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Student User Manual Introduction screen The first screen that will appear provides the option to choose between the lecturer and student logins. Click the button labeled “Student”.

Student Login screen Your lecturer will have provided the passphrase for the session you are to connect to. Enter that passphrase here and click the “Log in” button to load the timeline for that session.

If the login was unsuccessful check your network connection and ensure you have typed in the passphrase correctly. The demo passphrase is “pass”.

Timeline screen 1) Search bar – Filter the events that appear on the timeline by entering search terms contained in the event labels into this search bar and pressing the return key 2) Invert toggle – Tick this checkbox to filter out the events containing the search terms entered into the search bar, instead of searching for them 3) Clear all button – Click this button to clear all the search values and return to the default timeline, showing all the events 4) Timeline events – Hovering over these events will show a small information box with more details about the event. Clicking the event will show the media and questions for that event. 5) Timeline zoom tool – Drag the edges of the yellow rectangle to resize the viewing area of the timeline


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Media screen Use the “next” and “back” buttons to navigate through the pieces of media associated with the event. The embedded Youtube videos have options including volume control, video quality and captions.

Please ensure you have an internet connection for the Youtube videos. Those without an internet connection will still be able to view the transcript of the video segments on the following screen.

Response screen Information regarding the video segments and other media are given on the left side of the screen to answer the questions on the right side. Once you have filled in all the responses in the text boxes below each question click the “submit� button to see the results screen.

Results screen The left side of the screen will show all of the student’s responses to the current question.

Once the lecturer begins to assign these responses to different categories you can click any of the charting buttons on the right side of the screen to see display the results as a graph in a separate window, as such:

Once you have finished analysing the results for the current question, click the “Next Question� button in the bottom-right of the screen to view the results for the next question. After going through all the questions for the event you will be taken back to the timeline screen to choose another event.

Student user manual