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John Hayes Board Chairman

As you know, 2017 was a tough year for our state. Hurricane Harvey ripped through the Coastal Bend leaving a path of devastation. Following came the devastation and pain of the Sutherland Springs church shooting. Through these tragedies, our fund holders and staff were there to help.

The compassion displayed by our Area Foundation family is nothing short of amazing. A total of $5.5 million was contributed to Employee Disaster Relief Funds — and more than $3 million in grants for disaster assistance was awarded. But this wasn’t the only amazing act of compassion from our family. Donor Advised Funds awarded more than $22 million to area nonprofit organizations, while more than 650 college scholarships, totaling $3.2 million, were awarded to deserving students in our community. That’s only half of the grants you will read about in this report. On the pages that follow, you will see the commitment to support areas including children and youth, medicine and healthcare, animal services, arts and culture, and seniors. Nat Goldsmith, for whom the Area Foundation was established, once said we are repaid for our service through “happiness and pleasant memories that linger for many years.” Although 2017 was difficult for many, the compassion and giving you will see in this annual report has not only created lasting memories but has helped so many in the process. On behalf of the board, I thank you — fund holders, staff, volunteers and community partners — for your compassionate service in 2017, and for a new chapter in the Area Foundation legacy. All the best, John

BOARD OF DIRECTORS John Hayes Chair Theodore Guidry II Vice Chair Marie Smith Immediate Past Chair General James T. Hill Treasurer Michelle R. Scarver Secretary Janie Barrera Harold Berg J. Darryl Byrd Laura Ehrenberg-Chesler Luis de la Garza David Komet Adena Williams Loston, Ph.D. Brad Parman Alex Perez Jane Phipps Matthew C. Reedy G.P. Singh, Ph.D. R. Bruce Tilley Harry W. Wolff, Jr.

AREA FOUNDATION STAFF Martin Acevedo Jennifer Ballesteros Rebecca Brune Lisa Brunsvold Arenda Burns Lynda Cabell Keo Cavalcanti Rory Cavazos Cadence Corbin Pershama Dailey David Davenport Heather Diehl Catherine Garcia Jose Garcia Jenna Gonzales April Hansard Kale Harris Lolita Hartmann Rebecca Helterbrand Fernando Ibarra Gina Martinez

Kathy McDonald Jeanette Medina Isabel Myjer Gavin Nichols Sandie Palomo-Gonzalez Elise Parma Arizbeth Posada Eliana Rodriguez Patty Russett Lydia SaldaĂąa Victoria Salgado de Diggs Rachel Sandoval Leticia Segovia Nicole Sowell Lorna Stafford Bernice Uresti Jessica Urias Debbie Vasquez Diane Wallace Gary Wise

FRIENDS, In this annual report, we have chosen to highlight the history and legacy of the San Antonio Area Foundation. Mannie Goldsmith and his nephew, Richard, found Rebecca Brune it in their hearts to honor President/COO the legacy of Richard’s father, Nat, by establishing a fund that would celebrate that legacy, and live in perpetuity. The contribution of $100,000 became the seed for today’s Area Foundation, which stands at more than $900 million in assets. I am so privileged to work with our wonderful Area Foundation staff, board, volunteers and community partners who understand the legacy built in honor of Nat Goldsmith. It is our great honor to ensure that nonprofits are served, that we are partnering with key stakeholders to make a positive difference in our community, and first and foremost, that we continue to honor the charitable giving wishes of our fund holders. It truly takes the collaboration of us all to ensure that our donors’ wishes are aligned to the growing needs of our community. I know that as we continue working together for the greater good, the Area Foundation will only strengthen and the characteristics of the many great individuals and families that have become the bedrock of our organizational values — community, integrity, passion and excellence — will live on. Sincerely, Becca

OUR HISTORY Beginning with a simple act of love, the San Antonio Area Foundation was born. In 1964, Richard Goldsmith created the Area Foundation at the request of his uncle, Mannie Goldsmith. Mannie wanted an enduring way to honor his brother and Richard’s father, Nat, who had dedicated his time and resources to serve the Bexar County community. Richard, a young attorney, and his uncle placed $100,000 ($10,000 each year for 10 years) in the Nat Goldsmith Memorial Trust, which provided the initial funding to start the Area Foundation. Later, a committee of bankers, lawyers, Foundation representatives and others worked for months under the leadership of Niles Chubb, to draft a Declaration of Trust. On Sept. 1, 1964, documents were signed, and the Area Foundation officially became the first community foundation in Texas.




