children’s and Family Literacy Librarian at the Esquimalt Branch Library. essential would you “I hope that they come, meet other never be without? kids, learn what’s in the library and Moisturizer – it hydrates, encouraging maybe learn a little about skin care the shedding of dead skin cells while proand maximizing their assets,” she tecting skin from environmental damage, says. making skin appear more smooth and The third time Huebert has supple. Nasobih’s Natural Antioxidant Day offered Positively Beautiful, Cream(with Protovin™), offers everything “we were running a program you need, including natural elements of with teens in Esquimalt and it SPF, for radiant, hydrated, younger-lookoccurred to me the girls would ing skin that glows while slowing the aging enjoy something else,” she says. process naturally. The program is designed to encourage girls to embrace their – Michele Rendel, Global Health Source Canada


t a h W


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August 31, 2011 Beautiful You  

Expert advice to help you become your most beautiful you

August 31, 2011 Beautiful You  

Expert advice to help you become your most beautiful you