53 YEARS OF SERVICE 1964 Richard E. Goldsmith establishes The Nat Goldsmith Memorial Trust in honor of his father. The trust began with a $100,00 gift ($10,000 per year for 10 years) at the request of his uncle, Mannie Goldsmith. (Sept. 1) Under the leadership of Niles Chubb, the San Antonio Area Foundation becomes the state’s first community foundation

1978 Semp Russ leaves $2.9 million to the Area Foundation, the first major gift that becomes a game changer for the organization




First grant of $868 awarded to Alamo Heights Independent School District

First scholarship award of $100 given to Alma Jimenz (Univ. of Texas) from the Francisca H. Eschauzier Trust

Katherine Netting Folbre — first paid executive director

ABOUT NAT GOLDSMITH Nat Goldsmith was born in 1889 in Pine Bluff, Ark., as the son of German immigrants Leopold and Eva Goldsmith. Stricken by consumption, Leopold Goldsmith moved his wife, two sons (Nat and Mannie) and his daughter, Ruth, to San Antonio for a climate that would cure his illness. The Goldsmiths rented a house in the King William District and in 1906, Nat Goldsmith graduated from Main Avenue High School. He worked in the fruit and produce business until, at age 21, he and a friend opened the GuggenheimGoldsmith Company, a wholesale produce business. During his lifetime, Goldsmith was very active in the Jewish community but derived his greatest pleasure from his civic involvement in the community-at-large. Nat Goldsmith passed away in 1963.

For many years I have believed that the only real and lasting happiness we get is from unselfish service — whether that service be to one’s family — to one’s friends — to one’s community or to one’s country. It has been said, “Service is the rent we pay for our place on earth.”… I am convinced now that in paying that so-called rent we are amply repaid for our service in happiness and pleasant memories that linger for many years. — Nat Goldsmith



John L. Santikos bequeaths a total of $605 million in assets to the Area Foundation

Clarence “Reggie” Williams, president/CEO


Area Foundation assets reach $100 million

Candes P. Chumney, executive director

1997 Marion Therese Lee, executive director

2011 Dennis E. Noll, president/CEO

Area Foundation assets increase from $290 million to $901 million after the Santikos bequest Founder and general counsel, Richard E. Goldsmith, retires




Area Foundation moves to the Pearl through the generosity of a bequest from Robert and Carolyn Beckmann Wells

Area Foundation celebrates 50 years of impact in the community

Rebecca “Becca” Brune, president/COO The Legacy Continues

WELLS CENTER HISTORY Robert and Carolyn Beckmann Wells wanted to make a difference in the community they loved by leaving a lasting legacy for nonprofits in the area. In December 2012, the Area Foundation moved into its new building, the Wells Center, located at the Pearl Brewery. The generous bequest of the Wells has created more than 9,000 square feet of space at the Area Foundation for nonprofit meetings, trainings and capacity development, at little to no cost for the nonprofit. Since 2015, the Wells Center has hosted more than 64,943 Area Foundation visitors.

1,148 Number of events booked at the Wells Center (2017 internal & external)

3,594 Number of event hours (2017 internal & external)

22,044 Number of event participants (2017 internal & external)

More than

$52 MILLION 2017 Total Grant Impact


MILLION Donor Advised Funds Grants Awarded


MILLION Disaster Relief, Employee Assistance and Hardship Grants


MILLION Scholarship Grants Awarded


MILLION Community Grants Awarded

VISIONARY CIRCLE The legacy of the Area Foundation continues in large part thanks to the foresight of several fund holders known as the Visionary Circle Legacy Society. These men and women are committed to supporting the community in perpetuity through their financial plans or estates. If you have included or would like to include the Area Foundation in your estate plans, please let us know and we will recognize you as a member of the Visionary Circle.

Mr. James Ardoin, Jr.

Dr. Penn Jackson

Mr. Bill Asher

Dr. Carlayne Jackson

Mrs. Betty Jean Dooley Awbrey

Dr. Norman L. Jacobson, M.D.

Mrs. Isabelle Badouh

Gordon and Hilda Jaehne

Ms. Jamie L. Barshop

Ms. Rosemary Jasso

Mr. Glenn Bernard

Mrs. Anna Jobes

Mrs. Gisele Bernard

Mr. and Mrs. Roquey G. Jobes, Jr.

Mrs. Dee Ann Bridges

Mr. Concha Jones

Mrs. Elizabeth A. Brown

Mrs. Wister H. Kampmann

Dr. Willis E. Brown, Jr.

Ms. Xonia Kargl

Mrs. Christine Schmid Cabibi

Mrs. Joyce Krueger

Mr. Lee Cabibi

Ms. Anne C. Larme

Ms. Sue Caldwell

James Lazarus, Ph.D.

Mrs. Barbara Candler

Dr. Ruth Lofgren

Mr. Gary and Pam Chambers

Colonel and Mrs. Lawrence D. Luken, (Ret.)

Mrs. Cecilia Childress

Mrs. Helen McAllister

Mr. Lee Childress

Ms. Meredith McGuire, Ph.D.

Mr. Tom Christal

Ms. Marlene Merritt

Dr. Pamela Christian

John V. Mumma, M.D.

Ms. Liz Conklyn

Mr. Henry R. Munoz, III

Ms. Phyllis A. Conrad

Major General Susan Pamerleau (Ret)

Ms. Rose Marie Cutting

Mr. Brad J. Parman

Ms. Sue Dodson

Mr. Earl Poe

Mr. and Mrs. Seymour J. Dreyfus

Ms. Claire Pronovost

Mr. Carl I. Duncan

Ms. Mary Quandt

Mr. Howard D. Engleman and Dr. Lorna L. Engleman

Mr. Noel Robin

Robert M. Esterl, Jr., M.D.

Mr. and Mrs. Larry W. Rosenberger, Jr.

Sylvia P. Fernandez, Ph.D.

Ms. Nancy Russell

Colonel Stephen R. Fischer, Ph.D., USAF (Ret.)

Dr. Deanna Schupbach

Mrs. Bertie Frank

Mr. Joseph A. Soane

Ms. Alicia Z. Galvan

Ms. Doris Barshop Spector

Mr. John S. Gutzler

Mrs. Sue S. Spellman

Mr. Raymond Hannigan

Mr. H. Douglas Steadman

Ms. Sarah Harte

Mr. Kevin and Mrs. Karen Steingart

Mrs. Caroline D. Hill

Mrs. Barbara H. Steward

Mr. John M. Hill

Mr. Bert C. Striegler

Ms. Priscilla Hill-Ardoin

Mr. and Mrs. John T. Suggs, Jr.

Dr. Linda J. Holley, M.D.

Mr. Lon Taylor

Mr. David and Rebecca L. Holmes

Mr. Tom Thomas

Mr. Sterlin Holmesly

Ms. Dorothy R. Wilson

Mr. Lonnie Howard

Dr. James and Mrs. Juanita Wittmer

Mrs. Chickie Rose

DONOR-ADVISED FUNDS Each year, a new chapter is added to the legacy of Nat Goldsmith, but 2017 marked the most significant chapter, yet. Fund holders now have a combined total of more than $83 million ready for investment in our community. From medical care to enhancing the city’s arts and cultural offerings, Area Foundation fund holders are carrying on the legacy. Note: All figures listed are before final audit.


$22.7 MILLION Total awarded from Donor-Advised Funds


Funds Under Management


Donor-Advised Funds

DISASTER RELIEF & EMPLOYEE HARDSHIP FUNDS The Area Foundation works with a number of businesses to offer hardship and emergency assistance to their workforce. While some businesses offer financial assistance for everyday hardships, others have established funds dedicated to disaster relief. Hurricane Harvey, for example, left thousands displaced from their homes. Funds established at the Area Foundation provided swift and significant financial relief to many of these individuals.


Total dollar amount awarded in 2017 including disaster relief assistance

An additional 15 grants totaling

$588,873 awarded by the John L. Santikos Charitable Foundation



Total number of grants awarded including disaster relief assistance

Total number of employees receiving assistance from Area Foundation fund holders in this category

San Antonio provided warm, safe places for 6,000 individuals displaced by Hurricane Harvey. Mayor Ron Nirenberg increased the assistance by establishing The Mayor’s Hurricane Relief Fund. To date, more than

$93,000 has been raised to assist Texans in the arduous task of rebuilding.

135 Total number of individual contributions to the Mayor’s Hurricane Relief Fund


$3.2 MILLION Dollar amount of scholarships awarded to students




Number of students awarded scholarships

Number of scholarships awarded

Number of funds awarding scholarships

H NEW SCHOLARSHIP FUNDS IN 2017 H San Antonio Association of Hispanic Journalists Harvey E. Najim Family Foundation Scholarship Ernest & Marie Graham Scholarship

JOHN L. SANTIKOS CHARITABLE FOUNDATION A FUND OF THE SAN ANTONIO AREA FOUNDATION John L. Santikos was a visionary entrepreneur, businessman and real estate developer. He also had an incredible vision for giving back to his community. Mr. Santikos gifted the bulk of his estate to the San Antonio Area Foundation to establish his legacy by granting significant annual donations to various nonprofits and community agencies in eight Texas counties. The John L. Santikos Charitable Foundation has awarded more than $10 million to 171 charitable organizations. This total is part of the $22.9 million in community grants awarded from the Area Foundation in 2017. Note: All figures listed are before final audit.

MORE THAN $10 MILLION Dollar amount of nonprofit grants awarded

171 Number of nonprofit grants awarded

ANNUAL RESPONSIVE COMMUNITY GRANTS Annual Responsive Grants are awarded on an annual basis in the areas of Animal Services, Arts & Culture, Children & Youth, Community-At-Large, Medicine & Healthcare, and Seniors




Animal Services

Arts & Culture

Children & Youth





Medicine & Healthcare


COMMUNITY GRANTS Other funding opportunities are available in Biomedical Research, High School Completion, Strengthening Non-Profits and Special and Urgent Needs



Biomedical Research

Multi-year grants totaling $9.3 million were awarded in 2016 Capital/Naming Rights




High School Completion

Strengthening Nonprofits

Special & Urgent Needs

Disaster Relief


$10, 204,010 Total grant amount awarded from Supporting Organizations

Choose to Succeed City Education Partners Culinary Health Education for Families (CHEF) Friends of the Carver/IDEA Gunn Family Foundation Kym’s Kids of San Antonio Rapier Educational Foundation Richmond Family Foundation Warm Springs Foundation

THE BIG GIVE Area Foundation Partnership with The Nonprofit Council

$4.68 MILLION Total raised

648 Total non-profits registered


43,400 Total donations made


3,364 Number of nonprofit training participants




Number of trainings/workshops

Number earning UIW Supervisory certificates

Number earning UIW Social Media certificates




Number enrolled in OLLU Nonprofit Management Certificate

Number attended Compassion Fatigue

Number in Andeavor First Cohort — Graduation 2016-2017




Number in Andeavor Second Cohort — Graduation 2017-2018

IT|SA participants (Technology Seminar)

Total number of participants at Board trainings (Board Boot Camp participants = 81; Board Day participants = 575; Get On Board participants = 270)



Number of live releases, transports & return to owners due to funding




Number of births prevented by spay/neuter due to funding

Number of spay/neuter surgeries due to funding

Total 10-year dollar amount invested in local animal services nonprofits

HIGH SCHOOL COMPLETION Grants are awarded to nonprofits that provide out-of-school time programs to Bexar County students in third through ninth grades.

$478,151 Total multi-year dollar amount awarded in 2017

SALSA Successfully Aging and Living in San Antonio is the Area Foundation’s latest initiative to create a community where seniors thrive and are appreciated as vital members of the community.

Our Mission ... helping donors achieve their charitable goals for the greater benefit of the community

303 Pearl Parkway, Suite 1143 | San Antonio, TX 78215 210.225.2243 | saafdn.org

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San Antonio Area Foundation 2017 Annual Report  

San Antonio Area Foundation 2017 Annual Report  

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